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Found 11 results

  1. My mother has been a housing association tenant for 12 years. Recently, she has had to come and live with me as she is unable to live independently at the moment. Housing Association found out that she was not living at property for a short while and served Notice to Quit which ran out today. I wrote to the HA saying that I have been let down with removals and explained my situation that I work full time and have caring responsibilities and need more time to arrange something. Just had Housing Officer at my door saying that they have taken possession of the property on the date of expiry of the NTQ and have changed the locks. I said that they cannot go breaking into the property and changing locks without a court order. Housing Association said they have every right. Surely this can't be right, have they performed an illegal eviction. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks jb000
  2. Hello I had a dartford crossing penalty charge that I never paid as was in & out of my property due to domestic violence issues. Equita now have the debt. On the 7/2/2017 they gave me an enforcement notice after only having my debt since 27/1/2017, the notice stated I had until 17:30pm on the 7/2/2017 to talk to them before a bailiff was sent to my house. I was not at my property to recieve this letter to meet their deadline so it went unnoticed. I called equita as soon as I returned home to explain my situation & they just said it's in the hands of their enforcement officer now so deal with him. What a monster this man is!! He has told me I am to pay him £50 a week or the full debt, I'm on ESA & currently awaiting a decision on my pip award, I told him I don't even have £50 a month but could do £20 a month at a push. He refused & said he will return to my property with the police to take my goods this was on the 18/2/2017 On the 20/2/2017 he came to my property but I was not home. He then sent me this text: Due to your failure to pay a Bailiff, under the instructions of Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service has attended your premises with the intention of taking control of goods and removing your goods. The Magistrates Distress Warrant empowers the high court enforcement agent , by virtue of Schedule 4A of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004, to enter your premises by force should you wilfully refuse to pay the outstanding fine and costs. To prevent the removal of your goods and the expensive additional removal costs you must make immediate payment. Failure to do so will result in the re-attendance of your premises with Locksmiths and the Police to remove your goods even in your absence. NO FURTHER NOTICE WILL BE ISSUED. Is he just being a bully or can he really get a locksmith to drill out my locks while I'm out over a dart charge penalty? I thought it was only council tax, HM revenue tax debt or criminal fines they could do this. I have a debt relief order coming into place in about 10weeks which this debt is included in but until this locks in I'm stuck with it. What am I supposed to do about this bully?
  3. Hi! I need advice please, we have rented a bungalow from the same landlord for 15 years we originally rented the property through a letting agent paid a deposit & a months rent in advance. We needed to contact the landlord & the phone number he gave us was no longer in use so I contacted the letting agent for his new number & was told the landlord was dealing with his own property's & they no longer had his details. For 10 years we have had no contact with the landlord no phone number or address & all repairs to the property we have had to do ourselves last year alone we have spent around £800.00 on the property. The property is riddled with damp which we spent money on as well trying to rectify. Then out of the blue at the end of last year he turned up at our house just as we were carrying out the renovations, of course he was pleased, we got his new mobile number but he would not give an address we told him about the damp issue but he did nothing about it, the gas engineer who did the annual gas check said the gas fire had severe heat damage and needed replacing & he did nothing about that either. Then at the beginning of this year we had the chance to buy a bungalow from a friend and we jumped at the chance, I contacted our landlord at the end of March to tell him that we were moving out at the end of April he said we were making a big mistake at our age etc he didn't want us to leave. My husband asked what he was going to do with the property and he told him he was going to leave it empty until he decided. When we were clearing the house for the move we moved the wardrobes to take with us BUT underneath the robes we found white fungus growing on the carpet which had been eaten away by the fungus, now we knew where the smell was coming from, we could not take the wardrobes or anything else out of the bedrooms with us including the mattresses from the beds which were also covered in mold patches underneath so everything had to be dismantled and taken to the tip with a small trailer which we borrowed from a friend who uses it for his work & we could only borrow it every now & then, so instead of just moving furniture etc to our new home which would have been quick as we hired a removal van, we had tip runs which took ages to empty the house. Our rent was paid on the 1st of every month so I cancelled the direct debit for May as we moved to our new home on 22nd April, my husband took as few days off work for the move but as I said the tip runs took longer than expected & we had only just finished taking the stuff to the tip on the 9th of May & were going to go to the house to clean it on the 10th May & pick up two Virgin Media Boxes which have to be sent back to them or they are going to charge us £360.00. My husband went to the house to clean it yesterday & pick up the boxes and found the locks had been changed. Our next door neighbour said the landlord was kicking the door & had a bunch of keys in his hand trying them in the lock so she went outside to see what the commotion was & he said we had changed the locks which we haven't done she told him we were coming that day to clean up & would obviously have the keys (they are good friends) so he started hurling abuse at her and he went away and brought a locksmith with him. In hindsight we should have let him know what we were doing but we had a lot going on as when we moved into our new property the combi boiler packed up and we were without water or heating for over a week, I am disabled & was unable to contribute a lot with the move so it was all down to my husband & a friend. We have rung the mobile number he gave us & it is going straight to answer phone & my husband left messages saying we need to be able to get the Virgin Media Boxes but he is not replying to our messages. If we don't get the boxes Virgin will charge us £360.00 together with an early cancellation fee of £268.00 as they don't cover the area we have moved to or we would have stayed with them. I have not got that kind of money as I am a pensioner & it has all gone on buying the new property & buying new furniture to replace the ones that were rotten, I rang the police who's advice was to pay Virgin, so they are no help. Please can someone give me some advice? I am not bothered about getting the deposit back, I just want the boxes. Thank You!
  4. Need pointing in the right direction please. I have an assured short hold tenancy agreement which started 27 February 2015, ends 27 August 2015. On 4 th August my landlord changed the locks to the property and will only let me back in to collect my belongings. I called the Police, they state they can't help it's too much of a grey area. Local Council won't get involved. Shelter pointed me to Local Council, local council pointed me to CAB. Cab stated I should just accept it as no one was going to prosecute the landlord. They did point me to Civil legal helpline, who stated they can't help because I have now secured another property. What are my options ? A little back ground, my landlord did not protect my deposit until late April and offered no explanation as to why. I did not receive the prescribed information until 8th May. On 9th May I received a hand delivered letter stating that the landlord /tenant relationship had broken down and therefore the landlord was evicting me as of 1 st Aug. I replied and stated there were no legal ground for eviction and his letter was not valid. In May I received a further letter advising me that he was evicting me under section 21 of the housing act on Aug 27th. Late July I received a letter asking what it would take for me to leave the property. I replied and stated I wanted the return of my deposit before I would consider leaving. I further stated that I would not hand back the keys to the property until all my belongings were removed and I had confirmation from Royal Mail that my mail redirection was in place. On 4th aug, the deposit was repaid. Later that day I went home and found the locks changed. I emailed the landlord seeking confirmation he had done this and pointed out it was illegal, his response was that the legal owner of property was the person paying the mortgage and my tenancy had ended when my deposit was returned. Everyone who I have spoken agrees the landlord acted illegally by changing the locks, but no one can help and I have been told in no uncertain terms no one is going to do anything about it. What can I do myself ? My belongings are still in the property. He states I can collect them and he is perfectly entitled to remove them 4 weeks after the tenancy ended, but to my understanding, the tenancy has never been legally ended as the only section 21 notice he issued was prior to returning the deposit. Do I have any options ? I wanted him prosecuted for this but no one is prepared to help, bit pointless having a law thats states it is an offence to illegally evict someone if no one is going to uphold that law. Any advise regarding what I can do would be greatly appreciated. I don't have the money to hire someone to remove my belongings or for solicitors, but if it is possible to issue a court claim myself then I am not afraid to do so. What would I claim for ? and which claim form ? Sorry for the long convoluted post but wanted to give as much background as possible. Oh, one final things, he has today emailed me stating that my continued emails to him are bordering on "harassment" and he will forward a complaint to the Police. He further states I am not to contact him again unless it is to confirm I will collect my belongings or through the Courts. Happy to do so through the Courts, but where do I start ? Any advice please
  5. Hello fellow Cags, I have a doubt and I wonder if you could help me. About a month ago I had a problem with my car, the immobilizer didn't let me start the car. I called these people(http://www.av-autolocks.co.uk/contact.php) to see if they could sort me out which they said they would but only next morning. That the job would cost me £140 and that they needed a deposit of £30 straigh away to book the job. Next morning really early i had a text from them saying that it would be impossible as the locksmith had a family emergency and that they just could come the following day. I called them and said that i needed the job done that day and they told me that i could look for someone else and they would refund me the £30, which i did and sort myself out to put the car running again. They told me that the refund should take about 5 days to show up in my account, which it didn't. I called them several times and they always told me they were going to check the transaction and asked always for my card details again. Last week I called them again to say that no refund from them was showing in my account and again they asked for my details over the phone and said it was done and that it would take again another 5 days to show in my statement. Yesterday it was the 5th day and nothing from my refund. So I called again today and when I identified myself they hung up on my and now they don't answer my calls. I would like to know what I can do to have my money back, once they were the ones that could not provide the service and agreed to a refund that is not happening. Sorry for the long text. Thank you for your help.
  6. Hi everyone, I am currently renting a flat. A few weeks ago, I was mugged and the attackers stole the keys of the flat (among other things). I called the estate agent who manages the property to ask if I could change the locks. He sent someone to do it: the handyman changed both locks on the door and bought two new sets of keys (one for me, the other one for the estate agent). The estate agent then sent me an invoice simply stating "£90". I found it a bit expensive, especially because the handyman is a full-time employee of the landlord and carries out all the repairs for him in all his properties. I asked for an itemised invoice with the details of the prices of the new locks&keys and the labour costs. He told me that he couldn't give me an itemised invoice because the work was carried out by the landlord's handyman. My questions are: - should I be the one who pays for this? Isn't the landlord supposed to have a kind of insurance that can cover these costs? - if I am supposed to pay for the locks, can I still refuse to pay because I wasn't sent an itemised invoice? The only thing that appears on the one I received is: change of locks - £90. Period. I suspect that the estate agent charged me more than the real costs to make a profit out of it. Am I just being paranoid?! Thank you very much for your help, I wish you all a nice evening.
  7. Hi guys just a quick question. Had a commercial lease which i stopped paying for in dec 2012 (lease runs up until nov 2014) came to a deal with landlord to end lease if i paid x amount of money. So i emptied the shop in dec. January came round (when i had to pay again for the next 3 months and landlord said that the incoming tennants had pulled out so our deal could not continue and i would still have to pay until Nov 2014. As things stand partner made redundant and me having to shut down the business we had next to nothing as a income and struggle to pay our bills at the moment. It has come to light that the locks have now been changed on the commercial property with out us knowing. Does this now mean that our lease has been fore fitted and i now own nothing or does it mean that i only owe up until the locks have been changed? thinking around a month ago? any help would be fantastic. many thanks
  8. Any advice appreciated. An elderly friend was burgled a few days ago and contacted her Insurers (Age Concern) who checked her policy and sent a locksmith to make temporary repairs to the door used to gain entry. The Locksmith reported back to them to say that there was damage also to a window and Patio Door where they had also used a screwdriver to try and gain entry. She is a tenant in a ground floor flat and has been told by her landlord that her insurance should pay for the new door etc however now Age Concern have rang and told her that her landlord is responsible. The landlord is saying she cannot afford to make the repairs and indeed when I had a brief look at her (my friends) Policy, I understood that it would cover "damage to Building ie Landlords fixtures and fittings to 20% of the insured value". Obviously she does not need this at the moment having had all her valuables, money etc stolen and is feeling vulnerable. I am going round to have another good look at her policy tonight (before 7pm because she now doesnt like going out or opening the door at night).
  9. Hello Im hoping someone can help me with advice regarding my Business Premises Landlord changing the locks and denying me agrees to my business and stock. I do owe the landlord money for rent and has been lenient until now. He has told me that he is going to sell/clear my stock and equipment to cover the arrears. My stock value is far more that i owe him and i am worried he will clear it bellow its value. Please can someone advise what to do. many thanks Jay
  10. I have lived with my husband in a private rented property for 6.5 years. We are joint tenants. We normally sign our contract every 6 months. In Feb this year we did not sign due to the possibility of moving. We paid rent month by month. 4 Weeks ago my husband kicked me out. He denied me access to the property and a few days later bagged up what he thought were my possessions and left them all outside. He had also removed the contents of the property that are ours, and hidden them away. (TV, Computers, anything of value basically) I had a call from our landlord last week stating she had been told by my husband that I had moved out and I should now return the keys. I told her I had not moved out, and my possessions were still inside our home. She then told me 'well, your contract is up on August 14th anyway" and a new lease could be signed with my husbands name only. I did tell her that day on the phone that my husband was claiming he would change the locks, She told me this would not happen as he needed her permission to do so. 2 days ago I went to my home to see what was left inside, to check the loft and to see if things had been returned by my husband (tv, computers etc). I found the locks had been changed and I could not enter. I have contacted the landlord and left voice mails but there has been no reply. My husband states it is now his house, the landlord was within her rights to change the locks and his name is now on the lease and there is no more of my possessions inside.. and any of our joint possessions will be divided during our divorce. If this is true that it is the landlord who has changed the locks, he has obviously fed her one hell of a story. I believe this is illegal? I do have a solicitor but letters are going out very slow. My husband has 7 days to respond to concerns over various things like my access to money, but one of my concerns is after the 14th comes, am I still allowed access in order to check nothing is left of mine, and also to make lists of our joint possessions? These 3 weeks I have been thinking after this date I could not get access, but after speaking to a lady at shelter today she has now made me think it will be possible. I can't get an appointment with shelter face to face for 8 days. I do understand it is a complicated area of law but right now I am hating the waiting game. I do not trust my husband anymore, and I believe he will take 12 years of our joint possessions and bin the lot if I do not get some sort of access to make a list and see if I actually have everything that is mine! Thank you for any advice.
  11. i am having a problem with my sons landloerd he has been recently sent to prison the landlord has said he his keeping his 420 pound bond for some minor damage which we have agreed to but when i went to remove his belongs the locks have been changed ,i contacted the landlord who told me my son should of given 4 weeks notice on the property and untill i give him this money he wont let me take any belongins from the property is this allowed ?
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