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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Can anyone please help to see if I can challenge the attached PCN. I parked in a goods vehicle loading bay at around 9pm and I assumed wrongly that it wasn't during restricted times. The PCN was issued using CCTV and the operator observed the vehicle for about 3 minutes at which point I can be seen on the CCTV images returning to the car. Is there a grace period for parking in loading bays? Is the council permitted to use CCTV for this type of contravention? Are there any mistakes on the PCN itself? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Hi Hopefully a straight forward issue. I received a parking ticket for parking directly in front of a disable bay but on double yellow lines whilst displaying a valid blue badge. Upon closer inspection, the fine actually specified: Code 02 "Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force" I was a bit concerned about my mother but I can see now that there were 2 yellow kerb lines. I did not see any clear, visible and prominent signage that stated "no loading". In any event I was not parked
  3. Hey guys, I was hoping for some much needed help please. I got a PNC alleging 46:Stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway) and according to them, I was observed for 5mins and no loading or unloading was seen. This was the reason given by TFL. I genuinely didn't have a clue I literally had to load or unload heavy goods so I could park there, as I thought as long as I was out within the 20mins, I was fine. I stopped just outside a CO-OP supermarket as I was in an excruciating pain (women's stuff) and got out of the car briefly some medicine for it, I didn't even turn off t
  4. Hello, Very frustrated and need some advice! Yesterday, i had received a letter passed on from my parents house (DVLA address) which shows that i owe a debt collection company £418 for an offense on the 27th August 2011. - I have chased and got pictures, and can remember this moment very well as i was about to take my girlfriend up north. I had dropped my friend off in a side road and had parked in a 'loading only bay' I was there for no more than two minutes and was not obstructing anyone at all. I had no idea this offense had taken place, no do i think this should be something i should
  5. I’ve got a PCN by TfL for contravention: 46 : Stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway) recorded by CCTV at 4:10pm. It was a loading bay operational between 10am – 4pm. I think the loading bay markings are wrong because such bays should be always one rectangle outlined by dotted lines. In my case, the loading bay consists of two rectangles – one long one with another small one – without any separating line in between. I parked in the small one. There was only one parking restriction sign near the longer box. I’d be grateful if somebody can tell me if the loading bay markings a
  6. Hi, I've extensively read around on this forum and can't see an answer to the issue that i have and could do with some help. i got a ticket today, my 3rd in a month since i moved to haringey. The first 2 i kind of swallowed but this one today made my blood boil. having got 2 tickets already, i thought i'd better make sure i don't get any more. so, prior to going to the post office to post a large pile of records, i went and checked to see if i could park outside. sure enough there's a loading bay there, photo's below, and it gave me an hour to do my stuff. so i went inside, only to c
  7. Hi, I parked in a loading bay outside an estate agent to drop off a letter to them. I have received a PCN for "(23) Parked in a parking place or area not designated for that class of vehicle". They have photographic evidence that I was there, and I don't deny it - however, I was in and out in about 90 seconds. So my question is - can I appeal on the grounds that I was there for such a short time, and if yes, should I ask them to provide photographic evidence of e.g. 2 minutes later when my car was clearly no longer there? Do I have a leg to stand on here?
  8. I live in Ilford, London Borough of Redbridge My wife recently ordered fireworks and because it was heavy could not carry it home.. On my way back, I stopped the car to pick up the pre-ordered firework. I happened to park in a loading bay where 20 minutes of parking is allowed. It was raining heavily on the day and hence I had to park near the shop so that the firework doesn't get wet. I also had to park nearby because I had an accident 2 years ago which has now healed but in winter the pain returns and on the day I was struggling a bit I know loading does not include stop
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