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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, Wondered if you could help. A guy walked into our shop and gave us two £300 fines. He said a box with our address was left at a recycling centre. He said the fine is for littering and a transfer note. We recycle all our cardboard and plastic and we showed him upstairs where we store all our cardboard and it is collected every two days. We have all the transfer notes and said we have given customers boxes when asked. But we would never leave our rubbish around. Why would we travel 20 minutes away to leave a cardboard box?? He said we have to pay the fine no appeal process. Our question is we do have transfer notes. He didn't want to see it just said we have a fine for not having one. What is his evidence? Surely anyone could place a box with anyones details on and they would be fined £300?? What if it had come off a delivery van? What is a customer took it. It surely becomes residential waste and was ok for a recycling centre?? Thanks, Image of the tickets issued: https://ibb.co/cD1yX5
  2. Hi - hope someone can give me any guidance. Back in December I was stopped by an officer and given a ticket for littering. When I was asked for my address (not "home" address), I gave my work address for the simple reason that where I was working was 100 miles from where I lived. The council had my home address connected to my work address anyway so there was no attempt to deceive. 3 weeks later I left that employer completely, due to the 50+ hours I was working each week plus travel, and frankly my head was up the proverbial when the officer stopped me and it went completely out of my head. 10 days ago my old employer contacted me to say I had received a court summons. I then contacted the council, offering there and then to pay the fine, but they said it was too late for that and forwarded me the court papers. My first question is simple - on the assumption that I am found, or plead, guilty, is that a criminal conviction that I have to disclose to my employer, and will it be picked up on a DBS check? Either would probably mean me losing my job, all for a fag butt that wasn't even a fag butt....... My second question is whether there is any basis for actually pleading not guilty? Its really based on 2 areas - firstly that this was a roll-up, from which I removed the filter (as I actually do by habit) and put down the drain (which I said to the officer at the time). Many people don't see the moral difference but there IS one - filters aren't bio-degradable and hang around for years whereas without it, its just a very small amount of plant material that would be degraded within a few days. That said, it probably legally still constitutes litter. The other point is that I am 90% certain I was never asked for HOME address, was never asked for ID to cross-check, and never asked if this was where I lived. If any of this had been done I would have given my home address and, on the first reminder, would have paid. Around this point there is some "inaccuracies" shall we say in the officers report. Which can be disproved in the event of a not guilty plea. I don't want to be one of those people who "gets off" on a technicality but neither do I want a criminal conviction and lose my job - all over a cigarette. Any help gratefully received
  3. Hi, I just had a Fixed Penalty Notice (fine) for dropping g a cigarette end on the floor and quite rightly so. So I'm not disputing the fine at all. When I came home looked on the Councils Website, it clearly states: I then logged in, attempted to pay and voila.. It asked for £80... I contacted the Council and asked to speak to the team which deals with this to get the correct amount put on (as I received the fine today) and was told that I wasn't able to speak to them. I explained about the website, they confirmed this; Her manager confirmed too that the site indeed IS incorrect and that as per 1st April there isn't a reduced fee any more. Luckily for me, I: 1) Took screenshots of the entirety of the page (including the date etc... in my computers status bar) 2) Printed off a copy of the page 3) Saved a copy of the page With the above quote in it. I was then assured that a manager from the team will contact me back this afternoon as they were unable to override the amount on the phone with me. Can I hold them against this £60 (rather than £80) that they quoted on their website? I've just confirmed now (58 minutes later) that the websites been amended... Lucky I took a load of screen shots and that Cheers, Ade
  4. Hi, My mother has just received an FPN for littering. Judging by the dates and location, the offence could only have been disposing of a cigarette butt out of the car window whilst driving. They haven't however given her any details or evidence of her committing the crime, just when and where. I'm not here to deny that it could have been her, or justify it (I hate the fact she smokes anyway, maybe this will prompt her to stop), but if it was a person who saw it rather than it being captured on film: - it's an offence carried out by a lot of people - are they sure it was her cigarette and not the car in front? - could have been mistaken in thinking she dropped/was about to drop it if her hand was held near the window? Can she request what evidence they have before she pays? If she can be shown she did it, then that's of course fair and she won't try and worm her way out of it. But without evidence (such as you get with parking charges, bus lane fines, etc) - well, hopefully you can understand it's frustrating to be made to pay out for something you don't know for sure whether you did. Thank you for any help. Curt
  5. Thanks in advance for any help or advice. Here is draft complaint I have typed up for being fined yesterday for littering inside my local recycling point. On Sunday 12th October I attempted to use the recycling centre at ****. I was looking to recycle some glass bottles and a small bag of clothes. I noticed 2 men sitting in a private car as I approached the centre. I successfully recycled my glass bottles and attempted to open the hatch to the clothes recycling container in order to put my old clothes in. The container was full and I could barely open the hatch half an inch, which of course meant I could not get my old clothes in. I've used this clothes container in the past and have always found it difficult to open as it's invariably quite full. I've always in past however, managed to get old clothes in even by opening the hatch as far as I can and pushing the existing bags with a stick, and putting my old clothes in one item at a time. On this occasion it was apparent I'd be unable to get anything into the container. I noticed that immediately adjacent to the container there was a pile of black bags where it would appear others have had similar difficulty and have left their bags. This, I stress is within the facility and immediately adjacent to the clothes container. On this occasion I put my bag neatly on top of the pile of bags already there. As I walked away the 2 men approached me, putting their lanyards and name tags over their heads. I was told I was being fined for littering. If it had been 2 or more bags, it'd have been fly tipping. I explained that I had attempted (as they could see plainly from where they were parked) to recycle my old clothes responsibly and it was through no fault of mine, that the facilities were full. I was advised that this particular clothes recycler was provided by a charity and that the council were not responsible for it. I should have taken my clothes back home. I asked if there was another recycling centre nearby which I could use but the officials did not know. I told them there were already bags there and I merely put my own bag neatly on top of what was there. They were not interested. I have no intention of paying the fine for the following reasons : 1. The officers witnessed me attempting to make use of the recycling facilities and through no fault of my own being unable to do so. 2. Albeit, officially littering, the fact I left my recycling material within the centre and immediately adjacent to the clothes recycling container, neatly with the rest of the bags, indicates I did not indiscriminately littler but made a more than adequate attempt to recycle. 3. The reasoning that because the clothes recycling container is provided by a charity, negates the councils responsibility to offer adequate recycling resources, I feel is unfair. No reasonable person would make such a distinction, and the fact it's on council property would lead anyone to think it's under the council's control. I'm sure there is legal notices on the container indicating it's from a 3rd party and outwith the control of the council, but this places an unfair burden on good citizens merely trying to do their civic best. 4. I feel the council have let me down as a responsible recycler, in not ensuring this charity regularly empty this recycling container. 5. I feel that unless the requirement of 2 council officials to sit at a recycling centre is a revenue generating exercise, advising me on having to remove any sealed bags from within the recycling centre if I'm unable to put the bag inside the container, advising me of alternative recycling centres in the area, and that the clothes recycler is not the responsibility of the council and that a fine could be given, would have been a more civic exercise to inform, advise and educate the public who are already trying to take recycling responsibly. They also did not ask me to remove my bag either and were happy for it to stay on the pile. thanks...
  6. Hi did not know where to post this. But today as I walking with a cigie in my hand in Swansea I was stopped by the enforcement officer who allegedly saw me littering the ciggie butt I did not realise I did it apparently I was on camera he asked for my ID I provided and read me my rights etc . I said sorry to it as the first thing that came to my mind was say sorry and make it go away. then I was asked to sign the FPN I did not. I asked for copy of evidence on camera to which he replied im only entitled to one if it goes to court. What are my options I just find it a bit heavy handed really so I was inclined to follow it through
  7. hi On 8th August i received a letter from the council re: waste disposed of contrary to enviromental protect act 1990 and clean neighbourhood and enviroment act 2005 It says on 31st july enforcement officers witnessed the driver throw a cigarette butt out of the DRIVERS window and drive away ... etc etc if you wish the council to consider any representations, ie you were not the driver on the date and time mentioned, before making your decision please can you ring me to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to visit the council offices within the next 7 days. On the 8th i rang the given name and number and left a message with my name and number and asked to be called back....nothing....I rang again on the 11th and left the same message......nothing Today i received a FPN for £50 the attached letter states that a female driver was witnessed throwing a cigarette butt out of the drivers window... to conclude this matter you have limited options, pay now or go to court. on the fpn it says issued via post and printed below says the officer who has issued this notice has or will be making additional notes, you are encouraged to read and indicate the accuracy of these notes. Can anyone tell me how i get to see these notes, if no response from my calls. The offence is clearly not accurate as 1. my drivers window does not open, the motor has gone and been removed and so has the internal gubbins because we tried to make a manual window opener ? but failed so the window has been glued permanantly shut. 2. we dont smoke in the car because the window does not open. I am at a loss how they say i threw a butt from the window, i categorically did not. Should i pay this or go to court are the only options, but why should i pay for something i did not do. any advice please
  8. Fed up with littering and with politicians and statutory bodies who seem incapable of doing anything about it? If so it's time for you to sign up to Zilch.org.uk - the people-powered initiative that's going to bring about the social unacceptability of littering. Zilch is a technology enabled network of individuals in the UK working to eliminate littering and is currently in an embryonic form but has big plans and is growing rapidly. Its emphasis is on things that you can do and action you can take to help make this happen. The more of us who come on board, the greater our credibility and clout. Tell someone about us today. And if you want to get involved or help fund the endeavour, just say so when you sign up. My contact details are on the temporary home page if you have any questions or just want to find out more. Quentin
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