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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, May I ask has anyone ever been experienced that Judgement Order Listings has issued court proceedings against you? My case with them is as follows: - I had paid up the whole year of car insurance (no claim and no cancellation) - when I moved home, I changed my address online with their website - I was charged £40 or so on my credit card without any invoice or notification - I told my credit card company I did not authorize the payment and they used the old credits card number (which was changed after bought the insurance) - credit card company refunded me - One Call Insurance requested £40 and when I refused to pay they cancelled my insurance - then a few months later, One Call kept asking for the £40 - then they passed it to Judgement who is now asking for the money - I have just received the "Court Action Notification" asking for £130 or so Not sure if this is worth fighting for, and whether they would actually go to court. I don't have time to play game with Judgement who is full-time chasing people for money. I think I have a case: as they charged me without any notification and they cancelled the insurance about one or two month before the 12 month term. Any advice? Any similar experience? Thanks, R
  2. Can't get rid of these muppets despite paying One calls admin fee after they cancelled within 14 days. I don't have a scanner so I will type it out best I can. Judgement Order Listings Court Ballifs Limited Court action notification. Ref: xxxxxxxx Dear Mr xxxxxx RE: one call insurance outstanding amount £201.21 Court Action 01388211 We note from our files you have chosen not cop-operate regarding above debt. If you contact office and arrange a payment plan within the next 14 days a discount 20% will be applied to your file. Therefore your new policy balance would be: £160.97 We recommend you visit our online payment facility http://www.judgementorderlistings.co.uk or call automated payment line. on 01302 513244, using your debit or credit card, or contact one of our recovery agents on 0844 248700. please use the reference number quoted. Yours sincerely, Miss Carla Patterxxx Senior agent Debt recovery department And yes the spelling and grammar was that bad. Anyone reckon they are taking court action or is it a bluff? They are a real Mickey Mouse firm who have threads all over the net about their canceling of polices and ridiculous admin fees. Like I said i paid it but it seems £49 was not enough. Any advice? They seem to be trying to pose as a court or official agency, I might send it to the OFT.
  3. Hi all, I'll keep it short. I have a DCA chasing me for a debt from just less than 6 years ago. I received the papers from Northampton and sent in a defence and it looks like it's going to court. I would be mortified if my friends and family found out i was having to deal with issues this way - will my name appear in local newspapers/on the internet? I receive the local paper and quite often they list the criminal cases and outcomes at the magistrates court but never seemingly the debt related stuff.. .can anyone tell me if this sort of information is available/easy for people to find? Also the original creditor and dca have been sending correspondence to the wrong address. I have correspondence from them back in the day proving they did have the right address however everything they have sent me has gone astray. The only reason i know about the court case is that it was re-directed whereas most innocuous looking stuff is returned to sender/binned etc. If i haven't been receiving their correspondence due to an incorrect address and it is their error does it matter that they show that they sent it, i.e. is it a defence?
  4. Hi, my name is Ben, and I am looking for some help with a consumer issue; I have been having a great deal of problems with Currys, [as I see a few others have]. I wont bore you with the ins and outs, but it transpires- When Currys list their Zanussi fridge freezers, they stipulate that many have a fridge capacity of 11.9cu feet and a freezer capacity of around 4cu ft. Now when I saw this, it had the capacity and price that I wanted so I bought one of these on line- when it eventually arrived [over a month later]; the fridge had only 8cu feet of capacity- you can imagine my annoyance. Transpires they list; Fridge Gross Capacity 11.9cu ft. Freezes Gross Capacity 3.88cu ft. And then way below this, two pages [clicks]later infact- There is another listing for Fridge Storage Capacity 8cu feet Freezer Storage Capacity 3.25cu feet Note differential of nearly 4cu ft in the two fridge capacities given- half of what is actually there!. Please tell me I am not going mad; this seems totally crazy, obtuse and confusing- There is no explanation as to the distinction between gross capacity and storage capacity and why there is such a discrepancy in the volumes only in the fridge and not in the freezer; some of their Zanussi fridge freezers have fridge gross capacities of 8.02 cu ft and a storage capacity of 7.98cu ft- a differential of 0.04cu ft- something that is much more comprehensible!! WHat the 11.9cu feet relates to, I have no idea. Please do go and have a look, - ww.currys.co.uk -its mind oggling. I feel grossly miss sold- Currys keep ignoring me and trying to fob me off - I have asked them to give me a fridge freezer with 11.9cu feet in the fridge, as this is what I bought as far as I am concerned. [As an addendum, they took my old fridge away and left me with a item which is damaged, but of course I am using it, which will be another can of worms I believe] Any thoughts, help anyone- Regards ben
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