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Found 6 results

  1. Good Evening, I am trying to locate email addresses for Yes Loans and Liquid Advance which I had loans with, I am trying to reclaim my interest charges from these companies. Could someone help with this please?? Thank you for your time ;-) Kind Regards Mr Wits
  2. Visited a retail store today used toilet facilties. See pictures. When you got to go you got to go. Spend 90 minutes in store getting accident form recorded as 'water and foreign body has fallen from hole in ceiling hit him on head'. Action taken toilet closed. Environmental officer was phoned and has closed the toilet until tiles repaired stores retail risk and complience team have been in touch. No first aider was offered. While complaining manager threatened to phone police for harrasment until I phoned head office. Accident happened at midday, environment officer has confirmed fault with tiles was reported three hours later. When he arrive the sanitary bin had been removed and also the company were unable to provide water test logs. Stores defence we checked the toilets an hour before the tiles must have been stolen by customer. Where do I stand???
  3. Hi Please help Capital resolve are threatening me for a debt I had with liquid advance. They have sent a copy of an electronic agreement with yes solutions. I borrowed 260 from liquid advance 18 months ago. Apparently. I thought it was 200. I have made payments of 45 pounds to them via step change and then they gave the debt to capital resolve. I have sent several letters of complaint to capital resolve and also an email stating that I am aware that they have had to report themselves to the FCA etc. I have also told them that I do not acknowledge any debt to yes solutions and to stop harassing me. They want 488 pounds off me. The original debt and capital resolve aren't on any of my credit files at all. I sent a cca and got an unsigned copy of an electronic agreement. Since leaving step change i have paid off over 1700 pounds and got over 6500 written off. I now owe less than 8k for the first time in 11 years. Thanks to all of you
  4. Hello, can anyone who had one of these Halifax Liquid Gold Accounts in 1998 or at least knows anything about those 1998 terms and conditions help. I believe, in 1998, that joint Halifax Liquid Gold account holders had to all attend the bank and sign a counter mandate, in the presence of the Bank Clerk, to make a withdrawal but unfortunately no longer have written proof of this. Having read on this forum that at least two other people had problems with getting their money out of one of these accounts in 1998 (posted in 2006) because of this very same condition, I decided to post this thread. The Halifax, unhelpfully, have advised me they no longer have copies of their 1998 Terms and Conditions and therefore cannot provied me with any information on this matter. I desparately need to locate these old Halifax Liquid Gold Joint Account Terms and Conditions in order to defend a Court Action being brought against me and hope someone reading this may be able to help. I am very new to communicating via Forums but many thanks to all you people out there and to the CAG.
  5. Who trade as yes solutions uk. Evening folks, looking for a wee bit of help here if anyone can assist I would be most grateful. I don't want a lecture and have been very stupid and desperate and took a payday loan with "liquid advance" I applied through various sites online and it appears a broker has passed my application to "liquid advance" I received a phonecall at my work and someone asked for me, they said it was in relation to loan application I confirmed it was me on the phone and asked if I could phone them back, they said no it's ok and hung up. Later that day £250 was paid into my account. (Again I do not wish to go in to the reasons for the loan) but ultimately I could not pay it back. They are now charging me £91 per month interest and have told me the balance is now £624 and I can repay at £26 per month for 24 months. I initially wrote and told them that I wish to settle this debt and would pay the £250 plus one months interest at £10 per calendar month until my financial position and the expense of Christmas was out of the way. I have now got the loan agreement and it says I borrowed £260 and they have since advised me that I was charged £10 for same day payment. This was never explained to me as the phonecall I got was simply to confirm it was me. I do wish to have this paid off but do not want to bullied by these people and have made a token payment of £10 thus far while I assess my options. I really don't know what to do about all of this and would appreciate any advice. Not a lecture as I have read many topics and now know the trap that is payday loans and will never do something similar again no matter how desperate I am. However I feel this lot are simply taking the mick and not making any attempt to assist me and charging ridiculous interest. Also I never ever saw a contract before I got the money and only say the contract when I asked for it today. Have they mis sold this as I had no idea of exact interest rate and had no idea about the £10 charge mentioned above. Much obliged for any assistance folks. Thanks Dafty_Baz
  6. Give it a min to buffer, it's a bit slow. http://www.wimp.com/scientistnitrogen/
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