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Found 14 results

  1. Got stopped by 4 traffic police cars (that were on a roundabout) they checked insurance and driving license which was all good ! Then started looking around the car and said 3 tyres were rubbing as the car is lowered but not excessive (can send pictures on request) They told me they didn't know if it was legal or not so they took pictures to send away to be examined. they also threatened to take my car away from me but in the end they let me drive away. also the accident happened on 27th of june and I received the letter on 12 of july. does it matter that they sent the letter out later than the 14 day period ? thanks
  2. Hi there I have today received court papers for possession of our home and really need some help. A brief outline of the story so far : In 2011 took out a business loan for £143K (£12K of which was an EFG loan) secured on residential property. Business closed in 2012. Lots of issues with Lloyds including the fact they claimed back the EFG and also have tried to claim it back from me. Repossessed the commercial property which was the 1st charge and as a result of 'fire sale' was left with a short fall of £100K which they are now claiming against the house. Statements sent have been incorrect i.e. saying we owe more than we do etc, etc There are too many issues to list but subsequently we have been fighting this for five years. However, received the papers and just want to check a few things as never been through this before. A set of papers have been sent to both me and my partner who is on the joint mortage. There is a defence form (N11M). Do we both fill one of these in ? The information will be the same as it is about income/expenditure etc. Do we send this form back to the court prior to the date of the hearing ? I assume we do otherwise the court will not be aware of the issues we have had. Also, can we add additional pages to the document as the space provided to fill in with information is very small. The times for the hearing are different for me and my partner. I'm in at 12.00 and she's in at 12.20. I pressume we go in together as it is a joint mortgage. So I am a bit confused by this. Also, the paperwork submitted by Lloyds says "this mortgage is of an all monies nature" which I was unaware of. I have also read on various threads that this is a big problem and courts are powerless when it comes to negotiating any repayment. If anyone can help answer any of these questions I would be most grateful.
  3. Hi all, Will be claiming HB with a tenancy agreement dating back to 2011, it's a full 8 page Assured Shorthold Tenancy document, signed by myself, the landlord and witness. All above board and legit. A few questions though; 1) Would the JC likely question this, given how old the document is? I have claimed JSA before during my tenancy but didn't realise I was entitled to HB until now. 2) I would prefer they do not contact my Landlord (unless for a special investigation or some such) as he has previously expressed unwillingness to co-operate (that said he owns a flat above and THAT tenant had an AST he used to successfully claim HB - can I specify they do not contact him? 3) The rent has since risen but the contract still holds the 2011 amount, would I need to get a new contract in place to claim for the current amount? Thanks, JB
  4. Hi Folks, Looking for some advice. I've been unemployed for 15 months. I have had an arrangement in place with Nationwide to just pay the interest on my mortgage, for about 8 months or so. Normally every 3 months they extend the arrangement for another 3 months after getting me to go through my income/expenditure. Last time they only extended it for 2 months as I was unfortunate to speak to a stroppy adviser on the mortgage team. She said it can't be extended indefinitely and I would need to call again in August. I've a couple of weeks temp work coming up and the two questions I have are: Could I not just switch my mortgage to Interest-Only, I'm currently on a standard variable rate of 2.54 %. I briefly spoke to someone on the desk at my Nationwide local branch, and he said to do that I would need to take out an endowment policy as I do not have 150K equity in the house. My significant other, who has her own house, went Interest-Only about a year and a half ago, and she was not required to take out an Endowment Policy at her Mortgage Provider. Is that requirement set-in stone somewhere, or does it vary from bank to bank Is it worth me talking to a mortgage adviser at the Nationwide. I'm not in a position to afford a policy. My second question is with regard to Mortgage Interest Relief (MIR) that the DWP pay. If I work for 2-3 weeks, when the temp work is over, I was told I could do a Rapid Re-claim for JSA and that my claim for MIR would also be linked to the re-claim and I would continue to get it. Is that the case? Any advice would be most appreciated. Cheers Tez
  5. fletch70

    Likely Loans

    Thought I would share this Interesting but potentially scary situation Each month I get my clearscore and noddle credit reports and they often have 'offers' of available credit. This month Likely loans came up so i thought hell why not have a laugh and see if they would lend me any money I completed a few very basic details, name address phone number I then got an email saying you are approved we will do some more checks - had that type of thing before and they come back and say no thanks I did not provide my bank details nor did i sign anything Anyway today when checking my emails I found one saying here is your loan agreement and the money will be paid into your account by the end of the day . I checked and found £4K - yes £4K in my bank account. The loan agreement was supposedly signed at 22.12 on 3/5/2017 by me typing my name . It is signed in my sunday name which i almost never use, what little credit i have is in my daily name I am kind of angry With me for applying although i was just curious With them for forging my digital signature With them for paying £4K into my bank account How did they get my bank details- must be from clearscore I have arranged to transfer the money back but it means going home to get the card reader so I can set up the payment, They have promised they will remove all trace from my credit file It is odd that this month clearscore have removed all defaults from my credit file although at least 2 are still valid Not really expecting a response, just ranting Anyone who knows me will know the lengths i go to so that i do not have large sums of money in my bank account - I could quite easily right now be spending spending spending. I would love a new Mac , Ipad, Iphone
  6. Hi Advice please. I'm likely to be unable to pay off the capital amount owing on a mortgage with Woolwich in 3 years time. I've informed Woolwich of this and all they say is try and pay off as much as you can and then you'll be able to extend the mortgage with them when the term ends. I've got a great tracker deal at the moment which is interest only. Woolwich have calculated that any new repayment mortgage with them will be approximately £500 to £600 per month which I won't be able to afford. I got made redundant 5 years ago and have struggled to find full time well paid work since. I now work part time and am trying to pay off as much as I can. I 'm 62 this year and I have got a small private pension which was given to me as part of my redundancy package. My mortgage ends when I'm 65 and I don't really want to be paying a mortgage after then. My endowments didn't pay out as much as expected and I did get some compensation which I paid off some of the capital owing. I know that I can downsize my house and pay off the mortgage but I don't really want to do this just yet. Can anyone suggest any alternative options. Many thanks for any help given. Best Regards Baching Mad
  7. The Financial Conduct Authority has published its consultation paper on plans to bring in a 2018 deadline for PPI claims FCA research shows 74 per cent of people know what PPI is, but some have not got around to claiming yet because of the 'open-ended nature', which the watchdog says has created inertia. The FCA believes that introducing a deadline – alongside a high profile campaign to highlight it – will prompt many into action. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-3334759/PPI-claims-deadline-likely-2018.html#ixzz3uJ3GJTaG
  8. Hi, I would greatly appreciate help with a defence. Below is a summary of what has transpired: Contacted by solicitor about an old, pre 2007 debt with Ambrose Wilson. This debt is believed to be possibly not legitimate or alternatively possibly Statue Barred. However, to be 100% sure, CCA request sent and proof of delivery of letter obtained. No response to CCA request at all, not even an acknowledgement. Further request for payment / threats of court received whilst I was out of the country. Received court papers from court, again, whilst I was out of the country. Acknowledged with intention to defend. My current thinking is that the fact that the CCA request has not been complied with makes it impossible to submit a full defence, which would likely be a Statue Barred defence. Also, as I have no response to the CCA request, the alleged debt is not enforceable. Does this sound sensible? Help with defence and wording would be greatly received - I need to submit by the 16th. I've done lots of reading but this is the first time I've actually defended a claim! Thanks! Kind regards rune
  9. The 5p charge on plastic bags to be introduced in October faces accusations that it will confuse customers - and doubtless lead to arguments at the checkout. The charge is being introduced as part of a government policy to reduce waste by cutting bag use by up to 80 per cent in supermarkets and by half on the high street, with the aim of reducing litter and protecting wildlife. The new rules are likely to baffle shoppers and cashiers alike, as till operators will be the ones to decide whether the charge must be paid. But before they charge you, they have to ensure the bag ‘qualifies’ as a bag. The government has issued guidelines defining what a plastic carrier bag is: it must be made of plastic, be unused, have handles and be 70 microns thick or less. Cashiers must then check if the items in your shopping qualify for a free plastic bag. Guidelines issued by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) note that you can receive a free plastic bag if your shopping includes items from a long list of exemptions, including: uncooked fish, meat and poultry products, unwrapped blades and “live aquatic creatures in water”. Also included are flowers, bulbs, potatoes and prescription drugs. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/rules-on-5p-plastic-bags-likely-to-lead-to-arguments-at-the-check-out-10478570.html You won't get charged for plastic bags that are: for uncooked fish and fish products for uncooked meat, poultry and their products for unwrapped food for animal or human consumption - for example, chips, or food sold in containers not secure enough to prevent leakage during normal handling for unwrapped loose seeds, flowers, bulbs, corns, rhizomes (roots, stems and shoots, such as ginger) or goods contaminated by soil (such as potatoes or plants) for unwrapped blades, including axes, knives, and knife and razor blades for prescription medicine for live aquatic creatures in water woven plastic bags for goods in transport, such as at an airport or on a train, plane or ship considered as sealed packaging for mail order and click-and-collect orders (regardless of handles) returnable multiple reuse bags (bags for life) used to give away free promotional material used for a service but there’s no sale of goods, such as dry cleaning or shoe repairs A bag can contain multiple items from this list and not incur a charge. However, if the bag contains other items then you must charge. For example, you wouldn’t charge for a bag containing an unwrapped blade and unwrapped loose seeds, but adding a box of cornflakes means you’d have to charge. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/carrier-bag-charges-retailers-responsibilities
  10. Good Evening, I have received some great advice here that has led to me successfully suspending a repossession hearing nearly being out of arrears (3 months to go) with my mortgage, council tax arrears and other debts which I am very proud of, however, I need some further help. I had a charging order placed on my property back in 2012 from Anglian water, the original debt was £2095 but has since risen to approx. £5000 I am told. I was contacted in April 2015 by Solicitors acting on behalf of Anglian Water stating that they are going to apply for a order of sale hearing as I was unable or unwilling to pay this debt. Now this is my fault as I haven't heard from anyone regarding this since the charging order was put into place, I had assumed that the charging order would stay on until I sold my property and I know this was a mistake. I have been communicating with the Solicitors since April and have provided my income and expenditure sheet numerous times, provided a breakdown of all monies owed on the property which demonstrates that they property is in negative equity. If the house was sold I think I would cover my first mortgage but the secured loan (5 years to go) a second charging order and this charging order wouldn't be paid. I know this as valuation was done on the property for the suspension of the repossession hearing. I have advised them of this. After many emails since April to the solicitor asking for account number and sort code to start paying my offer at £37 a month until my other court ordered debts are paid they finally provided details and I have made the payment. However, the solicitors say they will not consider my offer until I have completed a form. This forms asks for details such as, - all bank account sort codes and numbers including money amounts it in, (they have no money in them other than for bills, but I don't have an overdraft:smile:) - itemised list of all my possessions within the property (such as sofa, dining table, fridges, mobile phones, fridge etc) - my employment details and contact numbers, - my national insurance number, - the names and dates of birth of my children. I have asked them what they will do with this information and they send a standard response of "our client will not consider your offer until you complete the form, please take legal advice". In fact in the last email the solicitor 'told me off' for sending so many emails, that I shouldn't address her by name and I was using delaying tactics. I promise I am not, I have sent correspondence to them as soon as I received this letter in April. I just wish they would go one way or another. I have currently declined to give them this information, my income and expenditure information was very detailed and the same which I provided to the courts, I have provided a very detailed breakdown of monies owed on the property also and made the first payment now I have the payment details and reference number. The reason I have declined is because at the height of putting my head in the sand, one company I owed money to took money straight from my bank account by order of the court. I am now told that was unusual but it happened and I live on a tight enough budget (which has been working and I am reducing my debts) without this happening. I don't want to miss a payment to anyone. Also I am worried by itemising my possessions this would allow bailiffs to come into my property and my 13 year old is often here alone. I have advised the solicitors of my concerns about providing this information and I haven't received a response other than "your questions are delaying tactics please provide the information requested" My situation is I am a single parent, to two children 13 and 10 (which I have advised the solicitors), both my ex partner and myself are liable for the mortgage but my ex partner is only listed as having a interest in the property due to how it was set up with the right to buy. I think my question is how likely is the company to gain an order for sale, I haven't received any paperwork yet other than emails saying 'my client is continuing the action' although I am expecting this very soon as they set a deadline for this form last Friday. I have worked so hard to reduce my debts especially my mortgage which hopefully proves I now have a good track record for sticking to all my agreements. This is my childrens home and has been for 13 years, their school is nearby and childminder as well as my work and they wouldn't gain anything from selling the property? After a long winded post, any advice as always would be appreciated.
  11. Hi, I'll be brief with my explanation but here goes.. purchased samsung gs3 phone from a tesco phone shop on t-mobile contract 17/08/2012 2 year warranty faulty about 9 weeks ago, sent direct to samsung, returned with same fault sent back to samsung, returned faulty contacted consumer direct, they advised me to ask tesco to repair the phone. came back today, still faulty. rang consumer direct back and they forwarded the issue to trading standards. what is the likely outcome of this situ? I just want a working phone...
  12. hello eveyone Can you help?? I have received a NIP as I am registered keeper. My 22 year old son was driving which I have declared and sent the form back within two days of receiving it. My son is a named driver on the car and the car is fully legal. My worry is that in July 2010 my son had an 18 month ban and fine for drink driving. this has now all passed and he has been a responsible driver since getting his licence back in 2012. He attended the drink driving course and learnt from his immature mistakes. . When they issue the punishment for this speeding offence will the DR10 have an impact on their decision? Thanks a lot
  13. Hi, I have 4 oldish debts - one credit with barclaycard for £4k, one overdraft of 2k from santander, and 2 MBNA credit cards, of £3800 which I think was Virgin and I think 3k is from Alliance and Leicester. I did have a 2.5k one from santander credit card but rang the debt collectors today to try and sort it out and was told it had been given back to Santander, who said the debt had been written off (result!) The debt collection company last phoned me on 3rd Oct and my messages have been full since so must have been a recent write off. I am in the middle of buying/selling a house to try and get mortgage free, I am buying for £185k and will have about 3k left over to update etc. Now I am really worried that the creditors might go to court a nd put a charge on my house after exchange, which means I wouldnt be able to complete. T he debts are around 4 years old, I did have a payment arrangement going through one of these charities which I paid 130 a month between all 5 of them, I cancelled this a year ago as I just couldnt cope with even that amount due to divorce, a nd have avoided/ignored all phone calls/letters since. I have had letters offering a discount so I assume the charges/paperwork could be challenged which is why the credit companies havent taken me to court? I have ignored these too. Could anyone give me any idea of the likelyhood of the credit companies putting a charge on my house by 10th January? We are hoping to exchange in the next couple of weeks and complete on 10th Many thanks for advice Vanessa
  14. I've recently not been able to make the interest payments on my cc - due to personal circumstances (unforseen and largely unavoidable). I'd like to see if MBNA have a copy of the orignal loan agreement (it will be pre-2004). At the moment all I've had (for missing one payment) is a formal letter stating that if I default they will take action. Should I ask for a *copy* of the original loan agreement, or ask for the original? Or should I phrase this some other *legal* way? Hut123
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