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Found 7 results

  1. The lift in our apartment block has had some sort of major failure and is out of action. The management compnay say it will be at least 2 months before work can start, so potentially 3-4 months before it's complete. In the meantime I can't get in or out, so am effectively homeless. This delay is apparently down to the s20 procedures needed before they can even get estimates, is this true and is there no way around it? Surely they wouldn't have to do this if emergency repairs were needed to the roof, for example? Wouldn't me being homeless be an emergency? Any suggestions anyone?
  2. Is housing and council tax benefit available for properties under the lift scheme shared ownership with part owned by the government?
  3. Hi please can you help me, I have received a court claim from Arrow from Northampton Court, for the claim of £4900, issued 8 days ago was a bank loan issued opened up in 1998, , last know payment was 2008/9. I have not acknowledged this debt, or any comms from me to Arrow I have filed online that I will contest this claim, hopefully on Limitation Act 1980 can I now send off a CPR18 request to their solicitor ? what is should I be asking for in the CPR 18 ? All of the below 5 details ? 1.The agreement/contract, including the specific Terms at the point the alleged Agreement was made and any subsequent changes. 2.The deed of assignment 3.The notice of assignment 4.The default warning letter 5.The default notice (CPR 31.14 Request only worth doing if debt is over 10k. I may have this totally wrong..) I have read that some people think that a CC Agreement request letter is not really useful (sorry, I cannot remember their reasons for stating this) Is it worth it your opinion to request CCA from the DCA? shall I ring up my old bank and ask them for the last payment date ? thanks for all help in advance
  4. I’m a Claimant who is suing an individual for non-payment of a buildings insurance which I have to arrange. We both attended a county court hearing in Oct’ 2016 and the judge put a “stay” on the case while it was referred it to the First Tier Property Tribunal for a decision on whether I had properly charged the other party. In Jan’ 2017 we both attended the Tribunal hearing and they found entirely in my favour and referred the case back to the County Court. I have now had a letter from the County Court saying I must now apply to have the “stay” lifted. Can anyone tell me how to do this please and, is there a fee? As there is no public office at the court I tried emailing them to ask which form I may need but a very unhelpful person replied that if I didn’t know I should ask a solicitor, not them. Thanks for any help or guidance you can give. Lloyd
  5. Daughter has moved to private student accommodation which is being charged at a premium due to having own kitchen, bathroom etc, there are various issues which I feel are breaches of contract but I am not sure if they are enough to break the contract. Do I have to give notice to the landlord to remedy the following and if they do not can I give notice to quit. a) Lift - She moved in on the 19'th September 2015 when the lift was not working, it is now 24 days later and apart from 1 half day occasion the lift has not worked at all. Although daughter is able bodied my wife and youngest son are registered disabled and one of the considerations we took into account was the accessibility of the property which the agent was aware of as we all visited to view the property and my son stayed in the car as he could not make the stairs . I believe that with out the lift it is not accessible to the disabled which apart from anything else is not only a fundemenatal breach of contract between myself, your company and the property owner but also breaches the Equality Act 2010 but your comments would be appreciated. We have drawn the agents attention to this on numerous occasions and all we get is an apology for the inconvienace and a date somewhere in the future when it should be sorted. b) Wi-fi - is intermittent and almost a necessity as a full time undergraduate student, all my work has to be submitted online as well as hard copy. c) blinds - Breaking all the time d) hob not working Please let me know what you think
  6. My daughter who is 15, saw an advert on facebook for a product called Lift and Glow which claims to be an amazing moisturiser. They were offering a trial size of two products for £1.99. She was buying this for me for Christmas and used my bank card as she is too young to own a bank card of her own. I did not mind as she said it was only for a small amount. The item has not yet arrived and to be honest I do not expect it too, even though the £1.99 was taken from my account. Looking through my January statement, I have noticed that they have taken two further payments of £89.99. It is so very upsetting to see and my daughter is devastated. She innocently was buying something for Christmas for me and has now got us into a real mess. She is currently studying for her GCSEs and the effect this is having on her is not good. Obviously I do not expect to receive the item and I have spoken to my bank who have temporarily returned the money into my account but have advised me that they have every right to deduct the money within the next two months. What can I do? I have tried contacting the company but they are not answering their phones, it keeps going onto answerphone and offers an email address, which I have not had a reply from. I think that my bank, Nationwide, will remove the money back out of my account. They have put a hold on my account so Lift and Glow can not take any further payments out. Can anyone help me? I cannot get through to speak to anyone.
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum and just joined because of the lift and glow [problem]. I am In the middle of a dispute and trying to get my money back. Any help would be much appreciated, Dianne
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