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Found 4 results

  1. I am sorry if this isn't supposed to be in here but I just want to get a few ideas and thoughts on this. I lived in central London 2010/2011 and took lending stream loans out (as far as they are concerned as I can't remember not paying them back).. ..fast forward to 2018 (I moved in 2012 and then again 2016), PRA Group contacted me about a loan (£80 - which isn't the sum but the principle that bothers me). I called PRA group and launched an investigation and complaint and then called lending stream doing the same, disputing the debt as 1) I had not heard from them via email or phone and they confirmed they still had both on file 2) I do not believe these are my debts however in case they would be (it's such a long time ago), I'm disputing that they never gotten in touch with me sooner as they said they sold it to debt collectors in 2013, so why not get in touch with me for 2 years? I asked them for proof to show me they emailed or called me trying to get this debt back. However, what is my next step and how likely is this going to be that they'll keep chasing me? My point was that if they called me in 2011/2012 I would have just paid it, no one likes debts so why would I run from it, now I don't think this is mine and it's not an insane amount but the principle is that it's crazy and 7 years ago... Thanks for all the help!
  2. How do I stop this company sending texts to my phone every day advertising there service? I know its not serious but I am fed up of getting these texts especially if I am abroad as it costs me money then! There is no info in the texts to get them stopped!
  3. Hello, I took out a loan with Lending Stream just after Christmas. Well, we all make mistakes. Anyway.. Website appears nice and clear and during the process I was shown a screen which looked to me as though I had the option to repay the full balance at any stage, showing the total amount due if I did so "repay early and avoid interest charges". I didn't save a copy of the information on the screen sadly as I naiively thought it would be emailed as part of the overall agreement. I was attracted by this flexibility e.g. it's a one month loan, but, can be extended over 6 months. I intended to repay before that, which is precisely why I should have kept that information. Anyway, the first loan payment was due, adequate funds in my account, and yet no debit. I get an email just before midnight saying "payment incomplete". I query with my bank. They say - there have been no declines. It isn't a "fraud block". There is no reason why the payment should not have gone through. It appears to have gone through the next day, possibly in the minutes just after midnight as by the time I looked (about 00:15) the funds were locked. Next day - email "thanks for your payment", which has mysteriously had £12 added to it. No subsequent credits during the day. They say it was declined, bank says it wasn't. I'll probably never know. Anyway: As you might imagine I just want to repay it all ASAP. Their site says To close you loan early you can login to your account to make loan payments on our website by clicking here. Please select the Loan Reference ID of the loan that you want to prepay from the drop down menu. The "Total to repay" field in the summary section displays the amount needed to close your loan. To make the payment, select the "Other Amount" option, enter the amount that you wish to pay in the "Amount" box and proceed with making the payment. Please email us at .. if you have any questions. All well and good. Except the "Total to Pay" is the total including the interest to the end of the term. They don't seem to make it easy to retrospectively find out how much it ought to be to repay early as I am assuming, perhaps wrongly, that this will be cheaper e.g. I will save on interest. That's how it appeared to me when I applied. Sorry if this is vague, I'm kicking myself for not clicking File > Save Web Page. Can anyone tell me: - Am I entitled to a reduction in interest by repaying early (between months 1 and 2 of 6) - How is the reduction calculated, is is "legislatory" Clearly I can ask them, but I wanted to know what rights I have, if any, before I do so to compare those with the response. Thanks very much.
  4. So I posted this on moneysavingexpert but got the same high and mighty response "There is no need to take these out, u are a bad and poor person for doing so" sort of thing. So ill start from the beginning... again. I took out a loan with LS for approx £300. everything was going fine then one day i logged onto the website and it said that the full amount to be paid was about 400 and these were dated 23rd november and 26th november... (They changed my 6 month agreement to 2 months and made the charges on these months much higher) So I contacted them and asked them to fix this as it was wrong and random and they didnt consult me in the decision.... So after speaking to them, i log onto my account and see.... - We have organised a temporary payment arrangement for you that takes into account your current financial circumstances. Please note that your credit rating could be affected by this. If you have any queries, please get in touch with the customer care team by emailing us at ............... Immediately I was like... WTF ? Emailed them and they replied Good Evening Mr.***** We apologize for the delayed response and thank you for your email. We would like to inform that you have one loan with the agreement number ******* with Lending Stream. Please be informed that we have receive a proposal from the Debt Management Company named Debt Reverse on your behalf and there reference number is 19504 and accordingly your loan account was processed. In case you are no more dealing with Debt Reverse then please confirm us the same after which we will be able to work on your case accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. Should you require additional assistance please email us at.... Regards, Now obviously... Why would I contact debt management for a 300quid loan when I take home 8x that each month So I told them this is false... again, again and again... For over a week now they have ignored all my emails, tell me on the phone they will email me back or call me back and never do. Baring in mind, due to a former dispute I actually had evidence of how much they were supposed to be taking over 6 months. (I was wrong about the previous dispute, just there stupidly high intrest rates confused me) They have told me on the phone, but wont give it in writing or change on the internet that they are going to charge me 150 this month. I have a screenshot of owing 23 nov - £50.00 24 dec - 123.60 25 jan - 104.70 25 feb - 85.80 But they say on the phone they will be taking over 150... Now... Am I able to revoke their right to take money from my account and carry on paying that plan by depositing that straight into their account ? What do I have the right to do here? the stress is kind of getting stupid.. Summary I call them, they tell me itl be sorted in 48 hours... call back in 48 hours, told itl be sorted in 48 hours... thats happened about 5x now. all emails blatantly ignored payment amounts changed/altered without my consent Payment plan shortened by 3 months without asking me or telling me speaking with debt management companies on my behalf when I do not need the help and have never contacted this company. They are blatently not going to help, they are possibly going to take the full amount this month with huge interest which I cant give this month due to the payment I need to finish my car off with on finance What can I do ? Closing bank account isnt an option as I dont have time to do this and have many DD's that need to go out Any help I will really appreciate. Thanks.
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