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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I stumbled across this forum whilst researching ways to appeal the PCN I have just been served with. As I understand, the Lendal Bridge bus lane fiasco is quite controversial (google brings up many irate articles). I lived in York last year for a few months and throughout that time, the bridge was open to all vehicles. On 9/9/13 however I was flat hunting in York as I'm planning to move back there and drove over the bridge unaware that it is now a restricted route for buses/taxis only between 1030 and 1700. The signs are poor - from the direction I took, I did not notice any new signage and my research showed that there in fact are NO new signs (apparently to avoid planning applications) and the sign that was in place is small and on the pavement next to a bus stop. I've found a photo that shows a double decker stopped at this bus stop would shadow the sign completely from drivers. In addition I did not notice any new relevant road markings. Whilst on this forum I also found something to do with the wording of the PCN - use of 'will' as opposed to 'may' in the following sentence: 'This Notice will be taken to have been served on the second working day after the day of posting (as shown on the right) unless you can show that it was not'. Have I a case to appeal?? Any advice welcome!! Nicola
  2. Has anybody successfully challenged the temporary PCN over Lendal Bridge? Have just requested Freedom of Information of exact nos. of PCN's issued both to visitors and to residents since 27.8.13, the no. of PCNs issued more than once to same person in a day and the no. of appeals. Copy of letter to York CC and York Tourist Board below. Have already received apology from the York Tourist Board by return! £60 Day Visitor Tourist Levy Like thousands of others, it would appear, I have been caught out by the temporary bus lane restriction on Lendal Bridge, York which started on 27.8.13. Never did I imagine that a pleasurable day out visiting York with 5 members of my family, some elderly, would levy the harsh YORK VISITOR TOURIST LEVY of £60 – and the threat of £90 if I dare to appeal and then lose. So little chance of the majority of people appealing the PCN when they will have to fork out even more funds to this unscrupulous Labour Council. I am not a criminal; I pay my Road Tax and Insurance on time; I abide by the rules of the road in this country. Never did I imagine that taking my family for a meal in the city and spending money to support the local economy would result in a foul taste in my mouth after receiving a PNC, And what’s really funny, is that I am not the only one. What a great [problem] for the Labour Council to attract funds to the city, in lieu of creating a real workable solution of the congestion issues there. I am sure that the 12,000+ – several of whom have ranted about the injustice of this temporary measure on the internet, several of them visitors to York who knew nothing of this local fiasco, are as equally p* off. For your information: 1 I have never driven in York before. 2 I followed my SATNAV to a Public Car Park which took me this way – through a bus lane. 3 I followed other cars on to the bridge. 4 I followed a Car Park Sign to what was previously a Council Owned Car Park at ‘Esplanade’ which clearly the Council had not bothered to re-route. 5 The signs were ambiguous (as is pointed out on many an internet review of the bridge). The Council can not even be bothered to get planning permission for effective signs. 6 The road was too congested - yes, even with these bus lane measures in place - that the sign was not obvious. 7 There were too many road signs to digest at the same time. 8 Once directed towards Lendal Bridge, there was no alternative but to follow the road through – no easy way to turn or manoeuvre to move away from this restriction without earlier warning. So my plan to return to York in December for Christmas Shopping? Well, what a dilemma I have! Why on earth would anyone choose to go to this city again – to be ripped off and threatened. Bad enough that the York residents are also being hit badly by this stupid decision of their elected Council. Never mind, plenty of other places of quality in this country to visit which do not victimise its visitors.
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