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Found 4 results

  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]52562[/ATTACH] Here is a copy of the claim form which has been kindly supplied by the County Court sitting at Bury. This is the claim which succeeded against LegalCare – although the judgement remains outstanding and unsatisfied. If you read the claim form, you will find that it is same very familiar story. According to LegalCare they have any tens of thousands of satisfied customers. It is obviously a very nice little earner. However, on the basis of the stories that we see around the Internet and the stories that we have received on this forum, and on the basis of the legal actions which have been conducted against LegalCare, we would not recommend them and we would warn everybody to stay well clear. Quite frankly you're likely to find that the advice given on this forum – completely free of charge – will be just as good – maybe better – probably far more practical – and based on people's real-life experience. The claim form has been redacted to protect the identity of the claimant. The claimant is not aware that we have obtained this claim form and that it has been posted on this forum. However, it is a public document and a County Court judge authorised its provision to us. We are trying to contact claimant to invite him to come onto this forum. However, if you happen to know somebody in the Bury area who has sued Legalcare but has been unable to get their money back through enforcement of the judgement, please alert them to this thread and invite them to come onto the forum.
  2. There is an unsatisfied judgment recorded against ASKA PROFESSIONAL LTD MARITIME HOUSE, BASIN ROAD NORTH, PORTSLADE, BRIGHTON, BN41 1WR At BURY Court claim no. 3QZ17285 dated 24/04/14 £253 Aska Professional Ltd trade as Legalcare. They may trade under other names as well. We don't know. It may be that this judgment is not connected with Aska's Legalcare activities but the fact that the case was transferred to bury rather than Aska's local court in Brighton suggests that the claimant was an individual - not a business. We would be very interested to receive information as to the circumstances of the case and why the judgment has not yet been enforced. Maybe someone could let us know on our admin email address please. Put "aska judgment" in the subj.line.
  3. Hello, I recently signed up to Legalcares 14 day free trial and thought it was ok to cancel through paypal like many people did. After the 14 days they sent me an email saying i hadnt cancelled and I now have a 12 month subscription with them. I replied to that email saying I did not want their service and to cancel the account immediately, however they said it was too late and began demanding the full 12 months payment in one transaction. They say I clicked the terms and conditions in which the proper method of cancellation is stated and they can claim all the money at once. It seems like an obvious trick now but I fell for it like many others. I did some research online and it seems there are many people in the same position and most say they would refuse to pay and to report them. I have reported them to the OFT but they have already passed my debt on to Daniel Silverman debt collection agency who have been ringing me constantly and have now sent me a final demand and I will be taken to court if I dont pay! Many people have told me they are just using scare tactics and it probably wont go that far but I am a little concerned. Can they actually take legal action and win? They must be doing it to hundreds of people. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do? I dont want to pay nearly £300 for nothing, has anyone else experienced the same situation? Thanks Craig
  4. Like a lot of people have experienced the sharp end of Legalcare.co.uk free-trial, I too have been a victim of their dodgy website practices (very basically, I googled "free legal advice" and LegalCare came up, their website said 14-day free trial), which I trialled and didn't like, so I cancelled the only way I could see how DURING the free trial, by cancelling my paypal subscription. A lot of people, like me, found out that cancelling this way isn't accepted by Legalcare - Legalcare want you to cancel in a specific way (which they made very hidden and uneasy to work out how to do - hence why a lot of us have fallen victim after our free-trial ended). What is surprising about Legalcare is they are far more keen and VERY quick to send you threatening emails and Solicitor threats of taking you to the Small Claims Courts if you don't pay them their full-year's subscription, than they are about Customer Service and getting their website to be very clear about how to cancel (though they have since made some improvements to their site). That's the background - but here is my question. I have twice spoken to Legalcare's debt collection solicitors (GPB Solicitors) and have told them that I have done nothing wrong and that I never used the services of LegalCare outside of the free trial and that no one can force me to be a customer of their's when I've explicitly told them I do not wish to be.... .... and twice they've asked me to write in outlining my story and they will 'review the case'. At first I was happy to do this, but now I am having serious doubts about writing to a debt collection firm of solicitors who are considering taking me to the Small Claims Courts - not because I have done anything wrong, but because I fear they may use what I write against me in a Small Claims Courts. Obviously I am not a solicitor myself so I feel that anything I put in writing to them, a firm of solicitors, would need to be written by a solicitor (to protect me) ! What advice could anyone give me about LegalCare and how to handle this ? PS - I am aware of the other threads on this website regarding Legalcare and their 'sting in the tail'..... Many thanks.
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