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Found 11 results

  1. Placeholder for reply's from Vodafone web team WRT135 [#12400498]‏ cheers
  2. WRT135 - CAG Forum [#9393422] Hopefully this is what you need. Any help greatly appreciated, took out my contract 11 days ago number still not ported. Spoke to Vodafone now 6 or 7 times in that period, everytime they say "wait 24 hours". Finally tonight a guy in porting admitted that they were having technical issues and he couldn't say how long it would be (so I've been lied to for a while!). The next issue is that my 14 day cancellation window is coming up to closing I really need to know what I'm doing - whether the number is going to work ever. I went into store today and the vodafone worker there said "look fella you're being strung along, get out while you can" which I'm happy to do I need to know that I can still take my number (which isn't working) with me to a new provider. Cheers
  3. 7358756 email ref Hello Can you help A single 6 hour long call was made a few days ago This was accidenly done - smartphone touch screen Would you be able to refund/cancel this call Also would it be possible to put a £20 cap on this £8 contract ? Thank you
  4. Hi, I am looking to speak with Lee of Vodafone as he seems to be the guy who can help me in a situation such as this. I had a very large bill in January last year (2012) and consequently ended up 3 months in arrears. I set up a payment plan of 330 per month and this is evidenced on my credit report as AP for April, May & June. For some reason however my credit report shows me going from 3 months in arrears to 3 months in AP and suddenly to 6 months late in July and defaulted in August then satisfied in September. I have bank statements that show I have paid the 330 in July, August & September. I also made a card payment of 330 during that time as Vodafone said they had a payment missing and even though I knew I had paid I paid to avoid default. Vodafone are now saying that they appear to owe me 330 pounds. Yes that is because I paid an extra payment to avoid default which they subsequently did anyway and it is only when I got in touch with them that they mentioned the 330 they owed me. I dont even want the money back, I just want the credit reference agency updated to show the actual situation rather than the current one. One that shows me going 3 months in arrears, then entering an arrangement to pay and regular payments until the debt was satisfied. I have copies of bank statements and credit ref agency print outs etc and am planning to send them to Esther at QA but have seen some good things on here about Lee and some not so good things about the responsivveness of the QA team. Thanks for your help, hope to hear from you soon. Jamie Paterson.
  5. Hi this is my 1st post, I have had to come here for advise after following several threads, have an outstanding account with Vodafone, have spoken to Lee as has my father too, to explain things better, something happened in March forcing me to relocate for a while, my bills went to my home address, duly returned "gone away" which was true I am now back after several months absence, We have spoken to the web relations dept. for several months to no avail. got as far as Lee wanting information that they didn't need to know the details of, and we offered a full and final settlement figure, Vodafone would not accept this unless the had as much details of the reason why I moved, this was a serious matter and no way was Lee going to have those details Now after trying to come to a full and final payment figure, we offered a sum of £250-00 10% OF THE DEBT, Lee was not going to accept this, and I wasn't going to allow this information out, the account was sent to Frederickson in dispute, and duly returned/recalled to Vodafone, I have no money coming in as I am a full time carer for my father, whom suffered a near fatal stroke in 2010 all I get is his care side of his DLA. So after the facts have been read I am hoping that someone can advise me what to do next, thx for reading my thread
  6. Lee i have had previous problems with vodafone almost 2 years ago. i think we spoke a little about it then, but i will update you anyway i missed a month or 2 payments, i phoned up to pay these after a while and was told i wasnt on their systems, they couldnt find my name or address at all, it finally got round to me being told i had been passed onto a debt collection company and owed over £500 as voda had cancelled my contract, i told the debt company that i refused to pay this, but i would be happy to pay the £70 odd that i actually owed. this was around october 2012 - the debt company said they would contact voda about this and get back to me. since then i have attempted to phone the debt company multiple times, left messages etc and had no response, and voda wont talk to me as i am not on their system. i forgot about this problem for almost a year i guess, but now i have had a mortgage refused due to this being outstanding on my credit report. i have had no contact from the debt agency, or from voda about this and i cannot contact anyone to try and sort it out can you help? i need this gone from my credit report as it has just put my whole life on hold indefinately, and i will lose out on my perfect house. im very annoyed as there seems to be nothing i can do about it thank you
  7. Lee, you're my final hope, before I lose my last shred of sanity:| April 2012 I purchased a mobile + a monthly contract directly from vodafone. I purchased the phone as I was told that this gave me 24 months warranty. In August ago the phone stopped charging. I contacted vodafone and was told I needed to take it to a store. I'm disabled, so it took me a while to be well enough. I took the phone into vodafone Lowestoft (lovely staff) on Tues 17th Sept. As I'd spotted on the internet that vodafone seem to wriggle out of repairing phones, I asked the staff at the Lowestoft store to check for damage while I was there. "No" they said "No damage. It's immaculate." I received an email yesterday from vodafone repair centre advising me that if I wished the phone repaired, I needed to pay £150. On speaking to them today, they said that as it has 'physical damage', they can't repair it without the £150. This 'physical damage' has obviously appeared from nowhere. So Lee, not only am I paying a monthly fee for a phone I no longer have. Vodafone expects me to pay £150 for repair(which I so do not have), though each department ADMITS that the phone IS in warranty. I'd be so grateful if you could advise me what to do. I simply cannot get through on the usual telephone number. Kind regards Tina
  8. Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis has been arrested by Metropolitan police detectives investigating allegations of historical sexual offences. More: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/nov/15/dave-lee-travis-arrested
  9. Hello Lee, Have tried to PM you but it says I need 30 posts or more. I need to find out my old Vodafone account number - which is nearly 6 years old. Is there any way I can find this out? All I remember is my old address that I used to sign up for the contract and obviously my D.O.B. I no longer have any form of paperwork etc. Many Thanks, Daniel Fleetwood.
  10. Have been advised that he is unavailable until 29th.May and anyone needing updates/complaints logging should contact webrelations@vodafone.com
  11. i have a blackberry bold 9700 the phone is broke and does not work due to me accidently dropping it into the sink WILL INSURANCE COVER IT AS I HAVE HAD PROBLEMS IN THE PASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????????
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