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Found 5 results

  1. I have moved my vehicle to a safe place, I bought it in good faith 2 months ago for 3500 form private seller, spent 1000 pounds on repairs already and now LBL have sent agaents to seize. I have attached there BOS that they have provided me, but they are insisting that it holds up and stated categorically that they will continue to seek their "asset" and also threatened me that they will report it stolen and that i will be handling stolen goods. FYI, i bought the vehicle with full V5 present and had no reason to suspect anything like this. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.:mad2: Bill of sale .pdf
  2. How does a lbl company justify its actions when a loan with a 17 month payment term that had 600.00 ( 3 payments) remainding due until cleared in full . *(when completed 3360.00 would be paid back on 1000.00 loan) all of a sudden still have a 1600.00 balance outstanding apparently due default interest. Never sent letter stating the default interest charged and on what its charged. Requests for a breakdown ignored, simply stating unable to give breakdown give any written response but will however discuss account with you face to face at the office ???, What should be received from a lbl company if they are charging default interests on late payments?? If a default is sent out with an incorrect arrears balance on and no correction by date on or the date to rectify is less than 14 days can it still be acted upon if you have informed them of their error? Can a statement if account requests along with a breakdown of charges added be ignored or refused by youd lbl company?
  3. Hi, Afer some advice. i've seen a car that ticks all the boxes but after doing an HPI check it turns out to have a Bill of Sale attached to it. I have not bought the car, nor put a deposit down. Of course this set some alarm bells going off, but what are my options here? walk away? or is it possible to buy the car but make a payment to the LBL company for the outstanding amount and the guy selling it? Iam happy to work with the seller so long as I know 100% the loan has been paid before the car becomes mine, how is the best way to do this Thanks Phil
  4. Hi, I took out a LBL a 6 months back and it will finish in a further 6. I'm now in a position where I'm moving to London due to a new job. Some extra cash will be really handy during my relocation and as I wont need the car anymore I'm considering selling it. Although I will keep up with LBL payments (as I have so far). My questions are.. Will the finance show on a HPI check? When I request a replacement V5 (LBL have original) will the LBL find out? When name change on V5 happens, will LBL find out? thanks!
  5. My husband took out a loan with lbl nine regions ltd (now hermes) for £1000 nearly 18 months ago, to date we have paid back £2299.04 of the £2922.66 total to pay inc interest. He lost his job a couple of months ago and although we have tried to keep up with the weekly repayments it just hasnt been possible and have missed quite a few payments over the last few weeks, they have refused lower payments and have now demanded we pay them £623.62 and have threatened to come take the car if we dont. So i turned to the internet for advice which led me to finding you guys as we really dont want to lose the car. In response to their demand i wrote to them requesting copies of the credit agreement, bill of sale & statement of account as i cannot find my originals. I then recieved a settlement letter followed a few days later by a copy of the credit agreement and a statement of account but no bill of sale have waited 2 weeks and still no bill of sale but another letter allowing us a further 7 days to settle the account before repossession. which is up on 17/10/12 Are there any template letters i can send hermes again requesting copy of bill of sale or do they not need to supply me with a copy? I believe that if a creditor fails to comply with my request for a copy of credit agreement they are unable to enforce an agreement until they comply, is this true and does this also apply for bill of sale? I have also been told by a friend that they cannot reposses the vehicle as i owe less than 1/3 or something like that have you heard of this and does this apply to bill of sale loans also or just standard car finance? Any help and advice would be appreciated
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