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  1. Brunowales

    Mbna ppi

    Hi All Just got my SAR back from MBNA. CC taken out 1998. Defaulted 2003. Informed no CCA which is good to know as DCA chasing and have been cca,d. My question is the statments show payment protection insurance as well as penalty fees for late payments and over limit. Is it too late to claim these back? Many thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, Tricky situation, but I'm hoping for some guidance, found a few bits of info on here. Unfortunately my father passed away last summer. I am joint executor (with my sister who lives overseas). Here's the background but unfortunately I don't have much paperwork - He had a small bungalow worth £225k but also a £162,500 mortgage. This was sold by GE money to him, aged 70, for 14 years (In 2004) - interest only. He wasn't great with money(his whole life tbh) and soon fell into arrears. In 2006 it was sold on to Engage Credit. We are about to finally complete on the sale, and once all his other debts are cleared there's not going to be much left. We have managed to get Engage to refund £320 in fees. We're trying to establish when GE sold it on. Engage say most of the fees were GE money. There are £3554.30 in fees, plus £2703.72 in arrears. I do have comprehensive list of the fees/arrears dating back to 2006, but its hard to see who charged what, and when it was transferred. I'm so angry with companies like these who mis sell to elderly people who clearly can't afford the repayments, and my Dad was v clever hiding the full extent of the debt from us. My questions are: 1 - Can I do anything as an Executor as the whole thing is so unfair? 2 - Why the mortgage for such a large amount was sold to a 70Yr old - as the house can't have been worth anywhere near that in 2004 - I think it must have been mis sold (He only had a state pension) 3 - How can I trace who sold the mortgage? Can I report them to the FCA?[/left] 4 - Can I claim back fees retrospectively from GE Money (I've read the 2010 ruling on here) or doesn't it apply if the mortgage holder is no longer alive? With many thanks and best wishes, Caroline
  3. Hi all, I noticed that I will not have enough money in my bank account to cover my rent for the 1st January, but I will receive my student loan on the 14th where I can pay it in full. I have never missed a rent payment in nearly 2 years of tenancy. I emailed the agent if they could show leniency and waive the £35 reminder letter fee which is laid out in the contract as - 4.3 The Tenant shall pay interest at the rate of [4] % per annum above The Bank ofEngland's base rate on any rent lawfully due that is paid more than 14 days after thedate on which it became due. The interest will be payable from the date the rentshould have been paid until the date the rent is actually paid. and 4.6: Late payment of rent. Reminder letters will be charged at £29.16 plus vat £35.00 perletter sent subject to a maximum of four letters per month The agent replied and said no, the system will send out 2 reminder letters by the 14th which will equal a £70 fee, and if I don't pay they will take it out of my deposit. I believe that the reminder letters are electronic and this would be an unreasonable sum. I also asked them that why are these necessary when I have let them know in advance I can't afford the payment and I am waiting for a reply. The contract does not lay out above the 'schedule' for sending these letters and it was only the agent via email who told me they are sent once every 7 days as the clause is unclear in that respect. The only reason I brought up unreasonableness to the agent via email was because they straight away mentioned the contract which led me to inspect it. In terms of the deposit the contract/tenancy agreement says - 5.3: At the end of the Tenancy, the Landlord/ agent shall be entitled to withhold fromthe Deposit such proportion of the Deposit as may be reasonably necessary to:(a) make good any damage to the Property or the Contents (except for fair wearand tear) caused by the Tenant's failure to take reasonable care of theProperty or Contents;(b) replace any of the Contents which may be missing from the Property;© pay for the Property and the Contents to be cleaned if the Tenant is inbreach of its obligations under clause 3.1 or clause 9.1. I do not believe this has any provision for withholding my deposit on the basis of late rent payment/admin fees. Am I correct? Furthermore, I have a question about the deposit. The contract was signed online and doesn't have much info about the deposit other than it will be registered with the government deposit protection service and I didn't have to sign anything related to it from what I remember. I have also been in the house for longer than the other 2 tenants, and paid the £400 deposit when I moved in but not again when the new tenants moved and swapped the old 2 tenants in and a new TA was signed. Is this suspicious at all? But yeah... does anyone have any advice? Should I cough it up or just pay the rent and wait to see if they deduct from my deposit at the end?
  4. Morning all, I have an interesting but perhaps a rather open and shut case with TNT Direct aka Parcel2Go. Purchased courier service to transport a PC from my home to a close friend in the USA. Paid £68.46 on 15/11/2018 for collection on 19/11/2018. Delivery within 1 - 3 days but confirmed for 22/11/2018. Customs paperwork and FCC 740 form was completed and provided. There is very little information out there on how to complete the FCC 740 form but after finding the example version on the FedEx website I completed it and attached with the parcel. 19/11/2018 TNT arrived to collect Parcel and it was handed over. 22/11/2018 comes and no updates on the tracking information. I contacted TNT Direct / P2G via webchat and was told they were missing the FCC 740 form and the parcel was being held in their depot. I explained to them that I had already included the FCC 740 with the customs paperwork as per the instructions. Nevertheless they requested duplicates and I provided those the same day in good faith. 23/11/2018 TNT bring the parcel back to my home address. I was in but as I was not expecting any callers I did not answer the door. So the parcel was taken back to the depot. I contacted TNT and explained what had happened, they advised me it would be resolved and the parcel delivered. 27/11/2018 still no updates on tracking so contacted by webchat again. Was told they did send over the duplicate forms and contacted the depot but this was not followed through correctly. 29/11/2018 Parcel Delivered - But tracking information not showing this and P2G / TNT completely unaware of this also! 03/12/2018 still no tracking updates so another web chat. This time they opened an investigation. But this time I was told "Good afternoon, Order number This is in transit now" 06/12/2018 again no tracking updates so contacted them again and was told an investigation would be opened again and they would contact me within 1 - 2 working days. 11/12/2018 still no updates so I contact them again and begin to lose patience and this is where things started to get a little interesting. I was told: "Consignment showing as Delivered by FedEx 29/11/2018" I had already mentioned and was advised on delivery that a refund would be "looked into" because of the lengthy delay for delivery. But nevertheless the agent I spoke with used just about every excuse under the sun to blame me for the late delivery and said a refund was not possible. When I didn't take no for an answer he then tried to change the date the parcel was sent to the 27/11/2018 so delivery was made within the 1 - 3 days. I wasn't having that either. I then used the example of public transport and that a service is not guaranteed to arrive at the time advertised in the timetable. But if there is a delay the operator will compensate (obviously I know there are exclusions to this, but the principle remains the same) the passenger for late arrival. The agent then tried to say that a service guarantee was not purchased, but this was never offered on the website in the first instance. But go and look at the TNT Direct website for this nice little extract on parcels to the USA: https://direct.tnt.co.uk/services/parcel-delivery-to-usa So a guaranteed service is not a guaranteed service it seems... But the absolute icing on the cake are the terms and conditions on the TNT Direct website: https://direct.tnt.co.uk/legal/terms-and-conditions But the agent seemed to think that the terms and conditions I agreed to are these, on a completely different website: https://www.parcel2go.com/content/about-terms.aspx When I advised the agent they had contradicted themselves they tried to blame the delay for delivery was because of the address used and not because of the paperwork. I had the PC sent to my friends work address, which is a small bank branch in the USA which has a mailroom on site. They use PO Boxes for each staff member, But the mailroom is small enough that staff would know who a parcel should go, even if the PO Box was not put on the label. But nevertheless this is a moot point as they still accepted the order and carried out the contract in a rather amateurish manner. But it just goes to show how they tried to use every excuse available to avoid being responsible. I'm going to take this on as I am satisfied I did not receive the service I paid for, which was delivery within 1 - 3 working days. If they offered a 50% refund at the time of conversation, I would probably have accepted that as they still provided part of the service paid for. Now I most likely will not and am going to look into doing a chargeback for the service. I'm reasonably comfortable with handling this without too much input. But I wanted to document this in case anyone else has the same problem with TNT Direct / P2G. Is it worth writing a formal complaint to the executive office for this or should I just do a chargeback and see what happens? Oh and the tracking website still has the parcel in Liege Euro Hub... So I have no actual proof of delivery, just their agents say so...
  5. Hi, my friend took NE to London to apply French visa for January trip. The bus arrived in London one and a half hour late because of the driver went to wrong direction (which is unbelievable!) She missed the time slot for French visa, and it is unlikely to apply visa anytime before January. (She has bought tickets and booked hotel already) I searched NE website regards of compensation, but there is not much information. She allowed one hour between coach arrival time and visa. Could she claim the foreseeable loss?
  6. Hi I recently had a successful PPI claim with MBNA. I have received a 50% payout but as it was a joint loan, 50% is owed to my late wife. Initially, MBNA refused to pay me her share until I provided a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. After explaining I have neither, they eventually said they will accept documents from a Court or a Solicitor confirming that no Will, Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate was ever made. My wife had next to nothing in assets when she died so, as I understand it from the gov.uk website, I didn’t need to apply for Probate as, in the circumstances, I inherited everything. I can’t understand why MBNA will not just accept our marriage certificate and my wife’s death certificate as sufficient evidence and pay out. That was all the evidence I needed to provide at the time of my wife’s death when dealing with her bank accounts. (They were different banks, not MBNA). The amount owed is only around £400 so the cost of applying for Probate or Letters of Administration would make it all pointless. I assume the cost of obtaining documents from a solicitor confirming no Will, Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate was ever made would also be prohibitive. I was wondering is there any way I could fight this and get MBNA to pay out with just the marriage and death certificates as evidence. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Maybe someone else has had a similar experience?
  7. I was a dual fuel energy customer of Future energy, joined them in August of 2016 I provided them with accurate usage figures for the previous twelve months and they set my monthly direct debit figure. Service wise it was poor from the outset their web site never functioned, just constant messages saying they were working on it and the service would be available soon. Unable to access bills on-line I was reliant on paper billing and in May 2017 even this stopped! I telephone Future on numerous occasions to express my concern that I was not receiving bills and that I was worried that my monthly payments may not be covering my usage, I was always reassured that if that was the case I would be informed of the need to increase my monthly direct debit. Fast forward to March 2018 when I receive a letter from Green Star Energy informing me that Future had gone bust and they had been appointed by OFGEM as my new supplier. I have now received a letter in the Future colour scheme with Future energy logos, but which is in fact from the administrators, they have meter readings for my electricity supply but apparently, they have no readings opening or closing for my gas supply. They have therefore estimated my gas usage and on that basis, I now owe them £700!! Questions Did Future Energy have any sort of duty of care towards me with regard to the management of my account providing regular bills and so keeping me informed that I was accruing a negative balance? After all its far easier to increase monthly payment by £30 or £40 than pull £700 out of the hat. If Future did have any duty of care as they have now gone out of business is there anything I can do? In any event can the administrators force me to pay an estimated bill? As always thanks in advance for any guidance or advice. Nosnibor
  8. Hi there, First post! I’m a student an as it is summer and i’ve not been getting my student loan recently and only work part time i’ve struggled a little with money recently. My DD for xercise for less failed. Like many others on here i’ve been charged that famous £25 ‘admin fee’ in an email. The email reads: Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your agreement with Xercise 4 Less. Your bank have advised us that your August instalment has been returned unpaid "refer to payer" as there were insufficient funds in the account to pay the amount due. We will therefore debit your account on 23 AUG 18 for the total amount of £36.99 made up as follows: Instalment Amount £11.99 Administration Fee £25.00 Total Due £36.99 You’ll see that it says they will debit my account on 23rd Aug. I dont get paid until 24th so i’m assuming they will then add a further £25 ‘admin fee’. After reading various related threads on here i came to the conclusion that i don’t wish to pay the £50 ‘admin fees’ that i will inevitably be charged and so cancelled my direct debit. Afterall, this is the first payment delay there’s been in the entire 15 months ive been attending the gym. I’m thinking about emailing they gym and, alike to other posters on here, offering them their August membership fee that I owe and then hopefully continue with my membership. I’m aware by cancelling my DD i’ve probably tarnished my relationship with the gym but I just think the fees are extortionate. Thanks in advance
  9. am a newbie to this wonder if someone can help me ive been fighting a PCN with harrow council since last year, had my informal appeal rejected and then was sent a NTO ages ago where I restated the appeal and didn't hear back, until a few days ago when I received a rejection letter dated in june which meant I was already out of time to appeal in 28 days. the reason for the lateness seems to be that they thought my company name was my surname and spelt it wrong, so the address was a generic campus/site address and therefore must have gone into a pool before it was redirected to my specific pigeon hole (please note the address is correct with the dvla - its just the council that have made the error). so in a massive panic, I lodged an appeal online with the reference number given and stated that the reason I was appealing late is that I didn't receive the rejection paperwork until now due to this error in address. However, ive looked up the pcn online and it looks like it may have already progressed to charge certificate (just because of the price) but I ahvent received this either -maybe this will also come late if they have made the same mistake with the address as with the NoR. the question is was it the right think to do to lodge an appeal late (the website says you can appeal late if u state a valid reason and I thought not receiving the NoR was a valid reason but I may be wrong) but now im thinking maybe I shouldn't have done that and should have just waited for the next stage to file a witness statement from what I read on here? however the problem I have now is not that I never received the NoR but I received it too late because of the councils mistake in my name/address. So if this does progress what box can I tick and also ho long will the tribunal take to get a result - am worried that the council will continue to progress the charge while im waiting for the appeal result. help please!!!!!
  10. Writing about my late father's pension fund. My mother just received a letter from a pension company who wrote they made a mistake and owe my late father £1500. He closed the account 20y ago I have successfully claimed compound interest against late payment charges on some credit cards - so I am just wondering if we can claim compound interest on this £1500. Any thoughts??
  11. Hello, Bought a TV from Very.co.uk 06/01/18, statement shows £559 for TV and £6.99 for Delivery Account starts with 1p in credit (from last order) Statement produced 03/02/18 says £5 due 23/02/18 With estimated interest of £0.41 based on payment balance of £6.98 Payment made 21/02/18 of £56.60 by card on the website towards the TV Statement produced 03/03/18 says £7.43 overdue Payment due by 23/03/18 actual interest £0.45 Estimated interest for next time £0.00 Standing order of £56.60 paid 05/03/18 Statement produced 31/03/18 says £0.00 due Shows payment made 05/03/18 of £56.60 Shows £49.17 has been allocated to your BNPL items on 05/03/18. Leaving £7.43 to be allocated to the postage. Sometime in March I called Very to query why there is a payment due as I had selected BNPL for 12 Months at the time of order and I had made a payment of £56.60 on 21/02/18 before it was due. I was told the payment is for the postage, there was a discussion about recent payments where they said, because I had made the payment online 21/02/18 and allocated it to the TV they couldn't allocate it to the postage, so I asked for the most recent standing order 05/03/18 to be used to pay the late postage, thus clearing the late payment. Move on to today 15th May, my credit file shows a late payment for the delivery costs. It appears they have one credit order from me which includes delivery, but they have then taken a payment towards the TV but have split the delivery costs out. My understanding the whole way through the order was the TV was on credit, not the delivery, so how can this be marked as late if the payments were up to date? What do you think?
  12. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me with a small problem I have a littlewoods catalogue that i have had for a few years, Me and my wife only use it when they have a sale on or send us discount vouchers, We usually pay it off fully before the payment date The latest balance was £25 and i meant to pay it in time but forgot I suddenly remembered it today and logged in to find it should have been paid Friday, I have cleared it today with a card payment online and now it shows 0 balance Though it is the 13th today it actually shows payment made on the 12th which will be 1 day late Does anyone know if they will mark my credit report with a late payment, It took me a long time to get a perfect credit score and i would be devastated is all that was ruined by a day late payment
  13. THREAD NOTE: the OP talks of a CCJ this is infact a DEFAULT MARKER ignore the reference to it being a CCJ. dx - siteteam ........................................................... Hi All, the is my forst post on CAG. I have a question, which im hoping the community will be able to advice me on if it is legal, and if not the steps to take to resolve this. 7 and a half years ago, i split with my X wife, which was quite a bitter split. In her wisdom, when we split and put the marital home up for sale, a few weeks later my x wife took the house off the market, stating i had never asked for her permission to sell the house, and she refused to sell the house even though she had moved out when we split. Consuquetly, the house was repossed and a CCJ was rejistered against me. I did try and come to an amicable agreement with the Natwest where by i was responsible for half the debt (£16,800), and my x wife was responsible for the other half, and once my half was paid off it would show as settled on my record, which they rejected. So, i thought i would wait out the 6 years, for the CCJ to expire. During this time we have moved twice, and i have not received any letter from anyone for about 2 years relating to the CCJ, so im actually unsure who actually own's the debt (Natwest or DCA) The debt did expire on May 31st 2013, and did 'dissapear' off my credit file. I pay a monthly subscription to experian so regually check my file. Last week the payments started showing again on my credt file as 6 months in arrears and deliquent. After alot of research i was under the impression that once the CCJ had expired after 6 years, that was that, unless of course they tried to re-rejister to the courts for a CCJ. Im thinking of getting legal advice, however before going through the cost i thought i'd see what my options are on here. So my questions are: 1. Is it true the Natwest or any DCA can rejister these late payments that have just appeared on my Credit Report after the six years 2. If not, what are my options to have these removed from my credit file? We where hoping to buy a new house in the next 6 months, however that is going to be impossible with this on my file All help is VERY greatfully apreciated in advance
  14. Hi, Any help would be much appreciated as I have just paid all but one of my existing debts. It is from a company called Next Credit, a pay day loan secured against income. The loan was taken out in June 2013 due to financial difficulty I started to miss payments straight away, I have just noticed the company has been recording the debt as late payment ever since until October 2017 when a default was registered, this means at this moment in time I will have to wait another 6 years until the debt is removed from my credit rating, effecting my credit rating for a total of 10 years, I thought defaults were registered within the first 3-6 months of the first missed payment. Does anyone have any advice they could kindly give me as I am worried this will stop me getting a mortgage. Many thanks, Charlie
  15. Any legal guys here need help In January I needed to be fitted with a pacemaker. My surgeon told me that I must inform the DVLA but to also tell them that I had fully recovered due to the procedure and me bionic heart. Soon after I told them by phone and they said I would get a questionnaire to fill in. The facts ----- Due to the questionnaire not being returned in time my driving license has been revoked. Following a telephone call today I was informed that My license will not be reinstated even though they have the said questionnaire in their possession. I have informed them that it will cause severe hardship and distress to me as a registered disabled person who needs a vehicle at all times. Even asking them what I should do they said to go to the post office and apply for a driving license. I told them that I couldn't because I am on my own and can't get there because of my disability. Not their problem basically! They did not get the questionnaire in time but can't tell me what law/guidelines they have in place and what grounds there are to have the license reinstated even temporarily until the whole thing is investigated. It is actually a paper exercise for their records because when I rang them the medical condition did not exist. You can legally drive with a pacemaker all you have to do is inform the DVLA. I also asked them how they can impose a punishment as harsh as revoking a license of a disabled person who is deemed fit to drive and why they can't come to a compromise now that they have the questionnaire. They told me that the time limit is 14 days from the date they send me the letter and I told them that I got the letter today dated 16/03/2018 informing me that it had been revoked?? I asked them how they could impose a time limit on something that they cannot prove I got never mind got late like the letter i got today? Does anyone know how I can fight this? Can they impose what is deemed a punishment on a time limit that is instigated on a letter that they cannot prove was received by me on time? Common sense would dictate that it be reinstated on a temporary basis now that the information has been received and is, in fact, a paper exercise. I cannot find anything in writing on the net stating when the time limit is imposed? Should it not be sent recorded if there is a punishment attached? Like they have the form but won't do anything because it was late and the letter i got today informing that my license was revoked was dated 16th March hence why I rang them??? PLZ Help
  16. I was going though some paper work and found some statements going back 2010-2015 with astronomical charges levied on my current accounts by Lloyds. I remember sending a letter in 2013 but forgot all about it. Again I sent a letter last year asking for these, but I was told it is too late. But I am just wondering whether to send them a fresh claim stating that although I started the claim in 2013 never got a chance to pursue it due to house moves and other issues. Do I still have a chance to claim or is there a time limit? Thanks CB
  17. Hello all, long time no post When me and the mrs first signed up to brighthouse the late payment charge was £5. We have missed the last couple of weeks and discovered that the late payment charge has gone from £5 to £12. We've had a lot of phone calls and even a visit from some bloke who said he was from brighthouse. What can i do about the "unfair" late payments etc please. Surely if we signed up for £5 late payments then thats what we should be paying - we'd be happy with that and not £12. Many thanks P
  18. I wish I'd found these forums last week when I did a bit of researching online but came across a mass of other things and got confused. out of the blue last week I got a letter from Restons Solicitors (dated September 1st) stating that I owe ME IV Limited £758.05 on an old EE mobile account. They're saying they're instructed by Cabot Financial to seek payment of the outstanding balance and that if I fail to respond by tomorrow (Friday September 15th) then they are "instructed to request that the Court grants a judgment in Default" The letter then goes on to state about possibly being able to pay in instalments and that I should ring them, go on their website and fill in income and expenditure or send back the income and expenditure forms that they also placed in the letter. Another part says that the debt from EE is from the account opened in 2008 and was terminated December 2014. The date of assignment is 26 August 2016 and the last payment date was 13 June 2014. I was with T-Mobile/Orange/EE for years with no late payments or problems. In my last relationship my ex pestered me to add her and her son onto my contract with a sim for each of them. It was a controlling relationship etc and she managed all the finances in the household. As she has been prone to do with other debts, once she got wind she could ditch the debt and go elsewhere she did so, missing a couple of months payments then just ignoring it. I left there in November 2014 and have been living elsewhere myself since. Heard nothing about this company or debt whatsoever in all the time until last month (August) when I suddenly start getting letters and phone calls from Cabot Financial about it. I set my phone to ignore the calls and kept getting recorded message voicemails. Ignored the letters as to be honest I've been fuming as had built my credit up very slowly with low limit cards and have been paying them off to get my rating up. On Clearscore the debt to Cabot Financial does show as a default but everything else is positive on there (aside from having low credit limits) I've left it late wondering what to do. Advice I did find from various sources said ignore it they're bluffing as it's mobile phone debt and under £1000 it'll never happen. I want to believe that but then have come across a mass of info online saying how awful Restons are to deal with and how they almost always do go for CCJ's. I really don't want a CCJ on my account the next 6 years and have been stressing and panicking about having to deal with courts and anything legal as it's all new to me and blowing my mind, at the same time I don't want to contact Restons and start paying back tiny amounts for the rest of my life as I'm on a low income and can only afford to provide them with a token payment. I'm annoyed at the situation and kinda adamant they won't see that money off me but I can understand that because the debt was still run up in my name that I'm going to struggle to deny responsibility there. I've dealt with anxiety and depression for years and this is taking a large toll right now being honest. Also I dispute the sheer size of the debt as it could not have been more than £200 I'm sure, £300 tops if she dodged it a couple of months or so. I realise they add on charges but to more than double it is beyond ridiculous. I spoke with National Debtline a couple of times the last couple of days. They told me to send a template letter disputing the debt which I was about to go to my local library to print off and send recorded delivery today. The circumstances of it being so late with their court threat date being tomorrow is bothering me and I realise I should have dealt with this sooner to at least give myself less panic about the date. Is this letter the right thing to send? Is it likely too late now anyway and do you think Restons will just throw it straight to court as they seem to be threatening? They worded it not like they may but said they have been "instructed by their client to request the court grants a judgment" so that sounds pretty certain
  19. Hi, September last year, I returned my vehicle to the finance company under a voluntary termination. The following day, I filled out and posted the green slip from the V5 to dvla. A couple of months later, I received a letter from them saying I owed £40 fine and outstanding road tax for not taxing the vehicle. I wrote to them appealing, I sent a copy of the paperwork from the finance company showing the change of ownership, and I told them I'd sent the slip via 1st class post. They refused the appeal, saying that I should have received a confirmation slip, and if I hadn't, it was up to me to get back in touch with them. I've trawled forums and Google, but can't really find the info on how to proceed. The trouble is, DVLA say that any further correspondence from me regarding this penalty will be placed on file without response, and I've tried discussing the issue on the phone but they refuse to cooperate. I've now received a request for payment from a DCA. Cheers
  20. In September I received a Late Filing Penalty for 15/16 of £100 from HRMC, prior to this I had received no correspondence from them. I rang them up to explain I had received no prior correspondence from them at all. I was told the reason why I received the Late Filing Penalty for 15/16 of £100 was because I had under paid £190 tax in 15/16. I explained I was not self employed and normally procedure is for HRMC to deduct any underpaid tax from your wage automatically. I explained I was not self employed, but working for a company, so why was I fined £100 for not completing a self tax assessment form, because that's for people who are self employed and I was not. Having explained to the advisor I had received no prior correspondence to the £100 fine, I was told normal procedure is for HMRC to deduct under paid tax from your wage, but the computer system automatically sent the £100 late filing penalty charge because the underpaid tax had not been paid in time. Again I explained I received no prior correspondence from them, the advisor aologised, telling me to pay the £100 fine, she would then send a self assessment tax form for 15/16 out to me - I was to complete this and send it back and then I could appeal the £100 fine. I asked how much I had to pay, was told £190 underpaid tax, so I waited for the self assessment tax form for 15/16 to arrive. This arrived about 2-3 weeks later. A few days later, I received another letter from HRMC telling me I had not sent the self assessment (which had arrived and I was in process of completing) and now I had over £300 to pay. I quickly completed the self tax assessment form, sent it back recorded delivery and after xmas, I received a letter thanking me for sending back the self assessment form but I had to pay £520 because for sending it back late!! Now, how can I appeal 1. The £100 filing late charge 2. The £420 charge I only want to pay the £190 original under paid tax, which HRMC should have automatically deducted form my weekly wage in the first place and the HMRC advisor told me the HRMC computer system sent the late filing penalty automatically and it should not have been sent in the first place. Please need the more experienced guys help me appeal this asap Sent back the 15/16 self tax assessment form,
  21. Hi I have had 3 x late payment fees of £25 each on my car insurance with RAC which i pay monthly and credit is provided by BISL. I would like to reclaim these can someone point me to a template letter suitable to start the ball rolling ?
  22. :|My wife is a Carer who uses her car to visit clients homes. She's employed by an agency, but, doesn't receive a fuel allowance. She went on the HMRC website and filed what she thought was the appropriate form for claiming fuel allowance. She was told she would have to fill in a tax return form that would also include an expenses form. Being PAYE she had never had to do this before. So, she fills in the form, sent it off, and the next thing is she gets a letter telling her because she put her form in late,she had incurred a £100 fine and had (I think) 14 days in which to pay or it would increase on a daily basis! The fine was paid within the 14 days. We're still not sure how to make the fuel allowance claim as the HMRC sent everything back to her. Also, should she have been fined as an PAYE claimant. The mind boggles!
  23. Hi, I'm after advice on an issue I have with the DVLA before I make any contact with them! I have 2 vehicles registered in my name this year I only received a letter from the DVLA to renew one of the vehicles, when I went online to renew I checked for the renew date of the other vehicle to discover it had run out a month earlier. On discovering this I immediately paid for the vehicle, I also updated my address on both vehicles and my driving license as I was in the process of moving home. This all happened back in June. Just by chance three letters delivered to my old address was passed on to me this week and all three letters are from advantis a debt collecting company which said they're collecting the late licensing penalty passed on by the DVLA because of no response to a letter the DVLA sent. Please note the three letters passed on to me were all sent by advantis. I also have not received anything from the DVLA to my current address. I feel that I've been treated unfairly as I genuinely did not remember the due date on the vehicle and only checked when I received a reminder letter on the other vehicle. Is it just me or is this a reoccurring issue with the current system the DVLA have in place? I think it's unfair penalising individuals who genuinely forget the due date. The old system of having a disc displayed in the windscreen of your vehicle was better and a constant reminder of the due date... Now that I have a debt collecting company on the case, does this affect my credit rating? Again I feel unfairly treated as if I had received the reminder letter from the DVLA in the first instance this wouldn't of escalated. I don't understand why the DVLA passed on my old address to the debt collecting company when I had already updated to my current address? Do I have any chance of having this resolved?
  24. Hello, I am looking for some advice as Vodafone have treated me very unfairly and I am disgusted with their customer service. In April 2017 I called to give my 30 days cancellation notice as I had a new phone on order from a different carrier. I was told I could cancel my direct debit as I would get a letter with the final bill amount. Towards the end of July I received a letter stating I owed £112, I called them to query why it was such a high amount and to make payment. The advisor said it was a termination fee, I asked if I could make payment next month and he checked with the billing department and came back and told me "as the account is closed I can make payment whenever I can". He said he could set up an automated payment to come out of my bank on the 1st September, I asked him twice would it affect my credit file and he assured me it would have no affect at all so I gave him my card details and thought it was all done. Towards the end of September I received another letter saying I owe £116. I was confused by this as I thought this was dealt with. Upon checking my bank I saw that they didn't take it out as promised. Also noticed 2 late payments from Vodafone on my credit file. I was very annoyed by this as he promised me it wouldn't touch my file and he set up an automated payment which failed! I called them on the 2nd October to complain and the advisor said it was a mistake their end that the payment didn't go through and promised me the late payments would be removed, he put this in my notes. He said I can make payment now or at the end of the month when I get paid. So I called on 27th October to make payment and to get my late payments removed as promised. The advisor told me they could not remove them as its correct. I spoke to her manager and he was understanding and spoke to the credit department and said they cannot remove it as its correct from their point of view. I explained the advisor in July told me it wouldn't affect my file but he said he couldn't find the call recording so no proof he said that. He did say in my notes the advisor from the call in October had put he promised I could get them removed, however he said this was misinformation on their part. I escalated it to someone called Paul from customer relations department who quite frankly didn't care, his attitude was unprofessional and basically implied I was lying. He offered me £50 for the "misinformation" but I said I didn't want £50, I want my credit file rectifying as I will be applying for a mortgage and because of them it would affect my file for the next 6 years and its not even my fault.... He said they cant do anything else and said I can complain to the ombudsman but they probably will favour them and not get it removed. He put my complaint in "deadlock" and I await their letter. I have complained to the ombudsman and will forward them the deadlock reference when it arrives. I cannot believe the way Vodafone treat their customers. I had been a customer of theirs all my life. Absolutely disgusting. I will not give up until I get this fixed and I will be letting the public know how they have treated me. Any help much appreciated.
  25. I've had a search around the forums and haven't found much in this regard, at least not where JD Williams/SimplyBe/Jacamo are concerned. Just a summary - in 2011/12 due to redundancy/ill health I got into some financial difficulties, end result is I have 3 defaults which I'm still contending with, but have repayment plans for and I'm currently trying to resolve/end. Besides these 3 accounts and since 2013 my credit history is perfect (bar the three accounts I mentioned). I worked hard to keep it this way so that when those defaults drop off my file at some point my other history is spot on. Fast forward to the recent couple of weeks when I've been mining my credit report - I noticed JD Williams have lodged a 1 month late mark on my credit file. This is highly aggravating, firstly because I'm normally pretty meticulous with my repayments but somehow this must have slipped my mind somehow (I was pretty poorly around this time, so that might explain it) and also I'm only £30 off clearing the complete balance (and closing the account). I emailed JD Williams for more details and this is the reply I received: To which I've replied: I know 1 late payment isn't the end of the world, but it's definitely bloody annoying. So my question is, has anyone had any success with JD Williams specifically or other catalogues with removing late payments? Especially when your account has always otherwise been 'perfect'. If so, how have you gone about it? Many thanks
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