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Found 16 results

  1. For the full story - https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/mar/24/broadband-users-in-line-for-millions-in-ofcom-compensation-plan
  2. I'm moving to plusnet from Sky I phoned Sky to see if I needed to give notice and to tell them to stop my services (broadband and land line) on my contract end date. But they claim they can't do this because I'm switching to a new ISP. My concern is that I don't want to be paying for the Sky line rental and broadband until my service gets switched if anything goes wrong with the switchover date. ..I actually wanted them to stop my services completely but they say no can do. I can't quite get my head around not being allowed to come out of my contract and stop the ser
  3. I can see the problem. The cable comes from a telegraph pole to a black box high up on my house wall and then a cable comes out, down my house wall and into the house. The cover has come off the black box and there are wires hanging down and exposed - the ones which come out of the box to come into the house. BT are saying there's no problem with the line and therefore it will cost me £130 to send an engineer. Does anyone know where their responsibility for the line into my house starts/stops? If it's where the cable from the telegraph pole goes
  4. Sorry if this is in wrong section, feel free to redirect. My daughters having problems with Sky. They agreed verbally that if she paid part of her monthly bill that if she paid part of her bill they wouldn't cut her off and she could make the difference up in the next bill. She therefore reversed part of her card payment leaving approx £63 with the Sky and £25 reverting back to her bank account. Sky insists the whole £88 was returned to her bank and her bank insists that only £25 was returned to her account. Sky cut her TV etc off for non payment and she's now ge
  5. Recently changed my landline number with TalkTalk. Within days began getting calls from male person asking aggressively if I had been in an accident. Rather cleverly the number appears slightly different whenever they call. TalkTalk have said they only have a marketing list for internal employees to sell their products to customers and do not sell on numbers to 3rd parties. They have taken me off their marketing list, even though I had no knowledge of being opted in or asked to be. Have to say I am not totally convinced. Just wondered if anyone else has had this issue?
  6. hi all, I'm getting texts from collectica for someone who used to reside at my address, but hasn't been for about two months now, long story short i don't talk to him anymore and i have no idea what this is for. I telephoned Collectica and they told me to get my address taken off their system i needed to provide a council tax bill. Do i have to give them a copy of my council tax bill ?
  7. I have had to resort on legal action against talktalk. In sept 13 I sent them an emailing stating that the dd is cancelled and I have done the 18 month contract so expect no disconnection fee. received an email confirming my 18 months but need to give 30 day notice and if cancelling speak to our customer service and maybe they can offer me something for being a customer. I left it at that and expected to be charged the extra 30 days... at this time and still am off sick with depression . ... i went awol for a few months and had to stay with relatives. In the
  8. hello all can anyone explain to me how a company places restrictions on a landline. I ask because the day my bill was due o2 put my landline on incoming calls only. This wad the 20th august. I paid my bill on the 22nd august and still the restrictions have not been lifted. i have called them 3 times and each time get told different things. First it would take 24 hours then it went to 48 hours then it went to four days and the last occasion i was told it e four working days. when i asked why they said an engineer would have to go to the exchange and lift the restriction. i don't
  9. A new bank-style switching service that should make it easier for some people to change phone and broadband providers is to be introduced in the UK. Regulator Ofcom wants a system where a customer only needs to contact the new provider in order to switch. That firm will then deal with the whole process. This is a similar operation to the way the bank account switching process works. The new service should be in place by early 2015. 'Clear and simple' The current system requires a customer to contact their existing phone and broadband supplier to cancel their contract, as we
  10. Has anyone had a problem with this phone company? I recently signed up to a 12 months landline contract with them and found them to be terrible. They started to charge me even before the landline was switched over. Their billing system is (Edit) as it charges you for calls that should be within your talk allowance and calls that you have not made. They also have misleading advertising, comparing their product with BT and TalkTalk, but their anytime call plan only allows 700 minutes of talk time a month, which is not much when this is for landline calls, including those made in the evening
  11. Hey Caggers, Currently have BT Landline and BE (02) Broadband. Recently changed my BT phone number. I was told categorically by BT that my broadband would be unaffected by this. Since the change my broadband has not worked. BE have stated: "Please let me inform you that I have BT/ Openreach's confirmation that your new number (01*********) has not services on it. It will be visible with the correct marker for a clear line soon. As discussed, a re-provisioning should be started. Let me remind you that we would need to arrange a BT engineer to go in the exchange and physic
  12. TalkTalk remains the most complained about landline and broadband provider, according to UK regulator Ofcom. It has topped the chart since Ofcom began publishing it in October 2010. Complaints about its broadband service often related to line faults while landline quibbles focused on billing and customer service, Ofcom said. For mobiles, Ofcom received the most complaints about 3, while BT Vision was the most complained about pay-TV service. The regulator said that generally complaints were falling, with all broadband and landline providers generating fewer issues between A
  13. Does anyone know the settings for diverting calls from an 02 landline ? And can it be done remotely -(not currently set up for answermachine)
  14. Hi Everyone Apologies if this question has been ask before else where on the forum Can anyone recommend adaptor and software for recording landlines Calls on PC's only Running Windows 7 Thank you in advance for any advice/ links
  15. Hi I'm not sure of I should be on the Telecom or Broadband Forum but here goes. Got home from work yesterday and pop on the internet while I had an hour before kiddies got home from school. I had noticed for the 2nd day in a row the internet was slow. I am with Orange. I called them and got a gentleman on the phone who talked me through some tests and he said that there could be a fault with the mains box in the house. He then told me to get a screwdriver and unscrew the faceplate and plug the internet directly into the socket behind the faceplate which didn't solve the iss
  16. I have gave up smoking from last 6 months can I join to you. I want to give this habit permanently.
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