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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I got slapped with pretty much the same PCN at the same car park. My wife was driving the car and she did pay the £2.50 after she arrived. However as we only got the PCN 22 days after the day she parked there the ticket is long gone. The date of the incident was the 6th of December and we got the PCN on the 28th of December. I have seen from the signs posted here that they say you don't need to display the ticket in the car but that you should keep it as a proof (who keeps their tickets?). The PCN claims we breached the 'contract' by parking without payment and as evidence they just show that the car entered and left the car park. That is only evidence that the car parked there, not that it wasn't paid for. As we don't have the ticket anymore we can't tell when the ticket was issued or whether the registration number was entered correctly (always a change of typing it wrong). In my opinion they would need to prove that you didn't pay. So they would need to show an audit trail of tickets issued during the period and list which tickets that were issued do not match any cars that entered the car park. If e.g. 1000 cars parked during the day and 1000 tickets were issued they can't really claim that someone did not pay. The Levenshtein distance (how many letters you need to change to go from one string to another, E.g. Hello to Hillo would be a distance of 1 as you have to change one letter) between the reg numbers entered on the ticket machine and the reg numbers of the ANPR system would show straight away if some reg number had a typo. If a type was the cause for this PCN then another question is if the system knows at any time which cars are in the car park, why does the parking ticket machine not reject numbers that are not in the car park? So what is the best way forward. I've read that you should not appeal. Why? I fully understand that they will reject the appeal as this is their business model but can't you use the appeal to put them on notice already? I am not a lawyer but I would request the following: -Proof that the parking charge was not payed -Ask them to reserve the CCTV footage (if they have) of the ticket machine for future use in the court of law as that would show my wife making the payment (making clear that you won't be bullied) -Provide a list of tickets issued during the period which do not match any of the numbers of the ANPR system and their Levenshtein to our registration number. -Audit trail of the ticket machines. Are there any gaps in the ticket issued? My wife has her father as a witness that she paid and there she helped an elderly couple at the ticket machine (but we don't know them). So what do you suggest we do? Wait until they write they are going to court? What would the worst case be, it goes to court and you have to pay. How much would that be? I know that that is what they bank on that people are scared of going to court and lose especially now that they won a few (or at least one) cases in court. PCN attached Signs (thanks to User999 for getting all those pictures) One of the signs is saying: "Please ensure you enter the full and correct vehicle registration number of the vehicle you've parked today. Failure to do so may result in the issue of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN)"
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