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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys / gals Not been around these parts for a while, hope you experts are all well ( merry xmas). Your advice has sorted me out many a time. May I add, I have had a couple of beers while typing this, so bare with me if it does not make sense. I will cut to the chase, my partner recently died. she was only 52 and was the sole signature on the council rent book. I have shown the council that I have lived in the property ( 1 bedroom flat ) for the last 2 years, and have asked to keep the flat on. She died 3 weeks ago, and I have not heard anything from them yet?
  2. Hiya, I took out over a dozen payday loans in 2013 and got myself into considerable debt. I paid them all off with payment plans over the course of a year and was proud to have got myself out of a considerable hole. Today (3 years later) I received a letter from a collection agency saying I owe £400 to a payday loan company. Contacting me 3 yrs after the loan was taken out seemed odd to me and took me by surprise (payday loans was a stress I thought I'd buried long ago) Fortunately I kept a record of what happened to me in 2013 and so I could see it had already been paid off. T
  3. Hi guys. Ok so I'm going to try my best to explain it all date by date below. I had some debt issues awhile ago and was put on an IVA with Payplan. November 2008, I started the IVA with PayPlan November 2013, I completed the IVA and was given the completion certificate which I have here with me 10th September 2015, I was informed by AI scheme limited (by letter) that I may have a PPI claim 21st September 2015, I received letter from Barclaycard saying my claim was sucessful and that they has sent a cheque for £3601.61 to Payplan 25th September, I called Barclayca
  4. http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/winterhealth/Pages/KeepWarmKeepWell.aspx#close
  5. Hi there, first time poster so not sure if this is the right place for this question. I am dealing with a claim through my mobile phone insurance company, the claim has been accepted and I am more than likely going to receive a replacement handset. My question is can they keep my other handset or can I request it be returned to me? I was hoping to recycle the damaged one and recoup some of my costs Hopefully someone can help, thanks in advance
  6. hi guys im trying to resolve a provident issue heres the chronology 2009 took out the loan with my ex (only my name one the book) 2009 left the ex she stayed in the house so took over payment 2010 joined credit expert and check my file (no provident information at all) 2010 - 2012 checked regularly cra's no default from provident no information at all October 2012 suddenly a provident default with full account history appears on my file now my question is are they allowed to not show details of my account until its way too late to stop the default ie if I had seen
  7. Hi all This is the first time I have posted on this forum but desperately need some advice. In early March this year, I decided to buy a new car and after much research, I purchased a second hand vehicle from a local garage. I paid £6500 for the car - £3000 cash plus £3500 part exchange for my existing vehicle, and as part of the deal I negotiated with the garage, they also threw in 6 months road tax. I picked up my car on the day arranged, exchanged the funds, checked the tax disc was in the car as arranged and left. I was happily driving around in my car for a few months bel
  8. I'm not sure if there's a more appropriate forum for this. Please move if there is. I, with the help of some friends, have just set up a small group. I asked if we were going to charge people (this would be for things like buying a printer, paper, ink, etc) and someone said that it would be too complicated to keep accounts. But is it? Or am I being too naive and it's not just a case of having tables with incoming money, outgoing money and stating where the money has come from and where it's gone to?
  9. Hi there, Just new to the site but would appreciate any advice on my situation. I have a provident loan for which I am supposed to repay £75 per week. I have fallen 3 weeks behind with this and even when I do get paid next week, if I pay the arrears by the end of next month I will be behind again. This is due to prioritising my payments ie rent, car insurance etc. Do any of you know if they can reduce payments or write off missed payments and add them on to the rest of the balance? I don't usually meet the agent, I just call to pay every few weeks. Cheers Craig
  10. I sent an Account in Dispute letter (12+2+30) to MKDP in February and heard nothing since then until today. It may be a small detail but they have transposed the last 2 digits of the reference number they have used. They write: “At the current time we must apologise as we are still unable to resolve your query. We are however currently liasing with their client [the bank], and as stated previously MKDP LLP take great care to ensure that such matters are dealt with in a professional manner and apologise for the delay in resolving your query.” I was under the impression that a DCA
  11. Sorry for the long explanation. On the 06/09/12 I lost my job. On 07/09/12 I made an online claim for JSA(C+IB) and for Housing/Council Tax Benefit. On 07/09/2012 my wife went to the Peak Valley Housing Association office to tell them I was out of work, of the above and that we will be paying rent of £250.97 on 29/09/12 to bring our rent account to a nil balance. My wife was told that any overpaid rent would be refunded once the housing benefit was awarded. Full housing and council tax benefit was awarded from W/C 10/09/12 and this created a rent credit of £239.85. We had a lett
  12. Can anybody offer me advice on how to handle this. I am being evicted on 13 Jan 2013. I am likely to struggle to find another place because a) fewer letting opportunities over Christmas and b) Leaders the letting agents will probably not provide a good reference. I am also worried about my deposit. Having waited for months for a completion date on the sale of my home I had to move quickly when it was finally agreed or risk losing the sale. A family member was seriously ill with a heart attack and we were very stressed. We found a property with L
  13. Hi, I am (unfortunately) having to go to through an employment tribunal process against my present employer. I had an initial case management discussion meeting (CMD) a few months ago. At that meeting my employer's legal representative stated that my employer intended to call several witnesses. The names of these witnesses were not listed in the CMD agenda - even though I had openly listed the names and number of my potential witnesses - and I had expected the employer's side to do the same thing for the CMD meeting. My employer's legal representative stated at the CMD that they (the emp
  14. Hi all, Sorry I know there are load of these queries at the moment - but I fear I have royally messed up and am going to at best end up with a huge overpayment, at worst end up being prosecuted. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and obviously the stress is not great right now. So, 2011-2012 was the first year I claimed tax credits using income from the previous tax year 2010-2011. I'm self employed and my partner is too and he actually made a loss so our total income for the year was 6500 give or take. We have one child who is 18 months now. I made the claim last April and we were awarded the fu
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