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  1. Hi All, Need a little advice as to where i stand and how to proceed. Myself and my partner moved into a new flat in July 2018 where the car park is managed by these clowns. We are one of about 10 who are fortunate enough to have a very big parking space where two cars can be parked back to back. We questioned this in the viewing and was told this was acceptable. The issues with countrywide parking started about a month after we moved in where we got a ticket on one of our cars for being parked incorrectly. This was appealed and of course, lost. It was then appealed to IAS and of course, lost. Since then we have taken the advice on here and i'm hoping that the letter received yesterday from BW legal titled Letter before claim is now the last from these cowboys The main issue i have is that since then, we have received multiple tickets on our vehicles (about 5 i believe) for the reason of "double parking". Thankfully, i have a copy of a letter from these cowboys that was sent to all residents before we moved in specifically highlighting that double parking was allowed in these spaces. This was thrown back at them during one of the appeals and yesterday we have received the appeal rejection saying that the block management have changed their mind, only single vehicles can now park in these spaces and that my appeal has been rejected on this matter (first i knew of this change of ruling). Firstly, where do i stand with appealing these and going forwards? One of the main reasons we moved in here was because it had the benefit of space to park two vehicles. There is no road parking around here that isn't charged so thats not really an option. I don't want to keep getting these PCNs. i know that CPM have never taken someone to court but i do not want to end up in a situation where they take us to court to make an example seeing as we will probably have a substantial amount of these by the time our lease is up! As expected, the appeal responses from them are pathetic, don't actually address the points i'm making and are going against their own signage and terms but i'm now starting to use a substantial amount of time dealing with these and whilst i'm taking great pleasure in wasting their time and money, id rather not have to!
  2. Hi All This is my first time in posting about this topic. I am a divorced mom with two teenagers. Up until recently my children were going to their fathers pretty much every weekend. He is now starting to complain about having them on weekends, and is demanding to change the schedule this is alongside his gf who is shouting the odds about the fact they live together and its her house and they go their because of her goodwill. I am standing fast and saying no, but this is being met with resistance. There is a constant request to change nights, and I get no support with my children's teenage behaviours and moods, which can be very stressful at times. He tells me to sod off and deal with it myself. I am now living with my new partner (we jointly own our home t - albeit it is the ex-marital home), and the pressure of not agreeing the child care formally at divorce stage - including the maintenance is now coming back to haunt me. My ex and I never had anything in writing when it comes to the children, and he is now resisting, I am at the point of requesting joint care as I can take no more. He is aggressive and abusive towards me and so is his partner. I have had vm's left for me and visits to my house, with his gf ranting and shouting the odds. My partner is telling me to calculate what the actual costs of the children have been since the split, including a portion of the mortgage costs (we were joint mortgagees until I bought him out). His view was that he didn't live there so wasn't paying it! I am not at the point where I think I need mediation or something! please can someone offer me some advice?
  3. Having some issues with Flow Energy currently that I need some advice on. Basically I switched to them via the compare the market website in July 2016, but in November / December 2017 they contacted me to tell me I'd not been paying them enough via Direct Debit, and unbeknownst to me the bill had risen to about £1100. I admitted the fact I hadn't really looked at my bill, and hadn't submitted enough meter readings. But I challenged them on the fact my direct debit was clearly too low, and that they were also aware of the national average (As they had used this as an example to me to demonstrate why my direct debit was too low) and why had they allowed it to continue knowing my direct debit was too low. To compound matters they had also given me a price increase in July (which I hadn't noticed, or missed). We finally agreed that they should re-bill me for that period at the old rate I was on prior to July, and this took the bill down to about £900. I have now received another E-mail saying they're increasing my prices. So, I really need some advice on how to approach this as Flow seem to be keeping me in a kind of debtors prison where they are the jailor. Can it be right that they increase my bill knowing I'm 1. struggling to pay anyway and 2. being aware of my financial difficulties (I gave them a brief income and expenditure). The current payment per month is £101 across 24 months.
  4. Heya, Hoping I can get a bit of advice on the following. I've emailed Ashbourne mgmt to cancel my gym membership. I signed up in December 2017 with 3 months free and then started my 12 months in March 2018. My final payment is due to come on 1st of Feb 2019 at which point I would then cancel my DD. They have replied saying I have to pay a 3 months notice fee so will pay up until May. This sounds ludicrous but would I be in my right to just cancel my DD after Feb? Unfortunately, I've looked everywhere and can't find my contract and they have ignored my request to send another one:evil: Suddenly remembering why I never wanted to join gym in the first place. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  5. I brought a 3008 Peugeot from hippo motors in July they have me A1 approved warranty for 12 months and that warranty ain't worth the paper it's wrote on I collected the car 21st July from hippo motors from up north got back to London after a few days noticed there was a shudder to the auto gearbox took and had a few other things that needed sorting like CD player which the warranty did sort on the 10/08/2017 after an arguement with them and they tried to refuse to cover labour costs I had to involve the finance company to get them to pay for the work that was carried out but the gearbox never got sorted and the shudder has got worse in 1st and 2nd gear I therefore contacted A1 spoke to some unhelpful person called jack explained the gearbox has a shudder which I reported within a few days of having the car and it hadn't been sorted but was getting worse he told me to take it to Peugeot find out what the problem is and then call them back so I go to robin and day they test it and say it's the clutch or gearbox but won't no until they take the box out for sure so we call this A1 approved warranty back explain it all to jack who then says it will be classed as wear and tear it's a joke people are paying thousands for cars that need work done to them and given useless warrentys that are worthless I have now have to contact my finance company for a 2nd time as I don't see why I should now have to pay £1300 on top of the cost of my car that I have only had a few months I would tell anyone to stay clear of hippo motors in Blackburn and A1 approved warranty both are a con company
  6. I am a light sleeper and have been using ear plugs to bed for quite some time. 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend picked up some of Superdrugs own-brand earplugs, which are like a soft silicone putty. He wore a pair to a concert and gave me the remaining two pairs to use. Despite the box saying they are suitable for sleeping in, after the third night of wearing them, I found that I couldn't remove one of them. It turns out that the squishy silicone softened so much with my body heat that it slipped down into my ear canal, and adhered to my ear drum. It is nigh on impossible to get rid of due to its texture - it is soft and sticky and firmly attached to the inside of my ear. I have been in and out of hospital seeing specialist ear doctors for the past week, have had time off work and have been in constant pain for 8 days now. I am due to have a procedure under general anesthetic with the very real possibility that it will cause permanent damage to my ear drum - that is if it is not already damaged (they're not sure, they can't see the drum at the moment as it's covered in a layer of silicone). My question is, is there any action I can take against Superdrug? This is clearly a product that is not fit for purpose. The product was used exactly how the box directed and was not forced down into the ear in any way. From no fault of my own, I have lost earnings, am suffering daily and potentially will have to deal with damaged hearing for the rest of my life. How would I go about seeking compensation for this disaster? (Please move if not in correct forum, wasn't sure where to post)
  7. Hi All We switched over from BT to Plusnet at the back end of last year, just before christmas and since the switchover, I have not had a decent internet connection through the WiFi since. Background: The house is a large old property with brick walls so WiFi is spotty in some areas, to resolve this I have placed access points that are hard wired in where necessary. When the provider was BT there were no problems I could test with a cable or WiFi and the speed would be pretty similar. Since switching over to Plusnet the internet speed through the WiFi has been awful and I don't think I've hit more than 6meg when testing. The reason I know it is not a WiFi problem is because the issues only started when we switched to Plusnet and when testing the internal network speeds they are consistent and the signal strength is also fine given that when I'm testing I'm less than 2 metres from the main router so any interference would be minimal and the WiFi has a clear channel. On top of that I seem to be getting regular dropouts which also aren't being detected by Plusnet. I have been on the phone to Plusnet at least once a week trying to get the problem solved, they sent out an Openreach engineer and after doing all his tests said that there is nothing wrong with the line coming in. All plusnet seem to say is "they can't guarantee wifi speeds" which I understand, however when I'm literally sat less than 2 metres from the main router without obstruction and the speed isn't anywhere near the wired speed, I know that there is something wrong. Having exhausted all options that I am able to, I'm pretty sure Plusnet are throttling the wireless connection somehow which they say they don't do but all evidence points to the contrary. I need a solution to this problem because it is causing me a massive amount stress. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks K
  8. Hi All. I am having a real headache at the moment with homeinsure.co.uk / Thames bank insurance. Background: I split up from my ex-wife some time ago, but as we own a property together (wholly on my name) and no one else lives at the property, i still left some of my contents there as it is the safest place for them. This included some photography equipment, cycles etc. Additionally, all the bills etc on the property are on my name as i deal with anything official in relation to the property. The building is insured via a block management policy. History: Back in 2016 i took out a policy with homeinsure.co.uk (Thames bank insurance (HI)), as it happened to be the cheapest via confused.com The policy cost in the region of £185 for contents only. At the time, i was not advised that the policy would automatically be renewed. At the point of renewal in 2017, HI sent me an email, which ended up in junk mail with the policy renewal details, additionally if i recall no credit agreement details were sent. Unfortunately, i missed the window to cancel the policy by a few days. The policy cost had increased, even though no claims had been made. Unfortunately, due to serious health issues i wasn't able to argue the point, so left the policy standing. I am sure I did however request the policy not be renewed again. This policy cost was around £255 (37.8% increase). Current - The issue Fast forward to 2018, i no longer use the email address they email on as it is full of junk mail. I only found out the policy had renewed after receiving a credit alert of a new finance agreement, after some investigation i found out it was with creation on behalf of HI. The new policy was around £310. I contacted HI 3 days past the 14 day cooling off period. I spoke to a really arrogant team leader who refused to cancel unless i paid the cancellation fees plus additional charges. I said i would discuss with my ex and call back. Again, i had not agreed to a renewal or a new credit agreement. I then received an email on 31st December stating my insurance would be cancelled with no reasons given. I called back again on 07/01/2019 to find out how much the cancellation would actually cost. I was advised this would be £105 (premiums + cancellation fee). I was then dragged into a call with the same supervisor as previous which dragged on for 50 minutes. During the call I mentioned I do not live at the property yet have belongings there and the insurance and every other bill is on my name. The supervisor then mentioned we would not be insured in the event of a claim. I stated she was on the policy documents as well. The supervisor then mentioned my ex would need to be on the deeds. Every time I came to a decision she would try to confuse the matter further - almost just to antagonise me. Two options where on the table: Pay £35 and change the policy into my ex's name only. Pay £105 and cancel the policy. After consideration, the customer service, HI's annoying staff , we decided to pay the £105 and cancel as a new policy elsewhere would have cost around £80, and at least I would not have to deal with their antagonistic supervisor again. The supervisor then demanded I pay the balance immediately. To which I refused and wanted a breakdown. A few days later I receive an email saying I owe them £170. Had we been made aware of this we would not have cancelled and just let the policy run on. So my questions are: They quoted me £105 to leave. Was that binding? I was never advised that I would not be covered if I did not live at the property, and having my ex's name on the policy wouldn’t change anything. Which means I was not actually covered since the inception of the policy. Do I have a right to claim the policy back? - I have requested the call recordings from the inception of the policy. And of the last conversation I had with them - not heard anything back. How long do they have to provide me with the call recordings - I want them for my complaint to the FCA. They added a £10 'set up fee', and the cost of £45 for emergency cover in the £170 Any other advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I noticed that I will not have enough money in my bank account to cover my rent for the 1st January, but I will receive my student loan on the 14th where I can pay it in full. I have never missed a rent payment in nearly 2 years of tenancy. I emailed the agent if they could show leniency and waive the £35 reminder letter fee which is laid out in the contract as - 4.3 The Tenant shall pay interest at the rate of [4] % per annum above The Bank ofEngland's base rate on any rent lawfully due that is paid more than 14 days after thedate on which it became due. The interest will be payable from the date the rentshould have been paid until the date the rent is actually paid. and 4.6: Late payment of rent. Reminder letters will be charged at £29.16 plus vat £35.00 perletter sent subject to a maximum of four letters per month The agent replied and said no, the system will send out 2 reminder letters by the 14th which will equal a £70 fee, and if I don't pay they will take it out of my deposit. I believe that the reminder letters are electronic and this would be an unreasonable sum. I also asked them that why are these necessary when I have let them know in advance I can't afford the payment and I am waiting for a reply. The contract does not lay out above the 'schedule' for sending these letters and it was only the agent via email who told me they are sent once every 7 days as the clause is unclear in that respect. The only reason I brought up unreasonableness to the agent via email was because they straight away mentioned the contract which led me to inspect it. In terms of the deposit the contract/tenancy agreement says - 5.3: At the end of the Tenancy, the Landlord/ agent shall be entitled to withhold fromthe Deposit such proportion of the Deposit as may be reasonably necessary to:(a) make good any damage to the Property or the Contents (except for fair wearand tear) caused by the Tenant's failure to take reasonable care of theProperty or Contents;(b) replace any of the Contents which may be missing from the Property;© pay for the Property and the Contents to be cleaned if the Tenant is inbreach of its obligations under clause 3.1 or clause 9.1. I do not believe this has any provision for withholding my deposit on the basis of late rent payment/admin fees. Am I correct? Furthermore, I have a question about the deposit. The contract was signed online and doesn't have much info about the deposit other than it will be registered with the government deposit protection service and I didn't have to sign anything related to it from what I remember. I have also been in the house for longer than the other 2 tenants, and paid the £400 deposit when I moved in but not again when the new tenants moved and swapped the old 2 tenants in and a new TA was signed. Is this suspicious at all? But yeah... does anyone have any advice? Should I cough it up or just pay the rent and wait to see if they deduct from my deposit at the end?
  10. Long explanation....... I Bought a kitchen recently from a well known distributor on a trade account through my company similar to howdens. Paid 1800 deposit and had 5000 on credit. The kitchen arrived and when we came to install around a month later we noticed some parts had not arrived. Some had been marked as delivered and others not even checked off so they knew they were not there. They informed my wife, I was away for 3 weeks with work, that all was there and had been delivered so kitchen could be installed fully. Once install began a small number of items were not there and took 2-3 days to arrive which along with delaying the 2 fitters by not being there was a delay in looking for and reordering etc. The fitters highlighted quite a few other small problems too along the way and out of the 5 tall units we had 3 of them needed re-drilling and making certain holes bigger for cam and dowels to fit, again we made it work but these are all predrilled units with supplied parts that should fit and only adds to install costs. The units were not all made of uniform sized panels, not a lot out but once you know its there you notice it. the designer did not allow for enough plinth or pelmet either. Some of the panels are also predrilled and dont reach the edge of the carcass by 3 mm so have to have a small filler along them A door was damaged, i cannot say whether it was us or them as we unpackaged a lot of items and moved them about looking for the missing parts so thats not 100% on them and I cant prove it is them so will have to stomach that. Overall the fitters made a good job form an awkward one but we both feel it would have been considerably less work and would have been completed at least 3 days earlier if it wasnt for the suppliers. The fitters said to me if they were supply and fit and had bought the kitchen themselves then they would definitely be arguing for compensation. I have not settled the credit account yet for 5000 but would like to know where i stand in regards to a reduction on my bill. The fitters were on a day rate, 2 joiners on 320 a day for the pair. On the second day they had to leave for 2 days in order to wait for the parts to come and still needed paying half a days wage as they sacrificed working somewhere else to come to my job. Sorry for the long winded post but felt it was better to get it all in. TIA J
  11. Karalius

    VAT Return issues

    Hi, Happy holidays. I am looking for some guidance. Just returned home with nice letter from HMRC about VAT return of £571. This is for period of 27th July to 31st Oct. I have bought some items to flip on amazon back in June/July total 120 units, that cost me £1080 in total. I have sold them all for £2,395.93 - the amazon fees. This was sold during 6th July to 27th to be exact. Then I decided to open a VAT account and look for some distributor accounts, however never been able to find good products and decided I need to close VAT account as the only way to get in with distributors was to have VAT account. I have closed my VAT account, however never filled VAT return and did not think anything of it now. I would like to pay the VAT, but I don't believe 571 quid is the right amount. How can I work out how much I have to pay and file the return? It says I have 30 days from the date of letter to file or there may be penalties. Please see picture attached of the letter. Thanks Scannable_Document_on_28_Dec_2018_at_21_38_16.pdf
  12. I have an as yet diagnosed medical issue which limits my capacity to work, I cant get benefits yet but may only be able to work on a reduced basis going forward. I have £34k of credit card debt and £8k of other debt and can no longer service it - does anyone know the new medical criteria they have talked about for debt forgiveness please? Thank you
  13. Hi All In September 2017, I purchased a leasehold tenanted flat above a commercial premises. The entrance to my property is on the first floor and you have to climb some external stairs to reach the front door. After purchase the landlord decided to convert two offices in the same building into flats. The other two flats (which have just been converted from offices and are still owned by the freeholder, but are up for sale) have an entrance door on the ground floor and internal stairs to the individual flats. In order to sell these flats some quite drastic improvements in the form of wooden cladding have been made to the ground floor area surrounding the ground level entrance door to the two aforementioned flats. ( I have to walk through this area for access to my own property) However, the actual area leading to my own property, has been left in the same state as before and no cladding has been added here. Additionally, there is a small flat roof to part of the ground floor commercial properties within the same area. As there has been a several unsuccessful attempts to repair a leak on this roof which is affecting one of the commercial premises, they have decided to put some plastic corrugated sheets at first floor height, making a makeshift roof one floor higher, to prevent any water getting to the lower flat roof, therefore addressing the leak. This is actually a repair to the commercial premises but has been addressed in the communal area, inappropriately in my opinion as they have attached a frame to my windows in order to attach the roof to. In expressing my concern about this they agreed to remove it. That was July, and it's still there. An absolute eyesore (picture 1 ) Initially, I had received a bill for these works but upon meeting with the agent and expressing my concern he agreed no bill would be issued. I have now received a bill for the service charge for the last 6 months. This bill is 3x the amount suggested when I signed the lease. It was approximated to be £35 per month,( draft agreement photo 2) but the bill I have received equates to around £90 per month. They are obviously trying to get their money that way! Upon first acquiring the property, I received and paid a service charge bill for around £40 per month, which I paid, but this was then returned to me by cheque as they were about to start work on the other 2 flats and said that they would waive the service charge until works were completed. I have now received this further inflated service charge, which is obviously to pay for the improvements made outside of the 2 ground floor flats (an area that has to be passed through to access my own, but my own outside are has not been subject to similar renovations) they want to charge me separately (£997) for conducting similar renovations in my immediate external area. Actual service charge breakdown Photo 3 It is also to pay for the corrugated plastic roof shown in the picture 1 Picture 4 shows the monstrous view from immediately outside the front door. I have objected strongly to this roof for the reasons outlined initially but it remains attached to my own properties windows and they now want me to pay for the privilige! I'm going to admit to being baffled by the legal jargon and am currently simply refusing to pay. Not sure what to do next caggers, but really feel this is very unjust. photo1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B8TsY4aaYjNP3VH_xH8GoJYlMca47_UY/view?usp=sharingphoto 2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BpZNQu4TTu7iwKuN2CgSsFYpZ5hHR6Vt/view?usp=sharingPhoto 3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/11VmUF3Zc_GwCskHus3sPS_zwX5x_wwt0/view?usp=sharing photo 4
  14. Hello there, I purchased a shared ownership property (75% of) earlier in the year and completed my snagging list. When I contacted the useless housing association I purchased the property through, they told me on three separate occasions that they would ring me back and nobody did. On the fourth occasion they told me that they could not help me as I owned my house and they only deal with residents who rent from them. They told me I must deal with the builder directly. I have now been chasing the builder four times and after the fourth and final chase, the builder has told me that as they sold the property to the housing association, who then sold it on to me, I must deal with the housing association and not the builder. I have again, been back to the housing association who have again not come back to me. I have written them an email which in summary says, "You have again not responded. If you do not respond and provide some form of acknowledgement of my snagging list, I will be forced to take matters further". In legal terms, how can I take matters further? I want to threaten getting independent tradesmen in to rectify the issues on account of nobody taking ownership of these issues. I also pay £300 in rent and £45 per month in service charge. I don't think I can stop paying this and this could cause me further issues along the line. Can anyone advise me on what I can do next? Every time I ring them, I have to deal with people who don't know what they are talking about and tell me they will ring back and never do. Any help would be really appreciated as I do not feel it is fair that social housing tenants or owners should be treated in such a disrespectful way.
  15. Hi All. I recently started selling beauty products on eBay in my spare time for extra money. I chose Hermes as the carrier as they seemed the best value. Iam now regretting that decision massively. I have sent approx 200 parcels so far, all over packaged, and most of them i have taken photos of, and photos of them on the scales. After about 70 parcels i received an email from Hermes requesting an extra payment as a parcel I had sent was over weight. The parcel weighed 200g, but they tried to charge me for 3.25kg. After emailing i got the charge removed. (Not a good start) Now I have started receiving messages of item not received, and also parcels with tracking information that is stuck at a particular stage. I understand some times the buyer will be lying to claim a refund. One particular person said he had not received the item, but my tracking showed delivered through the letterbox, with a photo of the letterbox. He strongly denies receiving the parcel so I asked for photos of his front door with a piece of paper stuck to the door with his name on, date, clearly showing the house number, and house name on. He sent me the photos. Clearly the letterbox photo Hermes provided is a different door to the customers. I am doing the live chat daily, and constantly being fobbed off. The next issue a customer claims he hasn't received the parcel. Hermes tracking showed delivered, to a safe location. The customer says he has not received the item. Hermes admitted there is no GPS location, and no details where it was left so sent me the missing parcel claim form, which they say can take 14 days to come to a decision. The problem is most of the items I send are classed as a liquids, even though they aren't runny like liquids. So its unlikely they will compensate me looking at their terms. I acknowledge that delicate items and certain items which they don't compensate for are easier to break and more likely to be broken, but not missing all together. A lost parcel all together is surely a failing by Hermes, and all lost parcels should be compensated for. All parcels I have declared properly what was inside, and chosen the correct cover value. At the minute I have 2 parcels missing, 1 parcel delayed then today it has updated to say damaged in transit, 2-3 parcels with stuck tracking status's where they say delayed, or out for delivery, and that is the end of it. Some are a week or so without any movement or updates. So I'm guessing they are lost aswell. I am expecting all these people to request refunds. Which vary from £9-£30. Not huge sums but when you have to refund that many people its not on. I have done all I can do, and left the delivery to Hermes, which that aren't doing properly. No delivery photos, some without gps tracking. Parcels left in places they have not been told to. I'm just after some advice on what to do please. What course of action is possible. I have been trying to build up as much information as I can before sending the items. Photos of before wrapping, photos after wrapping. Photos of the labels on the box/packet. Photos of the parcel on the scales. I can see me ending up with dozens of claims for lost parcels, and parcels that just get lost by Hermes, and no way of getting my money back. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
  16. Get a chair, this could be a long one I own a pub. We are next door to a beauty salon and the owner lives above. We have been having problems with our drains for some time now to the point yesterday, we had a CCTV scan and they thought the drains were collapsed £300 So today, we have had someone out to find the collapse. They have dug 4 holes in the pub (The pub closed for the day due to H&S and the smell). They started at about noon and I have just been told, that the drains hadnt collapsed but they were blocked ram solid with baby wipes. And I mean approx 2ft of them The engineer has put his camera up towards my neighbours pipes and said yeh, they are coming from there. Theres loads sat up there too. The problem is, relations are stained, as she has complained about 15 times about the noise from the pub. Yeh, the pub thats been there sine 1877 but she moved in. Our license allows music until 12:30 but we, as a gesture, stop at 12. But she still complains The engineer says she needs to get hers done but not just to clear hers, but to completely clear our side as well as she will be literally, rolling the Sh!t downhill 1. Do I have a claim against her for all the work. We are looking at about £2-2.5k for all of this 2. Can I force her, legally to clear the drains past our property 3. If not, can I have it registered via a solicitor letter, that we are aware of this issue and any further incident we will be coming to her. Thanks
  17. If you discover issues caused by the recent upgrade then please post them here.
  18. Hi, In 2013 I received a default from a utility company for unpaid bills. I continued to live at the property but didn't speak to them again until 2015. At this point I pulled my head out the sand and faced my issues, paid off the default and money owing for the period from after the default to the time I called them. I have been clean on my credit since then and during this period it was just them I didn't pay (i'm an idiot). I am trying to understand how defaults for my period of no contact works - one was issued in 2013 but obviously I was accruing further utility bills until I took a hold of things. Should these further missed payments feed into the original default (so it gets bigger) or should they be further individual defaults on my credit file? To me it was all part of the same issue and between 2013 and 15 there was no contact from me although I am sure they sent me letters. Is it right that they can default me on separate dates for the same ongoing bill or should this all be one default linked to 2013. I am not trying to get out of anything - I didn't pay the bill, I own that and if I have to have a default on my account for 6 years from when I finally settled in 2015 then so be it - I have no one to blame but myself, I am keen to ensure that the correct procedure has been followed for reporting though. Thanks
  19. Hello and apologies in advance. This is going to be a long one:| Fingers crossed that I am posting this query in the right place. Hoping someone here can offer some help. A relative (non EU) become an accidential landlord. She emigrated to the UK, worked here for a number of years, purchased a property which she lived in and then decided to return to her homeland. She informed her lender that she would be renting out her property. She has a residential / interest only mortgage. She left her property in the care of an estate agent No1 and for a number of years this worked well. Due to a number of issues she decided to cut ties with the estate agent and turned over her property to another estate agent (No2). He was responsible for finding the current tenant. The tenant paid the usual 6 weeks deposit to estate agent No2. I should mention that the estate agent no2 owns the management business. To cut a long story short, Estate Agent No2 was not responsible, payments were never on time (even though the tenant paid rent on a regular basis). Payments were erratic, differed each month if paid at all. He would pay his staff first and any left over would be deposited to his clients if they were lucky! All this caused a number of late mortgage payments. Thankfully this was minimised as my relative was able to deposit monies into her mortgage account from her savings and had an overdraft. Estate Agent No2 has since filled for bankruptcy and not for the first time! He is personally bankrupt but his estate agency is still trading. I found out about the bankruptcy order by chance by googling his name. Earlier this year the property was handed to Estate Agent No3 - and so far so good. I have a number of questions... The deposit was paid to Estate Agent No2. He has refused to repay the deposit and I doubt it very much he deposited it into any of the new schemes that were introduced. He has essentially pocketed the money! How do we get this money back? How can I check or where do I start searching for this money? Am I right in saying my relative would be responsible for refunding this deposit if the tenant leaves? Do we have to go to court? Luckily the tenant isn't thinking of leaving, but we want to be prepared moneywise. We have in the last month realised that as my relative earned an income (albeit a loss) on the rent, she may be liable for tax. I am in the process of engaging an accountant to assist re self assessment etc and hopefully this side of things will be in order shortly. In the meantime Estate Agent no3 is holding back part of the rent received as 'tax' until my relative registers with HMRC. They claim they have a responsibility to do this. My relative is not making a profit on the rent and has not done so for 2 to 3 years. She has had to 'top up' as the estate agent cuts, repairs and other charges and now this 'tax' means she is making a loss. The money she gets from the rent does not cover the mortgage payments. Is it true the estate agent can hold monies on behalf of HMRC? Any assistance would be grateful. MBK
  20. Hi, My partner had a 12 month gym membership with Xersise4less, unfortunately due to a foot injury she had to stop going after a couple of months we cancelled the DD (Stupid in Hindsight) now i am sure you know whats coming next they have passed it to Harlands / CRS and have of course added lots an lots of extra fees any help would be appreciated. Is there a way i can pay the 30 days notice and have done with this i refuse to pay the extra admin fees. Thanks in advance
  21. Hi I've got two PCNs from two different London boroughs and a congestion charge from TFL. The two PCNs have been sent to the traffic enforcement people for a warrant to be issued. The TFL one is probably going down that road now I reckon as it went from £80 to £160 and now at £240 to be paid by last week. I called the traffic enforcement people and they told me to approach the councils to ask for time to pay. Ditto TFL. I tried for several months with the councils but they won't give me time to pay which is why the tickets have gone from like £60 to £128 and £173. Actually the £128 ticket didn't respond to my emails at all. TFL are horrible anyway so not sure it's worth even calling them. I wasn't even aware I had entered the congestion charge zone until I got the ticket about a week later but I didn't have the money to pay for it. Does anybody have any advice for me - or is anyone familiar with what might happen next. None of these tickets were intentional on my part, but it's either heat the home, buy food or pay these - well actually cannot pay these as they cost more than the food and heating combined for a month or so. I don't know whether to offer each of them £5 a month or what. If anyone can advise I would be very grateful. thanks
  22. Hi, I’m looking for a advice re. Issues I’m having with CRS. I cancelled my gym membership (in writing) in November 2014 giving 1 month notice as per my contract and at the time of cancellation all my DDs were up to date. Then going forward 3 years I noticed that Harlands were still taking DD out of my account (schoolboy error as I forgot to check at the time). I contacted Harlands who admitted their error and agreed to refund the money of £710. Then all went quiet. I chased them several times over two months by email and heard nothing, so I then evoked a Direct Debit Guarantee through my bank and emailed Harlands to keep them informed and asked them not to refund the money. A couple of days afterwards Harlands then refunded the money even though I’d sent them several emails asking them not to do so. I then contacted Harlands asking them how to refund the money they’d transferred to me in error and heard nothing. A couple of weeks later I received an email from CRS saying that I owned the £710 (which I’m happy to pay back) plus a £290 admin charge for breach of my contact. Since then I have tried to return the £710 by posting a cheque for that amount to them twice, both times it was returned saying they couldn’t accept the payment without the admin charge. Apologies for the long winded post but I have no idea what to do next, I’m more than happy to pay the £710 but refuse to pay the additional charges. I just seem to be going round in circles with them. Any ideas as to how I should now approach this. Am I right in refusing to pay the admin charge. Thanks
  23. Hi All, I wonder if anyone out there can give me some advice on how to deal with my predicament? I should mention before I continue that I worked for the company for 3 years before my dismissal In May of this year I was dismissed from work for gross misconduct, the reason for the dismissal was I did not fulfil my contracted hours ‘my timekeeping was not what it should have been’ Prior to this there was no complaint about my timekeeping nor was I give a formal warning or undergone any disciplinary / capability hearings. My work did not suffer because of this and someday I would start work from home. I was sent a letter to attending a meeting where I was told I would be suspended without pay. I should mention that I have worked for the company for 3 at this point. After 10 days I received a WhatsApp message to attend another meeting, in this meeting I was dismissed. A few days after my dismissal I was called back to attend another meeting, which resulted in my re-instatement (this re-instatement involved me doing the same job with additional responsibility for less money, which I agreed to although none of this was in writing). I was told that in this new role they would be a probationary period of 3 months. After the 3 month I was told that I failed the probationary period and that my service would no longer be required, no complaint or feedback on my work was mentioned during the probationary period. I guess my questions are: · Is the gross misconduct ‘gross misconduct’? · Was the correct procedure followed by my employer? · Was I re-instated under the same T&Cs – I never receive a new contract or JD? I am a union member should I approach the union on this matter? Thanks for your help in advance
  24. VOLKSWAGEN FINANCIAL SERVICES . WHITE AUDI A4 I have a contract hire vehicle with Volkswagen financial services (VWFS) the car was due to go back at the end of April 18. In early march 18 I attempted to get in touch with VWFS to remove my private plate from the vehicle before I handed it back. in previous run ins with VWFS, its been an absolute nightmare to get back your private plate if you do not do it whilst you have the vehicle. Anyway, I was told to pay an admin fee to remove the plate. This was charged to me and I was sent a form to fill out. I was emailed by VWFS who asked me to fill out a form for the plate and send it to a third party company. I was not willing to do this as it would include sensitive personal information. I instead filled out the form and replied back to my email from vwfs. I had no reply from this email. This came at a time where I was suffering from a very severe bout of clinical depression and whilst I was coming through it, it was still an incredible and stressful time in my life. I have had previous terrible conduct of administrative conduct from VWFS in the past and knew this could take a while. In the mean time I never instructed the bank to stop any payments to VWFS, and whilst I was unhappy about the prospect of having to pay for the use of the car for longer than I imagines, I nevertheless never stopped any payments. The car has been very unreliable in the course of our contract hire period and its worth mentioning between the end of the contract and VWFS contacting me about the car, the car was in with an audi dealer for major repairs due to an electrical fault that took far to long to diagnose and fix. Fast forwards to August 2018, not one piece of communication was received . Its worth mentioning at this point, I have another car with VWFS, same person, same address and contact details and I did carry on receiving letters about this second vehicle from VWFS. Annual Account statements and the like. Not one letter was/has been sent to me about this car in question Now, British Car Auctions (BCA) got in touch with me in August with regards to collecting the car. Thank God I thought, finally they've realised to come and get the car thats sitting there not being used. It was only until BCA Called to confirm their inspection and collection I realised the number plate was still on the car. After speaking to BCA they said it wasn't a problem to cancel the inspection and speak to VWFS to finally remove the plate. In fact they encouraged it as I might not get the plate back if the car goes to auction with it on. Around this period I was being pursed by a debt collection agent to forcefully take back the vehicle. This was strange to me as I was in contact with BCA about the collection. 17th September 2018 So BCA cancelled the appointment and I attempted to call VWFS. After phoning the correct number for VWFS I was given the run around by them and put through to 3 different numbers. Then the call was hung up not by myself. I thought Id try again later on when I had finished my days work. I called around 5.15pm as they advertise their opening hours are 8am-8pm. I was told that the department I needed to speak to was closed. They work 9-5 18th September 2018 Called again to try and sort this mess out, have my number plate removed and arrange collection of the vehicle. I spoke to an Ollie at 10:24 who hung up on me. I called again and spoke to an Olivia at 10:28. She told me I had come through to the wrong department, wrong, I did, she just didnt want to deal with this. I eventually got through to a Georgina at 10:30. In informed the woman I was recording the call and I explained my position to georgina who didnt want to work with me about a resolution, just argue the facts of what has gone on. I explained I had tried to remove the plate in march and I wasn’t willing to submit sensitive information to a third party company. I informed Georgina that I was suffering from severe mental health issues and I would appreciate their clear operation but I did not get this. She asked me If it was ok for her to record my communication of my mental health issues in her notes and I agreed. This call was recorded and she ended by saying she cannot deal with it and somebody more senior will be in touch within 48 hours. I confirmed what number for someone to try and get hold of me on as calls to this number are also logged and recorded, this goes for every call, not especially for VWFS. 26th sept Tried to call again, guess what “wrong department” and then a hang up. 28th Sept. I get a call from a collection agent who informs me that VWFS has instructed him to forcibly take the car from my possession. I had to say Carl who has been back and forth with me about this whilst I try and get some sense out of VWFS, has been incredibly good. I explained my mental health issues and he was very understanding and knows VWFS are not acting as they should. So much so his purpose of the call today was to give me a heads up to hide the car so it cannot be taken. I do not want to withhold the car, but I just want this sorting out. I have lost all confidence in VWFS, my ability to communicate with them has broken down entirely and I do not want this to continue. Its having a severe impact on my mental state and thus impacting hugely in my work life. What should I do guys?! Im really appalled at how Im being treated
  25. I purchased a detached bungalow (first time buyer) with a garage with the aim of significant renovation work, including a garage conversion, creating a kitchen behind this and 2 further rooms at the back of the house. Although it is a detached house, it is very close to the neighbour - in fact the garage wall (my own wall) is attached to the neighbour’s wall. Due to the style of the build, their roof overhangs (over the garage) significantly which made identifying the boundary a bit difficult (not clear in deeds either). Long story short, they were not happy with my plan and objected to every stage. Despite this I was successfully able to get planning permission and building regs approval to start work. One of the concerns the neighbours had was the proximity of the build and the effect this may have on their foundations. They invoked their rights under the party wall act (which I honestly knew nothing about). I therefore paid over £700 to get the party wall act, which I am obligated to do but also wanted to show I was willing to cooperate. I had to compromise on 250mm of space, which does not seem like much but for my plans is significant (it is a conversion to create a disabled-friendly room for my mum). One of the conditions of the party wall, or request, was that we allow the neighbour to replace their fascias. I therefore halted work to allow this to happen. For some reason they did not put a downpipe at the back at that time and stated they were happy for me to proceed with the work. The structure has now been almost complete. Due to the proximity of the houses, my building inspector (who is hired by the local council) advised a shared gulley to driain both roofs. I suggested this (as my roof is higher than theirs) but they had a second opinion and said for ease of selling in the future, they wanted this (drainage of each roof) separate. So we put our own fascias above theirs. So the drainage for my roof is sorted. But the manhole is in my garden (it is a public sewer which we relocated eith severn trent permission). I asked when the neighbour would put the downpipe on so we can connect it all up and she wants to put it on my wall (as the space is tight and not easily possible in hers). Note if she had done this before my build went up she would have easily been able to attach to her wall. I explained I was not happy to do this as if maintenance was needed then she would need access. I was also not going to accept responsibility for this downpipe as it is is solely draining her roof now. The other option is to relocate in to her garden and create a gulley but I think she is not keen to do this due to cost. She has therefore hired a surveyor and told me a solicitor will be writing to me. Originally the downpipe had been at the back of my garage and had drained both my garage roof and her roof into the gulley which connected in to the public sewer. The deeds also state that she has the right to drain rainwater via my land because of the way the pipes are laid presumably. I do not want to have to fork out a lot of money. Nor do I want the responsibility for her downpipe. She is arguing that as I have been the one wanting to build and forced the move of the pipe, I should replace it. However I would have done this had it still been a shared downpipe. It is now just her pipe though. Do I have a valid argument? If yes what else do I need to do? I have had multiple issues with this lady unfortunately so need to be sure everything I have done is legal and cannot be challenged wrt the build
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