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Found 13 results

  1. I have been in dispute with ISME/Shop Direct/Lowell,over a catolague debt that was caused by 2 people not paying me for goods that were sent to their home direct from ISME I stopped paying and informed ISME of my problems in 2011 I offered and have continued to offer my part of the original debt (£1000) They passed it to Lowell who after many letters have said i still owe ALL of the the original debt (£5000) I now apparently have 30 day or face litigation Help would be appreciated
  2. Hi, I am posting this on a few of the Shop Direct posts as I have been working on 3 claims on behalf of a relative and want everybody who has been charged by them to reclaim their charges and all applicable interest as these are possibly the most arrogant of all the companies I have dealt with and will firstly refuse your requests and then as it goes on breach the court procedures and ignore the judges requests until they ultimately settle as of they have no defence and no desire to go in front of a judge. The final outcome on the claims is posted below as the e-mail sent to me for my relative. Shop Direct have still not paid the sums stated in the e-mails in full and have part paid so still looking to court. Please click the star if this is informative and feel free to contact or reply to this post for any assistance. I have just advised the defendant to make the following account credits, which I believe satisfy your *******'s claims: Claim No 1QT08206 re account ref ******** (Littlewoods) Credit to the account of £175.79 Claim No 1QT09646 re account ref ******** (Very) Credit to the account of £251.72 Claim No 1QT24916 re account ref ******** (Choice) Credit to the account of £137.12 - to include the charge of 30/4/11. I understand that the adjustments will take place on Monday. Regards
  3. I wonder if anyone can help I brought a laptop on buy now pay later for £399, which was up in july. I havent recieved a final statement, just a statment through saying that my paymnet was due on the 12th of July and here, have some interest of £154!!!!!! After ringing them, they have basically told me tough, i can send a letter in if i like, i should of rung them??? ( I have been waiting for the final statment) They will not remove the interest...................... is there anything i can do, this seems like over the top bully tatics to me
  4. Hi, I hope you may be able to help me with an issue I have with ISME over some furniture that I purchased just over 7 months ago on Buy Now Pay Later. I have sent in a complaint to ISME about the poor quality of the furniture. One of the 2 seater sofas the seating has become so thin that my husband can feel the framework underneath him also the back cushions are badly out of shape and no matter what you try to do with them they do not look any better. The armchair that has rarely been used, is in pristine condition but I did not buy the furniture just to look at it, therefore I feel that the furniture is not fit for purpose. ISME did offer to send a representative from the company who makes the furniture to see if there is a manufacturers fault! If their findings show there is no problem I have been told that I would have to pay for the inspection (around £45) althought they have said that I would be re-inbursed with this amount but I do not agree that I should have pay this amount. As I have not yet started paying for this furniture do I have the right to send it back? Regards The above letter is a copy of an email I sent to ISME's CEO & a response to my complaint. I also contacted the CAB as they are the ones who deal with consumer issues rather that deal direct with trading standards. I had a response from them but they did not really answer my questions. Maybe somebody on the forum could advise what I can do, I do not want to pay for something that is such poor quality.
  5. Hi All I have 2 catalogues of which I owe approx £3500 to each, the company I worked for went into liquidation on 1st November leaving me with no job and in a situation where by I cant make the minimum payments of £160 each per month, I have contacted both to be told, I have to make the payments and they cant make a payment plan for me Im so worried the payments are due on the 3rd of March and I cannot meet them, I did offer £50 to each but this was refused, can anyone help
  6. sent 3 items back to isme in same parcel. they received one back but not other 2. I have been trying to resolve this since December 2012 and still trying to get it sorted. sent at least 60 emails. isme recently told me to send them my original returns receipt from post office which I did recorded delivery and was signed for in march 2013 so they could make a claims with the post office. then was told they could not help me. I contacted someone else again at isme to go through all this again and was told all I could do was make my own claim with the post office I told this person twice now that I cant do this as isme has my receipt. she replied back to me by letter saying nothing she can do but make my own claim. I am wondering is she stupid or just not reading my letters to her. THAT I DO NOT HAVE THE RECEIPTS TO DO SO AS ISME HAS THEM AS THEY HAD ASKED FOR THEM. I am beginning to wonder if isme are pulling a [problem] as they know I cant claim without the receipts, they expect me to pay for items which I returned. MY ADVISE TO YOU IS DONT SHOP AT ISME
  7. Hi everyone! I currently have 4 catalogue accounts with the Home Direct Group (Littlewoods, Woolworths, Isme and Very) and due to a recent change in circumstances am unable to make my usual payments. I have emailed all 4 catalogue's explaining my situation, offering them a token payment and explaining that I would like interest and charges frozen as well as a review of my circumstances in 6 months time. I also mentioned that I would like to keep all correspondence via email or letter (So that I have proof of what has been said). I have received emails back from all 4 catalogue's explaining that, although they are grateful for me keeping them informed, I need to speak to the Arrears Department who can only be reached via telephone apparently. I have wrote back to each catalogue saying that I am not willing to contact them via telephone and asked what they may suggest I do. I have yet to receive any further advice from them. Does anyone have any advice they can offer me? I am insistent on keeping all contact to letter and email only as they do not have my telephone number and I don't want them getting a hold of it. I am keen to get all of this sorted prior to the threatening letters and knocks at the door. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  8. Hi All .. what are the chances of Marshall ward Isme having a CCA for 1999?.. The account number on my CF is different to the one I have now . .And what was the penalty charges back then ? cheers
  9. Hi All, I am a newbie to the PPI, friend did a claim and mentioned it to me the other week, so i checked and found i was paying PPI on Littlewoods (extra care advantage) ISME (shopping insurance). I have been with littlewoods since 2005 and ISME since 2009 the ppi has been on since then. After reading a few articles on here i thaught id give it a shot at claiming it back, if i am entitled too. I am filling out one of them PPI questionares for each of them and a couple of questions have stumped me. here they are: >how was it sold to me? As far as i know it was just added. Has this happened to anyone else? > Personal circumstances part seems to be relevant to people working, i was not working and my husband was disabled at the time the loan was taken out and the circumstances are still the same, will this have an effect on the claim? When my friend spoke to the person whom she was claiming back off they insisted that they would have done background checks on employment, finances and medical history via asking questions as its their policy. I have never been asked such things by neither company for which i am about to claim. Just would like some advice on what route to take and / or if i am doing the correct thing by filling out a questionaire? Kindest regards, Radagast.
  10. I'm hoping someone can help me with issues i am having with my catalogue account very and isme part of shop direct group. Basically i have accounts with both very and isme, last year in march i ordered a ipad 2 from isme on a buy now pay later basis, when i received the ipad there were scuff marks on the screen and on the corners of the ipad, it looked it had been used and it certainly wasn't a brand new ipad. Within 7 days of receiving the ipad i contacted very by email to complain about this, i received a response from very stating because i had turned the ipad on i had to contact an 0844 number to discuss this further. At the time i wasn't working so it was difficult for me to contact the 0844 number, however on several occasions i contacted the number but i was always placed in a queue and on hold for over 30 minutes, it got to the point i couldn't afford to call the number. I then decided to write a complaint letter, i wrote several letters to the customer excellence department and waited months for them to reply and go no response. At this point i was getting very frustrated so i decided to withold payments on both my very and isme accounts (a stupid thing to do i know), they were not responding and i wasnt going to pay them until they responded. At this point i was getting charged interest for the ipad eventhough it was supposed to have been put on a buy now pay later basis, but apparently it wasn't put on that basis. i then wrote a letter and sent via recorded delivery and finally got a response from them, this was in October last year that i got a response from them. Basically they stated they were not aware of any issues from apple and that they have noted the issue, as a good will gesture they offered me a £40 refund. I then wrote another letter to them stating i wanted all the charges that i was charged on both my very and isme account refunded because of how long this complaint took to resolve and that i wasn't happy with the refund offered as i could get a second hand ipad for a lot less, till this day i have got no response to that letter. In april this year i decided to take my case to the financial ombudsman service, i went through the process i recieved a reply from FOS stating they will be asking for all the communication and paper work from very, i spoke to a nice chap who advised me that i clear the balances first then pursue a complaint with them, from October last year up until May this year i witheld payments to both my very and isme accounts, i received a default notice demanding i clear the arrears on my isme account, i paid the whole balance off, i then went on to making a payment on my very account (Note i did not recieve any default notice for this account), i logged into my very account only to find i could not access my online account, i called customer services who informed i had to contact another department, i called this other department only to find they were closed for the day, this was on a friday, i called agian the following Monday but again they were closed due to the bank holiday, and finally i called on the Tuesday and finally got through to someone, when i was discussing things they informed me that i shouldn't be discussing things with them and that my account was sold on to a debt collection agency and that it was no longer with shop direct group, the debt was bought out on a bank holiday. At this point i received response from the FOS stating they have informed very and i would receive a response from them. A few weeks later i received a response from the customer excellence department asking me to discuss my complaint with them, i gave my reasons as to what i was complaining about and that i wanted the account returned to very and the default removed from my credit file, my reasons were that i received a damaged ipad and it took over 6 months to resolve, i withheld payments because of this and i have been charged so much interest on both my accounts and that i wanted these refunded back to me, i received no default notice for my very account and if i did i would have cleared the arrears, when i recieved a default notice for my isme account i cleared it straight away. I have been arguing my case with the customer excellence departmetn for weeks now but they are not budging at all they have given me their final response, they are stating my complaint was resolved in october last year and that i was informed of the £40 credit along with ipad put on a buy now pay later basis and my charges were refunded for my isme account, they didn't state any of this in their letter that was sent to me in October but checking my account they did do this but i wanted my charges back for my very account as well, the FOS are waiting for to get back to them about the outcome, I believe i have a case this all started because of the damaged ipad. Can someone help me please, i apologize for the long essay but it was the only way for me to detail my issue.
  11. I opened an account with them in december 2010 and always made my payments on time. A couple of months ago, my ex but boyfriend at the time asked if i wanted to live together. We needed to furnish the place and he asked if i could get some things, our furnitures and appliances with them and he would of course pay his share. I am not even sure how much the debt is but roughly 10k combined. Of course, not all 10k was about the house, i have personal expenses as part of it too. Sadly, i think i jumped the gun too soon as i found the b***ard had about 3 women he was messing around with including one at our work place just before he left. I moved back in with my mum and i havent contacted Littlewoods & its sisters since to tell them of a change of address, hence why im not sure how much i owe, could log into the account if it would let me but im petrified, no payments in almost 5 months. Now, he wont talk to me or acknowledge the fact that now all debts will fall onto me, i, of course want to sell the things i bought but seeing as it was delivered in his name, i can't proof ownership, i cant proof he promised to help pay for the items, i cant proof he hasn't paid me if he tries to claim otherwise. I considered small claims court but i am just exhausted from the whole thing that i dropped it. Trust me, whatever bad things your mind is conjuring up right now about me, i have thought it all. I have been receiving txt msgs from k&co about late payments but no letters, like i said, not changed address back yet but i believe it is only a matter of time untill i am found. What i need to know now is if i can contact them and offer a monthly payment on my terms? I do not want it to get to the stage where i start receiving those red letters. I want to be responsible for my actions but im scared they will turn around and start demanding £200 a month or something and I myself am barely left over with £200 a month after rent, supporting dad and grandparents. I don't want it to get to the point where people come to my mum's house and empty it (of course i do not want to lose my things too) as i am aware this is a large sum of money that i am sure they wont keep quiet about. Advice please
  12. My partner a number of months ago got a couple of items from the cataglogue company isme. Everything was fine the first month. But every month since the statements are getting sent out and keep getting a £12 late charge each time. She is always paying a couple\few days before the statement says they want the money yet the next statement indicates they receive the payment late yet she is paying it within the date stated on the statement. She is paying it via the statement in the bank in person on a working day, always on a morning so the payment, like every other bill we have ever payed this way gets payed straight away on the same day\date. But each next months statements is trying to suggest she has payed it late and always tends to be the day after they are claiming the payment is due. So in each case they are saying she is paying as much as 2-4 days later than she is. Last month her statement never arrived so she called them, and got a late bill and asked to pay double the next month or something. But after she received the last bill but before she payed it she had a call saying a payment was due and they pretty much demanded it was payed by card over the phone. She refused this stating she has an in date bill that she will be paying on time. It was payed on time but yet again they are claiming to receive the payment a number of days after the payment was made. Last months, all payment they asked for was payed on the morning of the 29th yet the current statement is claiming payment was received on the 31st and the actual payment was apparently due by the 2nd of this month, so on time. But there is now another £12 payment on her statement for this month that they have detailed on a second sheet as a Debt Collection Telephone Call Fee!!!. This seems to be for the phone call made after the last statement was sent & received yet before payed (payed on time as per above) made reguarding the payment reguested in that same statement last month which was payed on time. They are seriously taking the (edit) trying to charge for a call asking for a payment but requested in a statement before the statement states it was due yet the call has been charged £12 on her statement simply because they made the call asking for the payment outside of the statement. By now they must have received near double the cost of the items in so called late fees alone while the account balance remains the same. Any advice as my partner and me are highly annoyed and are feeling we should refuse to make any futher payments untill they sort out what keeps happening and why they are now charging £12 for calls asking for payments before the statements state they are due.
  13. Apologies if this is on the wrong forum, but haven't got the hang of this yet! I missed a couple of payments with ISME and my account was passed to debt collectors. They tried to tell me I owed around £600, but in fact the amount is about half that. When I told them this, the debt collectors said that they hadn't added any charges themselves and this was the amount ISME said I owed. (I had spoken to someone at ISME a few days before this and tried to make a payment through them, and she confirmed that my balance was £300). the debt collectors said they would contact ISME and ask for copies of my statements. This was around 3 months ago and all I've had is a couple of letters from the debt collectors telling me that they are still waiting for ISME to provide the statements and in the meantime my account is on hold. Is there a time limit by which ISME have to provide the statements? Thanks, Pam
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