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Found 5 results

  1. Hope this is posted in the correct section. We own a property which we rent out, there is a problem with the next door gable end as the rendering has been falling off and has been crashing down onto the kitchen roof of our property causing broken tiles. We have repaired this in the past but the problem has got much worse and now our tenants are suffering with water seepage. We have managed to contact the landlord of the next door property and even though he accepts (on telephone) that it needs addressing he has done nothing but offer excuses as to why he hasn't had it newly rendered. Our insurance say it is a civil matter which is fine, we would take him to court for any more expenses to repair the damage caused. We are good landlords and don't like our tenants having to live in a property that continually needs repairing because of the next door landlords refusal to accept his responsibility to maintain his property even though he has tenants living in it. The problem we think we may have is that he lives in the Isle of man, does anybody know if we can issue a claim in the county court or is there another procedure we must follow, one that hopefully doesn't involve costs that would outweigh the cost of repair? Of course we would expect him to also be liable for the cost of repair to our roof. thank you for reading
  2. Looks like Jon Platt has been found guilty https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/jun/23/school-holidays-row-isle-of-wight-man-loses-legal-fight-over-daughters-absence
  3. Hope this forum is still active and I can get some answers Im not getting any kind of help from LLOYDS OFF SHORE except run a round on the phone which is becoming tiresome... .in the nutshell Im old LLOYDS customer with about 24 years . .last 16 years off shore bank account also.. Im not UK citizen nor do I pay UK taxes.. .I just happene to open LLOYDS account while I was brifly living in UK and later just continue to use it .. .till recently I did not have much of a problem with LLOYDS OFF SHORE on ISLE OF MAN because I did not really touch those funds there ..I did not need to. .I was mostly working and funds kept on off shore account where just sitting idle . .till this december when I decided to move all the money to INSENTIVE MONEY SAVERS ACCOUNT . ..about month after that action I received mail from manager of the branch I guess asking me where are all those funds came from. .I replayed that he can check my account history and that all will be there ..money came from OFF SHORE MONEY MARKET CALL ACCOUNT a,d that I simply shifted funds around off shore and on shore accounts searching for best interest rate. ..second question he had for me was bit strange ..well it appears that at one point whili wisiting UK last december I put cash money on my off shore international account . .not much maybe 640 pounds all in all but he asked me about the receipt and proof from where that money came from. ..I told this the truth that I dont remember anymore and that I did not keep the slip nor bank statement ...all in alll I thought that he understood the situation and that s the end of the matter but .. a=one month later I decided to pay some insurance premiums back in my country I made a transfer back from SAVERS ACCOUNT to INTERNATIONAL PREMIER account si can write cheques to mu insurance company. ...I wrote one check no problem and then I wrote 3 more on smaller amount -in my country I can not deposit large cheques on bank accounts I had to break the amount on 3 smaller cheques ...well one of those actions triggered my accounts to be blocked /suspended and placed under investigation .. .now same manager is asking again about those 640 pounds bill and source of money and also he is asking in advance to see my insurance policy before I even paid for it . ..really strange and I should say bordering on harassment . ..does anybody here on this forum has any idea what happened to me , my accounts and where the problem is. .oh just for the general info my account is rather modest 5 figure amount nothing fancy its just at the moment all my money . .all my saving since I wasnt really working last few years due to illness
  4. Hi I have some relatives who own property in Cyprus, who now wish to dispose of it. They are not resident on the island anymore, and as I understand it property prices there are still depressed, but they are very eager to sell to assist with cashflow issues. Are there any reputable agencies dealing with selling real estate in Cyprus, which are competent at also marketing it to the British (and potentially, Russian) markets?
  5. Hello, can anyone help with this issue please? I live on the Isle of Man and have Barclaycard and mercers still chasing me for a debt they say I owe them, I have written to Barclaycard several times and asked for the Original Credit Card agreement they replied saying then did not have it,one sentence in the letter said “We arecurrently unable to provide a copy of the credit agreement you entered into. We accept that we are therefore prevented from enforcing our agreement with you while this state of affairs continues”. Now I know that the consumer credit act 1974 is not applicable here on the isle of man, also Iam concerned about jurisdiction as the isle of man has its own laws and court system. Any help with this would be much appreciated. To add the card was takenout in 1996 in the UK mainland as I used to live there at the time.
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