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Found 21 results

  1. Hi CAGGERS, please could someone give some advice for a friend (really!). He was travelling from Clapton to Liverpool Street. Used his contactless card to tap in, which worked (this was later verified with his bank; the amount was allocated/ringfenced). Tried to tap out at Liverpool Street, and his card wouldn't work. It isn't in pristine condition, is a bit scratched, but generally works, worked on the tap in, worked on a bus afterwards. He tried every single exit point in that array (?) of platforms 1-8, but none would register his card. The staff to
  2. Hi, I am currently in dispute with IRCAS regards a penalty notice from South West Trains and I am fighting for information to substantiate my claim. However, in the meantime they and an agent working on behalf of them are insisting I must pay regardless of any dispute or further information being presented. I believe this is wholly unfair and would like advice: I was ticket checked whilst changing trains at Ascot back in February and could not produce my days’ ticket that I had purchased (sadly with cash at office) but simply could not find. I produced the previous few days’ tic
  3. Thanks in advance for any expert help. I received a letter from a company called IRCAS apparently acting on behalf of London Overground demanding £105 penalty fare that I don't have any clue about. I have contacted them and emailed to IRCAS (Independent Transport Associations Company) as advised by one of the staffs when I rang them. I told them that this must be an act of fraud and informed that I have reported this to action fraud. Then I had a follow-up email from them asking confirmation of my DOB, proof of my signature with copy of my driving license or passport or debit card's
  4. Hi everyone, this is on behalf of my partner. Got "caught" by an inspector, but is unsure whether the Oyster reader (at the station, or the inspectors) is at fault; also, the inspector failed to issue the penalty notice, we think deliberately - he certainly took his time. Got a £50 demand .. appealed on line but was refused, got a standard reply and a futher £50 demand. Here are the details entered on line .. I have an Oyster card. On this occasion, I was under the impression I had touched in at XXXX. I either touched in at XXXX and it did not regist
  5. Hi, I travel from Marks tey to London at least twice a week. 2 weeks ago I bought my return ticket and I believe I stupidly left the tickets in the self service ticket point. I realised as I got off the train and spoke to a member of the greater anglia team to explain my situation. They said they would have to fine me but advised me to pay half the fine of 23.60 as they did I would be able to appeal if I had proof of payment. They also said I could keep the single ticket I buy myself later in the day and include it in my appeal. I followed h
  6. Hi My son has received a latter today from IRCAS saying he hasn't appealed a train fine from may 28th. Well its news to him, this is the first letter. It says he dodged his fare on this date from Hereford to Manchester. He has never been to Hereford in his life or near there and was in work that day and can prove it. its a 72 quid fine. at first i thought it was a spoof as had never heard of them before but now I think someone must have used his name and address. Do they ask for ID when taking someones name and address? It wasn't him and I am not sure
  7. Hi All, Been sometime since last here. Is there anything I can do?. Utterly sick of the aggressive extortion in London by TFL, Highways and Traffic Wardens. My wife was staying at my daughters in Hampstead and travelling to Richmond. On 11 April at Hampstead none of the barriers were working, no staff at the ticket office and no staff available to assist. A couple of stops into her journey a couple of inspectors got on. She handed her Oyster Card to one when asked and he confirmed she had credit but that her journey had not registered. She explained it was due to the barriers not
  8. Hi all, wonder could I trouble you for some advice please? My son has been fined £80 for travelling from Clapham Common to Highgate without a valid ticket. Not sure how this happened as he has an Oyster card which there's always money on. He muttered something about not having his young person's railcard but that didn't make any difference to the cost of the journey so he didn't have it on him, so he's been fined. I'm working on the assumption that he didn't have a valid ticket for whatever reason. He stupidly forgot to pay the first letter, and a remi
  9. so to cut a long story short, i have an annual season ticket, i got a fine on a bus because i had lost my photo card and even after exhausting many avenues to replace it it still took another week before i could get a new one anyway after appealing three times, the last letter i sent them with my case was on the 8th of june, this week i recieved a reply after what i worked out as around 17 weeks, or 129 days, i believe i read somewhere they have to reply within 56 days? they are now stating my final appeal was rejected My letter 8th june: "Dear sirs/Madame Apolog
  10. Hi, I'm looking for some advice. A few months ago I went through Green Park Tube without a valid ticket, I was stopped and explained the situation to a staff member who issues me with a pink slip. There was no mention of a penalty being issued or anything else and he explained to me at the time there would probably be no further action taken against me as I'd never offended before and he was happy I regularly do pay for my travel (I commute to work every day through the underground). Speaking with a ticket inspector on the overground yesterday after purchasi
  11. Hi, I recently travelled from Sunderland to Fratton, forgetting my 16-25 railcard. Was given fines totalling around £200 in 3 separate fines. (slightly over the top). But was told to take my railcard to my local ticket office with the fine and the matter is dealt with. Not a problem. But this has turned out not to be the case. I have had to appeal the fines given. Yet I have received a notice saying the payment is due and no update as to my appeal. Just wondering if I will have to pay or they will see sense..?
  12. Hello! First time poster I have a problem I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read! On Friday I was stopped by a ticket inspector on the London Overground who scanned my Oyster and fined me for not having tapped in. It was my own fault, I'd just come out of a meeting, was in a rush to get home and wasn't thinking so just jumped on the train as it arrived damn. Anyway, I accepted the £40 fine and handed over my card to the inspector who dialled through my details on a mobile phone. I asked him about the phone and he assured me
  13. Hi everyone, first time poster - been looking all over for help! In February I was told by a ticket inspector on the bus that I didn't have the correct ID for my oyster card (I have half price travel and had left my photo card at home), and asked for my details saying I would have to pay a penalty. He then phoned whoever it is they phone and gave them my details. He didn't give me anything before I got off at my stop. I was intending to appeal the decision as my photo is on my actual oyster card as well, so it's obviously mine. However, I received nothing in
  14. Hello everyone, I have been fined by TFL (needles to say it was incorrect fine) but I missed the deadline to appeal due to a mix of business responsibilities and personal health issue. Can I still object this fine? I have enough evidence for my appeal and I am positive I will win, but legally do I have the right appeal when I have missed the deadline? Many thanks
  15. Hi all, I have a issue with IRCAS not accepting my appeal. I managed to forget my wallet and ticket (with was valid) one day. When I got to Liverpool St I was duely issued with an unpaid penality fair and told to respond within 21 days. Which I did. I then dropped my orginal ticket in with the ticket office and got my refund. All was well - or so I thought. A month later I get template letter from IRCAS re: I owed them £50 for not appealing. I wote to them and told them I had done so and presumably the letter had gone walkabout in the post (sh*t happens). If they were of mind t
  16. Hi I was asked to produce my ticket whilst just standing and waiting in a tube station. I was a bit surprised as I've never been asked in this sort of scenario before. When I started looking through my bag I couldn't find my ticket. I later found it and appealed with a scan of the ticket. Here is my letter I sent to IRCAS. They have turned down the appeal. Can you offer any advice please. Hello I was waiting with my mother at Shepherds Bush while we were trying to decide whether we would both to go Westfield or she would go alone and I would join her later. We were
  17. 17/09/2012 I traveled on the train from Ipswich to Loughborough via Ely. I had both tickets and my young persons railcard with me. On the Ipswich to Ely leg of the journey I couldn't find my railcard straight away. Explaining that I had no money or cards with money on them the ticket inspector confiscated my tickets and made me sign a penalty fare (from Ipswich to Ely only) for not having a railcard. Cost £11.80 Had he gave me more time I would have located my railcard. (which I found on the 2nd leg of my journey) From Ely to Loughborough the ticket inspectors saw my penalty fare and
  18. I took the DLR from Limehouse to Crossharbour. I was going home after gym, it was pretty late and I thought I had dropped my Oyster card at the gym. A long story short I didn't tap in nor buy a ticket. Anyway, I explained this to the ticket inspector and he issues me a penalty fare which is fair enough. When he asked for ID to confirm my address, I showed it to him but explained I hadn't lived at this address for 3 years (I haven't needed a car since I moved to London and haven't changed my address on my license). Like most of these [edit], he basically said it wasn't his problem I need t
  19. Firstly, Thanks to anyone that takes the time to actually read this and help me So about a month ago I received a fine on the DLR for an invalid ticket. I was travelling from Colchester Town to Devons Road. I got my ticket in the morning from the ticket machines at the station as there was a que at the ticket office and I didn't want to miss my train. I saw on the screen it said 'London zones 1 - 6' and Devons Road being Zone 2, I clicked on that and got a return, it cost me £45. As far as I was concerned this was the correct ticket and I had no reason to believe that this wasn't!
  20. Hi, I hold a gold card on South West Trains which I currently pay £4,224 a year for. One day around 6 weeks ago I forgot my wallet and didn't realise until I was on the train as there are no barriers at my station and it was around 6.30am (still slightly sleepy). The guard was quite friendly and issued me with a penalty fare but said this would be wiped if i went into the station I kindly thanked the guard and went on with my journey (sleeping). I completely forgot about this until I received a letter stating I owe IRCAS £93, £63 for the journey and £30 in admin fees. What bothe
  21. I am currently dealing with IRCAS/IAS, regarding an Unpaid Fare Notice. Anyone who has had dealings with them will be aware that they choose to hide behind a PO Box number, rather than have us know their actual address. Why they choose to be so cowardly, I do not know. Also, sending out mail with a return address in Buckinghamshire is a little suspicious. A little research on the Net reveals that IRCAS and IAS are trading names for Independent Transport Associates Limited or ITAL. Under this name, they have a website that lists their actual address as the following: Unit 2-3
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