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Found 10 results

  1. I’m currently being investigated for selling on eBay my unwanted goods while claiming housing and ESA. I went for an interview under caution were I was asked what all these PayPal transactions on my bank statements are going back 6 years into my account to the amount on 9k? I explained I sell coins on EBay which I have been collecting for over 20 years and all personal belonging since I moved into a small flat. Also told them a couple of friends sold on my account and they are willing to give a statement to this effect. The reason why I had sell all my personal b
  2. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-34172701 I think that this tells you lot about the private private parking industry, its culture and the culture of many of the people who are involved in it. Apart from anything else, how can UKPC have such slack systems that it is possible for someone to interfere with recorded video in this way. It is shabby and clearly the directors of the company have fallen well short of proper standards. Of course what else do you expect from people who might equally be involved in night-club door security or fitting car sound systems or bur
  3. Bit of a strange one , but I will try and keep it as brief as possible....... Received a letter requesting my attendance at a benefit fraud investigation, and that it would be under caution (and taped). Went today, and not sure what to make of it to be honest. They claim I did not report a change in circumstances 4 weeks after making the claim in 2009. In 2009 I lost a business, was left jobless, and instead of claiming dole, went self employed to make a fresh start. I informed the local council I had no income, and as such, received full council tax benefit (now called cou
  4. Hi everyone! I have read all the most recent threads regarding HB overpayments recovery and fraud investigations, but have to say I haven't found all the answers as my situation is a bit confusing. Will try my best to lay the facts. I have attended an Interview under Caution, carried by LA Fraud investigation manager. I was sure it was regarding two cases of overpayments, for which I have already arranged repayment plan and started making repayments. I have contacted a solicitor, emailed him copies of LA letters and my letters sent to them. The solicitor said, it is nothing serio
  5. My benefits have been suspended for 11 weeks so far while the DWP investigate me for benefit fraud. I am innocent but they havnt proved me innocent or guilty. I know if they find me innocent they will repay it all but if they find me guilty my question is this, Do they a) repay the money theyv taken so far and then tell me to pay back in installments? b) say i owe them so much and keep what theyv taken so far and then i pay back in installments? c) say i owe them so much so keep what theyv taken so far and not pay me anything till its all reclaimed? I have had to borrow of friend
  6. I received a letter today 9/1/14 dated 6/12/13. saying I need to attend an interview regarding benefit fraud on 16/1/14. I don't even know what I'm supposed to have done. The only benefit I claim is Carers Allowance for my dad. I telephoned the number and asked to speak to someone regarding the letter and the man I need to speak to isn't in the office until Monday. I am very worried and scared as I have read some awful things on the internet. I have a 7 year old daughter and a husband that's about to go into hospital. I haven't eaten all day and have given myself a headache. My pa
  7. hi everyone i got a letter the other day saying i need to attend a interview under caution and im being investigated i been worried since not being able to sleep im married i got married in 04 but when i was pregnant with our third child in november 08 he left me at the time we was living in his home town i was all alone so moved back near my family and friends and i was on and off with him till 2012 but we not lived together he had his own house near me then gave it up and moved back to him mums in so since he left in 08 i been claiming as a single parent we are not
  8. Good morning everyone, im new so please be patient (iv never used a message board before) Me and the father of my daughter split up in August 2012, we were still living under the same roof but led totally seperate lives, anyway i started claiming single parent allowance (i had a seperate bank account etc) but the bills and mortagage were coming out of our joint account, a long story short i recieved a letter saying they suspected my Ex was living at the same address as me (he was) so i rang and explained this to them and they said it was fine as long as i could prove i was contributing to
  9. Hi I hope someone can help. I was interviewed under caution by DWP last month. A little background. I have been in receipt of DLA for over 10 years, I have it for life and Incapacity Benefit for the same time. I have a degenerative condition that affects by my knees, hips and legs. I was reported for working over a year ago, I was working 2-3 hours a week, under permitted work rules as recommended by my Therapist, to help with my Mental Health. My therapist also refered me to a pain clinic. During a discussion with the pain specialist he asked what I missed most, I said walking. He advised tha
  10. Just wondering - probably because i am being paranoid! I made silly mistake and ended up with an overpayment of £1050 in HB, which I am just asking the council to send me a breakdown of the new income figure they have so I can check it's correct. I know they have already written to my boss asking for income figures, but how far can they go? I am a member of a MMA gym and some official looking type people came in at 7pm and took the manager into the office - I am just totally panicking that they were investigators who are looking to see if 'I live beyond my means'.... I am being stupid
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