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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I was involved in a car accident 2 days ago, I was stationary at a roundabout and someone rear ended me, upon impact I had pain in my lower right back but I didn't think much of it, no police or paramedics attended and the car was ok to drive home. When I got home and got out of the car the pain in my back intensified so I made an appt with my GP the same day, they said the accident had irritated a nerve and prescribed me pain relief and Naproxen. I contacted tesco(my insurance company) and informed them of what had happened and due to the age of my car they said it would need to be looked at by the total loss team and that they would contact me in a few days. The same evening I received a call from Admiral(the other persons insurance) they asked a lot of questions and I explained that it could be that my may be written off, with that they offered to write my car off and give me a settlement thus closing my claim with Tesco, I explained that I had hurt my back in the accident and was waiting for Tesco legal team to contact me in regards to that. Admiral asked me about my symptoms then proceeded to offer me £750 for my back as full and final settlement, not really taking no or I'm unsure as an answer. I explained to them that I was still in a lot of shock(I lost my brother in a car accident 18 months ago so this has left me very shaken up esp as my children were in the car with me. He said he would send the cheque for full and final settlement in the post( I haven't received this as yet) yesterday afternoon the left side of my neck started hurting, my shoulders and neck started to feel stiff, by 10pm last night I was in severe pain and was struggling to move my head, I attended the out of hours GP, I have a burning/hot sensation down the left side of my neck, it hurts to touch and there is some swelling. The GP told me that I have sprained the muscle in my neck and that is a result of the accident, she has increased my pain relief and told me to see my GP Monday morning as I will need physiotherapy to assist with healing. My question is can I now refuse the full and final settlement? When does it become legally binding? As I said above I have not even received the cheque and have not signed anything to say that I have accepted it. I know now that I should have waited before verbally agreeing to the claim but as I said I was badly shaken and the gentleman on the phone was rather pushy, I kept telling him that I would need to speak to my husband and he kept saying well I will send the cheque for you tonight, I will process this now. I'm worried that if I contact them to say I have changed my mind they will tell me that legally I can't do that.
  2. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. A while back some one bumped my wifes car while she was parked in a car park putting shopping in the boot. Other party admitted liability. Wife contacted her insurance and notified them but stated that she was unwilling to shell out the £350 excess and that she would wait till other party had contacted them to confirm liability. Eventually wife got a text from her insurance saying that other party had admitted liability and the excess would be waived. Car got repaired and returned. All good so far. Now she's been contacted by her insurance saying she will have to consent to their lawyers starting a claim action against other party insurers as they are now refusing to pay. Fair enough. What's got my goat is they're refusing to reinstate her NCD until they get their money back. In view of the fact that the other party have already admitted liability are they within their rights to do this?
  3. Hi Everyone, This is my first post, so i hope i have put this in the right place. I am hoping for some information on claiming costs and compensation back from Barclays / insurance Just to summerize.... I have boiler insurance through an additions active account. my boiler started leaking on the 16th of December while i was in hospital for a bad back, i phoned the home SOS number and they sent someone the next day. He arrived and said he would have to order parts but we could still use the boiler if we kept re-pressurizing it when it cut out which is what we had being doing. I rang a couple of times on the lead up to Christmas and was told the parts are on order and an engineer would ring, they never did. Then i rang the day after boxing day as we had also been flooded by a neighbors property on this day and was told the parts had not been ordered and that they would be on the 4th of January as the engineers report had not been handed in. The boiler packed in completley on the 3rd of January which we told them about. After my partner waiting in every day since and ringing everyday and the company promising call backs and visits almost everyday an engineer finally arrived on saturday the 15th but had ordered the wrong size seals. The engineer promised he would get the parts on monday and fit them monday afternoon. for which i had to bring my mother over to wait in the house for them. Again i rang around dinner to get an update and they said they would get engineer to ring, again they didn't. i rang again at 4.00 and was told that the engineer wouldn't get the parts till Thursday now. so i am still waiting. Apart from all the messing about i have an 8 month old son in the house and am having to us 2 x 2kw heaters almost constantly, which is going to cost a fortune to run plus my partner has had to miss a couple of important meetings. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to what i can claim back from the home SOS when they have finally fixed it. Thanks for any advice you could give.
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