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Found 11 results

  1. In the same mill familiar to all- Vehicle Control Services Limited. Did all the online stuff - rejected surprise surprise. Letter from bwlegal threatening commencement of legal proceedings in the form of County Court Claim Form. bwlegal called my on the 'phone today - I am shaking! How do they get my number?? They asked me to confirm who I was which I did They then asked me to go through some security questions. I declined. I said that I will wait for any court summons and defend myself to the hilt. I said I regard this call as intimidatory. I said they and th
  2. Hello, This week a BAYV rep called at my home to speak with friends who are visiting me for a short time. The BAYV rep spoke with my friend and then spoke with myself. The BAYV rep said he would get the police to let him in the house if I did not let him in. The BAYV rep freely discussed my friends personal business with myself as well as letting other people outside hear. There was even slander - the slander was that I am a criminal and that I had just assaulted the BAYV rep! I just laughed at the BAYV rep when he said this and again said to him that I am asking hi
  3. Hi all, I have made an injunction under Section 3 of the Protection from Harassment Act, against a tenant that harass and intimidate me since several months but the County Court has now ordered me to make a Claim Form and Particulars of claim. Also I would like to know : - if the right form to file is the Claim Form N208 and that the my witness statement could be consider as Particulars of claim or if there is a specific document I equally have to file for this purpose (Particulars of claim). - Should I make the claim 'for damages for Breach Of Quiet Enjoyment of Property u
  4. Hi Can anyone please advise me. I am being harrassed by 3 debt collecting agencies over some debts which are from around 1997. Basically I ended up with financial problems in the 90s after a divorce. I have paid most of them off, but apparently there are 3 outstanding from around this time. Anyhow, I started to receive some letters from Mackenzie Hall which I ignored because the debt is so old, and I know about the limitations act. They then passed it on to Wescot, and now Scotcall. I am currently receiving text messages and phone calls from Wescot and Scotcall every other day n
  5. Hi everyone, i had a loan with cfo some time ago and they took full payment for this loan aswell as taking additional money from my account forcing me to change banks. I have proof that they have had payment from me but im still receiving calls and texts. so today i received a text saying the following. "as you have failed to arrange a payment with CFO, all your numbers have been uploaded to be called continuously" Are they allowed to do this. I would class this as intimidation.
  6. I am due to start my hearing, in a few days. I was assaulted by my employers and have had months of intimidation and have found out my witnesses are being threatened too. The police are investigating. I think I now have definitive proof of ex employer's lies, plus proof of extreme criminal intimidation. My question is... do I tell the ET this now? Do I wait until I'm in Court next week? And also, what is likely to happen? What penalties can my ex employer face? Also, last night, I was phoned by their solicitor, saying, basically, if I continued, not only would I have to pay
  7. I was awakened at 7am this morning by my 9 year old son saying that someone is trying to break down the front door. I ran downstairs and heard someone bashing the door, not knocking, hitting it as hard as they could. I opened the door and it was two people showing me id cards like they were some sort of law enforcement. It turned out the were two bailiffs from Task Enforcement. One of the bailiffs put his foot in my door. I asked him to remove his foot and he said he would not. I asked him again and he still refused to do it. I asked them the reason they were at my h
  8. On 23rd August 2012 I received a letter out of the blue, text of which I have copied below. It is an attempt to extort money from me by intimidation and actually expresses an intent to steal property from my house. I received no contact such as normal demands for a payment before this letter. I believe many people will be scared into paying this company because of their tactics and I think it unlikely that any part of any payment, thus obtained, would find its way to the council. It has a ring of authenticity about it because it does refer to a possible genuine magistrates order
  9. Hello, Am hoping that some of you may be able to give me some advice on behalf of my husband, will try to keep it brief and to the point:- My husband has worked for the same large retailer as me for the last two years as a delivery driver, has never been late, never been off sick/absent , and has never been in trouble of any kind (customer complaints etc) Recently, following a weeks annual leave, he returned to find that his locker had been emptied of all personal effects, payslips, cash, etc. and that somebody else's personal items were in there. He went to see HR to find out what
  10. I am a pensioner who has now received two threatening letters from an organisation called control account plc regarding a so-called parking ticket picked up in the car park of my local Morrisons. It was originally about £30 but has now risen to £95 which I cannot afford. I parked, went across to the Job Centre to do some business, returned to shop at Morrisons and found the ticket on my windscreen when it was time to leave. What can I do? I REALLY cannot afford this.
  11. Hi there, Don't know if anyone can help. I had a really distressing situation today and wondered if anyone could shed any light as to what the bailiffs can/can't do and if he behaved correctly. Bailiff called, I answered the door to "I have a warrant in my possession and i have come to collect goods from your home to the amount owed." I had remembered I owed a parking fine and was really angry with myself for not sorting it out. The bailiff then demanded I pay him £412. I was astounded! I asked him how I owed £412. He read off of a felt tipped sheet. I asked for a piece of paper with
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