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Found 3 results

  1. I used interparcel to find the best price to send a package and found that to be Myhemes. I clicked on the no signature as trusted the person who im sending the package not realizing that meant no insurance as with royal mail you still get insurance with it. Under the ToS for My hermes it says 'We will only be liable to pay the lesser of £50 or the cost of repair/replacement if we damage or lose your Parcel if you do not take out our Optional Enhanced Compensation' what i said the to of of the advisers for Interparcel she then said that its its not covered under there ToS which says 4. TRANSIT COVER 4.1 Transit cover is the financial value which your Consignment is protected up to in relation to loss or damage in transit. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LEVEL OF TRANSIT COVER SELECTED BY YOU WILL AFFECT THE MAXIMUM VALUE OF A CLAIM THAT YOU CAN MAKE AGAINST INTERPARCEL (FOR EXAMPLE IF YOUR CONSIGNMENT IS LOST OR DAMAGED). 4.2 In general, each order includes £50 of Transit Cover as standard. The exceptions to this are; i) the Interparcel Premium Service which includes £150 of Transit Cover as standard; ii) the Hermes UK Economy Service and the Collect+ service which do not include any damage or loss cover ( The Hermes UK Economy Signature service and the Collect+ Signature service would need to be purchased to gain the £50 standard cover).and iii) orders which relate to Prohibited / Restricted Items, where no Transit Cover is offered. 4.3 You can buy additional Transit Cover (known as 'Enhanced Cover') for an additional fee which is payable at the time of ordering. This replaces the included cover. Further details are available in our FAQ's section 4.4 Enhanced Cover can be purchased in a range of values until your Transit Cover reaches a total value of £1000. Cover can be added in set increments of £100/£250/£500/£750/£1000 charged at 2% of the declared value and replaces the included cover. In such circumstances (where maximum Transit Cover has been selected), the maximum value which Interparcel will pay for loss and damage on production of proof of value will be £1000. Accordingly, Interparcel does not advise sending any Consignment valued at over £1000 as no Transit Cover can be offered over this value. A claim will only be entertained up to the covered maximum. 4.5 Enhanced Cover is not valid for Prohibited Items and will only cover Loss on Restricted Items. This is highlighted prior to the placing of your order and a checkbox must be ticked to state this has been read. Given that our website accepts orders on an automated basis, you may be able to purchase Enhanced Cover when you place your order for the carriage of Prohibited Items or Restricted Items (depending on the information which is submitted when you place your order). If this is the case, you are entitled to a refund of the amount that you paid for the Enhanced Cover on a Prohibited item as the cover is not valid. Should a refund request be made for cover on a Restricted item, then the refund will only be possible prior to the goods being collected. Once in transit the cover is valid for Loss only as stated in these Terms. 4.6 For further details on the carriage of Restricted Items and Prohibited Items, please see sections 10 and 11 (below) For further information on the level of claims you can make against Interparcel and Interparcel's limitation on liability, please see section 16. I was told by the CAB to Quote goods and services act 1982 and reasonable care and skill are in breach of contract. And then if i don't receive a satisfactory answer to then write a letter recorded delivery which would also contain the quoted act and also 14 days or so notification or things will be taken further. Any advice would be gratefully received!
  2. Hi there, Wonder if I can get some advice on this. Appreciate Interparcel are a common point. 2 weeks ago I sent a parcel to Amazon using Interparcel and their my hermes courier. It was worth £1500 and has gone missing. The parcel contained DVDs and is not on their prohibited items list in their t's and c's. The parcel has been showing on their tracking now for 10 days as out for delivery. Interparcel have fed me various fabricated stories which now result in them claiming the parcel has been delivered, but there is no proof of delivery, which they are trying to get me. Amazon say the parcel has not been delivered . Interparcel have been trying to get proof of delivery for 5 days, and have tried to fob me off with a spurious one already. Interparcel have pretty much ignored most of my emails, and rather than this being a single mistake, have shown a complete failing of their systems to help me at all in any way. They have even hung up on me. They are unhelpful to the point of being down right rude. I would say they have done nothing and are negligent. I have so far spent over £40 in costs calling their premium rate number. The drop down menu on their site defaults to £20, and this is the value I have given when booking the courier. (to be honest I would think if you declared it as £1500 it would be much more likely to be stolen). To insure this may cost £100, and I post them fairly often so even with this loss it is cheaper to self insure...however that does not mean I think I should not chase this. After reading the following thread: ( I cannot post links as a new member, please google search for this forum and Interparcel small claims court DHL courier service) someone claims to have successfully taken interparcel to a small claims court and won based on negligence. consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?233594-DHL-Courier-Service-lost-items-no-re-imbursement I wonder if there is a case here for negligence? How would I go about this? What evidence should I ask for, and what steps should I take. Is it worth reporting this to the police? I wonder if to justify this loss on my accounts I would need a crime number anyway. Which police force to report it to? (delivery was in Swansea). When the contents of this parcel were sold by me £650 in tax would have been generated, so in theory that would be worth the Police working on! Also it would seem a rather simple step as the parcel has gone missing while out on delivery to question the delivery driver who had this parcel last. Again any advice appreciated, any steps to take...
  3. Hi all, Firstly apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum. Here's my dilema. I posted a sink through a company called interparcel, the sink was collected by UPS, unfortunately when it got to its destination it was broken and refused delivery by the receiver. The parcel was then returned to Interparcel and not to me as I thought it would have been. I contacted Interparcel and received the following e-mail. Thank you for taking the time to contact Interparcel. I am very sorry to notify you that your parcel has arrived damaged. Unfortunately shards of the sink had punctured the packaging, causing the contents to spill out of the box, making it unsafe to be carried in transit and we have disposed of the item. The item you have sent it is part of our restricted items list. With restricted items you can send them via our services but these items are sent at the customers own risk and are only covered for loss, not damage. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I have checked and it does indeed state ceramic items as restricted on Interparcel site but it does not mention it on UPS and they were the ones who dropped the sink. As you can see from the e-mail Interparcel have disposed of the sink but I have not had any proof that it was damaged, also there were fittings with the sink which I could have resold to recoup some of my losses but have not received these either. Would I have any sort of a claim through MCOL against either UPS or interparcel. THanks in advance
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