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Found 2 results

  1. Meriva purchased three years ago, good little car. Started developing an intermittent immobiliser fault three months ago. Failed to start at home RAC called. RAC could not diagnose problem as car would not "communicate" with their diagnostic system, apparently common fault with Vauxhall. Had it looked at by our usual mechanic, again could not be diagnosed. Car started intermittently. Contacted Vauxhall garage had to wait until the immobiliser came on but also had to book an appointment to co-inside with it breaking down! Eventually car again refused to start at home, contacted RAC taken to Vauxhall garage, which is another story! Apparently no fault recorded on system. VG removed immobiliser and Engine Management Unit and checked wiring. Put back together and car started. However could not find the fault. I was told that they could change both the immobiliser and the EMU at a cost of around £800 + VAT but there would be no guarantee that it would cure the problem. Explained to them that the immobiliser would come on again as this was how it had been. They insisted that I collected the car and that I paid £42 for the diagnostic test. I insisted that I should leave the car with them until the problem was sorted. Apparently the fault could not be diagnosed until the immobiliser came on again. I contacted Vauxhall customer complaints and posted on Facebook. Absolutely useless. I contacted the Managing Director who passed me to the Complaints Director. The eventual suggestion was that I return the car to the VG and a team would be sent to look at the car....at my expense! I collected the car and needless to say it is now stuck outside my home with the immobiliser coming on and for no reason intermittently starting. I am unable to drive it anywhere for fear of not getting home and I can't keep calling RAC. I say that the car is not fit for purpose as the inbuilt system to diagnose the fault has failed. I have legal insurance should I sue Vauxhall or has anyone else had the same problem? Help please?
  2. Hello All, i bought a morphy richard 9 in 1 steamer from argos and had to take it back because the handheld leaked water - had no problem what so ever getting another model (vax s6). so i used it yesterday and two problems arose. 1) the tube got extremely hot - and i mean extremely hot, comparing it to the morphy richard and another model my sister uses. 2) i had hot steam coming out from the cap where you put the water on the 3rd try. - i took a quick video of this so i took it into Argos asking for a refund (wouldve liked another model but didnt do any research as to which one to get so just asked fro a refund) and so it begins.. the man that was serving me - i think he was the team leader or the store manager - was checking the model out. fair enough. but according to him, the tubes "hot level" was acceptable and the steamer didnt let any steam escape via the water hole. My problems are: how hot would the tube have to get to call it acceptable for a steamer?, because to me i couldnt not even touch the tube and was shouting at my children to stay away from the tube, and comparing to another 2 models, i felt it was way hotter. Also how do i prove that i closed the lid properly on the 3rd go and the steam still escaped? as he is saying i didnt close it properly.[ATTACH=CONFIG]50682[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]50681[/ATTACH] so he took it in for over the weekend to check. my concerns are that what if the problems arose were intermittent?, and he doesnt find it..... i mean to him the tube wasnt hot but to me it was and i dont want to use as i have a 1yr old who waddles about, and a 3 yr old and 2 other children (whom im not worried about as they can avoid coming next to it if i tell them). surely this is a safety issue for my kids if nt anything? any help greatly appreciated
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