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  1. HI I have both my Gas and Elec accounts with N Power. I have been with NPower for almost 10-11 years. Quite some time ago I fell into arrears with both accounts so went onto pre-pay and started to pay for usage and payback on the meters. I have recently checked my file, there is 2 things that dont add up. no.1 the start date on both files are wrong. The 1st 3 years the accounts were held in my company name as the house was being used for business. It seems that they have moved the accounts over onto my personal name after the company went bust. I have questioned them on this but they say that the files dont go back that far. no.2 the debt upto 6 month ago had come down from 1600 to 780ish on one account. There is then a U for 2 months and then it more than doubles to 1800ish, this coinsides iirc with when we had a new meter fitted. I have told them that it is wrong, but they have said its correct and closed the case. It is impossible for the debt to go up like that on a pre-payment meter. What can I do on both issues please? Its affecting my credit rating. Many Thanks:-x
  2. hello everyone i am currently receiving job seekers allowance and have a quick question about advisers requesting to access my data. today i was asked to bring in my passwords and login for indeed.com and the site 'find a job' to my next (i'm assuming to prove i am applying for the jobs i tell them and also have a sticky beak at my job search history). do they have the right to ask this of me? i know i have to provide proof of applications by way of printouts (which is what i intend to do but i'm not sure they have the right to access these sites with me at the job centre during my signing. thanks in advance and apologies for the unnecessary capital letters in this post.
  3. Hi dx100Uk, I have been following the advice in this forum as I am on the same boat. But something very strange happened in DCA email. I have sent you an email in your Inbox with the details. I will be ever so grateful. thanks I have been following this forum for a long time. Like many I have same issue with few banks in UAE since 2015. I had contact from CW and IDR - I have always told them when I find employment I will contact banks directly to settle my issue. question for dx100uk (or anyone else with knowledge) I receive a chaser (mainly from IDR) every few month which I respond to politely stating my situation. However, last week I received a email reply --- " We will try to hold your account . But Please be aware the bank may withdraw the case from us and pursue legal action as they have questioned why payment was not made from the capital you received from the transfer of property on (**/**/ 20**)" This got me really worried as to how they have access to all these details of my account. I mean even the exact date of a payment (though a small about) but still this a information from 2 years ago. This has got me quite worried and I would like to respond to them properly without creating further problems.
  4. Just had a thought.. I was told some time ago to not use EXACT personal details on sites like GOCOMPARE and COMPAREMARKET etc, and just change name, and use a door 3 doors away.. this is so you don't rack up searches on your credit file.. I just spent a 30 mins changing loads of info, and called one of the top 3 companies that come up, but then thought they would know all the chnages I have made as they will have access to the sites I was on? They asked for my post code (i used my real one) and then penny dropped what if they think I am trying tyo screw them over??
  5. I've been trying to get information about a mortgage my husband had with the Northern Rock from the mid 1980s to 1998. He was sold PPI and home insurance and was told he had to buy it from them as they wouldn't give him a mortgage if he didn't - the usual story. I remember ringing them about the insurance in the early 1990s as it was absolutely extortionate, very expensive and much more cover than he needed for a two-up, two-down terraced house. We've looked everywhere for the paperwork but think we must have lost it when we moved house six years ago. I rang the solicitors we used and they said they only keep records for seven years, they weren't interested anyway! This week I got a copy of a bank statement for the early months of 1998, just before we sold it, but there aren't any payments to Northern Rock from it and we can only think we must have paid it in our local branch office. I've already contacted N-RAM who replied very quickly to say that they had no records of anything in my husband's name! I haven't sent a data request as I don't know the mortgage number. It's become a bit of a challenge now, there must be records somewhere. Any help on ways of getting further information would be very welcome.
  6. Please help, First time I received my salary and my outgoings monthly payments are bigger than amount received. I have unsecured loans and pay day loans and this Month I won’t be able to pay 3 of them, I read all the 10 steps but I am still panicking, I have more payments than my salary and I need at least 3 Month to back to "normal" when my paY day loans will be paid in full but this Month and next one I have to stop some payments. Please help and let me know how to go the creditors and what I can ask TO HELP ME, WHAT should I tell them? Can I ask to freeze 2 Month instalments or just offer pay a little? Many thanks
  7. Hi All, Currently have sent out CCA's to numerous DCA's However there is one i am unsure of how to proceed. Debt in question is loan from around 2000. Defaulted early 2004. CCJ obtained Sept 04 Interim Restriction added on Land Registry Oct 2004 (Debt in my name, house in mine and my wife's). I have checked the Land Registry and the name of the original creditor is still on there - CCJ not on Trust Online. This debt has been sold on - current DCA has had it since 2012. They have never mentioned the CCJ or CO in any correspondence. Can they really chase this debt? Can I send them a CCA as there is already a CCJ for the debt. Can they enforce as there is already an enforced CCJ on the debt - I am sure you cannot get 2 CCJ's for the same debt. Surely this debt is is Res Judicata - already decided upon so the DCA cannot take it to court again. Have trawled posts for this but cannot seem to find the best way forward for this - any advice would be greatly received
  8. http://welfarecentral.org/index.php/forum-home/universal-credit/1325-dwp-admit-no-plans-how-to-migrate-legacy-benefits#5432 Want to know how you will be migrated from legacy benefits to UC, Do not bother asking the DWP, http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/444360/response/1080845/attach/html/2/FoI%204762%20reply.pdf.html
  9. I recently started a PPI reclaim on a loan I knew I had from Barclays. I have always banked with Barclays and still do. I took the loan in 1999 for £5000 over 60 months. Initially Barclays could find no evidence of this despite the repayments coming from the account I still have. I found my original certificate of PPI which included all the details including loan agreement number and photocopied this and sent it in. I'm now at the stage where they're requesting further information after reopening my case. My questions are: how can I prove I did not need PPI? My employer at the time did provide sickness pay but I haven't kept my old staff handbook or old statements to prove this. I didn't have any medical conditions and I don't think I'll have taken a day off work for the entire duration of the loan to ever need the sickness policy. So I'm stuck with progressing at the mo. Can I add I was 23 at the time and still living with my parents had no priority bills as such other than this loan. I also didn't have many savings either as a wayward 23 year old. But the further information request is asking how could I have paid for the loan if I'd suddenly become unemployed? Would my lack of savings at the time be worth not pursuing the PPI reclaim for?
  10. just looking for some info really I have recently started a das in march 2017 for a total 37k the thought of these debts still bother me all the time and I constantly think about them so looking to clear them asap really What I'm really wondering is can you make full and final settlement offers whilst on a das and what sort of percentages are likely to be accepted Also can you pay off some of the creditors to reduce the monthly payments of the das I think I can get a hold of around 50% of what I owe and keep reading about people paying off large debts for less that 50% of what they owe
  11. Hi all, Some years ago I had Halifax bank account wih big overdraft limit. Due to financial difficulties I had to use it all and couldn`t pay it back. Now I`m back on track and willing to clear that debt. Lowell has been sending me letters to pay it off, even when I moved - they tracked me down via credit referencing agency. I phoned Halifax, but they said I need to contact Lowell as debt has been sold. But I don`t want to pay any money to parasites like Lowell, I`d rather pay back the bank I took money from. 1. Can Lowell run searches on my credit file without my consent? 2. Can bank refuse to accept my money? 3. Can Lowell report to my credit file every month this debt as per screenshots below? If they carry on, 6 years never going to past and it won`t dissapear of my file. Any advice? Thank you. I have got all three credit files - Callcredit, Equifax and Experian. These are screenshots regarding Halifax and Lowell.
  12. I've just sent off (with the £10 postal order) a Formal DSAR request to 1st Crud. All info required to be supplied, including a signature was provided in my formal and detailed letter. I've just received one of their 'please fill out this 5 page form' before we are obliged to do anything, however I'm not happy with what they are requesting I provide. There is no way I am ever going to provide them a copy of my driving licence, or bank statements and I'm back on here for some advice. I've been completing DSAR requests for approx 10 years, and apart from (almost) starting legal action with BC whilst some have been a struggle to get all info from and in a timely manner most have been compliant and not made me jump through too many hoops. (Oh apart from the DWP completely ignoring me for over 2 months! Still ongoing - but I class them in a different category to the CC companies and DCAs etc). Have the rules changed? I am now legally obliged to provide any of the following on the attached picture? Considering I've lived at the same address for over 10 years, and they've contacted me for 3-4 different companies at this same address, and threatened legal action to me at the same address, and supplied alleged CCA agreements, I would think that they should be fairly confident of my identity? Can I take this route, or will they likely play up and delay provision even though I don't (I think) have to legally provide the documents they have requested I send? Thanks ME_TOO
  13. I am about to send a SAR to a health insurance Company who have prevaricated, back tracked on their agreement and generally caused unneccessary pain and anxiety before during and after an operation. Should I be able to get details of conversations, messages etc between the surgeons dealing with the Insurance company or just communications between the Company and me? It would help if I knew what to expect to get from them.
  14. Hi everyone . I want to thank everyone in advance and also apologise in advance - as I realise my questions are probably very common here, but I have very little time left and I am overwhelmed with so much info on internet , while trying to do my duties at work and as a father. Summary : 1.My debts are in the region of 4,000 for a loan, credit card, overdraft and phone account. I started missing payments in 2010 due to family separation and depression, stopped making payments and stopped contact with lenders in 2011. Meantime paid some sums, made some agreements, paid some money on those agreements, on some haven't, don't have good recollection , don't know if i owe some of the debts, if they are for correct amount, if some of them are statue barred, unfair charges etc. 2.All of debts are now being owned by various debt collecting agencies, sometimes changing hands more than once. some already started offering me full and final settlements of 50-60 %. 3. For one of the debts(Cabot, original overdraft from Halifax in region of 1000, now 1400) a court proceeding has started december 2016) -claim form has been sent to Northampton county court. Currently I haven't sent any form back to court, as i called the solicitors representing Cabot - Mortimer Clarke Solicitors LTD and they agreed to give me time until 31.01.2017 to prepare my expenditure form and make offer for repayment and/or full and final settlement upon which they said won't continue with court proceedings as it is up to them to request them. Unfortunately they refused to give me written confirmation of that (twice) which leaves me in a situation where they can decide anytime to request court decision and court won't even know I am in contact and agreement with them while issuing the order. 4. My credit report has inaccuracies- default dates are years more recent than they should be and one of the debt collecting agencies (Cabot) opened a new account with same default date and amount of original debt, but no markers that this is debt bought from original lender, which might lead to confusion this is different debt imo while accessing my credit report. What would you advise me in this situation? My first aim is to get relevant and accurate information on debts, so i know where i stand. Do I have the right to ask the dca for all the info or need to contact the original lender ? Does the dca has the right to redirect me to request the needed info from original lender or they are obliged to provide it as the new owner of the debt. Also templates I found so far are just for one issue or used long time ago. I need a template which requests original agreement, payments, any voluntary arrangements we had, so I know if i owe anything, different amount or if it is already statue barred. What should be the fee i have to pay ? What will happen if they cannot provide the requested inf o- will debt become unenforceable until they do ? Can I use that also to correct my credit report ? I am not sure what template to use for debt for which there is already a started court case - I am afraid that when i send that request to the dca in question they might instruct their solicitors to request immediate judgment. Thanks again
  15. Can anyone PLEASE offer me any advice on how he can apply descriptors to conditions? We have absolutely no idea how to apply these things? Can someone point us in the right direction? We really need some idea of how to link his condition specifically to the questions they ask you? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I need some advice as to what I should do... here are the details of my situation. I purchased in to a property scheme run by a vendor in Nov 2008 , where you pay the vendor £2000 and for this they find a buy to let property for you where the rent covers the mortgage payment , the vendor takes care of the purchase of the property, they take care of the solicitor, all the management, (renting, any bills) all bills after two years you have the option to sell the property or to continue to use their services. The Solicitor used was in this with the vendor, the valuation from the surveyor showed that the property was worth more than what I was paying After three months after purchasing the property, the rents stopped coming in I started to chase the vendor who told me they were having some cash flow problems and I will get the rents to cover the mortgage, this went on for a two to three months and soon the vendor had disappeared. I visited the property I had purchased and asked the tenant for the rent and to pay me directly, and found out that that the rent came very short of the monthly mortgage payment , I got a local estate to come and value the property and they valued it less than £120K of the purchase price. I went to the police and told them about this, they said there is nothing they can do as this is a civil case I then instructed a solicitor to investigate and their findings showed that the property was bought and sold in a very short period less than a month, where the price sold at was over inflated by 120k, without any work done to the property. I told the mortgage company and told them there is no way I can afford the to pay the mortgage, this was around June 2009, The mortgage company repossessed the property and sold it in 2010, this is where the shortfall of 110K is. The conveyancing solicitor was part of a fraud, the solicitor is now no longer around, they were an LLP and I have tried to take them to court and sue them and claim damages from their indemnity insurance, but the indemnity insurers have said they will not cover this as this was a fraudulent act intentionally done by the solicitor. Now the bank has passed the debt to a number of debt collectors , this is the third one who is contacting me. To make things even worse, at the time, back in 2008 I actually bought three properties via this vendor, so I actually have three mortgage shortfalls that I need to deal with. I have been living with a lot of stress ever since this has happened, it is really getting me down, has affected my whole life, mentally, physically, affecting my family. I feel I have been let down by the whole system, I purchased these properties in good faith, thinking this will be an investment for the future but in reality it has been nothing but a nightmare. I need to find out what I can do to stop the debt or not pay the shortfall the debt collectors are asking for. Can anyone help and point me in the right direction
  17. Hello, we have a car loan with a company and in the last 12 months we've received two email both containing a lot of attached letters that contain personal information on a significant number of people. They contain name, address, bank details, car reg details and so on. I'm a bit concerned about this as I worry that our details have gone flying around to others! I also feel sorry for the people whose details I'm seeing! I've alerted the company each time and just received an email back saying "sorry about that, just delete", very offhand about this! Is there anything else I should be doing? I'm concerned that I've received this info but more so that they're doing this and not bothered about it. Thanks for any advice.
  18. Hello I'm writing this request for information on behalf of a dear close friend of mine who is disabled. I would be grateful if anyone could give me any information on the following. I would like to ask. Is it possible, and within your rights to change your Social Worker if you feel that they do not represent your best interests? Taking into account my friend is bedridden. My friend has only had contact with the Social Worker once in the last 8 months. My friend has been in touch with the local social services and explained the reasons, but they seem reluctant to help in anyway. Can someone please advise to what can been done, if the local social services won't help? Thank you
  19. What happened was I have aspergers and my support worker to claim a SMI ( severe mental impairment) for council tax exemption. I took it to the doctor and she stamped the letter but she reworded it moderate instead of severe, but . My local council tax office said something about because of severe disability premium, ESA support group and h rate care l rate mobility means I still qualify , then I phoned the city council tax call Center they disagreed, my local one says they not specialists and she asked her council tax practitioner she agreed again that I still qualify. But nobody will tell me there details of how you get a severe mental impairment council tax exemption if it's only moderate
  20. i had a mandatory reconsideration for backdating of my JSA, the decision maker decided in my favour so i will be paid 29 days im owed. I was told by about 7-8 advisors that if they changed the decision in my favour it could be actioned as a same day payment because i've been without for so long. i spoke to the benefit centre today and they have said even though it has been ruled in my favour they have to contact the job centre regarding "labour market laws" and that it will be around another week before i am paid anything. who is correct? its been about 6 weeks now and we've been living off about £20 or less a week to feed/keep warm etc myself and 2 kids under 7 so we're desperate for this money
  21. The fun never stops eh? Although this is on behalf of a relative, not me this time. As succinct as I can keep it: 1) Relative joins nPower January 2013 shortly after moving to a new property 2) Meter readings provided - nPower setup a monthly direct debit for £65 (dual fuel) 3) Relative became aware in June '13 that account had been setup incorrectly. Relative was only being billed for electric. 4) Took a couple of days to sort and more than one phone call, but a new direct debit of £90 was setup. This included the arrears as a result of nPower's mistake. 5) In September '13, relative had some maintenance work carried out on electricity supply. Discovered during this that they were still only being billed for electricity (although direct debit of £90.00 was being sent every month). 6) Relative was eventually told by nPower that there was a serious error with their account and the issue would be escalated. Was promised a return call - this did not happen. 7) Relative called nPower in December '13 as had still not heard anything. Was advised account issue still remained unresolved, and also that the account itself was showing as circa £300 in credit, plus a direct debit/dual fuel discount on top of this. 8) No return call from nPower. Relative phoned again - was advised complaints team were handling it and would get in touch the same day. This never happened. 9) Towards the end of December '13, relative phoned nPower to inform they would be switching to another provided because she was unhappy with their poor service. 10) Relative switched to another provider in January 2014, more or less 12 months after joining nPower. 11) Relative heard nothing more from nPower until April '14; they received two reminder letters from nPower for a combined total of circa £800. One letter was for gas, one for electric. 12) Relative spoke to nPower; disputed the sum and was advised that a full breakdown of charges, payments and usage would be sent in post (they initially refused to send this unless a letter was sent in, although they eventually changed their tune). 13) Relative contacted nPower again (need to check date but think June '14). Was advised this issue would be escalated to the executive complaints team. Was also advised more reminders would be generated automatically and that they could safely be ignored until the complaint was resolved. 14) Relative began to receive (what they presumed to be) nuisance calls that were essentially just prerecorded messages. As it turned out, these two companies (Westcot and Pastdue) were actually two separate debt collection agencies instructed by nPower; each sent a letter in September '14. Interestingly, some of the information printed on one of the letters was also incorrect (e.g. account number) 15) Realising now the earlier advice of nPower to ignore payment reminders was false/incorrect, a letter was sent to each of these DCA's stating the account was in dispute. A statement was also made regarding OFT debt collection guidance (unfair to pursue when in dispute). For good measure, Westcot had their implied right of access to the property withdrawn (as they had stated they would visit the property to collect payment). Relative also filed a complaint with the ombudsman around this time. 16) Pastdue wrote back to relative confirming they had received letter. Stated that account had been placed on hold and they would try and obtain invoice showing full breakdown of balance. No further correspondence received from these guys. 17) Westcot also wrote back. Merely stated the balance, that it related to the electricity supply and provided a billing period (which was seriously incorrect!). Stated they looked forward to receiving payment within 14 days. They have started phoning relative daily once again. 18) Ombudsman rejected complaint, stating that the date from the original issue was too far back for them to investigate. However, did advise that if relative obtained a deadlock letter from nPower they can then investigate. 19) Relative wrote to nPower towards the end of October '14. This outlined the dispute, a summary of the (in)action so far and a request for a deadlock letter. Sent recorded delivery, confirmed delivered, no response so far. 20) Relative wrote another letter to nPower last week (similar to above). Sent recorded, not showing as delivered yet. Considering resending later today if not arrived. --- Other misc. information: - Relative has log burning stoves and only uses anywhere from £6-10 a month in gas for hot water. No heating of any kind (excluding hot water of course) is necessary from ~March to ~September due to property being extremely well-insulated. - Current electricity consumption averages about £45.00 a month. - nPower is instructing two separate debt collection agencies to collect a portion of the "debt" even though the account was dual fuel. As per Citizen's Advice regarding harassment from creditors: "Using more than one debt collector at a time to chase you for payment" - so does this count? - Relative has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Self representation is unlikely to go down well. - Relative has sadly not recorded all phone calls. They have however, kept detailed notes, dates and times of each phone call with nPower - including the person they spoke to. --- Next steps: Should relative: a) Just keep sending letters to nPower at £1.72 a pop until they hopefully provide the information? b) Send a final LBA to nPower detailing the harassment (if applicable), filing a small claim if ignored? c) Wait for nPower to take relative to court (if ever) and potentially claim on legal cover provided by house insurance for representation? d) Something else? Personally, given the chain of events, problems with the account and overall billing issues nPower has had recently, it would sound like they are physically unable to account for the money they are demanding. Who knows.
  22. Can someone explain me why on Experian I am only 73 points to have Excellent (at the moment i am good) AND on Equifax - very poor!!!I have the same info on both files, all correct, no late payments, no CCJ, correct addresses, register to Electoral more than 2 years . I cant understand the logic !!! I want do remortgage and at the moment I don't know what to do . The difference its ridiculous, any ideas why??
  23. HI there i am appealing a mandatory review from the ESA. Is there a form that i can use to ask for all info they have held on record about me? If there is could you post a link as i can't find one. Is there also a charge for this? \thanx in advance
  24. Hi, My mother called me last night, she had a phone call from a collection agency that's she's been dealing with, and paying. She makes payments online, and it wouldn't let her, instead saying she had to call. The guy on the line said they couldn't take any money without getting full details of her finances. She refused, saying it's none of their business. They say they can't take any money, as by law they need to get these full financial details. She again refused. The guy said it was to make sure that she is not paying more than she can afford. she retorted with "are you a ~@~ idiot? do you think i'd be giving you it if i couldn't afford it?" Her question to me, was is this a legal requirement? I said i was 90% sure they were at it, and that a letter of complaint about this both to the agency, and the regulator, should be the next step. I've advised her to answer everything they say on the phone with "this is what I'm giving you, take it or leave it" just to make sure of the 10% unsureness, can anyone confirm that this is in fact not a legal requirement? Thanks,
  25. I appreciate any help and advice I can get on my case as I feel I have hit a brick wall with Vodafone. I will try and keep the summary below brief. In short I sought to upgrade my old 12m contract to a new 12m contract and upgrade my old iPhone 6 to a new iPhone 6s Plus. I placed a pre-order, only to receive a 6s and not a 6s Plus which was delivered around 5 weeks ago now. Phone was returned promptly as possible. Vodafone charged me for the upgrade via direct debit and have yet to refund me for the returned handset. Furthermore they have not rolled back my tariff as I was advised to ask them to do, and there has been a problem with my contract dates, meaning they do not see me as being owed a new handset, believing I have already upgraded. My old iPhone 6 has been associated with this new contract and I have had problems unlocking it as a result, to this day I have not been able to successfully unlock the phone. So to summarise, I am owed £385 plus the difference of my new tariff versus my old tariff (approx. £10 for the 2 months that have elapsed), an apology for the sheer incompetent and inaccurate customer service wouldn't go amiss either. Given the time elapsed I will soon be considering legal action if not resolved to my satisfaction. Long version: On Sep 12th, 2 weeks before the release of the new iPhone I received an email inviting me to upgrade. I called customer services and explicitly placed an order for a 6s Plus and agreed to a new monthly tariff. On Sep 24th I received an email from Vodafone thanking me for my 6s order. I queried with customer services to be told not to worry and a 6s Plus was on the way. On Sep 25th I took delivery of a 6s and not a 6s Plus. I called customer services who told me I could try and return the phone to store, but would most likely need to wait for a returns bag which I was told should be with me within a couple of days. 1 week on and I had not received a returns bag. Another call to customer services revealed a returns bag had never been ordered for me, but one would be dispatched. Extremely frustrating, but this time a returns bag did turn up. It was also confirmed to me I was due to pay for a 6s Plus and not a 6s, so appeared to be a "picking error". I received the returns pack and posted the unopened box back on Oct 7th, and can see via tracking the package was signed for on the 8th. No confirmation of receipt of return was given to me, despite customer services claiming I would be sent an email or text updating me with the status. On Oct 14th I called customer services to confirm they recognised I had returned the phone, which they did. I was informed I would be charged for the phone in my next direct debit payment. I asked if, given receipt of my handset, they could reverse this charge, but they said no. I was told the refund payment would be processed within 72 hours, but to this day there is no sight of the refund. I was given the option of cancelling the direct debit payment (including the contract payment), which I declined as I didn't want to end up in a situation where I was showing a missed payment opening a whole other issue. At this point I asked for my tariff to be rolled back to my previous contract terms, and was told this would be done. On 15th Oct I was unable to make or receive calls, despite having full signal. I thought this might have to do with a tariff adjustment. On visiting my local store to home this seemed to be a network issue that was resolved 3 days later, but over this time I could not make or receive calls via 4G. No notice from Vodafone on any network issues. On 19th Oct I visited a store local to my work to check on the process of my refund, my tariff change and my showing of eligibility to upgrade. Nothing had changed despite being more than 72 hours since I was told these changes would take effect. On 20th Oct I attempted to unlock my iPhone 6 which was now past its 12m contract date, only to receive an email saying I hadn't yet paid 3 months worth of bills on this device. It then became apparent my old phone had been linked to my new contract. A further visit to my work branch saw me have to repeat the sorry story again, and this time the sales rep sent an email to "HQ" telling them what needed to be done. I saw him type the email and it covered all the necessary points. Despite promising to keep me updated, this individual has not contacted me once with an update. The manager local of the branch local to my home has called sporadically but hasn't manage to resolve any of the key issues. On Oct 27th I sent a recorded letter to Vodafone head office, detailing the above points, requesting I wanted the above to be rectified; a refund for the handset and the excess tariff charge, to be able to upgrade my phone and to be able to unlock my old phone. It has been a week now and the letter has still not been signed for. I cant recall sending a recorded delivery letter and it not being delivered within a couple of days. I called customer services last night on 3rd Nov, explained my story again and was told it takes 72 hours for a refund and they had been promising this for nearly a month. I told her I had written a formal letter of complaint and would be seeking further action to recover monies that I am owed if not resolved, to which she hung up on me. Throughout this process customer service has been atrocious, plain and simple. Lies is a strong word, but it would appear I have been told false information on numerous occasions. No one seems to be able to help, and no one I have been able to reach in the company has any authorisation to override what is a relatively simple mistake, and a mountain has been created out of a molehill. I have spent hours on the phone to 191 and would estimate the average wait time is about 45 mins, and on more than one occasion I have been cut off. I will not hesitate to proceed with a small claims charge if need be. Vodafone have been quick to take money from me, and slow to refund, and have not refunded when they have said they would have. This has caused me some financial inconvenience as I have had to move money around to cover this handset charge that would usually be offset by me trading in my old handset. I would be extremely grateful if anyone with sufficient authority at Vodafone could contact me to resolve this (if this person even exists), and to also receive some advice on how I would prepare a case for a small claims court and what I should be looking to claim for. I would need to take a day off work, so would seek cost associated with this too. Beyond the financial aspects, I would like to receive an apology from Vodafone, for what is their error, but yet I am the one having to chase all loose ends to try and get a resolution. Thanks for taking time to read.
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