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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I am considering applying for Industrial Injuries Benefit but I am finding it difficult to get any evidence of the accident I had. The accident was way back in 1990 (February) and I am unsure if records are kep’t this long by an employer. My GP has records of the treatment I received after the injury but nothing that states that it was a work place accident. I already qualify for PIP (lower rate care & higher rate mobility) because of the injury I sustained and the effect it has on my daily life. Would my claim be accepted without evidence to support it was an accident or would the benefits adjudicators just refuse the claim ? Any advice greatly appreciated. Nic
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice please. I was off on long term sick from work four years ago. I was asked to come into work for a sickness case conference and while I was at the meeting a traumatic event occurred which resulted in serious mental health issues and me recently being diagnosed with PTSD. I wanted to check if I would be able to put a claim in for Industrial Injury Benefit as I was off sick at the time. Also should my employers have logged this officially anywhere Thanks
  3. I broke my ankle at work in 2004, Due to medical negligence was forced to walk on said ankle for 5 years whilst still broken, so then needed multiple operations to address this, which never accomplished anything and will be on painkillers for the rest of my life and am unable to work due to this. Question 1) Can I still claim for this as it has been over 12 years. Question 2) if I was stopping in the isle of wight at a hotel for work, and I sustained the injury after work hours, but was only on the isle of wight to work, can I still claim iib for the injury? Thank you
  4. HI, I got dismissed recently and I was wondering if I have to go through the company's appeal procedure or can I go straight to industrial tribunal? The basis of my appeal/tribunal is that I have been treated completely differently to other employees in the same situation and that management have been highly inconsistent. I complained about a manager and since then management have done their hardest to get me sacked. Another employee with exactly the same complaint against them and a proven history of defrauding the company (something I haven't done) hasn't even had any warnings. I don't really want to appeal as I wouldn't work for this company again if they paid me double. If I won an appeal could I then walk on grounds of constructive dismissal and go to tribunal?
  5. I rent an industrial unit. It is purpose built, and not connected to any office, retail or residential space. I have used a propane space heater there. My landlord says this is unsafe, and against the terms of the lease. I can challenge the 'unsafe' accusation by showing that the gas is used and stored in accordance with all regulations and suppliers guidelines. I am less certain about the lease. It does not mention bottled gas specifically, but... "The Tenant will not store at or bring to the Property an article, substance or liquid of a radioactive, combustible, inflammable or dangerous nature." There is no doubt that propane is flammable. But then so is a piece of paper. Am I being unreasonable?
  6. hi everyone, ive just been advised to take a hearing test after working in the print industry and the automotive industry so my question is if I won any money through a claim would my benefits be affected ? im on income based esa high rate so would any money won be deducted for my benefits as my pension now does ? many thanks in advance.
  7. hi ,just a simple question ,ive been awarded IIB at 40% for life what does this actually mean ? am i now classed as disabled?
  8. I have severe tinnitus and partial hearing loss from a job in the construction industry many years ago. I fell into submitting my details to one of the companies on a no win-no fee claim process and am awaiting a hearing test at present. However I'd like to know if that's the only way to go about a claim. I know that there's going to be a significant fee percentage if I win and would rather just do things myself but don't how to get a hearing test and proceed from that point. Any advice welcome
  9. BACK IN 1985 I WAS AWARDED INDUSTRIAIL INJURIES DISABLEMENT BENEFIT FOR LIFE .at 49% disabled .i forgot to put this on WCA form
  10. Hi, my neighbour has just received a letter requesting that they attend an ATOS medical for ESA at the end of the month. Only 2 weeks ago they attended and were awarded x amount % for industrial accident benefit. Surely they won't have to for another pain staking medical when they've only just had one. Seems pointless but of course now it's a long weekend they can't contact them to find out. Has anyone else had or heard of this before and had to attend a second one in such a short space of time?
  11. Hi, Can someone in the know advise me please.. My partner had an industrial accident at work going back in 2010 for which he applied for IIDB. He sustained an incarcerated inguinal hernia for which he had to have emergency mesh repair surgery and he then developed post surgery chronic left groin pain and tenderness in the pubic tubercle(osteitis pubis.) The benefits centre wrote back and agreed that the accident was an industrial accident. They awarded him a loss of faculty and was assessed as 2% disabled for life. However,he was not awarded any benefit because his assessment was less than 14%. My question is can he apply for IIDB again as his circumstances have changed? His groin pain has got progressively worse over the months and is now undergoing pain management at a hospital clinic. The consultant anaesthetist at the clinic has just recently given him an ilio inguinal nerve block injection which only gives him temporary pain relief and has a follow up appointment in January. The groin pain restricts his daily mobility in terms of his personal care,walking,preparing meals etc. He needs help and assistance with these tasks. Does he need to make a fresh claim or does he need to fill out the 'change of circumstance' form? Many thanks for any advice.
  12. Hi Everyone My partner had an accident whilst at work 14 months ago and now she as been told she is all but retired, this will mean she will lose out on 11 years earnings amounting to around £550,000 gross. without any increments or promotions added. This would be in addition to her other injuries. She as also lost 20 years of memory and the family problems that's created.for her. She suffers constant pain in her head and neck. We approached our Household Insurers who agreed for our local solicitor to act on our behalf and the other sides insurers have accepted liability. She attended an assesment by a consultant some 6 weeks ago, but our solicitor has not received the report and seems reluctant to chase the consultant for it, so we are no closer to actually establishing a claim. Is there anything we can do to get this claim completed sooner rather than later and try to get our lives back to some form of normality, living on benifits is very hard and our arrears with the mortgage and utility companies are growing. I have trying to sell my specialist equipment and tools used in my trade to help pay the household bills, can this be reclaimed from the othersides insurers? I feel if we went to specialist accident solicitors now, we would be landed with a big bill from our current solicitor, isthis correct? Any help and advise would be much appreciated. Thank you
  13. Been contacted by a company that can claim compensation for loss of hearing due to industrial noise. Went to the session today and they found that I had some loss. After signing various forms I came away rather shell shocked. Has anyone had any experience with this.
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