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Found 6 results

  1. I had an Indesit washing machine delivered on 10th November but when I went to level it for use, I discovered that the 4 rubber feet were missing. I have called their helpline, messaged them on facebook, posted on their facebook wall and emailed, yet I am not receiving what I need. They sent 1 single foot 3 weeks ago and then promised to send the rest on next day delivery, they sent me 4 springs. I was once again promised next day delivery and I got 1 more foot!! I don't know what much more I can do and it's really stressing me out. I have a family of 5 and not washing in this weather is driving me crazy. I really hope someone has some advice for me.
  2. Back in February we bought a fridge freezer from our local John Lewis store. We noticed around June that there was an excessive build up of ice on the back of the fridge. We called out the engineer and he said it was normal. He also showed me where the ice goes when it melted. We then noticed in July that the ice was melting and the water was landing/dripping onto food on the shelves beneath it. I sent another email to JL and they arranged for the engineer to return - his response was that because of all the fridge magnets on the front of the fridge door had caused the door to become misaligned, due to the weight of all the magnets, preventing the door from sealing properly! I did have to laugh ! What a pathetic excuse. Ironically, it was the same engineer who came before and hadnt said anything about the magnets then ! Hmmm ! I have now told the store that I am now exercising my rights under the sales of Goods act 1979 to either repair or replace the defective fridge freezer. However, should this fail would I have any redress from the bank as I used my debit card to pay ? How long do you have before you are no longer entitled to claim ? thanks Dean
  3. For anyone who has not received a letter , please visit http://www.hotpointservice.co.uk/dishwasher-model-checker/
  4. For anyone who has one of these and not received a letter about it then please visit http://www.hotpointservice.co.uk/dishwasher-model-checker/
  5. Our dishwasher packed in yesterday. Someone took a look at it today and concluded that the circuit board was fried, and since this would cost around 130 quid to replace we were better off just buying a new one. Needless to say I'm not happy, especially with my bloody mother-in-law who was the one who highly recommended Indesit (it seems everyone else in the world says stay clear of Indesit). The dishwasher is just over 2 years old, and it wasn't a particularly expensive one, so I guess I'm stuffed? Had it been more expensive, I could presumably have argued (SOGA and all that) that it should be expected to last longer than 2 years. Any thoughts? Edit: Actually, price-wise, it's not the cheapest. My model (IDF 125) currently sell for around 250 quid.
  6. Ive had a hotpoint cooker for years and in Nov 12 it broke down. I couldnt afford a new cooker so close to Xmas so called Hotpoint to book an engineer to come and fix it. I was on the phone for ages, it appeared to be an offshore call centre, very noisy and the man I spoke to - his English wasn't great. He spent most of the call trying to sell me limescale preventer for my washing machine! He even put me on hold without any notice for over 2 mins and said he was speaking to his manager to give me a very special deal on it! At which point I got a bit short with him and told him that I just wanted my cooker to be fixed and nothing else. Anyway, he said it would be £135 and this would come out in 3 x dd payments starting Jan. Great I thought as I wouldnt be hit with a large bill just before Xmas. So I gave him my account number and sort code to set up the DD. Anyway the engineer came, it took a couple of visits to order parts and fix it but it got done and I had a working cooker in time for Xmas. The Jan came and went. Start of Feb, I was checking through my online banking when I noticed they hadn't taken any payment yet. Literally the next day I get a letter from D&G about my warranty on my cooker being auto renewed in March. I was confused as I didnt realise I had taken out a warranty, thought I was paying for a repair. So I called D&G on the number given. I was waiting ages (over 16 mins) but was so relieved when the lady on the phone spoke English. However, she was really rude! i explained that I didnt understand the warranty as I didnt know I had one and she didnt explain it very well and got quite arsey with me. Then when I told her no payments had been taken she said that i had given them the wrong bank information (which I know I didnt) and very sarcastically " that worked out well for me for Xmas". She told me just to leave it if no letter had been sent to chase for payment. I told her I didnt want to do that and I would rather pay for it straight away. So she took my debit card details - strangely though this time she said the payment was £125.88. She confirmed at the end of the call that payment had been taken and my following years plan had been cancelled. Great, thats is what i wanted. That was on 12 Feb. Yesterday, I got a letter from Indesit saying I have not paid, it has been referred to their Admin company (ARC) and if I don't pay within 7 days, I will incur a £30 admin charge!! I checked my bank account and the money has not been taken! Im livid! I plan to call the admin company tomorrow to arrange payment (again!) but what can I do about Hotpoint letting it get to this? Not to mention my time and cost wasted on the premium rate lines. Thanks
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