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Found 10 results

  1. Last year on 24th August we switched providers and signed a 12 month contract with BT for supply of land line plus broadband. However this morning in my inbox was an email notifying me that there was a price increase of £2.50 and that this would be implemented from 1st April. Can they do this and is it a get out of contract if they impose the extra charge? As below Hello, We wanted to let you know that the price you pay for your broadband and calls will be going up on 2 April 2017. We've put the changes into a simple table for you below. Even though some of your prices are increasing, you won't have to pay any extra for your line rental as we're committed to keeping it at the same price for the whole of 2017. Here's how we're making your services even better Get even more from your broadband with the exclusive offer we've put together for you. Just visit bt.com/myoffer and log in with your BT ID or Account Number before 1 April to find your exclusive broadband offer. See how your prices are changing. We simplified your bill. So on your first bill after 2 April, you'll see one charge that includes your broadband, call package and line rental. We're committed to keeping your line rental at the same price for the whole of 2017. Prices that are going upOn 2 April 2017 your monthly price will increase by Broadband and Calls£2.50 Your discount ends on 24 August 2017. After this, you will pay the standard price of £47.49 (this price has changed by £2.50) including Line Rental. Please give us a call when your discount ends and we will make sure that you are still getting the best value. Unlimited Anytime Calls add-on£0.49 Prices that aren't changing On 2 April 2017 your monthly price will change by Line Rental £0.00 If you've got other services that aren't showing here, don't worry. It means those prices aren't changing. Standard prices for calls that aren't included in your Calling Plan are increasing on 2 April 2017 as follows:• Calls to UK landlines and the Access Charge for calls to Service Numbers will go from 11p to 12p a minute Calls to mobiles from your landline are going up from 15p to 16p a minute. (But if you have the Unlimited Anytime Calls plan, you'll pay half price with a change from 7.5p to 8p a minute) International calls from your landline are increasing from 45p to 46p for countries in Band A, 75p to 76p for Band B and 135p to 136p for Band C. Visit bt.com/international for more information The set-up fee for calls will go from 19p to 21p a call. Pay-Per-Use features From 2 April 2017, the price will increase by Call Return 1471 #3 or 1571 #0 (per call) 1p If you haven't already, take a look above to learn how we're making your service better.
  2. Hello, We want to re-mortgage our house finding better deal with diffident lender and on the same time increase amount taking Money to do some improvements like change windows, doors, rendering etc... My Questions are: Can we increase mortgage with different lender? (Our house price increased over 30% from the time when we bought it) Will the Lender ask to provide estimates for work to be done from Contractors? Doing re-mortgage how much Broker's fees are? Thank you
  3. Hi Guys, Please can somone offer any advice to a County Court Claim form received from Northampton County Court. P.O.C stating :- The claimant is the assignee of a debt from HBOS Card ref number XXXX Notice of assignment having been given to the defendant in writing. Despite demands for payment XXXX remains due. The claimant claims XXXX and interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 and costs. Not sure if Carbooters still monitor the forums so I don't want to reveal too much info, but originally I batted them away some time ago when they first contacted me in 2008 informing me that they had "bought" the account. The account in question was put into dispute with BOS over charges in 2006, and had not been resolved from then. I requested from Cabot then copies of credit agreement and enclosed the required fee, that was duly returned to me uncashed - I still have this. It took them 2 months and 2 weeks to contact me with a photocopy of my application form bearing my signature and a photocopy of the T's and C's. Also included were copies of my acount transactions on unheaded paper not showing which bank etc it related to etc. I also recieved a letter from Halifax telling me that they have given me notice of assignment in respect to the balance due. The strange thing was to me it did not look correct as the X in the Halifax logo was black and all letters that I had dealing with them - the logo was blue. Also as with all business letters from banks and these institutions, there is normally an address to respond to or phone number. On this letter it was signed by a "Euan McPherson" no other contact details. I decided to keep the letter anyway because something did not sit right with it! Fast forward and so I started to get a million phone calls each day from Cabots, these I batted away because a) I don't like them b) they were threatening and rude c) I had a hard enough time trying to stay afloat with redundacy looming. Fast forward to 2010 and after constant phone calls, one day I inadvertantly made a token payment to them, I guess it was my moment of weakness - they kept bugging me - some may know what it's like! - but then I re-read the forums here and realised that I may had been duped by them! I decided from then not to talk to them - I issued them with a Telephone Harrasment letter and ignored all calls. Soon everything stopped - until I started getting letters from their Solicitors - threating courts etc. I recieved the court papers this month and simply acknowledged the claim online. I now have some time to defend myself - so here goes and also so that I am clear and not missing anything :- a) What papers do I request from them and under which CPR do I need ? b) Do they have legal claim ? - I refer to this as I did not recieve a copy of the Deed of Assignment from HBOS to Cabot, which raises my point about the colour of the logo on the LOA that I do have. Would this be genuine? c) Statements sent could be from anywhere bank or could be reconstituted. They have not mentioned this in POC? d) Are they allowed to claim interest on this ? My credit file has two entries now for the same debt. Is this possible or can one be removed? I acknowledged the papers to give myself time to think and construct a good defence to get this struck out so any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi hope you can help About a year ago I discovered that SWALEC had increased the price of electric and gas on my bill without notifying me of this change. When I discovered this I contacted them and the representative said he was going to refund me the amount i had overpaid and put me back on a lower tariff. This didn't happen. In the meantime i've been dealing with a personal tragedy and have only just found the guts to face them again as I have gone from paying £30.00 per month to £105.00 in the last two years. :mad2: I live alone in a small house that has a very efficient heating system (underfloor heating downstairs) two radiators upstairs. I don't have a dryer or a bath (just a shower). I pay more for my little set up than my friend who runs a big four bedroom house, two bathrooms, dishwasher etc! I contacted SWALEC recently and made a complaint, they told me this : " We have investigated your concerns, I understand that you tariff wasn’t changed on 23rd October 2014 because the advisor you spoke to has noted that you were given a projection on prices however were going to consider your options and then call back. Since then we hadn’t had any records that you had called to change your tariff however I understand you had thought on the call on 23/10 that in fact you had changed tariff on this date. When changing a tariff we do have to go through terms and conditions however this was detailed in the note. Douglas has looked at the difference between the tariffs and I can confirm that if you had changed on 23/10/2014 you would have saved £23.90 on the gas and £29.20 on the electric, however we have offered £100 goodwill instead due to the fact your tariff wasn’t changed and you advised you were never informed of any price changes since your account opened. Please advise if you wish for me to add the £100 goodwill payment? Dougie will call you on Monday 14th December 2015 to progress your complaint". I am totally confused And feel completely overwhelmed and victimised by this company According to SWALEC I am in debt to them by so much that the £100 goodwill payment will leave with about £20.00 Is there anything I can do Thank you for your time.
  5. I was Googling today and found 2 stories which can be found here http://recombu.com/digital/news/tv-license-fine-rises-to-4000_M13268.html Forget it says about TV licensing in the title read the thread further down the link , the Government is proposing to increase motoring fines in 2015 to a horrible amount "Other financial penalties being increased in the same proposals include those for motoring offenses. Speeding on a motorway will soon attract a maximum fine of £10,000, whilst breaking the speed limit on dual carriageways will attract a fine of £4,000" Any thoughts please
  6. Hi all, unsure whether this belongs here or another forum area so please move if needed I noticed something this morning on an item I've had in my Amazon basket for a while. It was priced at £250 for a couple of weeks and the same item was the same price in Argos, John Lewis and even Halfords was similar (Couple of pounds more) What seemed like seconds before todays lightning deal kicked in for that item, the price went up to £268 and the lightning deal kicked in @ 30% off RRP. To me RRP was £250 and from what I can see, the item was increased in price for the deal. If I remember correctly, shops used to do this before in-store promos and was deemed either wrong or maybe even unlawful though I may be wrong here. Online chat was pointless and they just maintain prices go up and down but I find it too much of a coincidence it was increased seconds before the deal. Deal still means it's cheaper than JL but it's more the morality of it. What do you think? Looking too much into it? cheers
  7. My son got an overdraft on both his Lloyd's TSB accounts. He was getting the overdrafts increased on a weekly or more often basis with no problem. He then went to see about getting a loan to clear off the overdraft to let him start again. At the same time they gave him a credit card. He wasn't paying the loan, or credit card or overdraft. At the same time he had a few payday loans Wonga, Quick Quid etc. we have managed to get almost all sorted out now, only a little on the card and the loan is being kept up to date. I am angry with him but also with the bank. They saw the payday stuff on his account so why did they keep going with this. They only made it worse. This was going on for a couple of years till I found out about it last year. Can we claim against the bank as what they were doing was irresponsible.
  8. Is there a thread on the increase that O2 have imposed from23/1/13. I would like to cancel my contract, as I find this disgraceful that they can just hike the cost of the tariff, what next? I am on a 2 year contract which ends Feb 15.
  9. I received a letter today from Bank of Ireland informing me that although the base rate hasn't changed in almost 4 years, they've decided to increase the interest rate on my mortgage anyway. My mortgage is one that tracks at a fixed percentage above the base rate (they call it the 'differential'). It's this differential they're increasing. They say they're entitled to do this. Are they? I've had this mortgage for about 11 years. If they are allowed, would there be any point trying to argue/barter/threaten to leave?
  10. Plusnet are increasing their charges in the middle of my year long contract which seems very unfair as I signed up for a year at an agreed term so should they not honour the agreed charge for that year?
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