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Found 2 results

  1. Vodafone case ref: WRT135 [#10937250] This is a bit long winded so bear with me my fellow Forumites. On 12th June I decided to get a 12 months contract with Vodafone. I went online and chose Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for which I paid £149.00 upfront fee. However, within an hour I changed my mind and used their Chat facility to inform them I needed to change the phone to iPhone 6 64GB. I was told I'd have to cancel the contract and take a new one. I asked them to cancel the contract. I was told I'd receive an email within an hour confirming this. After 2 hours I called them as no email was sent and was told that the contract had not been cancelled. I explained everything to them again over the phone. I was told everything was sorted. Within an hour I got an email informing me the phone (Samsung) was dispatched! I called the yet again as I got really angry as they unnecessarily sent the phone that I'd have to return anyway. A lady managed to contact the delivery company and the phone was delivered back to their warehouse. I thought that was that on 13 June I took a new contract with them with the iPhone. I waited a few days and on 24 June I called them to check whether the £149 upfront fee and £59.00 contract fee that I was charged had been refunded. I was told nothing had been actioned. I was assured it'd be sorted immediately on the same day I got a txt message to say that the refund of the aforementioned fees was processed. I waited the 10 working days I was told it would take when I got no refund into my account I called them again. I was told that even though there were notes on my system that the refund was to be processed it wasn't. YET another person assured me it was going to be solved. A few weeks later, on 12 July, I got a bill for £569.20!!!!!!, which included the fee of £59.00 (the expected contractual monthly fee) AND the full value of the Samsung phone that I had never received! When I called them they didn't know why instead of getting a refund of £149.00+£59.00 I was being charged for the phone that I'd never had in my hands! After half an hour I was told the bill was changed to the correct fee of £59.00 and that the £149.00 was going to be refunded back to my account and the other £59.00 was to be credited to my vodafone account, which I ok'd. 2 days later, on 14th July I just called them to check if the bill had actually been amended because if it hadn't and If they were to take such a large amount out of my account I'd be in trouble (I'd go out of my agreed overdraft limit). Guess what, I was told this wasn't processed. It took me another half an hour to explain and I demanded a text confirming that the refund was going to be processed and that the bill was amended - I received the text. Today, 21 July, I receive a weekly statement from my bank and see Vodafone have just taken £569.20 (£59.00 of which was for the monthly contract, which I shouldn't have been charged if it had been, as they said, credited into my Vodafone account!) out of my account and no sign of the refund! I was also informed by my bank that I would now be charged £5.00 for overdrawn day! I called them again this morning at 8.30 and yet again they didn't know anything about the refunds or why I was charged this amount! I was supposed to receive a call by 1pm and it 3.23pm and no call from them. I don't know what to do but I'm thinking of going to the police to see if theft charges could be made! Could anyone help please and Vodafone are just useless! Thank you!
  2. Hi, sorry in advance if I am posting in the wrong area. I am currently suing T-Mobile for the difference between a mortgage I was refused and a mortgage I received due to an adverse credit rating. My Credit Report has only one payments from T-Mobile and the rest of it is A+++. The reason I did not pay the final bill was because it included an incorrect charge for "early cancellation" of my contract. I gave 30 days notice, they claim I didn't. I only paid after I received a letter from a debt collection agency (all this happened 2 years ago). I then sued T-Mobile for the full amount of the incorrect charge plus cash for lost time and phonecalls. They settled out of court and I assumed that was the end of the matter until I was refused a mortgage for a buy to let property due to this "missed" payment. I eventually received a mortgage on the property from The Woolwich but the difference between this mortgage and the better one was about £2,000 over 2 years. I have an email from my mortgage broker stating the only reason for the decline of the better mortgage was the default from T-Mobile. I contacted T-Mobile and asked them to correct my credit rating whilst I stalled on the purchase of the property for 2 weeks. They wrote to me and said they would correct it as a matter of urgency..........they only corrected it after 3 months. I then took the Woolwich mortgage and started my claim against T Mobile for the difference and had a preliminary hearing at court last week. The judge was a a typical type and said my case was that I had been "badly done to" I said I thought it was more than that and he said it all needed to realte to law and not fairness...........T Mobile's lawyer was obviously thrilled by the Judge's attitude and she also managed to get the judge to allow her an extension to getting her paperwork in as she is on holiday for a few weeks! He also reduced the length of the full hearing from 3 to 2 hours at her bequest and also accepted that she had not received her allocation questionairre and so was reinstating her defence (this had previously been thrown out as she had not filed everything on time. I was pretty demoralised after the event to be honest and do not know whether it is worth continuing. I need to decide on wht grounds to make my claim through law..............as far as I am concerned they incorrectly billed me so I had every right to stop the payments and they should have corrected my file but what part of law that is I have not got the foggiest although data protection and also one of the consumer acts might be useful. I would just like to know whether anyone thinks I should carry on with this, I want to, but feel everything is stacked against me...............thought the small claims court was the small man's court not yet another lawyers domain! Anyway many thanks for any advice/words of wisdom offered.
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