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  1. Hi, I am disabled and my wife is my full time carer.l receive ESA and my wife receives carers allowance.We have been trying to understand the figures HMRC have sent us regarding our tax credits. My ESA is income and contribution based (l rang ESA and asked how much is income based and how much is contribution based but l was told they couldn't give me those figures). I have my P60 which says my ESA benefit for the year was £7,783.68 and the taxable amount was £5,842.61 The letter from HMRC regarding our tax credits says my ESA taxable benefit is £7774.50 I was told that HMRC only take into account a certain amount from my ESA as it is income and contribution based.l just wanted to know if something isn't right with these figures.Should the taxable amount on the P60 match the taxable amount on the HMRC letter. Thank you
  2. I work casual hours, and my partner claims income support to top up the wages, some weeks I don't work. Over the last 12 weeks I've worked out that my average wage is £40.15, I did this by adding all my wages together and dividing by 12, hopefully this is right. I have sent my wage slips in. We are told that only entitled to £42.20 a week, we went on turntous and this told us we should get £53.45 per week, but have been told this is wrong as they only disregard the first £10 for couples, but we were told £20 last time as my partner is a carer, any ideas please i'm lost and looked it up and told loads of different things, and they just saying its £42.20, and to top it off they suspended it as they didn't request the wage slips an forgot to ask for them (even though we send them every 6 weeks)
  3. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help, my claim for income protection has been declined. I have appealed but couldn't see any reason for the insurers to decline the first place I have been diagnosed with depression. Please see the reasons below: 1) They rejected claim without seeking any medical evidence from my doctor 2) They applied a deferred period even though they state it is a linked claim 3) During Rehabilitation Sessions (which turned out to be Claim Assessment Sessions) the specialist was more interested in gathering information to build a predefined conclusion to my absence other than my symptoms I would be grateful if anyone can help with the following: Does my employer have a duty to ensure the claim is assessed fairly Does my employer have a duty to litigate against the insurer Can my employer sack me before I get a decision from the Financial Ombudsman Thanks Ad
  4. Hello all, Had to guess as to the best place to put this as a bit of an odd case this: A year or more ago I took out Income Protection Insurance with Trent services. On May the 3rd 2018 I was told -totally out of the blue- that I was to be made redundant. Last week I received a letter from Trent services saying they were going into administration but a new company was taking over from May the 9th so I needn't worry. The issue is that my "incident date" as they call it, is six days prior to that and therefore, although my claim is legitimate, it can't be/won't be paid. The old company has no money to pay it. The no one won't accept responsibility and my employers can't change the date of my redundancy because of potential audit repercussions. This puts me in a pretty dangerous situation as I have only just committed to a new mortgage (two hours prior to redundancy!) Is there anything I can do? Thanks all Ali
  5. I've recently written to all my creditors stating that I have been in financial difficulty, and requesting as a temporary measure they accept a reduced payment and freeze charges and interest. I then followed with another letter including an income and expenditure form. As my income has fallen, 50% of household costs and priority debts leaves me with no available funds to make payments towards unsecured creditors. I'm able to make an offer of low payments because my overall household income will allow it, although my partner also has unsecured lending etc as well. One loan creditor has replied to me with the following:- Thank you for your income and expenditure, from the information received you have a deficit of £xxx/month so we are unable to come to an agreement to accept a reduced repayment due to the fact you have no affordability. I would suggest you now take Independent Financial advice with such companies like Step Change or CAB In refusing an offer of payment aren't they effectively pushing me to complete default as I can't manage the full payments? In which case we would have to go to Court and they wouldn't be awarded anything anyway? Thanks in advance
  6. I was on income based ESA in the support group. I just got a letter today, 29 Mar 2018, dated 23 Mar 2018 that my ESA will be cancelled from 27 Mar 2018. Reason: You have not paid or been credited with enough National Insurance Contributions. We have based the tax years ending 5 April 2011 and 5 April 2012 to assess your claim. What confused me is that I was claiming JSA all through those tax years. I thought JSA credited NI payments? Also, in the same letter it says: We will still credit you with National Insurance contributions while claiming Employment and Support Allowance. So, I am confused. How can I run out of NI payments on income based ESA in the support group? There are absolutely no instructions what to do next. They cancelled my ESA 2 days before I received the letter so I have absolutely no income provision. What are my options? Will my housing benefit be cancelled and I am made homeless again?
  7. Been reading through the forums about how to manage debt and one thing seems to remain constant in that you work out your income and outgoings and then make an offer to each of your creditors telling them what you are prepared to pay each month over xxx amount of time. That's all well and good but what do you do when you have no income at all or so little income you can just about afford to pay your rent every month let alone anything else. What route do you go down with that one? A little background: My wife had a job in the city with a good salary and that plus my income meant we could pay everything on time and all was good. My wife then became quite ill and could not work and has been like that for the last 6 months. This left a whopping great £3k per month hole in the finances. I managed to plug that for a few months but then my own work dried up and now I am struggling just to make the rent and feed us every month. Right now, as of the time of writing this post we have absolutely zero money at all and huge pile of debts to pay...plus rent of course. So given that situation, how do we deal with creditors? I have a CCJ by the way and have already missed the deadline for last months payment, by a couple of days. I did write to Lowell to explain the situation but of course it's entirely at their discretion whether they enforce the court order or not. My wife bank did give her three months reduced payment on her loan so she only had to pay £1 per month for those three months however they also said they would not load interest on for that time but they have so her debt has already increased by another £1000 and climbing! Also that arrangement has come to an end and despite writing to them several times they have not come back to us (RBS). So what do you do when you have zero finances and need to deal with creditors?
  8. Does lending money to a friend create a legal contract..
  9. My partner has some debts with a council for Housing Benefit Fraud, long story, none of it pretty. The council went to the county court and obtained an order for recovery. Cue the arrival of the bailiff the other day. To his credit he recognised she was vulnerable (she's pregnant and bankrupt). So he told her to email in and let them know what he said. They replied today with a form asking for income and expenditure. Now my question is thus, does she have to detail my personal income and expenditure? The debt was long ago, long before we got together. I am not responsible for paying her debts (she was the subject of serious domestic abuse, both physically and financially which is why she is in this mess).
  10. Hello, My mom has just received a letter from Atos asking her to telephone to arrange a medical (within 2 days of receipt of letter). Now my mom is in no state to be calling them, we are dealing here with severe mental health issues and she doesnt speak to anyone, she doesnt even know we have a letter! She has recently been referred to the Mental Health Team and we are awaiting contact from them. When the questionnaire arrived, a local agency helped me complete the form on my mom's behalf and they said she will need a home visit if a medical is needed. The Job Centre recently wrote regarding a 'back to work' meeting, I called them and explained the situ and they called me on the day of my mom's appointment and I explained to them that my mom could not speak with them, they were great and said they would do the same thing next time they needed another one of these meetings. y worry now is, how do I handle the telephone call when I ring Atos, any suggestions. I notice on another thread that maybe I should have enclosed a letter with my mom's questionnaire asking for details of the 'qualified healthcare professional' who is assessing my mothers questionnaire. Any help is greatfully received.
  11. Hi, I live with my husband, we are both self employed, I had a baby in September and receive Maternity allowance. I was also receiving Working Tax Credits and Child Tax credits, around £80 per week. My husband is currently quiet with work so we asked the council for rent help, they told us they can no longer help and we need to apply for universal credit. We did this (horrendous application system!) and in the meantime our working and child tax credits stopped, we were never informed this would happen, i wish i had just left it as it was. We were relying on that money and now it has just stopped! We both had a job centre interview yesterday which is part of this ridiculous process and my husband has to go back yet again with business details. He only earns around £5000 per year , they basically want to see if it is worth him running his business, if he earns enough, if not they will make him look for other part time work - how on earth can he do that around a self employed business that is on demand (ie it depends when his customers want him!). This is all if we want to claim universal credit. So, i assume they will say he does not earn enough and will have to find other work....we do not want to do this so my question is, if he says no to looking for other work, will we just get no help....even with a new baby. Am i correct in thinking that £5000 per year approx will not meet their requirements? Just wanted a little bit of advice before we see them again. The whole new system is ridiculous, i have worked and paid tax all my life yet when we need a bit of help we have to fight for it, yet people who dont want to get a job, try their hardest NOT to get one, receive all the help there is out there!!! Any advice appreciated
  12. Hi When I was at university as a single mum, I claimed income support, which you're entitled to do. This was back in 2001-2004! The DWP have contacted me a couple of times over the years saying I fraudulently claimed and didn't declare I was a student. I absolutely did and in any case I would've still been allowed to get income support. They have now written to me to say they have asked my employer to commence deductions from my earnings. The debt is over £11,000! My understanding is that a debt becomes statute barred after 6 years so are they allowed to take this form of action? Ive appealed their decision twice over the years and they've dismissed it, the last time they didn't even look in to it, my bet is because they don't have the paperwork anymore!? I dont actually owe them anything, it clearly says in law that you can claim income support if a student and a single parent so I don't understand it! Can anyone help? Thanks
  13. Hi. For the last 3 years, I've been the carer for my wife. Through unemployment, we have a joint ESA claim. Due to unemployment, I had the spare time to look after her, and did as I imagine any partner would do. The claim is in my wife's name, we get £280 a fortnight, as she was last put in the work related group, although her advisor believes she should be in support... But we need to wait for the next medical, and the people doing that have previously failed her 3 times with 0 points, before we went to court each time and they found she should have scored between 10 and 16. Anywhooo, it's a struggle. We recently had a friend, who was also on ESA. She lives alone, but has a partner. She got put in support group, and got enhanced disability, despite being far more capable than my wife of working. She gets £140 for that a fortnight, and gets a total of more than £100 than us. We asked at the CAB about what help the was for us, to see if my wife was entitled to more help and we were told to apply for enhanced disability and carers allowance. We did this 4 weeks ago (told it will take 9 for carers allowance to be checked). Enhanced disability, I phoned them for a time frame, and got told flat out that my wife was entitled to nothing. Because I'm not getting PIP (my wife does) as I'm her partner, and look after her, she is entitled to nothing. So I asked for their advice on what to do, to which he said don't bother with carers allowance. Because of I get it, at £62 a week, they will deduct £124 a fortnight from my wife so we end up with no difference, just a load of hassle? Is this true? I knew some of the £62 would be taken, but I thought you got an extra £30-something as a carers premium? So you do actually end up slightly better off? It's confused me now, and I don't know if it's with just cancelling it, to avoid the hassle of the benefit being split, deducted, etc. From what the disability premium guy said, it sounds like being in a relationship is a punishment, especially if you choose to be your partner's carer If it does work out better for us though, how much is back pay entitlement? It'll be 10 weeks from claim date by the time it is awarded, if we get it, but can it go further? We're a bit annoyed really, because our advisor knows I've been my wife's carer for 3 years, and not once has she mentioned the extra help we could get, that apparently we should have been able to request all that time ago
  14. I got a letter from Barclays income insurance which is "Short-term" But I have been paying this for many years, Is this a form of PPI?
  15. Well another thread.Looking around saw a few articles on this idea and thought i would pop the idea on the forum. On this fine,sunny,crispy Monday morning in Spring to start the week off. Seems to be gathering momentum worldwide.Or the idea of. A bit rushed,maybe not that clear but a start that is all,i will find more articles as time goes on. But have a look around and have your say on what you think. Some say if companies were to invest massively in new machinery,many of our jobs could vanish. Saying the price of employing cheap labour is far cheaper than the modernising of companies,factories and the rest. But this will surely happen as time marches on. Robots are poised to eliminate millions of jobs over the coming decades. We have to address the coming epidemic of "technological unemployment" if we're to avoid crippling levels of poverty and societal collapse. Here's how a guaranteed basic income will help — and why it's absolutely inevitable. Whether working or not you would receive a basic income. Now how much the benefit system costs in this country i do not know,but obviously most of this would vanish i would think. How Universal Basic Income Will Save Us From the Robot Uprising. http://io9.gizmodo.com/how-universal-basic-income-will-save-us-from-the-robot-1653303459 So as i look around this idea seems to be interesting many countries. Paying all UK citizens £155 a week may be an idea whose time has come Introducing a basic income guarantee would be costly, but it could be the answer to a lot of different problems http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/12037623/Paying-all-UK-citizens-155-a-week-may-be-an-idea-whose-time-has-come.html Canada plans to experiment with giving people unconditional free money http://uk.businessinsider.com/ontario-announces-basic-income-plan-2016-3 Finland Finland is considering a radical plan to give everybody free money http://www.techinsider.io/finlands-plan-to-give-everyone-free-money-2015-11 Switzerland Will Hold The World's First Universal Basic Income Referendum What if everyone got a guaranteed $2,500 check every month? How would society change? http://www.fastcoexist.com/3056339/switzerland-will-hold-the-worlds-first-universal-basic-income-referendum Have your say,i am sure many will, i hope.Anyone there,of course there is. Come on in and have your say.
  16. Hi all, I received a letter yesterday from Rossendales saying I had to pay almost £3300 within 7 days due to HMRC saying I owe for overpaid Tax Credits from 2009-2010. I disputed the overpayment at the time, as HMRC wanted proof of my childcare costs and I was in dispute with my childminder at the time for an incident with my daughter where I removed her from their care and they refused to give me receipts, saying their paperwork was with their lawyer as they were going to do me 'for slander'.... I explained this to HMRC and said I couldn't provide the receipts. Haven't heard anything for at least 4 years now, and all of a sudden I have this letter from Rossendales saying they are collecting it. My personal circumstance has changed massively since the dispute, I am now married and a homeowner, however I am currently on maternity leave which will become unpaid after the end of February, where my only income will be my child benefit (my husband wants me to stay at home). Question one - if I have no income myself, what can I say to Rossendales? Question two - will they take my husband's wage into consideration? I wasn't living with him at the time of the supposed overpayment and the debt would not be his. Thanks in advance
  17. Hi, I'm disabled and live with my parents. I claim IR-ESA and PIP, my mum gets Carer's allowance for looking after me my dad is approaching retirement age - he's on contributions based ESA, and receives a private pension from the job he was medically retired from. My question is - when I eventually get moved over to Universal Credit, will my ESA amount be affected by my dad's income? I don't think it should be, as it currently isn't I'm under the impression your parents' income has no effect on your entitlement. Hope someone with better knowledge can help me out!
  18. Hi, My partner and I are considering moving in together. I am currently on Income support as I am a carer. He is currently on Income support as a single parent to a 1 year old. If we moved in together, could we claim Income support as a couple or would he be expected to change to JSA or something else?? Thank
  19. Hi Under the new laws I see that fines are still allocated as a percentage of your weekly income. I was just wondering if anyone knows how this is defined for a student? The only money received is through loans and grants with no part time work. Regards Lewis
  20. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, I have spent many hours going back through statements and other related paperwork. I have kept every scrap of paperwork so have proof of everything I refer to below. I would appreciate your help in what to do next. I have tried to summarise events as best I can. The things that stand out to me are the Mortgage Protection & Income Protection did I really need both and that Norwich Union would pay the bank commission for arranging the policy. There just seems too many Critical Illness/Life policies at this time the total we owed around this period was about £45,000. Looking at it now it just seems over the top. I am no expert and will stand corrected obviously. I would really appreciate it if someone would take the time to have a look through and advise what I should do next if anything. If there are any questions then I will do my best to answer them as soon as I can.Thanks in advance. Regards Will INCOME PROTECTION, ENDOWMENT POLICIES, CRITICAL ILLNESS, LIFE POLICIES 1984- 07.10.08 CIS Cooperative Insurance Policy Number xxx6695 This was the Insurance policy against Endowment Mortgage account Number 40-xx-xx xxxx2998 (xxxx8196) Interest Only Mortgage Guaranteed Death Benefit/Target Amount on maturity £19,000 CIS Premium: £39.06 15.08.94 Midland Repayment Protector IPT will increase your MRP premium from 1.10.94. your monthly premium £10.47. 20.09.95 Midland Life Mortgage Endowment with Critical Illness Benefit Plan xx4339R To be issued by Midland Life Limited on the lives of Myself and Wife. 1995 - 2006 Cover £10,000 Term 11 years Monthly Premium £60.30 03.10.95 Midland Level Term assurance policy with Critical Illness for Me sum assured of £52,054. On a Single Life basis for a term of 18 years. Policy xx9914L-01 1995 - 2013 £34.06 per month. 03.10.95 Midland Income Protection for Me after 26 weeks Premium £11.52 per month. 03.10.95 Norwich Union Healthcare will pay Midland Bank commission for arranging policy. 01.12.95 Norwich Union Healthcare Safeguard Income Protection Policy Number Insured me xx8593Scheme 26 wk DP/IND Link Monthly Benefit £518 Premium £11.52 10.04.96 Midland Mortgage Repayment Protector (MMRP) Insured Person Me Policy Number. MBRP xx9966 Monthly premiums £8.70. 04.09.1997 Midland Life Policy (Joint Policy)Mortgage Protection Plan with Critical Illness and Permanent and Total Disability Benefit Policy Number xx9542B Insured Persons Myself and wife Amount of Life Cover £10,500 decreasing over the term of the policy. Commencement Date 02.09.1997 Expiry Date 02.09.2007 Premium £13.68 20.10.2000 Norwich Union Healthcare Safeguard Income Protection Ref xx8593 (HSBC-was Midland 31.10.95) Commencement Date 01.12.95 Monthly Benefit £575 Premium £ 21.53 April 2005 HSBC Letter Mortgage Repayment Protector Policy MBRPxxx849 To say that the policy is administered on behalf of the Insurers by FirstAssist Insurance Services Limited, future DD will be collected by FAIS Limited instead of Royal & SunAlliance, w/c 22.05.05 12.04.06 HSBC Mortgage Payment Repayment Protector Policy Number MBRPxxx849 Monthly Benefit Increased from £550 to £1,300 Monthly Premium £77.22 (27.04.06) 20.10.09 Aviva Income Protection(see 03.10.95) Midland Bank/Norwich Union Agent Name HSBC Bank Plc Policy Number xx8593 Premium Monthly £32.67 Payment Due Date 01.12.09 Monthly Benefit £733
  21. How to fight / complain about a council Norwich city council / Norfolk county council (both names on letters) that you believe are idiots and or committing fraud Actually in credit (£35) with rent account and council tax as we pay shortfall ourselves... but I'm a carer for 1 of 2 of my autistic daughters and my missus works for fixed salary with no chance of overtime ever.. so you'd think h/b and c/t benefit would be fixed. Not a chance when missus worked 5 days a week we got around £10 per week h/b, now same job but 3 days only, as original job holder has come back from maternity. we got just £1.10 a week ... no sense or reason. Asked for written explanation from council, both verbal over counter and via telephone, 6-8 weeks later no response. we have done and have receipt for change of circumstances from November ( 5 to 3 days work ) from council. now April time and suddenly we got a letter from housing officer with projected housing benefit from council (not the council ) saying they would be paying £55 1 month, £97 the next month and then £45 the month after that.... problem is we have a paper debt of £538 rent arrears. This I sorted myself and it's purely a computer error from projected h/b to actual h/b received (i.e council say gonna pay £100 but only pay £40 so a -£60 debt occurs on paper but not in account as we pay short fall) I've done the letter requesting a detailed written breakdown of all housing benefit since claim beginning - ignored ( 6- 8 weeks now) asked for a review of it - nothing but recalculates showing different amounts every week! ( just the standard letter -no explanation ) I've phoned and read from council letter saying please ask for a detailed breakdown made very clear this was what I was asking for - the response was I can only print off letters you have already received !! how do I fight someone who basically knows its wrong but wont admit it? who is the person to complain to in charge of h/b or higher? would SAR's and / or L.B.A ? be next step?
  22. BIT OF BACKGROUND... ..I have lost a court ccj against lowell, I tried twice to have it set aside, first time despite evidence that a ccj had gone to empty property not mine, (found 6 months later) letters from 3 neighbours stating long standing postal problems the judge at county court chose to not believe, only skip readed one, second time i tried to get it set aside i had a solicitor on it, he said that lowell had no deed of assignment and had not followed correct procedures on four counts, judge chose to ignore and said couldnt overturn first judge and was not familiar with my case, and to pay lowell. Also that i simply could not keep appealing/attempting to set aside... Lowell also had a student solicitor whom the courts refused to name at the first application to set aside, I believe that student had no right of audience, at the second attempt to set aside, their rep pretended to be a law lecturer, (was actually from an agency) actually verbally tore into mine outside the court room, and was very intimidating. Highly unproffessional, When i sought his name to make a complaint the court refused it simply saying they had only a reference number for him.... HOW IT STANDS NOW... My solicitor recommended that I offer lowell a token monthly payment. This I have done and am about to post it only to be told that my PIP is NOT counted as income, but only my ESA is. Before I alter my forms of exp and inc, can I clarify this point. Many thanks.
  23. I am starting this thread on behalf of my brother who desperately needs some help. He should've been on Group Income Protection by September however due to his bad health he never chased that up. He was then invited to attend a functional capacity assessment on behalf of insurer in January which itself was around 4 months later than when he should’ve started on income protection. He gave in his 200% in that assessment to a level that he ended up being with swollen legs and pain for next 2 weeks to follow. His illness started around March last year when he was getting bullied at his work place which caused him work-related stress and depression. The bullying continued and that lead him to a stage that he experienced paralysis symptoms in left side and lost strength in left side of body and he ended up being hospitalised. Subsequent tests and check-ups, physiotherapy (neuro physio), neurology consultants after thorough diagnosis ruled out stroke (luckily) and diagnosis were work related stress that caused his functional hemiparesis (losing strength in left side of his body). During this time, the management were still stressing his through different means while he had been off sick as a result his stress and depression got so out of control that it triggered Schizophrenia in him including hearing voices and hallucinations. Things like not being around for the family and being unable to carry out day to day activities worsening his condition and since then he is in care of Mental Health team. After a month, he received a letter of rejection quoting my brother doesn’t fulfil definition of incapacity and his claim was getting rejected. The basis of rejection was they believe there is no evidence of medical condition causing significant impairment in function and his reporting is inconsistent and unreliable (even though he disputes). They cited clinician believed there were number of inconsistencies in my brother’s reporting and his ability of walking and standing during formal testing were inconsistent with his reported left side weakness (even though he pushed himself over pain barrier to carry out these activities). They used around 1-2-day surveillance on him which was done approximately for around 1-2 weeks prior to his assessment and they quoted that surveillance showed him walk and stand unaided whilst grocery shopping and grip items and grocery shopping bags which doesn’t indicate functional loss. Even though they agree there is evidence that he used walking stick and displayed uneven gait throughout surveillance footage. He maintains that the bags referred to were very light. He also says that he doesn’t do these as day to day activity however on that particular day he was severely depressed as this shopping even though caused him physical pain but he did that as it gave him distraction and mental reassurance that he is not a burden on others. Now his mental health condition has further deteriorated due to further stress hence I am helping him with this and he has been given 90 days to appeal against this decision. I wish to get advice on following: 1) What should be his first steps to challenge this? 2) Given that he is physically incapacitated (as per treating doctor, physio and consultant) what weight does assessment from functional assessors carry when they say he is not functionally incapacitated considering they are paid by the insurers? 3) Does just lifting some light grocery bags justify him not being incapacitated? Even though he says it is not one of his regular activities and he did that to fight his depression and it caused him significant pain and distress? Considering that even they mentioned that surveillance shows him using walking stick and maintaining uneven gait throughout the surveillance footage) 4) Even if we ignore him moving with support and with uneven gait for the sake of argument agree with insurers no functional loss argument does high degree of depression and Schizophrenia including voices and hallucination not constitute incapacity considering his job involves high physical activities and care? 5) Considering he was supposed to be on Income Protection in September was it a fair practice from the company to get his evaluation done in January (approximately 4 months later)? 6) Is assessing someone nearly 4 months after they should’ve been on Income Protection good indicator how their condition was 4 months ago? 7) What should happen for the time between when he was due to be on Income Protection and till they assessed him? Any help is highly appreciated
  24. Hi all. My wife (28) and I (40) are looking to get income protection should one of us suffer ill-health. Please can I ask for any advice on what potential pitfalls to avoid or any other tips? Also, is a price comparison site a good place to start? Thank you.
  25. First of all, thanks all for contributing to this forum, your time and efforts are highly appreciated! I have received a Final Decision (rejection) from my employer's Group Income Protection insurance (UNUM) I have asked my employer to appeal UNUM's decision through the FOS (as I am not the policyholder) but they have declined to do so and refused to send me a copy of their T&C with UNUM. I am still off sick with bipolar and anxiety disorder and my claim is roughly around 16k£ Any suggestions? I feel like my only recourse at this point is against my employer
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