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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm hoping to take on the HSBC as they are crippling me at the monent with charges on top of charges.
  2. I am a carer for my disabled wife. She receives high DLA for both mobility and care, she also receives ESA in support group. I receive carers allowance(for being her full time carer) and Income Support. My question is simple, would my wife be allowed to cancel her ESA claim,(thereby losing her ESA money) then me contact Income Support and claim this for both of us?(Thereby increasing Income SUpport payment by the same amount she has lost) Would there be any financial loss or gain to do this? Would it be straightforward to do, ie Make phone calls, fill in forms send them back. Thanks in advan
  3. Hi - I need advice regarding any rights I may have; following DWP decision to cease my Income Support Payments? Received DWP letter this morning, advising me that as from 08/05/2013 they cannot pay me - for failing to return A2, sent to me on 26/04/2013. I contacted them immediately, explaining that I had in fact completed and returned the A2 form to them on Monday 6 May 2013. On checking, they advised me that it had not been received by them and were going to issue a duplicate A2 to me via post. I queried the fact that they had mad a decision to stop my Income Support Payments,
  4. Help / advice urgently needed please. My situation is this. I moved overseas some years ago with a partner who left me shortly afterwards. Unable to speak the language, get work etc over there, I put the house on the market and returned to the UK (2010). I claimed Income Support as a lone parent and declared the house so that everything was above board. I had to provide the sale doicuments to prove that i was actively trying to dispose of the property, and intended to remain in the UK. All was ok until this week when the benefits seem to be doing a complete overhaul of everyone I have
  5. I received a requisition to appear at court on Wednesday. I noticed at the time that my DOB is listed completely wrong, and made a mental note to find out who to contact. This morning, I received another letter in the post, but hadn't noticed it had the wrong name on the front. (Was half asleep, and trying to deal with a four year old at the time) This time, it's been issued to my address to someone I've never heard of, for 8 days after my court date, in the next county. This time, it has my DOB on it. The address and DOB are mine, but the name and charges aren't. What do I do abo
  6. Hi I am attempting to return to work when my maternity pay runs out, I have found a job thats only 4 hours a week so I will have to claim income support. I will be earning £27 per week, will this be deducted from my income support or will I be allowed to keep some of it Looked on gov website but nothing! thanks
  7. long story edited highlights ... My mother claimed income support and council tax benefit in March 2010. The IS was turned down so appealed and reclaimed IS which was successful on second claim. The CTB was paid from when IS was successful. The IS appeal was successful and payments back dated to March. Council will not backdate council tax even though IS was received for that period. They have now issued summons for CT to obtain a liability order with the view to make deductions from earning / benefit or instruct bailiffs. Council has been phoned and the benefit
  8. both letters are are dated 11-8-11. the income support letter says... "i'm writing to tell you that your recent change in circumstances does not effect the amount of incom support we pay you, however there may br future changes to your entitlement. this may be because of future changes you have told us about, the uprating of benefit or changes in deductions from your benefit." the mortgage interest payment letter says... "because there has been a change in your circumstances we have had to change the mone we take off your benefit to pay the interest on yor mortgage." thier p
  9. Hi, Really hope someone can help me, i have been claiming I.B. since August 2008 due to mental health, I suffer from severe depression, panic attacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, suicidal thoughts and actions. All this stems from years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse by a now ex partner. I am on several medications to combat all of this, but unfortunately nothing makes it better or makes it go away even for a minute! I recently went for a pca which shortly after found i had been failed on, reading the reasons on the form shocked me, and the person who came with me (as i ca
  10. I'm in desperate need of some advise from someone, I have searched the Internet for hours trying to find a case similar to mine but I haven't managed to find anything that's helped. Sorry for the length of this but it's a complicated story. I suffer from social phobia, panic attacks, depression and self harm, because of this I am unable to work and clam benefits. I receive dla, hb, ctb, and income support. In 2008 I moved into a flat with my boyfriend, at the time he worked full time and I had just started to receive DLA and IS a month or so before we moved into the flat (we were n
  11. hello, I'm hoping someone on here can give me some advice. It's quite complex. I and my husband have been in receipt of income-based JSA, having not paid enough class 1 contributions (partners in a partnership-based company for the previous 25 years). We are receiving MIP, although not yet had a letter to say how much this is being reduced by under the interest rate changes. I have been awarded DLA at higher rate mobility & middle rate care, due to long term chronic autoimmune diseases. Following advice from the JC+, some months ago I filled in a JSA 6 and have been handing in m
  12. Hiya, I'm sort of asking for advice on behalf of my mom. I'll start from the beginning so I'm sorry if this is long! My mom is with her partner- he is divorced from his ex-wife. Her partner is her carer, they receive DLA, carer's allowance, a small bit of income support (which is his) and incapacity benefit (which is my mom's). Her partner has always been a hard worker until he had to care for my mother as her health has deteriorated, they put in a claim for income support to help pay the rent etc. Not long after they sorted the claims out, the Government contacted them and said they wo
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