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Found 7 results

  1. Government signals commitment to improving bus access for wheelchair users READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-signals-commitment-to-improving-bus-access-for-wheelchair-users
  2. Which? don’t think that you should have to read endless pages of baffling legal jargon just to make sure there are no unwelcome surprises in a contract. Earlier this year Which? launched a campaign to simplify terms and conditions. The Government has now announced that it has started a review of complicated terms and conditions, including a call for evidence. The Government hopes to reduce the risk of ‘nasty surprises’ hidden in opaque or lengthy T&Cs. This could involve fining businesses that don’t comply with consumer protection rules. http://press.which.co.uk/whichstatements/which-response-to-bis-announcement-on-tcs/ The Government is seeking views from the public, consumer representatives, businesses, trade bodies and regulators on how terms and conditions (T&Cs) can be made more user-friendly and on proposals to introduce fines for unfair terms. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/improving-terms-and-conditions Consutation closes on 25th April
  3. Hi, A few years ago I ran into some debt and as I was young(er) and stupid, I have sort of buried my head into the sand for a while. I then tried to put it right and while going through financial problems I have managed to get into some sort of agreement with the lenders where I pay £10 a month. The debt is as follows: - CapQuest Finance - Default Balance £5,572 - Default Date 27 February 2010 - paying £5 monthly - Lowell - Default Balance £1,876 - Default Date 29 January 2010 - this debt arrived from a Argos Card - paying £10 monthly - Barclaycard - managed by Westcot - Default Balance £5,170 - Default Date 31 July 2010 - paying £10 monthly I would really want to improve my credit file and become more responsible with how we are handling our finances as in a few years we would like to look into getting a mortgage. I know as things stand I have zero chances of getting anything but would like to understand what can be done to improve my odds. While I cannot afford paying it all off, my grandmother has died recently and my grandfather is willing to sell the house and move into something smaller. He is willing to help me pay some of it, probably I will get £5-6k IF he manages to sell and downsize. I would like to know if from your experience, do I have any chance of getting a full settlement offer accepted with any of these companies/lenders/debt collectors? I was on the phone with someone from Westcot today and they have advised Barclays will accept £3,300 as a partial settlement, but the Default will still show on my file for 6 years? Can someone please explain what to these 6 years changes mean? Would the debt be erased from my file 6 years after the default date (i.e in case of Barclaycard on 31st of July 2016) ?! Because each month there is a D added to my credit file and I really can't understand what it all means. Or if I was to settle that debt this month it will take 6 years from now on for it not to show on my credit file? I do apologise if I sound confused, truth is I am new to this and ..confused Anyone's input will be really appreciated. Thank you!
  4. I have recently a number of loans (some aged and some more recent) by either settling the full amount or agreeing a reduced figure but my credit rating doesn't seem to have improved much. The only debt I now have is a credit card which I pay regularly and also my overdraft. However my credit rating is only showing as a Fair rating of 747. I have checked my experian report and there is nothing on there that is negative so I thought my rating would be higher than this. Is there anything else I can do to improve my rating as I am wanting to apply for a joint mortgage with my husband in the very near future? Thank you
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong form. I am looking for some advice on how to repair my credit score. I have defaults on my account (experian and equifax) and some late payment markers. These are all around 2 years old from when my work reduced my hours meaning I had to go on a Debt Management Plan. I am now £7000 in debt which will be paid off in the next 12 months as I am now in a position to pay £700 per month through my DMP. I have got a Jacamo account with £2000 limit (this has been increased over the last year from £300). I also have a Capital One secured card with £200 limit which gets paid off every month and I have recently received my Vanquis card through the post with a £500 limit on. I simply have these 3 accounts to prove I can pay my bills on time every month and that the defaults on my account weren't due to me not being bothered to pay them. Credit score is 576 on experian and 242 on equifax. Any advice or best practice to get this score up? I have 63 credit searches on my experian however, I have set myself a challenge to not have any more searches on my file for 12 months. This should surely add some points to my score when they all drop off?
  6. Will having the council tax on my name improve my credit rating? Will having bills on my name improve it? Is there anything else I can do please? I am on the electoral roll and have a first direct cc which I am paying off by DD, and also have a virgin mobile contract, so far. Plus a current account from the COOP bank. (cash minder) Many thanks Mariann
  7. Im just looking for some advice as I have a bad credit rating. In 2008 somebody on this forum said, if you buy something from any of the JD Williams catalogs and pay it off in full when the statement comes in they will keep on putting 0's on your credit rating indefinitely without having to make another purchase. Is this correct? If so I think it will be a very good easy way to improve my rating. Thanks in advance to all you helpful people.
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