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Found 9 results

  1. Hello I bought 20 toys from someone on ebay. We arranged a sale outside of the auction site as I only wanted 20, rather than the 50 the seller was selling (as a bulk lot). They cost about £100. When they arrived, one toy was completely different to that of the agreed list. I notified the seller straight away and they said they would look at their stock and get back to me. They never did, I started a PayPal claim for £5. The seller then emailed me asking why £5, I said this was the price paid, divided by the amount of goods bought. The seller did no respond. Upon waiting for PayPal's time scale, I escalated it to a dispute for the full amount (£100). The seller did not respond, despite regular emails from PayPal to do so. After the time limit, PayPal awarded me the full amount refund. The seller has since contacted me and asked for me to "please pay for toys" I have not responded. Within days, they had begun finding me on Facebook, contacting me through ebay, and now finally they have written to me (recorded delivery). The seller has no interest in sorting it out in the beginning, which is why I applied for a full refund. i am still in possession of the toys sent. I originally said I was happy with the other toys (as I still am) and happy to receive a partial refund (of £5), why am I not re-paying? The seller had every opportunity to respond and help resolve the situation but didn't It is only since PayPal refunded that they are now fully into action. The details of the letter are: Stating they will be taking me to a small claims court (already threatened this by email/ebay messaging). Interesting that the CAB website states the usual (and reasonable) amount of time for this is a calendar month. The seller has given me 7 days from the date of the letter, so 6 days after I received it - not exactly "reasonable". Charging me postage for the letter they've written. £1 per day of interest, starting the day I received the full amount back. Charging me for any legal advice they may need to seek. Charging me for the cost of sending this to a small claims court. The seller states I proceeded "without notification" to make a claim for the full refund, when this is not true. The initial PayPal claim was for £5, but as this was ignored, I escalated it to the full amount. From what I can see, PayPal emailled the seller on numerous occasions. The timeline from PayPal is below: 26 Feb 2016 - Buyer: Dispute opened 26 Feb 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer 26 Feb 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to seller 1 Mar 2016 - Buyer: Dispute opened 1 Mar 2016 - Buyer: Dispute escalated to claim 1 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer 1 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to seller 8 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to seller 12 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer 12 Mar 2016 - PayPal: Email sent to seller I have italiced the dates in which PayPal contacted the seller. What are my options now? I plan to respond, by letter (although I may email the letter instead) asking a number of questions as to why the seller did not bother to mediate when they had the chance - and even now, they have not asked me to repay the £95 - just going all out and telling me this and that. Sorry, I know it has been a long post.
  2. Hi, I’m new to your forum, and I’m need of desperate help. My friend Is coming up to my two year deadline regards Atos/ Maximus (I understand it’s not Atos anymore?) so I am completely out of the loop. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He suffers from many of the below from aged 25 years old *Severe drug use amphetamines cocaine, alcohol for 20+ (Drug use stopped 18 months ago) medication for alcohol and drugs given *Severe Depression been on-going for 20+ years, antidepressants, medication- (but increased due to father dying suddenly 3 months ago and his elderly mother mom having a stroke recently. – His drinking has gone through the roof 60+ units a weeks at least. *seen Councillors for drugs and drink for almost two years, up until a few years ago .*Severe Social anxiety/ and before that extreme agoraphobia- major most severe problem that he was written off work for- 20+ years *Bdp – (made worse by face damage) body dysmorhpic disorder – on-going Also BDP worsened by mugging in 2007 -Resulting in an operation- (MAJOR OP.) (8 years ago) Maxiofacial reconstruction- facial reconstructive surgery- This was two 4 hour operations that were botched within weeks of another and then another massive operation - Zygomatic osteotomy 3 months later - 15 hour op, 8 surgeons. (Traumatic MENTAL recovery took 18 months) Has on-going hernia problem, operation was pencilled in and missed twice over three years due to on-going mental health issues Left Knee operation probably required (ligament rupture and miniscule tear in cartilage of left know) and possible lesser in right knee- missed appointment through on-going mental health issues- anti- inflammatory, pain killers given Weakened Achilles tendons, possibly causing altered gait, causing knee issues- cannot run and limps. Gastro- stomach problem (collapsed a few years ago- symptoms never followed up as discharged himself from hospital due to anxiety- consultant arranged op for hernia- never went BACK FOR SCAN These things are all facts but the psychological issues were accepted and written down by THE gp (AND ATOS) but were never followed up by a psychiatrist -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. He was written off to such an extent that (Atos twice over a 4 year period attempted to get him into an interview and he DIDN’T EVEN NEED TO ATTEND THE INTERVIEW AFTER THE DR WROTE TO ATOS *BOTH TIMES) The last appointment request was two years ago (august) and the letter provided by that same GP at the time meant Atos left him alone. But time could be running out! The dilemma really is this: 1 his original doctor left to go back to the USA. He was progressive and understood the situation! 2 He has since failed to find/ trust any replacement DR at that clinic, he virtually never attended the clinic unless it was, hernia, or knee related or injury related; maybe 5 times in the last two years, Worse he gave up thinking about a future Atos appointment until recently, and because of the way he hasn’t attended interviews, EVER, we don’t know what his current (ATOS) situation is! I.e. SUPPORT GROUP ETC 3 we are guessing that Atos will send him an appointment soon? (But feel we have left it extremely late, if the timing is correct) As mentioned previously, the last call up was two years ago, which he didn't need to attend, due to the intensity of his Dr's letter (august two years ago) It would seem that Atos are no longer company that runs this situation. And we are unaware of new guidelines in terms of new appointments. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My uninformed approach is to: 1 Get him to see a new GP consistently over next three weeks (providing that is the time Atos /Maximus) send him an appointment and build up a rapport with that GP? 2 then ask for a letter of update? 3 I have spoken to the clinic and the manager and they are willing to get a printout of all medical records and all previous correspondence with his old good GP to send to Atos /Maximus but this will be two years old. Would that still help? 4 if we do manage to see a new GP (patient friendly!) And build up a good rapport and then get a more or less updated full report? 4a would it be best to DEFINITELY get the (possible impending) appointment in august delayed somehow, and if so how would we go about this? 5 I suppose most important question is the two year gap a problem? 5a would ringing Atos to find out his current situation be positive or would that just remind them and hasten the process 6 does the two year medical rule still applies in terms of being served an interview notice? My MAIN questions are- 1 what is the criteria required to pass the ‘Atos’ medical or indeed in my client’s case not need to attend. Are they the same as before? Is there still a two year reapplication rule for a medical? What’s forms need to be read or groups can one be placed in nowadays? 2 will it be now difficult to ‘prove’ my clients illness, due to the fact he didn’t really see any new DR’s in the last two years, in a capacity to dealing with the psychological issues or at least attending consistently - i.e. he has been ‘off the radar?’ 3 the length of time between a GP letter for Atos, almost two years ago) and now? - a patient can’t just turn up to a NEW GP and demand a letter to write him off work for two years. 4 any important info needed for the current system/ company Maximus? Is there any more information that I need to know to pass on to the current GP he is about to see? 5 any links to information and help/ professional forum or otherwise as I’m running out of time to help this person! Has it been left too late? 6 is it essential to bring proof ALL proof of, physical injuries that have affected him, i.e. hernia, knee, face x-rays, letters appointments, etc. and that some of these injuries that would have also affected his mental well-being. For instance the massive op on his face? Maybe getting a personal letter from his surgeon even if the op was years ago? You have to remember my client is ill and he’s going to have to approach a new GP, and ask for a letter? I have been advised by the manager of the clinic (who is not a GP) to see the DR first and explain all issues so they can get to know the patient. INSTEAD of just asking for a Dr’s letter, as this may seem manipulative to the GP? I am loath to offer any advice that could possibly hinder my client’s success at an appointment or (preferably an abstention from a medial interview in the first place!) Finally I am not personally an advocate- Are there any private advocates or free ones that you can get that thoroughly know the maximus/benefit medical interview system? So they can go with my client? And can you point me to a guideline for passing said interviews. As stated before through my client has had letters that have meant he has never needed to attend the previous two interviews! Would this still be the case? PLEASE HELP AS IT’S URGENT ON BEHALF OF A GOOD PERSON IN A BAD SITUATION.
  3. Hi all I wanted to seek your advice in how to present myself in an impending probationary meeting. I was informed today I would need to have a meeting with 2 team leaders in my department (my current one and my previous one) because I have been late 4 times in the last month. This is my first month and the first 2 times were in my first 2 days, which I will admit is very very bad. But on all of the 4 occasions they weren't more than 5 or 6 minutes, and the last 2 were only by 3 minutes. Furthermore the 2nd time I was late it was because I had not been given a security pass at that point and so was trying 2 or 3 different stairs to see if I could get up without a security pass swipe. Whereas the most recent 2 times was because I got a flat tyre on my bike (I cycle to work), which in spite of that I was only 3 minutes late on both occasions. In addition to emphasising the fact that otherwise my attitude to work has been professional and I haven't taken any holiday or sick days yet, I also feel that on 3 of those occasions I was late I had also genuinely made a big effort to get in on time despite circumstances outside my control. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and what would you advise? I was told I can ask for a colleague or union rep to attend this meeting, should I ask for someone from the HR department to also attend?
  4. Hi all, we regrettably took out a secured loan of £6500, (which included broker fees etc.) with BF in 2007 to help deal with other debts. a stupid thing to do but at the time were in financial difficulty and thought it was the best way out. our loan period ended september 2012 at which time we were informed that we still owed £3949. to say i was gobsmacked was an understatement. yes we again got into difficulties with repayments but made sure we paid the arrears as soon as we could, {we were never more than 3 months behind } in fact we paid back more than the missed payments, missed payments amounted to £2136, the total we paid by other than the direct debit arrangemnet was £2288. I realise that charges were expected but the amount is staggering. plus the insurance block policy thing has left us with the huge balance. i tried to negotiate with them over the charges and made an offer of £75 per month while we fought the charges. to this day we never recieved any acceptance or rejection of our offer. I wrote to them was to ask for my account balance to be reset to show that the loan had been paid off and just outstanding fees and charges were due, also disputed the amounts charged, i.e. letter and phone call charges. obviously this was rejected and stupidly we stopped making the monthly payments after 3 months. i carried on writing and disputing till July 2013 when we didnt get any replies, just demands and statements. 2 days ago we were hit with a repossession court date for January. can they actually succeed in repossession for charges and fees ? we are obviously extremely worried at the fact of possibly losing our home plus there is no way we can afford a solicitor and are a bit confused as to how to answer the defence questions. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated but primarily, we need to find out if they can actually repossess over just added charges, and what are the chances of them succeeding at the first hearing.
  5. Hello, I would be grateful if some advice could be given regarding my situation. I am currently applying for a visa at the UK Home Office. However, they have just informed me that my visa application has been put on hold due to impending prosecution charges by South West Trains DRU. The Home Office has provided me with the summon reference and that I am charged with "Travelling on railway without paying fare on 29/09/13." I do not recall having received any notification of this from South West Trains. However, I do recall the incident on the morning of Sunday 29th September 2013: I was traveling with a companion. As we were in a rush to catch the train, my companion ran ahead of me to purchase my ticket. He purchased a zone 1-6 railcard with a Young Person's discount for me. We took the train from Kingston to Vauxhall. At Vauxhall, I was requested to show my Young Person's railcard. I then realised that in my rush I had left my wallet at home and my railcard with it (I do actually hold a valid Young Person's railcard). These details were all meticulously noted by the ticket barrier officer in his pocket notebook- at several points I had to dictate the line of events. Following that, I was let through the ticket barrier. For the remainder of my journey, I purchased the same zone 1-6 travelcard, but without any discount. I would like to settle this out of court and as soon as possible so that my visa application can be processed. Already I have not been able to leave the country for over 6 months, and this has affected my work. However, I do not have a letter of notification from South West Trains and therefore do not have any contact details. I have called IRCAS, and have been given a number to the prosecution department of South West Trains. But, for the last 3 working days that I have called them, I have been unable to reach anyone. There doesn't appear to be an answerphone set up either- I just get a message telling me to try again later. Does anybody know how I can get in touch with South West Trains regarding this? Thank you
  6. Hi all, I've researched well into this and think i know the answer but a very brief overview; The girlfriend has received 2 letters at her parents' address (formal demand and notice of impending action) from Past Due. They're standard letter formats. The debt amount is fairly small but in three figures with a service provider (TV/broadband etc) whom she cancelled the contract with around 3 / 4 years ago. At the time she cancelled informing them that she was leaving a relationship and also that address. They advised that the account was settled and that she could cancel the DD (verbally, we have no written evidence) - which she did. We are assuming the debt is for the previous address but can't be 100% certain without further evidence. She doesn't know how they found her and is obviously very concerned by the whole thing. As are her parents. I see a few options; 1) standard 'prove it' letter 2) ring Sky to get further info 3) ignore the whole thing for now (ideally not this option as her folks will go mental). Thoughts on the best way to proceed? We're going to check her credit report tomorrow. As another note they have spelled her first name incorrectly. I'm not sure if this has any bearing though. Thanks
  7. Impending homelessness (family) We have been renting for the last 6 years (having moved 3 times during that time from one rental to another as a result of rent increases). On each occasion we have moved via an estate/letting agency. We have been in our current home for the last 2 years and have been asked to move by the owner as he wants to sell. Fair play. 2 months notice was given by him and we have spent the last 5 weeks looking for somewhere suitable. My first shock was how much rentals have gone up in the last 2 years (approximately 150-200.00 more a month). The second shock was ‘set –up fees’ – some agents asking for 10 days rent on top of fees and a deposit, making the average money required straight away £2,650.00 The average rent here is £1250.00 – 1300.00 for a 3 bed place. I’ve looked further afield but travel to work would take nearly 3 hours on public transport The biggest shock, however, was to discover (yesterday) that we have absolutely no hope of renting anything. I have recently acquired a CCJ in respect of a former housing association property I rented. I left it, over 11 years ago, but my lodger remained. The HA was informed by me (they telephoned me) that I wouldn’t be returning but they seemingly allowed the lodger to stay as the rent was being paid, and did not remove my name from the tenancy. A few months ago the housing association tracked me down and told me I owed them over 5 grand in unpaid rent. I disputed it all but it went to court (I couldn’t afford to attend as the hearing was up north) so I have a CCJ. Yesterday I telephoned an estate agency that I have found to be very reasonable in the past just to ask if I could still rent, given that I have 6 years worth of impeccable rent accounts (supplied by former estate/lettings agencies). The answer was categorically ‘no’. The reason, she continued, was that a lot of insurers won’t accept a poor credit history. I have been advised by a couple of well-known organisations to stay put and await a section 21, otherwise the council will say I have made myself homeless. However, given that a lot of sites have sprung up for LL, (naming and shaming bad tenants), I do not want to run the risk of being put on a ‘said’ blacklist. In any event, my local council has a waiting list of over 2000 (average of 2 yrs) to get any assistance. I am not prepared to live in a b and b with 2 teenage children either. I imagine the cost would be pretty scary as well, given that my partner and I earn £50,000 gross between us. I have been advised to ‘shop’ around, be honest, etc, but given what was explained to me yesterday, it’d be pointless, surely? I am exploring all options from living on a narrow boat/static caravan (for now), to even buying, but as properties here begin at 300,000, that too is out of reach. Coming up with 6 months rent is not an option: that would work out at 7,500, and I have no extended family to act as a guarantor. Has anyone else been in this situation, or can anyone advise me as to what I could do?
  8. This is my first post and I am wondering if someone can give me advice. I have checked through several threads and made notes but am now confused as to how to proceed. Just a brief explanation so far: I have received a claim form from Northampton Bulk Centre regarding impending action. I am searching through my paperwork and am panicking. I only received it on 13.2.13 and the date of issue is 13.2.13, so I only have a short time to reply. I am sending back my acknowledgement stating that I am going to be contesting the claim. I requested my water company allow me to install a water distiller and have found that the Dept of Health will cover the payments for this. I have received no response from the water company, just a string of aggressive and threatening letters. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  9. hello everyone, I opened a student account with a £500 overdraft limit around a year ago and I spent it as I had no other money to live on in the summer before the start of my course, as I was expecting my student loan to go into the account in september to pay it off. Unfortunately there were problems all year with student finance and I have not received any loan all year, so there has been no money going into the account. I have just received a letter saying I have 8 days to pay it back or they will send me to court/send out of bailiffs, I rang HSBC and explained that there will be money coming into the account next month to pay it off, but they said they have to pass the debt on in 8 days. What can I do? can I pay a little back to them before the 8 days? advice would be much appreciated, thankyou x
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