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Found 4 results

  1. Personal Account - Overdraft 6 k - Used to have a business but the business account was closed 10 years ago but the personal account was allowed to run due to the overdraft. The account overdraft is still 6k and has been at that level owed for 10 years each year they renew the overdraft simply because the 6k is still owed. Each month a payment is made to the account that pays just the interest on the overdraft.... it used to be a very low interest account but over the years the interest has consistently gone up to quite a high level to the point where £100 each month is required to just pay the interest on the account so that it doesn't go above the 6k level and take it into the charges etc. Over the years the bank have been contacted but do little, at the start of 2011 the branch where the account was set up was visited to discuss the account to see if they'd transfer the overdraft to a loan and then close the account, at least this way the loan gets paid off where as the overdraft has stayed the same ( They were advised that the account was originally a personal account but they (the bank) changed it to a business one so as to allow for the large overdraft account (in 2000) they were also told that the business account that was running at the time was closed due to the business folding....so one business account closed...but the personal one left open and then turned into a business one so as to allow for the large overdraft) in any case they wouldn't transfer it to a loan and they then phoned a number to what they called a lender they use who may give a loan.. at which point the call was terminated by the account holder due to the fact that the bank was prepared to outsource but gave no details and expected the account holder to be ok with it? . At this visit it was mentioned to the bank employee that the account had not been used other than to service the interest on the account for 8 years (prior to that it had been used very little for 3 years previous) the employee didn't seen to give a hoot. When they were asked to provide a business manager that could speak to the account holder they were told that the account manager that used to deal with it had moved on, that a new account manger had not been allocated and for the account and a different more senior branch would need to be visited. They had business account managers at the branch, just not one for this account...which is ridiculous. Consequently a dead end and the account holder left the branch and continued to make the payments....and still does. Problem is, they have a credit card with the same bank, they've maintained the credit card payments and have got an excellent record with the credit card side of things, but the business/personal account just isn't going down and they cannot afford to pay it off, they've tried working it out with the branch but got nowhere. So what to do? If they pack in paying the overdraft they'll get a problem on their credit file, the credit cards will more than likely be removed and all that after having a faultless record with the credit card company and in the case of the overdraft it's never gone into the unauthorised part but the debt is the same now as it was 10 years ago.... What I don't understand is that the bank every year are supposed to look at an overdraft on an account and either suspend it and call the debt in in it's entirety or extend it if the account is well facilitated but given that nothing but the amount for the interest has been paid then and the account therefore not being well facilitated why haven't the bank closed down the overdraft? Are there any grounds to approach the bank given what has been stated above? also, is it not irresponsible lending on their part? Who to approach? Anyone?
  2. hi all, sent a cca to restons recently regarding an alleged arrow debt, they refuse to give any detail other than amount allegedly owed. Received this pathetic response from restons - Re: Arrow Global Limited v. Yourself Original Creditor and Product Type: Santander - Asda Store Card Dear Madam, We write further to receiving your recent email, seeking documentation pursuant to S77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. We are under no obligation to provide the requested documents to you as we are not the Creditor; we are a firm of solicitors. We have not been informed of any properly constituted request having been made pursuant to the CCA 1974. Even if a properly constituted request has been made, the Credit Agreement is only unenforceable until such a time as the request is complied with. It does not mean that the debt is indefinitely irrecoverable. Your email is written in a format that we are familiar with and that is circulated on consumer based websites. You may be encouraged to use this template in order to avoid the repayment of a legitimate debt. It is our belief that you do not fully understand the nature of the allegations raised within your email. We trust this clarifies our position. We now require your proposals towards the outstanding balance. As such, please complete a financial statement on our website at restons by no later than 13 April 2017; failing which, we are instructed to issue legal proceedings against you. Yours Sincerely Miss N Didsbury ---- anyone give me the best way to respond to this claptrap, needless to say they haven't responded within the statutory time limit to the cca request. appreciate the help if poss, i'm helping a disabled friend who can't take their harrassment any more.
  3. Britons are too ignorant about Europe to vote in a referendum on the subject, a top Brussels official claimed last night. Viviane Reding, vice-president of the European Commission, said the British debate about Europe was so ‘distorted’ that people could not make an ‘informed decision’ about whether or not to stay in the EU. Mrs Reding-who boasted that 70% of the UK’s laws are now made in Brussels-went on to say; ‘Do the people know what they are going to vote about? ‘Very often I see a completely distorted truth being presented and then how do you want people to take an informed decision? They simply cannot.’ However Europe Minister David Lidington criticised her comments, saying: ‘It is very dangerous to start making assumptions about what makes someone qualified to cast a vote.’ *************** http://thepoliticsforum.co.uk/showthread.php?37-Britons-‘too-ignorant’-for-an-EU-referendum
  4. Had to make a complaint today regarding one of their drivers who blocked 3 drivers in 2 directions rather than simply backing straight up. When I put the window down in my car to ask him what he was doing, he just stared at me and then waived with a smirk on his face when I drove through a very tiny gap in order to prevent any further hold ups for the 2 other cars. Deliberantly obstructive, disrespectful, rude and ignorant. :???:
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