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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all I've started a complaint with Santander about my mis-sold MPPI. We were FTB's in April 2009 and being the cautious person I am asked the IFA doing our mortgage about Income Protection. Low and behold we ended up with MPPI the only covered the mortgage payment and the house insurance not a penny more up to the value of £750, not what we asked for. However I did not pick on this at the time and it only came to light recently while sorting though some old paperwork and came across the policy document. This is where I finally read the small print properly. I've sent back the MPPI questionnaire to Santander only to be told my claim is with the IFA not them as they didn't sell the original policy. ( They took all the payments for 2 years though ). The IFA is no longer trading which they informed me in the letter and have suggested that I may have a claim through the Compensation Scheme. I think I'm being fobbed off. Any help as to how to proceed would be great. I have the original policy letter from them and all bank statements showing payments etc. Regards Ed
  2. The IFA is long gone as he was associated with an Estate Agent and no longer works with them The policy is on a Norwich Union Life Insurance product I am still paying for with about 10 yrs left - the Payment protection was added onto the policy and I remember feeling quite pressured at the time to include it Who should i put a claim against ? The IFA or the company I pay premiums to Is there a standard letter I can send to activate the claim and start the 8 weeks countdown that the Financial Ombudsman require? Also would I need to request a SAR from Norwich Union (now Aviva) as I think when I moved overseas I may even have requested the PPI be cancelled Thanks, any help would be appreciated I am all at sea with this whole process!
  3. I took a private pension out in 2003 and the service I have been getting from my IFA varies from non existent to diabolical. I was promised regular pension reviews but I have never been contacted once. I finally managed to set up a review in 2011 at my instigation after several weeks of hassling him for an appointment. He then took several more weeks to implement the fund switch we discussed at the review again, only after I kept chasing it. I am in the same situation now about another pension I am trying to switch (admittedly not one he sold me). I have been chasing him for almost year about switching. Quite frankly I am fed up chasing him and wish to switch to another IFA. Am I stuck with this IFA for my existing pension until I retire or can I ask for the management the pension to be switched to a different IFA? Who should I complain to in the first instance, the pension company or the industry regulator?
  4. Hi Back in 2006 we took out an interest only mortgage and were sold an insurance policy to run along side it, should anything happen to myself or my partner. The mortgage and insurance were sold to us by an Independent Financial Advisor. A few months ago, we found out that the we had been sold a mortgage decreasing policy instead of a level term policy. After speaking to Legal and General, they confirmed that the decreasing policy was no good for our mortgage, we should have been sold the Level Term Policy. They also stated to put a complaint it, but they could not deal with it because it was not them who sold it. We wrote to the IFA stating we were not happy about being sold the incorrect policy and wanted to know WHY we were sold it and what they were going to do to correct this mistake. A week or so later we received a letter from Legal and General saying they were dealing with the complaint and would be in contact soon. I rang L&G to see why they were dealing with it when I was told they could not deal with it, and was told it had been passed to them and if the IFA contacted us, we were not to speak to them incase they tried to get us to drop the complaint. Around 4 weeks later, we received a letter from L&G saying they admit we were mis sold the policy and to correct this mistake, they could arrange to change the policy to the correct one for almost £20 a month more each month, but they would not get us to pay the shortfall which occurred over the last 8 years!! Gobsmacked is not the word!!! No explanation as to why this happened, no proper apology for this mistake, no apology for the distress and upset we have had for the past few months!! We told L&G we did not accept this and we have now sent this to the Financial Ombudsmen to look into. Have today received a call from the FOS stating they are awaiting further information from L&G and they are not there to punish the company but the possible solution to this would be to swap to the correct policy, at more money each month......... I commented that I didn't feel this was fair as we have been paying a policy for 8 years which is not worth the paper it is written on and basically they said "well if you're only doing this complaint for the money, I wouldn't hold your breath" Its not just the money.... its the principle, the upset, the stress, the thought of paying out dead money for the past 8 years..... Any advise would be appreciated
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