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Found 15 results

  1. HI there, Due to ill health and before I got into financial trouble I went to CAB who suggested writing to all credit and banks to inform them of my illness. Most of them have been very helpful, apart from MBNA who then allegedly sold it on as soon as they could. So, I need some help with this court case (end Oct) I have been sending requests to MBNA to confirm that they sold the account to Link who sold it to IDR. MBNA have been ignoring my letters, I sent a SAR to all 3 which all of them ignored. Contacted the ICO and eventually got some response from Link and
  2. Hi everyone I hope I've posted this in the correct forum as I'm back again just looking for advise and general pointing in the right direction. I've received a letter (PDF attached) and presume at this stage all I can do is send a CCA request to Link? Do I send a SAR to Link and MBNA or just to MBNA as they were the original creditor? Regards Suss Link.pdf
  3. yesterday I had a case dismissed in the County Court brought by IDR via Kearns. A quick run down of the case: Following the sale of a Barclaycard debt to IDR, a letter was received from Link demanding money together with a default placed on my credit record. [removed] I challenged the allegation. This seemed to put them off - or so I thought. A year later I received a hearing letter via the Northampton courts and subsequently submitted a defence. This led to the case being successfully stayed. At this point I submitted a CCA and S78 request to Link via Kearns. K
  4. Hi, This isn't a 'part two' I have been reading for hours and have only just realised that IDR have two companies IDR and IDR II. My post is relating to IDR II they have sent me a claim form through the county court. I asked for a CCA a while back from a different debt collection agency and they told me they didn't need to provide one. I have ignored all further letters. I now have this claim form that I need to enter a defence in for. I'm not sure where to start. I have just been reading through a thread of someone in a similar position but the pos
  5. Hi thanks for the advice. The other is from Barclaycard signed in 2000 . I have the credit agreement with a signature but this time there are no terms and conditions enclosed with the agreement nor on the actual application form . I do once again have correspondence from Barclays and Link regarding the sale of the debt. I have attempted with both original lenders and with Link to settle the debts on behalf of my partner as she is stressed with the situation Link require around 60% of the outstanding sums and i do not have the money available to do that and suppor
  6. Hi Everyone, I've tried reading as much on here as possible however I'm now at a point whereby asking might be a clearer way forward. Debt - £2583.32 Creditor - Barclaycard I've had a letter through from Kearns Solicitors informing me that I have to pay the outstanding debt of £2583.32 is required in full otherwise I'll be taken to court in 14 days. I contacted them stating that I was unable to make any form of payment and that I had sent a financial statment to both IDR and Link whilst making an offer of £1pw. I was told that Kearns could either enter into a
  7. Hello i have just received a letter from Northampton county court and the claimant is IDR finance, the debt was originally with Barclay card, then link finance bought the debt.. .this information was given to Stepchange debt charity as they are currently dealing with my creditors, what can i do or what should be the first action? should i deny owing the money? and tell the court this? or write to the court and say i do owe some of it (not the mega interest they have charged) and it and fill in an monthly expenditure form and offer a small
  8. OK after concluding my case with the OC I am now in a position to deal with this. History Launched action Against OC for unlawful penalty charges and interest in restitution. This case was concluded to my satisfaction. The debt had been previously sold on to IDR. The OC did not purchase or buy back the debt. Now its time to wrap this up. Outstanding balance is £2670 ish I am unemplyed (but waiting for last paycheck to come in) and then will apply for benfits while I seek work. Both the OC and Link answered a CCA request with a reconstituted copy plus a few
  9. Hello, I need some advice! I am helping a friend with their debts and although have done this before for someone else about 5 years ago I am rather rusty and not sure what has changed! I have been through the site reading threads and have now got some templates but want to make sure I'm on the right track and to get some advice on the POCs as I haven't come across one this long!.... Claim form received - date of issue 30th May Northants CCBC Claimant: IDR Finance ~(London address) Claimant contact for all paperwork - IDR Finance (Scotland address) POC: The claimant
  10. Around 7 months ago I wrote to all my creditors to say I was struggling to maintain payments. While I am working full time my wage was badly affected by the downturn and I was using credit to live as my whole income was going onto priority debts. I was diagnosed with a mental health condition in 2009 and the stress was making me so ill I had to do something. I prepared an I&E form and wrote to each of my creditors offering this amount and this was excepted. I was surprised to get a reply from barclaycard requesting only 5.45 per month which was much less than
  11. Hi all, In short IDR has decided they want to take me to court - fine! I've enclosed a copy of the agreement with MBNA (minus sensitive bits) along with the Court Papers. I never filled in the application form in 2003, just signed it as I didn't think i would get credit. I was approached by a Homebase Rep whilst walking around the isles and asked if I would like a credit card. I said what the hey and didn't think more about it - boy did I not see this coming!!! So what other bits of info should i submit to the court? Thanks Badboy....Bill
  12. Dear sir/madam, My husband and I had quite large debts with mbna, we choose (stupidly) to borrow on 0% credit cards instead of borrowing on a loan with a fixed rate and an end date. (we all live and learn). We ran into difficulties reducing the balance because the cards went form charging 0% - 29.9%, paying £700.00 per month and reducing balance by about £30.00 per month, you probably don't need me to tell you that we could not keep this up, we wrote to mbna who were quite helpful and put the accounts on 0% and reduced payments, we were paying £460.00 per
  13. My husband had a HP agreement with Ford Credit for a van for his business. Last year I lost a job and eventually got DLA after 5 months for a chronic illness (MS). This resulted in cash flow problems. We missed 2 payments but did catch up a bit. Ford Credit lost patience and sold the debt to IDR Finance C/O Link Financial Outsourcing. I have requested to continue paying the instalments (29 left) but insist on the full amount of £10015.72. IDR C/O lINK will not accept payments and will not reply to my letters in writing. I have been given a run around.
  14. Hi all, I'm new to the CAG and also forums in general, so please bear with me! I've been finding a lot of useful information over numerous threads, but was wondering if anyone could offer any case specific advice. In early 2011 I fell into arrears on an MBNA credit card after they increased interest rates, meaning that the minimum monthly payment nearly doubled. Due to personal circumstances I was unable to meet the new monthly payments and continued to pay £75 per month, as previously. However, I contacted MBNA and provided them with details of my income and expend
  15. I seem to have been issued with a CC claim from IDR Finance (28th May 2012) & a letter from Link Financial (28th May 2012) asking for the same amount £10,664. They inform me that the 'Benefit of the Debt has been legally assigned' to IDR. 2 things - I have not been informed that this has happened by MBNA, Do I respond to the claim notice or ignore it, I don't know if this is a legitimate claim form or legit assignment at this stage?
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