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Found 3 results

  1. Hi this is my first post, so I hope this is of use to someone like me. I had contact from Motormile Finance UK Limited (MMF) first in June of this year, advising me of a debt (which I never took out) with Mr Lender otherwise known as PDL Finance Limited. The debt I have learned was taken out in November of 2012, this i discovered from my Callcredit credit report which I applied for after discovering this information. MMF have stated that "..further to the communication from Mr Lender..." I have yet to receive any communication from Mr Lender in relation to this loan to my home address, they appear to have just paid a loan to some fraudster, not confirmed by post anything and sold the debt to MMF some months later. What is worse is that after a couple of months communications by post and email (which they do not seem to acknowledge or respond to) I have to print out the email and post it to them (MMF). This week I received a very short letter from MMF after I made an official complaint, advising me that the debt IS NOT FRAUD, and that collections activity will resume. This made my blood boil and me feel quite sick to say the least. I do not have an account number (yet) from Mr Lender, which I have this week requested, as I am therefore referring this complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman and they require an account number, I only have the MMF Reference Number. The FSO told me that MMF will have to give the debt back to Mr Lender/PDL Finance Ltd and they will investigate and make an adjudication. I also have taken out CIFAS Registration to try and prevent fraud happening again.
  2. I've got a letter from a solicitor re instruction from their client (cabot) to start proceedings against me because I failed to agree a reasonable payment arrangement. I've ignored their 'clients' recent letters as 3 years ago I had cause to check with Experian etc and found someone had used my name at an address unknown to me for credit with a catalogue company. I contacted Experian who put a note of dispute on my file and advised it was likely identity fraud related and contacted cabot and the catalogue company and other credit agencies. The catalogue company refused to remove it and requested I contact them which I did. I have email copy proof. The catalogue company wanted address proof of residency at the time by way of a document like a bank statement, council tax, utility bill etc in return for removing the issue from the credit agencies which I said I was reluctant to provide personal documentation given this was already a case of identity fraud! I gave them my address and said they could write to me and provided an email address at the time (a .ltd one which only a ltd co can own) and my phone number and the ltd company name and suggested they check at companies house records for contact directors addresses. These show the information they seek as it also shows any changes of address of which I have never made. Didn't hear anything then in last 6 months or probably more I got the occasional letter from cabot and I think another company at one point and now this. If someone could please suggest the best way to proceed, it's worrying and makes me a bit cross too. I don't think the catalogue even had my address until I provided it and it would seem to me that my information is being passed around without my consent. I was surprised Experian couldn't remove the claim either but only add a note. I also don't know which of these three to deal with and again am concerned about responding to anyone really as it seems to just give them all something else to build on! I like to say I'll start charging them if I've to deal with it any further! Really appreciate a knowledgeable persons input on this. Thanks Mrs Robinson
  3. Hi, My partner recently received a legal document addressed to a similar name to hers at her parents address. The first name was wrong but began with the correct letter, the surname was correct. The letter suggested that the case had already been to court and that she had 7 days to pay approx £350 or the bailiffs would be round. After some investigation and phoning the companies on the summons, we discovered it was in relation to a TV Licence offence, committed in March 2014 at a flat where my partner had lived up until 2011. Also, as my partner had left on good terms with the landlord of the property, we got in touch with her. It appears that while the tenant of the flat where the offence occurred was on holiday, the landlord had collected the post. She saw a letter that 'looked official' and had a similar name to my partners on it, so forwarded it to the forwarding address my partner left when she moved out of the property (her parents address). If she hadn't done that, we wouldn't have even heard about the case at this late stage. Concerned that bailiffs would turn up at her parents address, my partner began trying to sort the issue out, even though the first name was different to hers, and ultimately arranged an appointment at the local Magistrates Court to issue a Statement of Declaration, stating that she had not lived at the property since 2011 and this was nothing to do with her. The landlord had provided us with the names of the occupants of the property since my partner moved out, the current tenant and the tenant at the property at the date of the offence (the same person for all). My partner (8.5 months pregnant at the time) attended the appointment at the Magistrates Court where they issued the Statement of Declaration and said they would send to the TV Licensing company. So, case closed we thought. Several weeks go by and an envelope comes through the door with the TV Licensing logo on it and addressed to the first initial and surname of my partner at our current property. Inside was a summons to Magistrates Court, again in the wrong name (Natalie not Nicola), for November 7th, but this time sent directly to our current address. The top of the summons had the words 'Reissued after Statement of Declaration' handwritten in biro. This envelope contained a copy of an interview conducted on the doorstep of the property when the offence occurred. The occupant gave my partners first initial and surname but no other info (no D.O.B, no NI number etc) other than to confirm that she had a TV and no licence. She signed the interview record and printed the name that has since appeared on the legal documents. We assume she has picked up the name from junk mail to the property after my partner had left, but could only guess at the first name. having spoken to the landlord, we know who was living at the property at the time of the interview (she still lives there). We have forwarded to the TV Licensing company proof that my partner moved out of the property in 2011 (and got a refund for overpayment on her TV licence at the time), proof of her residence at our current address for the past two years (more than covering the date of the offence) and details of who was living at the property at the time of the offence. Yet the emails have not been acknowledged. The 'TV Licence evasion' department phone number is constantly engaged. We phoned the main TV Licence phone line and spoke to someone who couldn't help due to being in the wrong department but requested we forward all of the proof detailed above to an email address. The email went unanswered. The follow up email went unanswered. Today, we've sent a further email and phoned the 'front desk' again and are waiting for a callback... The longer it goes on with no response, the closer the court date gets. It's causing unnecessary stress and doesn't seem to me to be particularly reasonable behaviour. Really sorry for such a long post, but we're posting this in the hope of some advice as to what we can do next if we don't hear back from the TV Licence company. We feel like we've more than co-operated and tried to help in a case that has nothing to do with us yet we seem to have just made it worse for ourselves. After receiving the initial demand to my partners parents address and explained it in court, they've now just picked up our current address and reissued a summons. We've given the exact name of the tenant who committed the offence and they still live at the property. We couldn't have made it any easier for them to pursue the correct person, but we're the one's getting all the grief. We now have a 3 week old baby and could really do without the stress. Thanks for reading! Any advice gratefully received.
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