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Found 5 results

  1. I booked a hotel last week on Hotels.com. I found it a lot cheaper on another website, filled out the online form for a price guarantee and Hotels.com responded and confirmed they would match it. I was told that I should pay the hotel directly and then within 72 hours after check out I would be refunded.. I did all of this, on day of check out I contacted them and they said to wait a little longer. They then said that they would not do the price match as they could not verify it, I said I am not accepting that etc. They said they would but they said that my details are not matching (email or telephone number that I booked with). I am 100% sure that I booked with the details I have given them, plus I have email confirmations of my reservation going directly to my email that I have given, along with my phone number. They have told me that they cannot do anything without the correct details. I have provided screenshots etc but they are not having it. I think that hotels.com have changed my details so that I can not benefit from the price guarantee. Any idea what I should do? It is quite a bit of money that I am due back! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I paid for a night in a hotel that I booked via hotels.com. The price shown by hotels.com and the paper invoice that I got from the hotel was correct - however I have subsequently checked by card statement and see that a 2% surcharge was applied to the booking. Having checked the hotel listing, and the ts&cs I can see no detail of a 2% credit card surcharge anywhere and have printed out the website details as a permanent record. Where do I stand on this legally? I was under the impression card charges must be clearly stated? Thanks Abe
  3. Hi, Just posting on here for a little advice and hoping that someone would be able to assist. In May 2012 I booked a hotel through hotels.com. It was for my Wife and I's wedding anniversary. We also had a 4 month old baby. The age of our son meant that we would likely be spending a fair amount of time in the hotel room and therefore booked a room that was spacious and splashed out on the highest rated hotel in the area, 4* Hilton Doubletree. Even booking 6 weeks in advance, this cost just over £100 per night, but it was our anniversary, so spent a little extra for the occasion. Everything seemed great, I received confirmation emails on 3rd July and 4th July and arrived at the hotel after a lengthy journey in torrential rain and localised flooding on 6th July. On arriving at the hotel, I was informed that there was no booking for me. After a bit of panic and a few phone calls the receptionist at the Hilton Doubletree advised me that I had been relocated to the Holiday Inn, a 3* hotel nearby with much lesser facilities. I asked if there would be any refund for the downgrade and inconvenience, but as I had booked through Hotels.com, they advised to take the issue up with them, which I fully understand. My contract is with Hotels.com and not with Hilton Doubletree. I also spent a considerable amount of time on the arrival date discussing the issue with the Hilton Hotel Manager and ensuring I had everything documented. Due to driving almost 3 hours in terrible weather conditions with a 4 month old baby on board, I accepted the change of hotel, but made it clear that it was under protest and documented this in email on the day of arrival to both hotels.com and the Hilton Doubletree. On my return home a few days later I emailed hotels.com and expressed my concerns and asked what they intended to do to resolve the matter. They eventually offered a £50 discount off a future booking. I advised that this was unacceptable as I would not be using their services again and that I felt that they were in breach of contract as they had not provided what I had paid for. I suggested that a full refund might be a better resolution. This and a subsequent email to their Customer Service Team have remained without response. I have attempted to claim the cash back via Visa Debit Chargeback, however this has failed as Hotels.com say they emailed me on 4th July advising me that they had relocated me. Visa Debit Chargeback seem to support their claim. I received an email from Hotels.com on 4th July and at the time, I construed it as being a badly written confirmation email. I have copied it below. It certainly isn't clear to me that I won't be staying in the Hilton Doubletree. Due to lack of response from Hotels.com and failure to recover losses via Visa Debit Chargeback, I am considering putting the claim into Small Claims Court. However, I would like assistance in knowing whether I should claim the full amount with interest, just the full amount or a partial amount and on what grounds I should be claiming, is breach of contract and loss of enjoyment appropriate? Thanks in advance, Mike. ------------------------------------------------------ Email confirmation received from Hotels.com on 3rd July Thanks for using Hotels.com, your booking is confirmed! You don't need to call to reconfirm. Here are the details of your booking along with some useful information about the hotel. You can easily access your booking online anytime. Happy travelling, Hotels.com® DoubleTree by Hilton Lincoln Contact this hotel directly: 44-1522-668824 4.8 18 reviews Brayford Wharf North Lincoln LN1 1YW United Kingdom Number of Guests: adults - 2 Check-In Date: 06/07/2012 Check-Out Date: 08/07/2012 Total: £205.00 ------------------------------------------------------ Email received from Hotels.com on 4th July which they feel adequately advises that the hotel has changed; Note from Hotels.com: Dear Guest, We were informed by the hotel that you will be accomodate at Hilton hotel next to Double tree hotel and the room type will be the same. For more details please call the hotel. Thank you
  4. Hi all, I would appreciate any help I can get re this issue. My wedding was booked for 27th April 2013. The relationship ended at the end of October 2012 and I emailed the hotel to advise them of the cancellation. My contract states 75% of the total wedding balance is due if cancelled less than 6 months before the wedding date. I notified the hotel 1 week within the 6 months. I am now being chased for this 75% of the total balance by a debt collection company. When I initially contacted the hotel to inform them the relationship had ended they insisted that the balance would still be outstanding regardless of the circumstances of cancellation. I notified the hotel via email and have heard nothing until today when I received a phone call and (unpleasant) text message from a debt collection company who have informed my they are being instructed to contact me on behalf of the Hotel and have issued a 'Notice Before Legal Proceedings'. Nothing has been received in writing regarding these proceedings prior to today's contact, of which I have since only received a brief email (on request) from the debt collection company today. However I must admit I didn't provide them with a forwarding address (they do have my email address and contact number). My ex-partner may also have received the same phone call and text message from the collection company but since we are not on speaking terms I cannot be sure. He may also have received prior notification of the debt but I am not aware of this. Do I have any rights to dispute this supposed debt? Is there anything I can put in writing to the company? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Recently I was in a European country on business and due to some confusion with my company (booking the hotel) I ended up booking a hotel room on my own credit card, for 4 nights that I needed to cancel. I cancelled around 10 minutes after the booking had taken place but did not realise at the time that this was a prepaid one and so they went ahead and charged for the whole stay anyway - over 1,000 euros. I only know now because I checked the my credit card bill. Now I know that it was stupid not to check T&Cs but I've stayed in a number of hotels and usually I just reserve by CC and pay after the stay and have had no problems with cancellations, but obviously this was an oversight by me - I admit that. I'd be prepared to stump up the cost of the room for the first night since it was a late booking but for the whole 4 nights? I feel it is patently unfair. Tried calling the hotel and they offered no refund - I'm still waiting for a call back from the manager. In the meantime I opened a dispute with my CC company but have been advised they may go with the Hotel due to it being stated in T&Cs. I've also checked with my travel insurance, it appears that they don't cover this scenario. I've claimed back bank charges in the distant past and launched other claims so first thought came to my mind was UTCCR, however this is a European Hotel and I'm back in the UK now. So I've already done some more research and found the European Council Directive 93/13/EEC - which is what the UTCCR seems to derive from - and it seems that other European countries have implemented (including the country the hotel is situated in). Furthermore hotel is part of a chain - Accor, who operate globally including the UK. So I'm expecting the manager to ignore me or give me an unfavourable answer, my question is next steps: If I write a formal letter for refund who do I send it to? The hotel itself? Accor? The european branch or the UK one? What legislation do I need to use, do I refer to UK UTCCR or can I use the Council Directive? Do I have to refer to the country specific legislation? Do I need to file in the country specific language, or will English be sufficient? This appears to be the European equivelant of HMCS Moneyclaim, has anyone done this before? Which country do I select to start with? - (no links allowed) http... ec.europa.eu/justice_home/judicialatlascivil/html/sc_information_en.htm?countrySession=1& I couldn't find anything 100% specific to my situation when I used search. I'd be grateful for any help with the above and I'm sure this may help others in future with similar problems.
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