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Found 4 results

  1. I can't sleep with everything going around my head... I feel like I'm going crazy... so I thought I'd write it down here to see what other people thought. I recently lost a family member to cancer, such a horrible illness that took the life of a beautiful innocent child. For years we were going back and to, to the children's hospital, seeing them go through surgeries, chemo and radiotherapy for it to just come back and then start attacking other parts of their body. Then to see them die, just like that. Its taking me a long time to write this as I just keep crying and can't see the screen. I just can't get why they had to get it in the first place, then all the years of fighting it, just for it kill them. I am not coping well and I just keep to myself. I hate anything to do with cancer.. the word, hearing it, seeing it. I am unemployed on JSA and I was told to go to Seetec to do a community work placement. I go in to be told I'm being sent to a cancer centre! I said no not there can't you find me somewhere else. They replied you do realise this is mandatory. Which I said yes but I've recently lost someone to cancer and I don't want to go somewhere were I'm surrounded by it. What do you mean they said. I reply what do I mean? I hate anything to do with cancer and your going to send me to a cancer centre at which stage I'm crying. You wont be dealing with people having treatments they said. But its a centre for that, there's going to be posters and leaflets everywhere I say trying to get them to understand. What do you mean they say again why would there be posters up. At which stage I couldn't cope and said I'd be back in a minute. I had to go outside for some air and to get away. I go back in to be told he doesn't like my tone and they don't see the problem in me going there. Really I said, you don't understand why I don't want to go . No they said they don't understand why I don't want to go and waived their hands saying lots of people have had someone die of cancer. I can't get that out of my head. I keep replaying it over and over in my mind and its making my angry and upset. They finish with I have to go to a interview with the place. I said and what if I get upset there. They said this is a interview you have to conduct it in a professional manner just like any other interview. I say buts its at a cancer place, bit different isn't it. To which they said again what do you mean. What do I mean? Why do they keep saying what do you mean all the time? How can they be that daft or heartless to not know what I mean. It ended with them telling me I will get sanctioned if I get upset or go there with a negative attitude. So that's it, I'm just supposed to forget about this, all the years of fighting, watching them die. The nightmares I have. The days I feel terrible and upset because something reminds me and everything comes flooding back like it happened yesterday. Since this happened I feel sick, headache, upset and crying all the time. I feel like I'm walking around in a dream / nightmare and I can't take it anymore. I thought things are supposed to get easier with time, well its not, It seems to be getting harder
  2. I joined my local gym back in Jan 2014 & at the time I started to get a touch of Arthritis in my right knee, around end of Feb / March the knee was causing me a lot of problems & the pain was becoming unbearable so I went to my GP who said I should stop going to the gym & take painkillers. I never made the payment in time in March & Harlands sent me a letter saying they were adding £50 to my £47 which I missed, I phoned Harlands & said because of my knee I was leaving the gym even though I signed for a 12 month contract, I was told to send them a doctors letter which I did & Harlands then wrote back saying they would not be cancelling my contract because at the time I signed I had the Arthritis & that my arrears are now £137 which if I never paid in 14 days would incur further charges. I phoned Harlands & told them that they are being unreasonable as the Arthritis had gone from minor pain to severe pain since joining the gym but all they wanted was their payment & was not interested in cancelling my membership. I rang CAB who were not much help & then I contacted the head office of the council run gym who said they could not believe that Harlands would not cancel the membership due to my knee problem & my GP letter confirming this & the lady I spoke said she would look into this, a couple of hours later she rang me back & said that she had spoken to Harlands & they have agreed to cancel me contract & all charges wiped off. If anyone has a problem with Harlands go direct to the head office of your gym & complain about these people & hopefully these gyms will stop using companies like Harlands who are only interested in collecting money with astronomical charges added.
  3. Vodafone applied a default on my account on 1/12/2013. I opened the account 1/03/2013 and it was for 24 months. I only had a late payment in July which I satisfied before going on an overseas travel in August. Before travelling I ringed Vodafone customer care staff and he told me he would have the account suspended.I was going to be away for 4 months. Turns out nothing of such happened, The account was cancelled and I was billed a total of £344. It is still outstanding now When i got back late DEC 2013, I wanted to reactivate the account but I was told it was cancelled and that I had to pay up to have the default satisfied. I just got off a very heated conversation:mad2 with Vodafone's DCA and all they said is the best way for me is too set up a payment plan and have my default satisfied. I said I needed advise and will get back to them. I have checked all 3 CRA and only Call Credit has it updated as a default. Nothing of such on Equifax and Experian. I honestly didn't know an account can't be suspended due to overseas travel except in the military but I was not told by the CC rep, and I never got any correspondence from Vodafone ever, a warning letter or anything of such advising me of default. I am totally down hear. The most infuriating part was the statement by the rep that I can never get the default removed, that it's a genuine debt and is very fair and that there is nothing that can be done. it's not even 6 months from the supposed default, I never got any letters from either vodafone or an external DCA. Is there anything that can be done realistically at this point? Please experts in the house I need your help. Thanks
  4. I went to Metro Bank today, had to cycle because of the demonstrations/ riots between my house and the bank. Got attacked there - hit in the head - when I told a middle aged man, English, that he shouldn't **** on the statue of Charles I. Carried on, sat down in the bank. According to what I could see the Credit Check was optional if you had proofs of residence. I had three. Plus my driving license and my passport. The woman was a bit slimy, more concerned with make up than banking, but I didn't really care. The process took forever, over an hour and a half. It was unbearably hot. I'd dressed for winter and cycled. So, it was tough to cope. I stripped down to my shirt and spent as much time outside as possible. When I'd come back she'd still be pecking at her computer like a parrot. I wouldn't have minded going away and coming back you know, why the dishonesty. She keeps on asking me personal questions. I don't see why I have to answer them. I'd been there over half an hour, forty minutes by now and she has taken all my photocopies of bank accounts and passport and things. They have all my data. But she wants to know my marital status and my employment status and this and that, I'm polite mind, but it's stupid. It's embarrassing having to answer these things to a human being, I don't like being labeled by these stupid categories which don't apply to me. I would rather have just ticked boxes. I only want the account to use abroad because HBoS can be trusted to keep my savings separate from my current account when I'm in risky areas for data fraud this worries me. But they pry about my reasons uncomfortably. I look at the basic leaflet they have out. It says "no stupid bank rules". I ask about the cash cards. My mum's quaker and feminist principles make her angry about being a miss, or mrs or ms. She changed banks to avoid all that. The teller more or less told me - yes - it's on the card - your name must be as we say (on the old Midlands cards you could make up any name!). I said - that seems stupid. She said, more or less - no - you're stupid. Nice. I was just asking! But, I digress... After an hour and twenty minutes or so she starts going on about credit cards. I've told her I don't want that stuff or overdrafts. I avoid credit cards. I prefer to spend what I have. My parents have a card which I use if I need to buy things for them (my mum's been unwell) but that's it. But the teller witters away on the credit card thing "do you have a credit card". No, no I don't. None of her business. I noticed they had dog bowls of water. Maybe I could drink some of that. Water for dogs, huh? At least in Bank of Scotland they give you a coffee and water when they tout their products. Eventually she says "computer says no". I say why, she says the credit reference, I say what? I've got good credit, she says, no, it's the SAW REPORT, you can't have an account because of money laundering. I say what? She says that there is a credit card in my name in my address but the birthday is off 6 days. So. This is worrying. Different issues need to be discussed no. 1)what do I do about that 2) what do I do about this account? Is it held for me, or do I deal with it and start it again 3) what do I do about my personal data? She's sort of indicating that there wasn't much to say. I'm sitting, quietly, trying to think of the right questions, when the bouncer who has been moving closer and glancing at this woman for some reason comes and stands a foot in front of me and says "is there is problem?" you know how, like a rent-a-cop. I look at her and just like shake my head a bit confused and she looks back with same "I'm a bit of a tart clenching my pelvic floor muscle" look that she has been doing the whole time. Then he's saying "the lady's asked you to leave". Christ! What is this? A strip club? Some sort of booze den? I don't know. Please remember - I'd been assaulted and I'm a little concussed. I've been treated - literally - worse than a dog and this man is standing over me with his arms folded as I am sitting in the chair. I just look over my shoulder and shout "I need to see the manager". And then I scream at this bouncer. I'm just not taking it. I can deal with abuse and violence on the street. I can deal with a lot of things, but I just can't cope with being intimidated in a bank. So, I screamed at them. Then I told the manager. He didn't seem inclined to make the bouncer apologise. They'd probably called the police for 'breach of the peace'. Luckily the riots were tying them up. But why, why do they behave like that, it's not fair. Anyway. They didn't tell me any of the rules. They did the credit reference check without consent. They have all my personal data, they have my passport photographed, my driving license, my bank accounts, everything. I mean - I handed it to them, but I signed nothing. What duties do they have to protect this data? What are they talking about, money laundering? I don't get it, they had all my proofs of ID, they had my other bank account details. How could this be money laundering? It makes no sense? Why would they refuse my account? Why wouldn't they say first, in their leaflets that this was the case? It seems they're a useless bunch. It was the worst experience I've ever had in a bank. ======= -for the search engines - Metro Bank is bad. Metro Bank is very bad. Metro Bank is crap
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