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Found 15 results

  1. Ordered a new sink & taps from Homebase which should have arrived on Friday. Got a call today saying it wouldn't be in this country until mid DECEMBER. Is it legal for firms to advertise retail goods they don't have??? How widespread is this in other retailers??
  2. We bought our kitchen and appliances from Hombase back in January 2014. We bought an oven package which included oven, hob and extractor. At the time of purchase, they tried to fob us off with extended warranty, we said no because under the Sale of Goods Act you are covered up to 6 years if items develop electrical faults. 14 months after purchase, the oven started to cut out when heating up and was making a loud rattling noise. We sent in am email to Homebase; they said for us to get a tester out and they would honor the call out charge and replace the oven if it was faulty. We called a firm out, and when they tested said the cooling fan was faulty and looked like it had been faulty from original purchase. We sent this in to Homebase who sent us payment for call out charge and replacement oven. Everything was fine with the new oven, however within a week of using it, the glass door in the oven smashed and went all over the kitchen floor and also ruined our dinner. We took photographs immediately and sent it in to Homebase. We could not believe it 2 faulty ovens from the same shop!! Anyway, we got a call on Friday, to say the department dealing with the issue will be in touch to discuss the matter, yesterday, out of the blue, Argos phoned to say they had an order for a replacement oven. I refused the oven because Homebase was supposed to have contacted me beforehand to discuss the matter which they failed to do so. I stated I wanted a full refund of the £499 we originaly paid for the oven package so that we wanted to buy an oven elswhere as we did not felt confident in another one being provided. I was suppossed to have had a phone call from the manager of Homebase this morning, nothing!! So, what can I do, not been down this road before, and certainly never had 2 faulty appliances being given!!
  3. Hi all, We bought a Homebase Kitchen in 2011, which comes with a ten year warranty. We had it fitted professionally while having other building work done, and it quickly began to deteriorate. The kitchen was a shaker style with (what appears to be) doors wrapped in vinyl and a plate rack with painted components. The paint on the plate rack was the first to cause problems - flaking off in large chunks until the whole wooden section was exposed. We also noticed on a few of the doors had started to split across the top edging causing the vinyl to crack, and on an open-fronted unit the paint had started to chip off in large quantities. After much toing and froing (including escalating the complaint to Homebase's director department), we had an assessor visit to check our complaint and they agreed to replace the faulty components (this was then a two year old kitchen). Several items were out of stock and it took approximately two months for the units to be delivered. However, we eventually got the parts and had them replaced, and closed the complaint (with a minor compensation from Homebase). 18 months later, we're now seeing some of the same components fail - particularly the plate rack. I realise I can start a new complaint, have the same component replaced again as I am within my ten year warranty, but at what point can I say this kitchen (or at least several components of it), are not fit for purpose and take the complaint higher? I shouldn't have to replace parts on a bi-annual basis, and I am well aware that as soon as my ten year warranty is over, Homebase are entitled to wash their hands of my problem leaving me with a tatty kitchen I'll have to replace immediately. Thanks for any advice
  4. wondering if this is wrong the same product but different prices and argos stating web exculusive and half price [ATTACH=CONFIG]57838[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]57837[/ATTACH] any comments?
  5. The girl in this story is my lovely partner who had a very bad experience with Homebase, and I want to share it with you all to see if you had experienced anything similar and what you did to sort of the situation. This story is about a girl that had a bathroom that needed a complete makeover as it looked like it belonged on the set of Austin Powers. So this girl started working a second job and saved every single penny she could, she worked her fingers to the bone till one day she had a nice little amount stashed away. After months and months of work she finally came to the point where she could order her new bathroom, Ok so it wasn't the dream bathroom she had hoped for but it would be lovely and would be perfect for her little flat. She had heard horror stories of badly constructed bathrooms so decided to go for a house hold name, someone she could trust, Homebase.. With the well trusted store on side she found a local bathroom fitters and she was off! 2 Months later and the suite was all ordered and now was the big day, the day this girls bathroom was to be fitted. The bathroom suite was delivered 2 hours late, not the best start. The girl poured herself a coffee and sat down to relax only to be startled by the plumber who informed her that the feet were missing off the bath. The girl was naturally annoyed, so called the Homebase but they did not answer to her, the bathroom fitting company also called and again no answer. The next few hours were spent with the bathroom fitters doing what they could, and then pausing to call Homebase, after a few more hours they answered. The girl was informed that the girl that they could not provide feet for the bath as it was now a discontinued item, and could not help further. The bathroom fitters only too eager to help sourced a new bath, but thanks to the Homebase the bath did not exactly match the suite. So far this little mistake by this well-known brand had cost the girl £250, the bathroom fitters were good enough not to charge any extra for the time it took them to arrange a new tub, again the girl could relax. The bathroom went up in no time and in 1 week the new suite was fitted and tiled beautifully, the girl was happy and it seemed all of her hard work was worth while! 1 month later the girl decided to throw a little dinner party, during the dinner party one of the guests came down to speak to the girl and informed her that although the bathroom suite was lovely the cistern seemed a different colour to the rest of the loo! The girl put down her glass of wine and went upstairs to check it out for herself. It seemed her friend was right, it was different, a huge wave of disappointed washed over the girl and she ended the party early and went to bed angry and upset that again this popular Homebase had let her down. The next morning the girl again called them again, and again they were not helpful, the girl explained the previous issues with the bath and now the toilet, she asked that they replace the Cistern with one of the same colour of the toilet but again they let her down, informing the girl that she would need to buy an entire toilet. The girl had spent all of her savings and was now being asked for a further £200, which she did not have. The girl again pleaded with Homebase to help, but their cold response was she has 7 days to check these type of things, and now it’s too late to do anything about it. The bathroom fitters called the store on the girl’s behalf and explained again the situation and even offered to buy a new cistern, but they would not sell them one, instead they again advised to buy a new toilet. The bathroom company informed the girl of this sad news and the girl again left feeling broken hearted. Obviously this girl is my girlfriend, now 1 year later the bathroom is complete and with no help or assistance from Homebase. Can someone please tell me why these big corporations think they can treat people like this!
  6. Home base have done me wrong! I'm here because I've never had an issue to really complain before. I had paint mixed to the colors I wanted in satinwood but even though it says satinwood on the tins it's matt. All my hours of rubbing down the chairs ruined, also they've been freshly woven with fabrics so to repaint is impossible but it's all peeling off. Also my kitchen cupboards are ruined and peeling. I am an amateur so thought I'd done something wrong but as I'd sanded and sugar soaped everything when a friend who paints visited and I asked them why the peeling was happening they got a cloth and WIPED the paint off the door they told me it was matt. How do I go about getting compensation from such a big place? Will I have to take them to court. Please help, I can't afford to reweave chairs let alone can't face rubbing and now stripping everything
  7. The owner of Argos and Homebase has set aside £25m to compensate customers who were mis-sold payment protection insurance policies on household purchases ranging from televisions to kitchens. The charge, which equates to 25% of Home Retail's profits this year, relates to PPI cover offered to shoppers who bought goods on credit through its financial services arm. Although the store group has made similar provisions before, they were not made public as the amounts were thought too small to be material. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/mar/13/argos-homebase-compensate-sold-ppi-home-retail
  8. I'm after some advice on a tap that I purchased (as part of a new kitchen) from Homebase. I do not believe the [incredibly expensive] tap is fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality. Unfortunately I fear it may be too late to reject the goods. The other issue is that the tap is installed in my sink which is sealed into the worktop. It could be removed but it would be tedious and hard work - something I don't think I should be doing. It's also not something I can be without for ANY period of time. I arranged independent installation of the kitchen but the fault is certainly not due to installation. I would begrudge and don't see why I should have to pay to have it removed and a new one fitted. I am tempted to fix the tap myself, but I'm worried about making it worse and thus limiting any future claims. I could also put up with it, but I would need a significant reduction in price (80% minimum, how much would you pay for a wonky tap!?). I certainly do not believe it's living up to it's price point... I would be grateful for some feedback on the letter which I intend to send: Dear Sirs On the 05/08/13 I purchased a Schock Black Onyx mixer tap at a cost of £309. I took delivery of this and other items on the 06/09/13. I believe this to be a premium product and consider the price to be reflective of this. I am disappointed to inform you that through only minimal usage the tap handle has become very lose and frequently disconnects from the tap base. It is my belief that this failing renders the tap: A) Not fit for purpose B) Not of a durable nature C) Not of a satisfactory quality This is a breach of my statutory rights (Sale of Goods Act 1979, (as amended) section 14, subsection 2, 2A and 2B points A, C, and E. Unfortunately the tap remains installed in my kitchen as a professional trades person is required uninstall it. I invite you to inspect, replace, repair or refund the tap within a reasonable period of time and without any great inconvenience to myself. I require that any costs (such as professional trades people or loss of earnings) associated with the remedy are borne by you, the seller. I propose that the most efficient and acceptable remedy is a full refund. Please provide a written response to the issues above within 10 working days of the date of this letter. Yours sincerely
  9. Ex Newsreader; Peter Sisson's has made the headlines regarding a ticket issued by Smart Parking when shopping at Homebase. The link to the story is here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2477165/How-Peter-Sissons-received-Homebase-apology-90-parking-ticket.html
  10. I bought a bed through Homebase back in May this year. I bought it in the sale reduced from £400 to £170. When I ordered it I was given a date 2 weeks later for delivery. Then they called the day before delivery was due to push delivery back another 2 weeks. When the bed was delivered we put it together and although the mattress was much thinner than the "luxury" mattress we where told it was including it was ok. It lasted 3 days and the top of the bed collapsed, the wheels from the divan had gone through the material, and the head end was lower than the feet. I called them the next morning, and asked for a replacement mentioning the mattress, they agreed to send a whole new bed out, this time it took 4 weeks again for delivery the mattress was much better, and the bed seemed ok. Again it lasted a little while and the side of the bed collapsed. I again called in expressing by now I really wasn't happy and they said they would send a new base out. Leaving us the old mattress. Again however it was a 4 week delivery time. The bed was delivered saturday when I put it together it was ok, first night in it the legs went straight through again. I was working until today so rang them this afternoon. They initially offered me a bed to the value of the presale price so £400 and asked me to look at the replacement to that value, but for compensation they would get a manager to ring me. When the manager rang they said no way the bed was now reduced again from £400 to £130, so they would give us the current price £130 plus compensation of £60 so a total of £190 to spend at homebase. Not even a refund. They now only do 2 divans this one at £130 and a much more expensive bed at £1000. Surely I am entitled to the full purchase price plus the £60 offered as compensation as a refund, or can I not choose a bed from there sister company Argos? Could someone let me know what I am allowed to ask for. Thanks
  11. I should prefix this by saying that this is now an academic point as we have found an amicable resolution to the issue, but I would like clarification none the less. I recently spent £6500 supply only on a Shcreiber kitchen from Homebase. This order was based on an in-store design that we arrived at. Upon delivery a number of panels were damaged. It transpired that one of the damaged panels was also not required. Being able to physically position the items made clear a much better way of achieving the same result - something that should have been noticed during the planning stages. The panel cost £207 so I wanted it refunded/exchanged as the improved design required me to purchase some much cheaper plinth (£50 a length). I went to the store slightly after 24 hours of receipt of the goods. I explained that I wanted the damaged panel refunded so that I could buy the more appropriate materials. I was told in no uncertain terms this was not possible and they would only replace damaged items. I pointed out that this was contrary to my statutory rights and was told that because I approved the design that I was not entitle to return any items which were not required. No amount of pointing out that I was rejecting the goods due to not being not of a satisfactory quality would make any difference... They tried to fob me off saying that I had to call the distribution center, which I'm glad I did in store as they said only the store could refund it. The guy on the phone was very abrasive and on more than one occasion I found him shouting at me down the telephone. He was insisting that the sale of goods act only required them to replace the damage item and it was at their discretion as to which remedy they choose. I was firmly of the opinion that within 24 hours I am entitle to a refund, regardless of what I bought or if it was part of a larger design that I approved. I also stated several times to all staff that it was impossible to sign away statutory rights which they are implying that I did as I approved the design and acknowledged that I wouldn't be able to return any items not required. In the end we did arrive at an amicable solution but it was very much implied that they were doing me a huge favor and going beyond the call of duty - indeed they did have to do a considerably amount of fiddling on the system. Please clarify, damaged goods reported within 24 hours - I am entitle to a refund surely, if I accept a repair or refund it is at my discretion not homebase?
  12. Only someone very naive could believe private firms are participating in the government’s workfare scheme because they want to provide work experience for unemployed people out of the goodness of their own hearts and not as a way of reducing their wage bills by using forced labour at taxpayers’ expense. But ask any of them and they’ll swear the workfare people they’ve taken on are extra to their requirements and are not – repeat not – replacing jobs they would normally have had to pay someone a proper wage to do. Well. It looks like Homebase have accidentally let the cat out of the bag. A poster currently displayed on the wall in the manager’s office of Homebase Haringey – clearly shows the company is using workfare as a means to reduce their payroll costs: This is particularly interesting, as Homebase have recently been lying to telling the public they’re not participating in workfare at all. See my previous post about that here: Homebase are so embarrassed about using workfare – they’re reduced to lying about it Looks like Homebase just can’t stop themselves telling porky pies about workfare, doesn’t it? https://tompride.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/oops-homebase-let-cat-out-of-the-bag-about-using-workfare-to-reduce-wage-bills/
  13. I ordered 4 items online from Homebase on 30/04/2013. They have not yet been delivered. I wanted to refund/cancel 2 items on 10/04/2013. They have confirmed refund and processed (for the 2 items), but I have not been creditted with the money. They quote 5-7 days for refunds, it is now 10 days, still no refund and now they are not replying to emails. They are deliberately holding onto my money. They can process sale payment within seconds, yet refunds take weeks! Is this not "Evasion of liability by deception, UK Theft Act 1978 - Section 2: ...induce the creditor to wait for payment or to forgo payment..." They have quoted 5-7days when they know this to be untrue. Homebase are [problematic], like some [problem] artist, who keeps promising you the money, but never ACTUALLY pays up... Homebase ... AVOID !!!
  14. I arrived home from work tonight to find our new £900 sofa was in fact half of the one we ordered, and half of another one, as well as a two person footstool. This only became apparent when my wife unwrapped it. She phoned them straight away and they said they could only replace / collect next Monday (6 days away). I phoned to complain and they said the earliest they could collect would still be Monday. I do not have the room for this mismatch in my house and with an 11 month old baby its dangerous. Also, their returns policy on the website states that goods to be returned must not be used. Where do I stand? ...Yeah yeah I know...
  15. I ordered a shower screen from homebase online, paying for home delivery as unable to fit item in my car. I took a day off work to take delivery of item (as 8am-8pm was the only timescale they could give). A dining room table from Argos was left outside my front door (they didn't even knock). They won't send another shower screen and they won't refund me as I used my husband's credit card - although of course they were quick enough to take the money. Very upsetting dealign with customer services as each time have to wait 24 hours for email response or phone calls take an hour each time. What can I do and what are my legal rights?
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