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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, Unfortunately I was made aware there wasn't enough money in my account to cover a DD to Hitachi. I put money in the account on the same day but it must have been too late as the payment was returned later that day. The next day I have rang up to make payment only to be told there is a £22 charge which is automatically added. Do I have any grounds to claim this back. The credit payment is £25 a month is seems unjustified that the charge is nearly as much. I asked them to clarify what the charge was for but the kept referring me to the contract I signed. This happened 3 or 4 months ago, same scenario, same charge but I think I even rang and paid on the same day but still got charged. Can I claim that these charges are unfair and try to reclaim them? Thanks
  2. Had laser eye surgery done last year. 1k left on a 2.6k loan, stopped paying it as I lost my job. I have no assets or anything, do you think they'll actually take me to court? other debt letters i've received have said "may take you to court", these guys seem serious though. They said if they don't recieve a check for the full amount within 7 days they will issue proceedings. Worst case scenario, what happens? They take me to court and I pay £1 a month? Can they remove goods from our house? Or is that only if I miss payments? Best way to proceed?
  3. Hi there. I do hope someone could help with good information what to do in my situation. I received court claim almost 4 weeks ago. I submitted the AOS back on 25/9 and therefor now only got 1 more day before at least have to do defend form online. My problem was I have been very ill for last 2 weeks with flu and also going through tooth abscess so really tough times for me. But nevermind I should still have got this sorted before it went so far. I am praying someone of you could help me with some good information on how best to tackle this as I have to submit this form tonight. I will prob not have time to respond before deadline as have work all day today. But hope to respond back on anything here at forum from after 8pm uk time. The claim is as below: Claimant: CABOT FINANCIAL (UK) LIMITED Amount Claimed: 795.32 Court Fee: £60.00 Solicitors Fee: £70.00 Total amount: 925.32 The original debt was to Hitachi Capital after buying computer equipment on credit which was urgent needed at that time last year. But to keep it short I missed the first repayment which ended up in direct debit charges they added also got problems with my bank. But in total within couple months added charges of around £200 I was in dispute and was in contact regular through email pointing out they could not charge these high fees. now instead of a reasonable debt of around £600 has now gone up to £925.32 What can I do now as I know have not got time to send those letters where I can request documents from Cabot. And I also read something else around the internet about sending these forms. I am hoping to get an agreement with Cabot to pay of monthly instalments for original amount owed around £600 do you think that would be possible if I submit my defend part admission? I was thinking to submit that tonight and put information about my dispute with Hitachi Capital. But just very confused now as what can I do to help this situation apart from submit part admission? As its too late to claim back charges from Hitachi? Do I put in defend form that I wish to request cca and cpr request? As I cannot get leter sent to them in time now? Sorry for all these questions and very long thread just very upset about this. Hope someone could shine a light asap would be very much appreciated.
  4. Hi guys. Hope you can help and advise me as I am very uncomfortable in my situation. I owe Hitachi Capital after I bought an item through an online shop. I was bit in a rush to buy this item and though I will take a loan as my money situation will improve a lot later this year. And Item was needed in regards to online work as affiliate. So was not just a impulse buy. My idea at the time was to take out interest free loan. Where you can pay it back within 12 months and no interest. And if not paid before 12 months then interest would kick in. But somehow to be honest because I was in a rush to buy item and get contract setup. I actually made silly mistake. Instead I took out loan as to be paid monthly of £59.14 Also when signing contract and sending back online I never got hang off that I had actually setup payments to be taken through direct debit. I have my salary going into my fiancée bank account due to other problems in past with payday loans. Which luckily I have cleared up after and will never go back to those problems again. I do have one I have a battle with. So concerned to have my whole salary going into that. Sorry let’s leave that and get to the facts. 3 months back there suddenly came problems so me and my fiancée were shorter on cash because of car problems etc. So I could not pay the 1st payment. Other problem that happened was they tried taking it through direct debit. I was shocked and angry at first. Until I discovered my mistake with contract. They added £25 just for unable to take direct debit. I contacted them through email. But would not listen. Charges has to be paid first then monthly amount. So suddenly £25 on top of the £59. I have explained I was in hardship at the moment. And would need some months to recover. But would be willing to find a way to keep up and start payments. If they would let me start paying 1 month later and remove charge. They would not listen. And have then received several letters with other charges. Now couple months later all these unfair charges is almost £200 extra, I just had phone call from them other day. Telling me now whole amount £800 plus charges were to be paid in one amount asap. Quite shocking to be honest. They said we can give you 25% discount if I could pay the whole amount. Which of course I rejected and explained would not be possible in my situation. I have been on contact with them several times to try sort something out. I actually managed to arrange with them to pay 2 months in one month. But in mean time 2 months ago a letter arrived with a £50 charge. So I got upset and angry because had already agreed that arrangement with them. So not been in contact with them until they phoned me other day from withheld number. They stated that okay we could maybe arrange the whole amount the be paid off in 6 installments now including charges. I said okay we will have to look at that as I am only interested in paying off my debt and stand in good grounds. BUT I do not accept those very unfair charges! Which I did not discuss on phone. They already pulled off against me in emails saying they are very fair! But then yesterday I received another letter stating that they now threaten me with county court. And also will send someone to my home to discuss the debt first??? That is also not legal right?? Just really upset about this now. Just want to get it sorted out and start getting my debt paid off. Back to that phone call again they asked me and requested that I gave a token payment straight away of minimum £10 which I could not. I said to them I only have under £1 in my bank account so can’t even send a token payment before I get paid end of month. They insisted that they would need that token payment latest end of month or else leave them no choice. Please could anyone advise me or help me here?? And sorry I know this post is very messy and not setup very well also problems with gramma because of my Danish Also worried as I know Hitachi and others read in these forums not hard for them to know who I am. Please advise what I should do here. All I wanted is to from end this month to get fresh start. Move my loan with months I am behind and let me pay £59 each month from now. Not that easy I am afraid Cheers.
  5. I've recently obtained an SAR on an satisfied debt I had with Hitachi Captal Credit (taken out in 2009), with regard to claiming back some of the fees. I did however notice this section on the credit agreement: Charges will be payable under this agreement in the following events: - Recalled direct debits: £32 - returned or recalled cheques of credit/debit repayments: £30 - letters sent as a result of a breach in the credit agreement: £25 - telephone calls in respect of late payment: £10 - issue of a default notice: £50 - transfer account from collections to debt recovery: £50 - tracing your address if you move without telling us: £40 - administration charge for appointing an agent to visit you: £85 As that is included in the signed agreement am I prevented from recovering any charges? If I am able to claim any charges back, which ones would I be eligible to reclaim? Reading through the document I also noticed something else - they went for a charging order on my house in March 2011 and appear to have lied to do so, claiming I had ignored a CCJ ordering monthly payments to commence from 07/01/2011 of £30.20 despite my bank statement quite clearly showing the payment was made to Addleston Keane (acting on their behalf) on 04/01/2011, 07/02/2011 and 07/03/2011.
  6. I missed two payments and called Hitachi to pay specifying that the money was to be allocated to the two months arrears and NOT default charges as I planned to dispute them. Hitachi took my payment and allocated it to charges instead of the arrears so an additional default charge was added to my account the following month! When I challenged this they claimed it was policy to allocate the money to charges first, I checked my credit agreement and this was totally untrue and in fact the opposite! They refused to remove the charges so I continued to pay on time by cheque and wrote accompanying letter instructing that the money was for arrears AND in settlement of all charges and if they did not agree to this settlement then they must not cash the cheque - they cashed the cheque but continued to chase me for charges, I sent another cheque and this time wrote the same terms on the back of the cheque too and they cashed it again but still continued to chase me for those initial charges in addition to charges they kept adding claiming I was still classed as being in arrears as I had not cleared the default charges. Can default charges be classed as arrears? Can a default be logged on your credit file even though you are up to date with agreed payments but have refused to pay default charges? Can Hitachi log a default when they cashed cheques agreeing to my terms of settlement?
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