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  1. I have just received a letter from turnbull solicitors (working for HFO!). They state they have now obtained a charging order on my property. They took me to court early last year and I sent a defence to the courts but could not take it any further because Turnbull refused to give me any information requested. The proceedings went ahead regardless then I had notice that they were applying for a charging order. I immediately applied to set the judgement aside and after 2 months had the court papers returned informing me that the case had been moved to another c
  2. I had a debt with Monument Credit card that was bought by HFO. I got court papers in 2007 for them to get the monies owed. I spoke to them and was told to send the forms back to them and they would deal with it. Did all this and next thing i knew the court had ordered in their favor. They also obtained a charge against my property to secure the debt. As i owed the debt I just accepted it and we came to an arrangement to pay £20.00 per month. Balance was now £2,045.06 up from £1,477.56 as they added on cost and interest I think. I have paid this since
  3. Latest from the FCA http://www.fca.org.uk/news/statements/agreement-hfo-services-limited-roxburghe-uk-limited-hfo-capital-limited ------------------------------------------- I hope that IF they do apply for a new licence, they will be turned down
  4. 'The (mill) wheels... grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.' I noticed the thread HFO/OFT Minded to Revoke thread had its last post eight months ago, so I'm putting this in a new thread - I hope admin will move it if they see fit. With help from many CAGgers, specifically DonkeyB (good luck in the Rugby World Cup:oops:) we were part of a process that ended in a thorough, days' long interview with the OFT to do with being hounded by HFO using draconian and humiliating practices on a debt we didn't owe them. We were asked but due to ill health were unable to be witnesses. It give
  5. Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with a problem I have which involves Turnbull Rutherford / HFO Capital Limited & HFO Services Ltd. It revolves around a Barclaycard debt going back to 2007. I have attempted to get Divorced & had my submission returned form the Court due to their being a Couple of Charging Orders listed against the property I shared with my ex which we had a mortgage in joint names on. It would appear that a CCJ was granted at Northampton CC on 4th July 2008 in favour of HFO Services Ltd ( I was never notified that they had applie
  6. Hi there, In 2007 I was the victim (like many others) of the aggressive tactics of Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors in conjunction with HFO Services (they are actually the same people, or were then - HFO bought unsecured debts and Turnbull converted them to secured debts by a court order, on an industrial scale). At the time in 2007, I was ignorant of what I should have done, which was to question the validity of the contract by making a Subject Access Request. But as I didn't know about this I had no option but to complete the N9A and offer to pay by instalments. T
  7. Hfo secured a ccj against me over 6 years ago. They obtained a notice against the house in August, 2008. I have not responded to any correspondence, or court papers, at any time. They have sent the odd reminder but not taken further action. As you are aware, they lost their licence. They have now sold on the debt to Assett Capital Link Ltd. What is my current situation? Many thanks.
  8. Hi all, i'm desperate for some help! about 2 years ago I received a letter from HFO services to say that I owed £6k+ from an old Welcome loan. (included interest/fees etc) They threatened me with baliffs etc unless I set up an agreement. I made it very clear that the amount they were stating seems very high in comparison to original amounts I borrowed (which I think were around £1,000-£2,000). Bear in mind that the loan was from around 2005. Under duress I set up a plan for £50 per month but told them that I still wanted to see the original agreement. 2-3mths p
  9. Hi I was wondering if someone can offer any advice. I deferred on a credit card in my youth. Around £1500. This got passed on to HFO Service. After some contact I started paying it back. I payed around £800 back when I realised that they ahd added an extortionate amoun of interest on. I went to citizens advice etc ad they contacted them and all went quiet for a year or so. I sent them a CCA & SAR letter but have already payed some money back. I heard nothing apart from letters from Turnbull & rutherford. They have recently contacted again to say I still owe a
  10. I have just checked my online banking to find out a company called HFO services ltd have set up a direct debit on my account. Anyone know who they are as I have never heard of them or no what this is for! Thanks
  11. For all the people that has been harassed by HFO Services Limited and Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors, this is good news. This culled from the OFT website and the link posted below http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2014/08-14#.Uvvum8uPPIV OFT finds three debt businesses unfit and excludes a solicitor from undertaking licensable activities 08/14 5 February 2014 The OFT has refused to renew the consumer credit licences of debt purchaser HFO Capital Limited, and two associated debt collectors, HFO Services Limited and Roxburghe (UK) Limited. Alasdair Turnb
  12. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has refused to renew the consumer credit licences of three debt businesses, including Roxburghe. Debt purchaser HFO Capital and two associated debt collection agencies, HFO Services Limited and Roxburghe (UK) Limited, have been declared “unfit” by the OFT and will not have their licences renewed. Solicitor Alasdair Turnbull, who acted for the group of firms, has also been excluded from the group consumer credit licence held by the Law Society for England and Wales. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/16628/online-news/three-debt-firms-deeme
  13. Hi all I’m writing on behalf of my girlfriend who has a longstanding debt which she has finally agreed she needs to look in to, but does not know where to start. She admits she has been irresponsible and has been scared to look into it for a long time, but having read around these forums for a while I’ve managed to convince her that there are processes that we should follow to see where things really stand, what really needs to be paid, and if there is anything she can claim back. I’m not particularly informed myself, but am prepared to read and invest time and effort into this to try
  14. HFO Financial Services say I owe them £1700 after paying a total of £4000. I had been paying through CCCS along with two other smaller debts. Due to personal circumstance I've stopped using CCCS and intended to write directly to HFO to arrange a payment plan. However on Noodle this debt does not appear at all either on open or closed accounts. The debt must have been incurred somewhere around 2003/2004. Precisely what am I paying this for? Is it possible they have been taking payments on statue-barred debt and if so is there any way I would be able to reclaim
  15. Hi All, newbie here hope you can help. My partner had a debt from Barclaycard which was taken over by HFO in 2008. After some communication and threats of Baillffs from HFO my partner agreed to pay a set amount each month, which she has continued to do so ever since. In the intervening years she has tried to contact them to advise of change of address etc and also to ask for a settlement figure but has been unable to make contact with anyone from the company. During this time she has never received a yearly statement from HFO. We have since heard that HFO are no longer in business but
  16. Hi everyone, Love the forum and I'm looking for little bit of advice. I had a run in with HFO at the start off 2011 about an old debt i had with barclay card which was over 7 years old then and was SB. I did all the letter sending and never heard from them again. But here's the crazy thing, I now live in Scotland ( since 12/2011 about 8 months after the letters from HFO stopped) and a letter from BCW dropped on my doorstep about 2 weeks ago asking if I was who they were looking for( It was my name on the letter) and if i could get in touch. And if i wasn't the named person to
  17. DefaultNotice.pdf Hi all After googling HFO came across this excellent site with somehelpful advice regarding dealing with HFO. So far received following from HFO: Had a reminderNOA sent to me on 19 July 11, followed by a Do Not Ignore (with HMCS EX345 - Bailiffs andEnforcement Officers info sheet and EX50 - Court Fees info sheet) on10 August 11 then a Schedule of Litigation (with EX325 - Third Part Debt Orderinfo sheet) on 1 September 11. I would have dealt with this sooner, but I have been tied up withmatters of Probate on my recently deceased father's estate
  18. Hi, i wonder if you could give me some advice. I have recently received a letter chasing me for money from buchanan clark & wells on behalf of a barclaycard debt sold to hfo capital ltd. The first letter i got was asking if i was the person named and my old address. I ignored that letter then they sent me another letter dated 11/04/2013 which they stated was a formal demand. I ignored that letter as well. The next letter i got was dated 15/05/2013 and was a settlement offer which they said they would accept roughly half the original debt they were ch
  19. Good Morning, I have been paying a debt,by DD,to the above cretins for 18months. They stopped taking the DD payments three months ago, and now I have had a letter from them stating they have passed the case to their solicitors for further action as I have broken the agreement by non payment. The outstanding debt is £888 Any advice would be appreciated.
  20. Hi Guys, I have just received court paper work sent by Turnbull Rutherford on behalf of HFO. They are claiming over £6400.00 with £3800.00 being the original debt and over £2600.00 in interest and court costs. They are charging me 12% per annum interetsrt on the debt. I would like advice on how I should reply. I will admit to the original debt and agree to pay in installments but do not agree to the interest payments and the on going interest being claimed. I am currently unemployed but own my own flat. I would like to know how I should reply to the court. Admitting the original
  21. Hi, I am looking for advice on behalf of my dad on how to deal with 2 debts that were bought by HFO services. This has been ongoing for some time and my dad has managed to pay of all of his other debts via payments plans etc and now only these two are left. The difficulty is that since setting up a payment plan with them he never receives any communication from them - no statements etc so he has no idea what the balance is or how much interest they have applied etc. After a lot of harrassment over the phone which led to changing phone numbers etc and sending lots of lett
  22. I have a 6 year old alleged debt which HFO Services/Capital didn't provide any documents even several letters asking for it. Now Roxburghe (who took over) confirmed on the telephone that the account is closed and they won't try to collect any money. - I asked them (PHONE) to remove the default and send a letter saying that the account is closed (not complied, 7 days has passed). - I sent a letter informing statute barred, I'm not paying (Sep 12th) and also asking for the notice of default (Sep21st) not complied, 28 days has passed. - I asked Experian and Equifax (EMAIL) that I dispute
  23. Thank you for your information / advice so far. I have 2 CCJ's that have been with HFO Services / Turnbull Rutherford, which have been in force since Oct/Nov 2007. I pay £1 per month on each. As I stated earlier, they did try to say I had arrears and take me to Court on one of these CCJ's previously. This appears to be what they are trying to do again. The last time the case was transferred to Manchester - they didn't turn up and it was judged 'out of time' and it was thrown out. They are using one of the CCJ Claimant Refs on the letter that I have just received from them and are statin
  24. Hi I have been paying a debt since April 28th 2011 through HFO services ltd at £40 per month. This was my debt and I agreed to pay. This has been coming out of my account regularly since. I have moved house not do long ago and on sorting through paperwork have realised that I cannot locate the original letter from HFO with their details and my total balance owing etc. Therefore, I cannot contact them to update my details or find out what my outstanding balance is etc. On looking through various websites it appears that they no longer exist??? Is this the case? If it is, where h
  25. Oh dear! http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14067/online-news/roxburghe-battles-to-retain-credit-licence#.T8eOWNuUb1A.twitter
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