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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, Thank you for all your help over the many years - been a long journey but almost there. Now that I have the strength and knowledge (from here) to take on the financial system in this country, I'm now trying to help my elderly Dad fight back. My Dad was always in control of financial affairs in the past but for the last few years now has become less able to deal with the modern world and now he is showing early sign of dementia. It came as quite a shock to find out that he has 6 credit cards which are now leaving him with no pension to live on. It became noticeable last year when he was a victim of identity fraud. His bank account was cleared out twice and so he ended up with loads of penalty payment and a few defaults. I want to "put the brakes" on the charges and interest with all these companies and now feel I'm in a position to do so now that I have LPA (lasting power of attorney). My idea is to send these companies a letter saying that my sister and I are taking over financial affairs for Dad, enclose a copy of the LPA, and also start the ball rolling by asking for the original signed Credit Card Agreement. Some of my Dad's cards go back to the 80's I want to see if he has an agreement and if they don't at least put them on the back foot when I ask them to freeze his account so he can just work out a manageable payment plan. Should I do it this way or does anyone have a better idea? Best regards Fevr
  2. All Newbie here. I have an employee who owes 6 PDLs approx. £3.5k he cannot pay. He can only afford about £200 per month. As his employer I am prepared to try to pay off the debts, and then recover it from him from his payroll over a couple of years. But we can't afford £3.5k Will the PDLs negotiate? I haven't yet looked into whether they have leant responsibly, but will they accept settlements of the original loan plus an element of interest? His alternative is probably IVA or bankruptcy. Advice Please Many thanks in advance...
  3. Hi there. Just on the off chance my husband sent a request to Barclays to see if he had PPI on any of his cards. It turns out he had it on his Barclaycard Mastercard from Sept '97 until Dec 2004 and on his Barclaycard Visa from Sept '97 until Aug 2015. What would be our next step forward please? Thank you.
  4. Hey, I got insurance through Jet2 when I went to Santa Ponsa last April - My laptop was stole on the first night in the hotel - They denied it and said nothing was stole from the hotel before (Yeah right...) - Quite ironic as while he said it 3 Spanish girls came to the desk and said their money was stole from their room. I got a police report from Spanish police ( I went with the Spanish girls and they translated ) When I got back I phoned Jet2 - They said the insurance wasnt through them but a different company, I dont know how many times I have phoned and they arent helping. I also have insurance from Argos but I dont think that covers theft. It was a brand new laptop that i had for maybe a month, I know it has been a long time but I have been waiting for them to either do a refund or replacement but nothing is happening. Can anyone help me with what my options are please? Thanks for any help
  5. I contacted an ebay seller before Christmas regarding the purchase of FIFA coins for my son. He promised me that he would be online on Christmas Day so that he could email me the details. I spent £79.99 and seller has not responded. My son has not received his much anticipated FIFA coins and the seller has ignored all my emails. I contacted both ebay and paypal to be told that they do not cover electronic downloads as part of their buyer protection scheme. I have been left in limbo. The money has left my account and I have nothing to show for it. I have emailed the seller stating that I would like a refund as my son has bought FIFA points elsewhere. What can I do? I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.
  6. What would you do.I do not usually ask for advice nowadays but could do with some to calm myself down see things a bit clearer.Then i will act on advice given today if possible and update later. Moved into my newish house about 8 weeks ago.Council. Absolutely thrilled and honored to have this lovely house. Semi,blocked paved area for car to stand on,easy drive in access.Wonderful.Peace at last. Wonderful,soon had the garden full of plants.Shed set up to work in. Quiet area with a lot of elderly people around.A lot of people being cared for. No cars burning,no cars,motorcycles racing through the streets.Very quiet apart from the odd argument around every now and again.People feeling the pressure as in many towns and cities. 5 weeks in a chap who lives opposite who lives with his wife and elderly relative who i believe they care for says to me. Excuse me Mr Owl i wonder if you could do me a favour. Well perhaps as many on here you think mmmm what is this all about,wonder what he wants. Says to me,my van has broken down,it is coming back in a hour or two on a trailer and i have nowhere to put it for now. Just needs a starting motor so could i put it on your beautiful block paved drive.For a few weeks at the most. Well i have had a few hard times in the past so went in for a while and talked with relatives and father in law i help care for. So after a while i came out moved our own car and said yes ok for a few weeks.Christian thing to do. By then i had realised they were stuck and needed some help in this situation. A week or two went by nothing really getting done. Then one morning 1 am my daughter went to our car to get something. Shot back in woke me up and said think we are being burglared or someone looking around. Well old owl was slightly annoyed so shot out of nest and flew out of door.Rather angry and wondering who was out there. Someone trying to break in my nest. Lights from back of van,like someone had a torch,bonnet up and lights hanging off the back of van. It was only mr mechanic and his wife working on the thing at that time. Said a few words to them and they said oh is it that time we had not realised. Remember what he said about a starter motor. Since then i came home one day one day and sand was everywhere on the drive could not get to my front door without stepping over and walking over grass instead of paved walkway.Mechanic nowhere in sight. He had only decided to change the oil and somehow had leaked it everywhere.No carpet down wheels off jacked up and bowl collecting oil. Put up with that,thought to myself well old owl been in construction soon be gone and will clean up and never do a favour again. However mr mechanic i spotted through my front window test driving about 10 meters down the street.2 days ago. Thought thank god for that will now be gone. Nope van on driveway staight away but best of all huge oil slick in road where i am about 15 meters away.And drips everywhere leading back to my driveway. Staying calm,so stuck my head through my living room window and said i hope you are going to clean all this mess up. Said to me yes a jetwash it will be fine.I am not that green and know oil especially on block paving will not be that easy to clean. So now imagine you are ten meters away from my front looking back. Lovely house,but van jacked up,bowl with oil underneath oil everywhere.And cars going up and down the street from oil slick spreading everywhere.On peoples tyres and possibilities of walking oil into houses when dark. Now i am quite capable of taking any action needed what would you do. I have a soft look,do you think they have taken advantage of me or do you think perhaps they are the thickest people i have ever met.Going perhaps to see the other side of me today which has shocked a few when let out. I noticed he always cleans his tools carefully after use. And has the best available and plenty of them.What about my driveway etc. Remember their situation as well.Elderly relative etc.I do not want to disturb at all or upset in any way. But also we are on probation for a year from the council.If they see this or people complain what could happen. My father in law who i helped care for and got fond of has just died this week.So am going through things myself. What would you do.Any thoughts advice appreciated. Update. After writing this my thoughts are beginning to say to me.Leave it and wait for the van to go,clean up and never do a favour like this again. Other option would be to harsh.Do any of you agree with this.
  7. This is an updated sticky the original started by bookworm can be found HERE The Family Fund - grants for disabled children
  8. Hi Guys I'm still cleaning up the ID fraud from 3 years ago (Yep, Really that long ago). Money Shop are dragging their heels. I decided to tackle these nuggets about 4 months ago as I move through each account 1 by 1. Essentially, speaking to a brick wall is hypothetically much more productive apparently. Basically the story goes (Like before), someone stole my ID etc and went on a spree killing my credit file in the process. Anyway, I went into store to get their Customer Relations Address which i emailed last December. I got the usual 8 week time-scale email and they finally came back to me in Jan 2015 with the below; I then responded telling them that the here is NO 3rd party, the data subject is me... But it fell on deaf ears. I ended up getting a response this week after i responded on the 26th Jan telling them that they were out of order and needed to sort this out and investigate! Anyway, I received an email back from a Fiona Cooper. i S*** you not, I nearly wanted to drag them by their ears infront of the FCA. So what did I do... I went to the local store in Crawley. I was there for 10 mins, with a birth certificate as I don't currently have my passport. I showed them the email, they then said you need to go back to Head Office and tell them we cant help you. I asked for them to fins the account and give me some sort of information so I have something I can rely on aside of my CRF. They looked on their system by every single piece of information could give them. Current Address, Address of the Fraudulent Loan, Name, Date of Birth, They couldn't find it. I even asked them to scan a copy of my birth certificate and send it to Head Office, They refused that too and told me that they needed to attach it to an account. I left unhappy and have responded to them. But i took it to the next level, I sent it to the Guardian and Watchdog because I'm fed up with the "Do This For No Reason" attitude. Anything else that I should be doing? FYI... If you help me solve this one, Ill double my donation I pledged to make next month
  9. Hi all again, Thought I would make a new thread for this loan so not to confuse my other PPI thread for my dad. I'll be using this for the covering letter: Dear Sir/Madam, We are writing in relation to payment protection insurance (PPI) policy, associated with the above account, which we do not believe was sold to us correctly or fairly. We believe you have not treated us fairly for the following reasons: · The overall cost, this being associated interest, was not explained, nor mentioned at all · We were not told how to go about cancelling our policy · We already had cover in place that could have protected our repayments but wasn’t asked about this Unless you can provide proof that the policy was appropriate for our circumstances and that we were treated fairly when you sold us the insurance, we will expect a full refund of all premiums, the interest that we have incurred as a result of having the PPI cover and 8% simple interest until settled. We have attached a PPI questionnaire for the loan, evidence of PPI policy and a PPI redress calculation that’s under the Financial Ombudsman Service rules. Under the FCA guidelines, Halifax has 8 weeks to resolve our complaint. We trust that you will deal with our case within this period. If not, we will refer the matter to the Financial Services Ombudsman. We look forward to your prompt response to this letter. I haven't found the credit agreement yet but will be looking through my dads paperwork tomorrow. Halifax didn't include anything for the 2009 loan in the SAR we sent them. Should I request Halifax to send a copy or should I send a CCA request for it? I've found a loan offer that said the loan was for £6,467 with a additional borrowing fee of £99 and a £50 deeds despatch fee The monthly cost was £121.07 So I calculated 121.07/5715 x 100 =2.11% So am I right in saying the monthly repayments is 2.11% of £121.07 which is £2.55? Thanks Andrew
  10. Hi all, I've finally managed to get my dad to have a look into PPI on his past finances. He only agreed to do so if i did it all for him. Now I've been looking on this site and it seems I need, a covering letter, to fill out the financial-ombudsman consumer questionnaire and all the statements and agreements of the finance. I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me/send me a link to a template for the covering letter. I've already got the questionnaire from the ombudsman website so I'm ok there. Now my dad says he has all the paperwork and I sort of believe this because he's really good for keeping things for records. lastly it looks like I need to calculate how much he should be owned, I've seen the spreadsheets on this site. I am not good when it comes to numbers, is there any simpler ways to go about it or can anybody maybe help me workout how to use it? As always any help will be much appreciated Thanks Andrew If it helps in anyway, most of his finance was with Halifax, there was a repayment mortgage that lasted about 18months, credit cards and a few loans. Andrew
  11. Hi all again, After I started taking steps to claim back my littlewoods charges, my friend wanted to do the same. I told him to get a SAR off and take it from there. His SAR came two days ago, I told him what people told me on how to look for the charges. After adding all the charges up he found he had been charges £384 from 2010 to late 2014. I gave him the website for converting interest rate into compound interest and he found as high as 6.000 for his interest on the SAR so when he converted that the website said annual rate (when compounded) was 103.51%! So when he put that into the CISheet it said littlewoods owed him £3,433.35 in interest so with the charges that £3,817.35! Now can he claim that? I know the math may be right, but something tells me the court won't be happy with such a high compound interest rate. Thanks Andrew
  12. Hello everybody, I'm writing to ask you what you think I could do in this situation. I apologise in advance for the long post, but it's a very long story with many details so I thank you for your patience in reading this. 1 months ago I bought a motorbike from an official Peugeot dealer, that was the beginning of the nightmare. 1) the bike arrived several weeks later, there were always delays and I had to chase them because they did not inform me 2) once the bike arrived, the wrong number plate was put on - I was asked by the dealer 2-3 days later to take it back for number place replacement as he swapped it with another one by mistake. Later on this year when my road tax renewal has arrived I have then found out I was registered as the owner for 2 vehicles: mine and another one (first number plate I was put on) 3) On the day I picked up the bike for the first time in the shop, the bike kept turning itself off at every traffic light - took it back and dealer said he didn't adjust the idle before selling it, he then did and it was ok 4) I had a crack on the front mudguard, which I only noticed 2-3 days after the purchase, I asked it to be replaced and they never did, they conveniently forgot about it - eventually I gave up Later on a mechanic points out the back mudguard is practically rubbing against the wheel because the hook was broken, he repairs it with wire but doesn't keep it and asks for the replacement part as it came out like that from the factory - no part received 5) 11 days after the purchase the motorbike starts leaking petrol, I call AA, they take it to the garage and replace a cracked fuel pipe and a leaking fuel filter - leaving the bike parked outside at the end of the reserve with barely any petrol in for me to ride it to the next petrol station 7) Despite me not being instructed about oil checks etc (I was told I didn't need to check oil levels and that would be checked only by a mechanic during the routine service), after about a month I decide to check the oil level - stick comes out dry. I think I must have got it wrong so I take it back and ask to have a oil check. One of the mechanics just fills it with oil, doesn't say a word and says here you go. I ask what happened, he said nothing it's safe to ride away, there's oil. 6) the bike doesn't start in the morning, regardless of hot/cold weather, once it's been parked for 2-3 hours it doesn't start I take it back, they first say there's nothing wrong with it and return it to me. I take it back again, they adjust the idle again. I take it back again, they change the spark plug and say the battery is fine so they can't see a problem. Still the problem isn't fixed, I take it back again and they change the automatic choke and ask me to come back if it still doesn't work - by then I just had lost hope. The problem persisted but I didn't go back, I just lived with it and said to myself I was going to take it another dealer. 7) I had been there at the garage at least twice a month for the first 6 months. I have asked when's the next check due and they say 5000 miles (my meter is in km though) 8) The bike gets stolen, no big damage just the ignition had ripped cables, the bike was pushed along the street then they couldn't start it so they just left it there (I guess that not being able to start the bike in the morning saved my bike on this particular occasion) 9) I ring the dealer asking if he could fix my ignition by soldering the cables back, as he asked for £120 for the new part and it was gonna take time to order it (other dealers I contacted were selling it from 60 to 80 pound) He said the soldering can get complicated and I might end up having to pay 120 for the labour anyway (5 cables? really?) and started mumbling away something along the line that he wasn't sure if it was possible because the back of it is plastic and it melts, etc. etc. he wasn't really convinced he could do it but he ended up saying he could at least try. I was happy with try and I need the bike for work I ask him if he had time that afternoon, he said yes but not too late - I said to him I could take 2 hours off work and head there around 4pm, should take me an hour so should be there at 5pm. He said it's fine. I asked him 2-3 times because my employer back then wasn't really happy about giving me 2 hours off if he was gonna at least try to solder it back I would have come otherwise I couldn't afford to go there, not have it done and then having to take more time off which wouldn't have been possible for me at the time. He said he was going to at least look at it and try so I went. Got there around 5,15-5,20pm (shop closes at 6pm but sometimes I see them opened for a bit longer), he said I could leave the ignition there and he would have taken a look at some point another day. I pointed out I couldn't take any more time off to pick it up and that I asked him several times if he could do it on the day but he was adamant that no, I was 15 mins late, the shop closes in 40 minutes so he couldn't possibly solder 5 cables. I then ask for the wiring scheme so I can solder it myself and he said he didn't have it, but I could google it - that's what I had been trying to do but I couldn't find it online either. I asked him to just tell me how the cables had to be soldered back (in what order) and he said he didn't know he would have googled it himself but if it's not on google he would have waited until another bike of the same model came in so he could check the wiring and solder it back, so he didn't exactly know when it was going to happen. I start freaking out, I said that he was wasting my time and I was in huge distress and that by the way the bike still didn't start in the morning after and he said I could take the bike there and they can have another look. Happens that I had talked to another dealer who said he knew exactly what the problem was, and given the past experience with this dealer I decided to trust the other one. I have said to this guy that no, I wouldn't have left the bike there anymore because they don't know what they're doing, they messed everything up from day 1 and instead of showing a little bit of respect and appreciation for my patience by fixing the ignition they were bold enough to say that no, 15 mins late I'm not even gonna look at it. I said I would never come back. 10) I end up buying the part on ebay and fixing the ignition myself 11) I take it to the other dealer because it still didn't start in the morning, they notice the spark plug was the wrong one for that bike, they replaced and it got a bit better but still would struggle to start 12) The other dealer also notices a weird noise in the piston, says the piston was worn and was getting too small for the cylinder - I ask him if he could be a damage that was caused by riding it without oil for a month, he said yes and he also added he wasn't going to do anything about it because he didn't want to get involved with Peugeot for a human error that somebody else did, as it would be difficult to claim it under warranty. He says the engine will die all of a sudden sooner or later. But it was still working I used it as it is. Yesterday evening the bike turns itself off in the middle of the street on the way home and doesn't start anymore. Looks like flat battery, I charge the battery put it back in but same thing. This morning I try again, same thing - I call AA and take it to the original dealer where I bought it so I can also explain what the other dealer said. The guy I had spoken to before as he sees me leaves the shop (found out today that he is the owner) I speak to one of the mechanics said he was going to look at it, I go to work prepared to come back there at 6pm when I finish. 20 minutes later I receive a phone call from the owner saying I just left the bike there and legged it, I explained I spoke to his mechanic and he said he was gonna look at it. He said that since I said I wasn't going to come back then he doesn't want to fix my bike so I must go and collect it now because he's pushing it out on the street and once it's out of his shop that's entirely my problem - plus the warranty is not valid anymore because I didn't service it, so he wouldn't have done any work on it anyway. I say.. what service? I asked you and you told me next one 5000 miles, I'm 3000km behind. . well, apparently there were 2-3 services in between that I wasn't made aware of. I was actually told 5000miles was the first service I had to do, now.. I never owed a NEW bike so I didn't really know when you're suppose to service it. Then the guys starts shouting at me I ask him to please don't shout, he's adamant it's out of warranty and also that he doesn't want to see my bike in his shop he's pushing it out. I said I was gonna make a complaint with peugeot. I do.. I call customer service at Peugeot, explain the whole situation to them and they say that unfortunately since the service is explained in the manual and service book (that I was NEVER given by the shop but the shop is denying it) the warranty is not valid. As for the guy's manners he can't do anything because Peugeot don't impose any standards for the level of service of their dealers so they can conduct the business like they want, and if he wants to be rude then he can be rude and Peugeot is not responsible. As for the lack of oil from the start, he said that no written proof is there, he will deny it and it is just my word against his so they can't do anything to help me. I picked up the bike called AA and had to transported back to my home. The mechanic from AA reckons the piston got thin and bent, so when the bike runs for 3 mins, the piston gets bigger, jams in the cylinder and the bike turns itself off. When the piston cools 10 mins later the bike starts again but as soon as it gets hot it jams again. Only his opinion anyway he didn't look in the engine. Now, at this stage what can I do? I was thinking of claiming under the sell of goods act, trying to prove the bike was not fit for purpose from day 1 and the services received was insufficient, but can I prove it? When I went back to the shop today I set my phone on recording, so I have a conversation with me and the mechanic where he apologises saying it wasn't up to him to fix it or not and I asked him if he remembers I was always there and the bike was broken from day 1 one I bought it, he said yes I know. I wonder if I could use it as a proof (I feel guilty for the poor mechanic though), but I doubt that I can because I didn't warn them I was recording. Any thought?
  13. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, and wonder if anyone could confirm something for me? I made a claim for sickness benefit, (or what ever its called now) but had it turned down because I own a property that is worth more than £16,000 but do not live in it. So I am not entitled to any help, other than having my stamp credited. The house I own is rented out and is my only source of income as I'm now unable to work. Its the only property I own apart form my old touring caravan, which I spend a fair bit of time living in, as well as various bolt holes with friends and family. What I have been told to do is sell the house and live off the money until its below £16,000 Or move the tenants out and live in it myself, without any income, before attempting to make another claim. Can anybody confirm that is the rules we have to play by? Cheers, Keith.
  14. Thought I would post this recent video that was added to Youtube. Hounslow Police working with bailiffs to stop vehicles with outstanding PCN's. I can understand that the Police have an interest in this, because they will be indirectly funded by revenues received from PCN collection. i.e the Police are funded by councils that issued the PCN's. However, I would question the legality of this. Although the Police have the legal right to stop vehicles, surely they are restricted as to the purpose of such stops ?
  15. Hopefully this is an easy one for the brains on here.... As I am sure some of you know NPower have been having problems with their magical new computer system... This meant not taking payments from me. Then it meant me building up a £500 or so debit So they took it upon themselves to set me up a payment plan for £50 on a seperate direct debit with no call or advice to myself or from myself. On the assumption this is wrong...where do I stand? Doesn't the direct debit thing they always read to you over the phone stop this kind of thing happening? thanks in advance...
  16. read more: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/civil-servant-david-kelly-allegedly-5764484
  17. Hi, I think this is a legal issue. In trouble with lots of debts and dealing as they surface. Got one CO on my house for £14000 I think. House is either zero or negative equity. Now a friend of mine has suggested she pay off £30000 of the mortgage and have a prorata share of the house as an investment or a loan ( will be my choice). My question, will she have to go on the mortgage( she doesnt want this). If all fails and I walk away, she loses her money( she said don't worry) but is she liable for any outstanding amounts. As she would be a co-owner, does that stop a compulsory sale for the CO. Shes trying to help bless her, but don't want her to end up in the muck.
  18. I did not have the pleasure of communicating with Martin3030 but know, in connection with my research into consumer fraud and abuse at the hands of the banks/institutions, that all of us benefited by his dedication but above all, his foresight. He saw, understood, interpreted and exploited the web for the benefit of forum users worldwide. His loss will be felt by all but I have no doubt that we can all gain some comfort from the legacy he helped evolved, the Consumer Action Group.
  19. Hi Helping my friend claiming missold ppi back,shes got account numbers its on credit cards and morgage. I Know first step is sar but shes got all info. What letters do i send. Kind regards amy29
  20. Hi everyone, I am helping my son and his wife sort out their finances and came across their Brighthouse items. My son had an accident and is not currently working and his misses has just given birth. They have 4 accounts running at the moment which includes are the add on insurances. After reading some of the posts on here they will need DLC as they don't have any contents insurance or is there a cheaper policy that will be better? They also have service cover on all of the items which after reading is a huge con, I want them to cancel this and can this be claimed back? Do brighthouse have any PPI included in their agreements as the last couple neither of them have been working when they signed the agreements? Sorry for all the questions. JJ
  21. Forum virgin so please be gentle with me. I am endeavouring to help-out an old friend who was left with well about £35,000 of debt when her marriage failed seven years ago. When her (ex)husband's business failed she naively took out credit cards and a loan to try to help him. Needless to say, he is long gone but the debts still remain. Fortunately, I am in a position to help her with an interest free 'loan' to settle some of her debt but certainly not to the tune of £30,000+. She had progressively cleared some of the debt under a DMP (set up by the CAB in 2006) and was left with four outstanding accounts, all still being paid under her DMP. One was with Cabot and the other three with NatWest: I successfully negotiated with Cabot and agreed a F&F of £3,350 on a debt of £11,000 - so that was cleared. This left the three Natwest ones. NatWest loan - balance £13,470 - current monthly payment of £10 NatWest credit card - balance £5,120 - current monthly payment of £22 Tesco credit card - balance £1,390 - crrent monthly payment of £8 (Worth mentioning, she also has a NatWest mortgage that is not in arrears). I made F&F offers on these. Both credit card offers were refused. The loan offer was passed to their DCA, Moorcroft, by NatWest. Moorcroft quoted an outstanding figure of £18,729 - almost £4,700 more than she realised she owed. It appears that, in addition to the loan, there are two further debts (£2,748.98 and £1,908.71) both relating to overdrafts. Moorcroft put her account on hold on 27th July 2012 while they contacted to NatWest. NatWest have now passed the account to Fredricksons who have just made contact. They haver sent letters relating to the loan and both overdrafts. I have sent them an athorisation letter so they will now have me to deal with. Although her DMP did include these debts, NatWest had only sent her a regular statement for the loan account, hence her confusion. The £10 a month she has paid has been credited to this loan account meaning that both overdrafts have not reduced at all. So here is my first qestion - as it appears to be over 6 years since any credit was made to these two debts, are they now Statute Barred, even though her DMP included them? I (she) has sent CCA request letters regarding the loan and the credit cards. Care has been taken not to mention the two overdrafts in any communication. File requests have been sent to Call Credit, Experian and Equifax. I also need some guidance on the situation with her credit cards but in the interest of not making this post any longer, I will post seperately on these. Thanks for your perseverance in getting this far.
  22. My daughter came home to her flat this afternoon to find a letter from a bailiff threatening to come back at an unspecified time to seize goods to the value of etc. I should point out here that the debt concerned is for unpaid council tax arrears in her boyfriends name that he accrued at his last flat prior to moving in with her - none of the debts are in her name. I have done a bit of research on this site and have drafted a letter for her boyfriend to send to the bailiffs that will hopefully give them a bit of a breathing space so we can work out a plan of action. I'd be grateful if some other more experianced people can have a look and let me know if there is anything else I need to put in/take out before sending. [bailiffs Address] BY POST & BY EMAIL [Date] Dear Sir/Madam, Your Reference: [REF] I understand that [Council] has appointed your company to recover my Council Tax Liability arrears for [20??] of [£]. Firstly I would like you to know that I fully understand my rights within law and and am aware of the fees allowed under statute and when these fees can be applied. Further more I will not allow you to gain entry to my home under any circumstances to levy goods. In order to ascertain your authority to collect monies from me can you please provide me with a copy of your County Court Certification. Can you also provide a written itemised statement showing clearly a) the original debt and b) what additional charges have been made, what the charges are for and the dates when the charges were made. It should be noted that I am in no way refusing to pay this debt but simply asking for clarification of the total amount including charges in order that I can calculate a fair payment plan directly with the council. This letter is delivered by Royal Mail and deem it good service upon you by the ordinary course of post under Section 7 of the Interpretation Act 1978. It is now your responsibility and in your best interests that this letter is handed to the relevant person within your organisation. I trust that you are able and willing to provide the information requested within 14 days of the date of this letter. Yours faithfully COPIED TO: (COUNCIL)
  23. Hi I have listed an item on Ebay UK which had been sold I received an e-mail from paypal saying that a differed payment has been made. Few days after, when I logged on my Ebay account the payment was shown as received. So I sent my laptop by recorded mail on which the buyer received and signed for the following day (have proof of sending, delivery and buyer’s signature). The laptop was new as I nearly haven’t used and bought since only 2 months. On 24th July I received an e-mail from paypal saying that the payment has been cancelled on 20th July. I tried to contact the buyer and contacted Ebay as well. I had no return from the buyer. So I opened a case for non paid item which Ebay closed confirming a second time that the item has been paid for and the payment received as shown on my Ebay account. It is a huge mistake from Ebay on which this buyer relies as I am not the first person he does it to. I tried to contact the buyer again telling him that I will complain to police and only then he replied sending very odd messages. I would like to make a complaint against this buyer for making a false payment and still holding the laptop and also against Ebay who is responsible for misleading me by putting on my account that the payment has been made and received twice, abusively closing the non paid item case I opened and not dealing with this malicious buyer helping him [causing problems]. The buyer claims the account isn't theirs, as the account holder has died, he is cleaming as well that the address is an homeless shelter, he is cleaming beeing a solicitor. I still spoke yesterday to ebay who is still confiming that the payment has been made and I hold all proof through paypal and bank account Ebay protect fraudster people because this buyer has very bad feedbacks but ebay don't let the sellet to report him and when you open a case for non payment you can't leave a bad feedback so people write a bad feedbacks on positif way who gives to this buyer 100 % good My account on ebay is 10samisam
  24. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is in last minute talks with banks to agree a settlement package for small firms which believe they were wrongly sold interest rate swaps. According to sources, the plan is for an FSA announcement on Friday about the likely scale of alleged mis-selling and how the banks will provide restitution. The FSA is expected to be highly critical of the banks' conduct. Swaps were often sold to business as protection against interest rate rises. Independent assessor What the FSA wants to announce is a practical plan to provide restitution as quickly as possible, although that depends on persuading all the banks to join in. "The discussions are going right to the wire," said a banker. What the banks are desperate to avoid, in the words of a senior banker, is "writing a blank cheque, as we have done with PPI compensation". The FSA's plan would be to appoint an independent assessor, to whom businesses could submit their complaints. Small businesses would no longer have to incur the expense and inconvenience of suing their banks. The idea is that, for legitimate complaints, the assessor would unwind deals without the prohibitive costs normally imposed when a swap deal is cancelled. In some cases, there would be refunds of large interest bills stemming from the swaps and compensation. It is a complicated issue, because the banks argue that in most cases they followed the letter of rules on sales of such products to small businesses, even if the affected businesses now claim they had no idea of the potentially crippling liabilities they were taking on. As I understand it, the FSA has concluded that the banks frequently sold inappropriate swaps to small businesses, and that these financial deals are threatening the viability of some of these firms, because they forced them to pay a high interest rate at this time of economic stagnation. Complicated arrangements The swaps were usually sold to businesses in the years before the recession of 2008-9 as protection against a possible rise in interest rates. They took a number of different forms. Sometimes they were simple agreements to swap a variable interest rate for a fixed interest rate - though occasionally with bizarre conditions, such as that there would be a continued obligation to pay the new fixed rate even after the underlying debt had been repaid. Other arrangements were ceilings or caps on the interest rate that could be paid by the business, so-called collars - which included a ceiling and a floor - and asymmetric caps and collars, which actually forced businesses to pay a rising interest rate as the Bank of England reduced its official interest rate. Those businesses that bought the swaps frequently claim today that they did not understand what they were buying. And they did not notice that it would cost them a fortune to get out of the deals if they went wrong for them. They also say that banks when providing vital loans to them would then put them under pressure to also take on the swaps. Often these swaps would generate big fees and profits for the bank. What is interesting is whether the banks - with all the adverse publicity they have been facing (NatWest's breakdown of payment systems, Barclays ) - will feel they want a fight with the regulator over their sale of swaps to small businesses or whether they will decide to settle. More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18631699
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