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  1. I was enrolled on an advanced level 3 Ict apprenticeship working for xxx. In my interview I was told that I would be building computer systems, installing and maintaining software and dealing with computer repairs. I was also told that up until Christmas time I might have to work in the warehouse for one week every month as they were understaffed in that department. It was November at the time and I agreed as I was desperate to find a placement and this company seemed perfect for what I wanted. I signed a contract with them saying that I was to work there for 12 months and that I was entitled
  2. Hi - pls bear with post as I have included everything financial and personal that I believe to be relevant, there'll Be quite a lot My name Jason I'm 35 yrs old and am going to just say it all straight as I don't know what else to do, some will not approve of me but I understand that, I just would limestone factual advice I separated from wife nearly 5 yrs ago with around 4-5 grand of credit card debt, all mine not hers I have been in recovery now from my drug addiction since April 20th this yr The reason I am saying this is this is how I messed up, I abused prescr
  3. Hiya Partner had a cap1 cc many years ago. It was on a DMP back in 2008, but due to becoming unemployed was unable to maintain it. Apart from an initial letter from them over 5 years ago there has been absolutely nothing from them since. Had a letter from Wilkin Chapman Solicitors a few months ago acting for Arrow Global, but due to not knowing who they were it was duly ignored. Received a claim form from Northampton bulk centre (dated 22 Jan) have acknowledged and ticked defend all. CPR 31.14 to Solicitors and have received this reply: We acknowled
  4. Hi. In 2007 my husband died, we unfortunately had no life insurance. Our mortgage was with GMAC RFC. Without my husbands salary I couldn’t afford the mortgage, they were charging me massive interest rates etc After a year I did a voluntary repossession. They then sold the house at a massive under value and DMS are now chasing me for a shortfall of £107k. I am a single mum who is surviving on benefits now in rented accommodation. I obviously don’t have the money they want. As I was in the accident that killed my husband, I had horrendous life saving in
  5. My son has received a requisition to appear next week for a car he sold almost a year ago. He works away & lives out of a backpack moving rooms sometimes many times a week, so he's really good at actioning paperwork when he gets it before it gets lost. Knowing this he is adamant he posted off the v5 but hasnt got any proof of posting etc He wants to plead not guilty.. but the court is nearly a 400m round trip and getting a day off is hard and the travelling costly .... isnt it always... but he's sure he posted it. I've searched the threads and we've drafted a letter to DVLA...........
  6. hi i recieved a 7 day bailiff notice about 3 weeks ago from marstons regarding two court fines totalling just over a thousand pounds, i rang marstons and asked for a payment plan which they refused, said i would have to pay £342 now and then would have 4 weeks to pay the remaining 800 which i just cannot afford, i am a community carer and without my car woul simply be unable to work is there anything i can do to resolve this that would suit both parties? any advice would be appreciated thank you p.s the bailffs have not yet visited the property
  7. Hi, I'll post properly about my own little PDL mess in a moment, just frantically searching for a template... I've seen it somewhere - QQ phoned me at work today. The only number for my work is a shared line - I never answer it, it goes through to the enquiries office. Can I request they remove that number from their databases? Having a small panic attack.
  8. Hello all, I was pointed this way by a few concerned friends when I showed them a letter I had received yesterday from Hamptons Legal, (on the back it said it was from Lowell) regarding a debt from a catalog (Littlewoods-Shop Direct) totalling £600+ from about a year or so ago. Now at that time I was in Scotland, but due to domestic issues with my partner we split and I moved back down to my family in Hampshire around the start of April this year. In the madness which ensued, and the fact my partner was paying this off (He stopped since and failed to inform me) I thought
  9. I have been having some trouble with a past debt from 3 mobile, I have looked through lots of threads to find out what to do, however most of the advice has gone over my head. The original debt was with 3 mobile 5/6 years ago for a cancelled contract and was sorted with Moorcroft (who I believe are 3's in-house comapny?) This was paid off however some time later I was contacted by red/lowell saying I owed a greater amount of money and they wanted paying. I refused to accept that owed anything, asked them to prove it (which they didn't) and proceeded to ignore the e
  10. Hi. I have sent a cheque (from a friends cheque book not from myself) as an offer of full and final settlement, the company has sent the cheque to a debt agency which now say they are now Administrating" the debt, but that is a side issue, the issue is that in the letter that I sent to them (with the cheque) when I made the offer, I stated very cleary that they do not have permission to bank the cheque unless it is in acceptance of the full and final offer. They have banked the cheque, and sent me a letter demanding payment of the rest of the debt otherwise further action will be ta
  11. Has anyone heard of this happening to others since the transition of Abbey over to Santander? I set up an online 'Easy ISA' with Abbey back in 2006/2007 and used to manage it online via a passcode. I remember going into an AN branch one day back in 2008 and they couldn't find this account on their system, I was told because it was an online account only. I was reassured when I went home and logged in to my online banking, that I could still see the ISA. A couple of years passed and the name obviously changed to Santander, bringing about a new online banking system/interface. I forgo
  12. Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there can give advice on an issue dealing with Cabot. After reading on here about them they seem anything but legitimate! My mother took out a loan in 1989 with a company called Morely for £5000 plus some dodgy insurance which bumped it up to £7080. She ran into difficulties paying it early on and there was an agreement over the phone that £30 a month would be paid. This continued up until 2002 when suddenly Cabot contacted her say she owed in excess of £52,000 with all the intrerest charges. They obviously had bought the debt and as it was secured on
  13. good evening. i have just recieved a letter from the marston group demanding full payment of £615 for a magistrate fine. As a unemployed person who is unable to claim any benefits apart tax credits due to the wife working, there is no way i can pay this. i have been informed by the court i am in the arrears my £60.00. I paid the arrears to the council before recieving the letter from marsons but the magistrates say the payment was to late. I have spoke to marstons who are not interested in my lack of money and say a bailiff will attend within 7 days. i have sold
  14. Firstly, Hello and thanks in advance for any help i may get. 7 Months ago i bought a PHILIPS HQ7340/17 Rotary Shaver Product code: 074409 £79.99 from Currys, Unit 1A, Stadium Retail Park, Wembley Park Drive Wembley HA9 8TS it was a lovely day and i was on my motorbike so i went for a ride and got home around 9pm. When i opened the box it had a european plug attached and as i live in Wembley i couldnt use it...i went back the store and complained and they said sorry but wouldnt give me any reason why the item couldnt be used or why ther
  15. Hi there, am a newbie so please forgive if I have posted incorrectly I would really appreciate some advice regarding my situation, which I will explain below My husband lost my job in May and immediately contacted Lloyds TSB to see if they could increase the overdraft at all as we were due to incur bank charges for going over the overdraft the previous month. They agreed to increase to around £600. We were told by the bank, this was not to help us out out, but was to cover the imminent charges and also to cover more charges that were due the following month! We felt we had no choice
  16. Hi all I am very new to CAG, but have had some great advice so far and from reading other posts I have got lots of advice and I am working hard to tackle debt problems. Advice about what I am to do now I have voluntarily surrendered my car would be most appreciated. After reading other posts and advice I am not sure we did the right thing, I had not discover CAG prior to my action! Didnt know there was surrender or termination and still not sure if I had a choice. I suppose it is done now anyway, I surrendered the car, but I am not sure where I now stand or where to go from here
  17. Hello, I recently purchased some ink cartridges on eBay. They were listed as a 'new and unused item' with the details explaining that they had been purchased in error so 'open pack' but 'cartridges still sealed in pack'. The ink cartridges arrived and each had been used, or at least inserted into a printer enough that each seal/nozzle was pierced. The cartridges were not sealed. There was even ink on the outside of the packaging! Each cartridge had been removed from its sealed vacuum pack and had been Sellotaped back into a plastic bag. Each cartidge was missing the plastic tape that
  18. Hi Everyone. I am new here but am hoping you can offer me some advice. I have a daughter who is now 16 years of age. She was born in England. After separating with my wife at the time I continued to support my daughter directly, but then she (who was born in Australia) decided to return to Australia and take my daughter, and a daughter from a previous relationship who I also brought up, with her. As you can imagine I was not happy at the time. Her deciding to move to Australia made it extremely difficult for me to have regular hands-on and financial control/involvement wit
  19. Hi guys I'm new to the forums and was wondering if anybody could offer me any advice on the following... Yesterday I received a letter marked 'Final Demand' from a company called Buchanan Clark & Wells who claim that I owe £1,178 to Aktiv Kapital UK ltd from an account held with HSBC. From what I remember I held a student account with HSBC which I closed and arranged a standing order to repay in 2004/2005, shortly after this my health took a turn for the worse and I lost my job. Since then I've not heard from HSBC or any DCA's regarding the debt until this letter. I have no de
  20. Hi I have had my flat for a year I have a pre pay meter. A month ago I came home to find my meter had been changed a letter said to contact scottish power as my meter had been tampered with. I did so and was told there was no problem my meter has just been changed and I would be sent out a new key. Then today I get a letter saying they were adding a £230 for electricity I had stolen. I contacted thier revenue department and spoke with someone. She said the engineer had changed my meter and made a report that the supply had been bypassed and I was being billed for the esimated electricity I
  21. Hi all, I think its best to start at the beggining! Back in Nov 10' i was self employed and run out of work, i tried to claim job seekers but was not entitlied as had not paid enough national insurance contribitions. Phoned capital one to explain my situation and asked them to freeze payments for 3 months aswell as interest and charges, there response was that they could setup a payment plan providing i sent in relevant documents ie job seekers letter, income expenditure, bank statment etc. I sent in every bit of information i have excluding bank statement as my bank account was currently
  22. Hello. I took out a wonga loan of £100 in December time for late unexpected expenses which due to circumstances has been rolled over a few times and is now £204. I know this is my fault. But I suppose it happens. I got an e-mail off them this morning notifying me of failed collection, that I must pay full amount today or roll it over. If I don't they will incur a charge for failed collection. I cannot afford to do either. I have 4 bank accounts, so whatever they try to take won't come out but they will still charge and I can imagine my bank will still charge! My money situation
  23. Hello all, I'd really appreciate some help as I dont know what to do. Apologies for the length but I want to be sure I fully explain the situation so you can help me / us. My flatmate has received a fine for criminal damage in 2008, due to moving house at that time he didnt have all of the details to pay it and forgot about it too. Since we have been living together we managed to get all the information required and have been making payment, to begin with he was not working and so agreed to a benefit deduction of £10 every 2 weeks, he received a letter 'Application for benef
  24. Hello Would anyone kindly give me some advice regarding the below? My wife had an accident in May 2010. On a narrow country road (no way two lanes) she turned a blind corner at 5 mph and collided with the third parties car, she did not have time to avoid the crash and strongly denies being at fault. The damage to our car (we did not claim as it is superficial but would cost £500) was underneath the drivers side headlight (golf 2006 model) and minimal. There are no in dependant witnesses. We reported this to our company aviva as a 50/50, we believed he and my wife were not a faul
  25. Hi, this is the first time to this site and I need help, i just dont know where to turn. My boyfriend is being taken to court for claiming carers allowance while working and being paid over the maximum £95 limit. He is being done under section 111A (a) and (3) of the SSAA 1992 (stating dishonestly) rather than 112 (without dishonesty). (And also Section 15A (1) and (5) of the Theft Act 1968. The thing is he didnt even know there was a limit of earnings. A close family member said that he was elligible and actually filled out the form for him (the difference in writing is clear to see on the fo
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