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Found 12 results

  1. I'm new here, but I found this through google and i'm looking for any advise you can provide. Yesterday I took my 2010 Ford escape through a touch-less car wash that I've used before. There was no damage to my car prior, however after I left the carwash and drove about a mile, i discovered the damage. My lower grille was hanging down and only barely connected on the underpart of the car. Needless to say the grille is now scratched beyond recognition. I called the number at the carwash and explained what had happened. The owner said he'd review the tapes and get back to me. Later that day he c
  2. Hi please help i am renting a room in a house and am allowed to park on the drive in front of the garage doors. A couple of weeks ago i came home and an ambulance was parked up on the drive. as i came near they indicated for me to wait so that i could get on my drive, they moved and i parked on. i couldn't get directly on as i could not manouver the car straight on the drive so was a bit over. the next day i went to work and when i came home my landlord said i dented his garage door and was liable. i said i did not and maybe it was the ambulance ( i mean i would know if i had).
  3. Hi guys im new to this forum as i didn't realise there was so much help online for a tribunal appeal. my appeal is in just under 3 weeks time and im getting worried which im sure is normal as most people would. i didn't pass my medical about 6 months ago and only received 12 points out of the 15 i believe i should have at least received. im 23 years old and suffer from a strange type of supra ventricular tachycardia, anxiety, agoraphobia and severe depression. although i believe i told them everything they needed to know i was still considered fit for work when just leaving my front
  4. Evening All, This is my first post on this forum so I would love to take the opportunity to say thank you in advance for the free help and advice you offer here. Like so many people I find myself feeling hopeless and have no idea who to turn too. Thus I really appreciate that you guys have remained so professional in helping people with issues which in my case is destroying my life. I have recently been declined two times when trying to rent a property closer to where I work as I am currently commuting 140 miles a day and the journey and expense is slowly wearing me down. I fel
  5. Sorry this is long - I've tried to summarise as much as possible but I really need help. I took out a Loan with PPI in 2004. The agreement had separate repayments and interest for each part. The PPI was cancelled in 2004 and refunded. Repayments of just the loan continued. After a lot of correspondence the position in summary is: Barclays have admitted in writing they wrongly closed the account in 2010 and passed it to debt collections demanding the full balance of £10,000 be paid in seven days. This includes £3500 not due to them as below. Barclays admitted in writing to making an err
  6. Hi there if anyone could help me I would be very gratefull. Basically me and my fiancee rented out a property in September last year for a period of 12 months, when we wieved the property it was lovelly and it was smelling nice. After we got the keys problems had started. I have bad chest problems and there is a loads of mould and damp in the flat which is 22sq meters studio flat and anywhere you move you get mould and damp. I've contacted the agency via e-mail with photos of mouldy clothes (which we got after month of living there) walls (behind massive tv unit, fridge, washing mashin
  7. Hi all, When I set up my account to autopay Congestion Charge out of my bank I asked if I could clear any debt outstanding. They said it was done. The car was registered to my mum. She has just given me baliffs letters for three outstanding charges to her (cos the car was in her name) for around £200 each. I call them. They tell me to call up a number about an 'out of time statutary declaration'. The people on the number I call tell me the reasons I (or in this case my mum) can apply for them and they dont seem applicable. I call Congestion Charging again. They say its cos the charg
  8. Today I had a knock at the door by someone with a clipboard so being in an area that gets more than its fair share of canvassers, I decided not to open it. From my Window I watched the man walk back to a small car parked opposite my house on the other side of the road. After a few minutes he removed a wheel clamp and bent down to fit it to the front wheel of my car parked outside my house. As soon as I saw this I opened my door and called to ask him what he was doing. He said that 5 letters had been sent to my address about an unpaid parking fine that I acquired somewh
  9. Hi PLease some one help me, I have a friend who is stressing out almost to the breaking point, please help me with giving some advice. Please Please. He got a on a train to work and forgot his weekly travel pass at home which he had already paid his weekly pass to London, which he does every week but simply forgot it that dat, he now even has a record of the payment n his bank statement. When he realised he it was too late, he went to the train guard to tell him but the train gaurd was really defensive and aggressive and said he would have to pay a massive fine, which scared him and f
  10. Back in May I entered upon a tenancy agreement with my landlord of 12 months, on this day he told me that he was rushing to much so i had to skim through it and sign without being given time to read the agreement thoroughly. A month later people whom i have had mutual contact with moved into the property. I asked the landlord to make a new tenancy for said tenants but he failed to do so. This resulted in all the debt falling on me. The people i shared the property; one owes me over £1000 and the other two owe me over £500, this is the first problem I have as i do not know how to get them t
  11. Last night (27th September) I signed the bill of sale for easy log book loans / christian gachet for a loan, after reading these forums I realise I made a huge mistake and i would like to cancel the agreement. Can anyone PLEASE help me through this process so I do it correctly and get my v5 back and make sure they don't go through with the loan and reposses my car in a few months for no reason. I am extremel worried Please help and soon
  12. Hi I have recently moved back into my parents house after 3 years with my partner. We're waiting on getting a new flat. Bailiffs (Rossendales) have turned up at my parents house today with a letter saying Bailiff Removal. They say i have 24 hrs to pay £2422.78 in council tax (which i thought was already being paid the an Attachment of Earnings, apparently not) Now i wasnt in, i was at work. My dad says they did enter the property, but he didnt sign anything, and they didnt make a list of goods they were going to take when they come back in less than 24hrs. This is an impos
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