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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I'll keep the back-story brief but having got into a spiral of ever increasing debt during some incredibly turbulent times for my wife and I in terms of employment I found myself 5 years ago in a situation where I had no job, had lost vast amounts of money in two failed businesses and pretty much had to start over. All through the initial problems I had needed to maintain my credit rating as I worked in Financial Services* which foolishly meant I borrowed ever more to keep up with payments. By the time the businesses went and I was unemployed I owed a stack of money with no means to repay and, having taken advice I booked to go bankrupt. On the day I was due in court I couldn't go through with it. I had found a job, albeit on less than half my previous earnings, and wanted to try and sort it out so entered into a dmp with CCCS. This lasted for about 3 months before I realised I just couldn't afford it and so the dmp failed (by this time early 2010). Since then I have, I'm embarrassed to say, kind of done the ostrich thing in the hope that I could keep the creditors at bay until such time as I could afford to make regular payments that would be enough to make a serious dent in what I owed. Between then and now I have changed jobs four times, each time in order to chase higher earnings and have, since last summer, finally been in a role that I can settle into for the long term and offers some stability in earnings. Prior to this I have been so wary of getting another dmp going only for it to possibly fail. However, I have just received a CCJ claim form for one of my debts and, having got over the panic, I am going to use this as the kick up the backside I needed to sort my finances out once and for all (it's about time!) so would appreciate any help and advice that can be offered here, especially as I understand I need to move quickly with the CCJ. Here's a summary of what I owe. Some of these debts have always been maintained, either because they are priority debts, or in joint names, as my wife has, until recently, always worked in financial services and so had to protect her own credit rating. Joint NRAM Mortgage £251k (never been in arrears) Joint NRAM Together loan £28k (never been in arrears) HP, my car £3,000 (was in arrears but renegotiated a few years ago, vital for work no arrears) HP, my wife's car £4,000 (never in arrears, vital for work) Student Loan c£4k, (was being taken from salary but just switched to direct debit as within two years of paying off - standard SLC practice) Catalogue account in my name, balance of c£1k, all up to date (essential purchases for the house when money has been tight). Bank loan in wife's name, circa £4k (never in arrears) Credit card for £10k, in default, now owned by DCA (showing on credit file as such), originally opened Jan 2008. Bank loan £2k, in default, still owned by bank started April 2007 Credit card £8k, in default, now owned by DCA originally opened Feb 2007 Overdraft £2,5k, in default, now owned by DCA Credit card £5k, in default, now owned by DCA, originally opened July 2003 We also owe about £750 in service charges to the management company who run the estate we live on. The CCJ is for the overdraft. What I'm going round in circles with now is what I'm supposed to do next. From my research it seems I should be putting together a budget plan (which I have done) and need to submit this for the CCJ and at the same time to my other creditors with a view to beginning payments to all of them on a pro-rata basis. Is this right? I have been offered £1,500 by my sister who said I should offer this to the DCA in f&f settlement for the overdraft but from what I've read that would be frowned upon by the courts and I'm thinking if the others see this happening they'll all try and get a lump sum which I won't have (although it is a very generous offer, £1,500 is all my sister has available). The thing that is really confusing me is how will the joint debts be viewed? Will I been deemed to have been giving some creditors preference by keeping up payments on the Together loan, the HP etc? My wife needs to maintain her credit rating for work reasons so will we be allowed to maintain payments on the joint debts and anything in her name? Will we be allowed to keep our cars? We haven't the money to buy other cars and would lose both of our jobs without them. I am also struggling with the budget planner as some of my income is from non guaranteed bonus. I'm guessing the courts/creditors won't just disregard the bonus so how will they calculate my disposable income? These are just the things I can think of right now, I'm sure I'm missing loads of other stuff. Sorry that this has been a long post but if anyone has not yet given up reading and can give me some advice I would appreciate it more than I could say. It's been a long few years and we've got so used to this all hanging over us that it feels like a relief to be finally doing something to sort it but I'm still having sleepless nights trying to figure out the solution! Thanks for your time. AT *No offence to any investment bankers out there but I probably should add that when I say we worked in Financial Services we weren't anything to do with the City.... I had a local mortgage brokers serving local homebuyers/owners in the Midlands and my wife was a branch based retail banking employee who lost her job when staff numbers were cut.
  2. My daughter asked that I pay the deposit for a house she wanted, in 2009, turned up with my deposit was made to sign as guarantor, to an assured short hold tenancy agreement, my daughter went on to not pay some of her rent was taken to court and had a section 21 served of which I knew nothing about she then moved out. The Land law rang me to say she had left and owe £4k rent she took it to court and issued me with a ccj for over £8k I did not get the opportunity to go to court to defend myself, I managed to get a set aside on the basis I did not think I was the G, as her rent had gone up, they had taken her to court, no one ever told me she was in arrears. Went to county court today and the judge ruled I am the guarantor, he has given me 28 days to dispute the figure is there anything I can do.
  3. Okay so this is a bit messy! Basically (after 3 years) a baliff company send me their breakdown - my payments their charges - they show I did pay them all of my debt AND charges of over £400!!! However, council still asks for the money and even has set up a commital hearing!!! But I try to explain it quickly: Basically I owe the council a sum of £4019 for council tax 10/11, 11/12, 12/13. I was shocked when I found out the sum! I had one bailiff company coming to me in 10/11 and the same in 11/12. I used to pay them a lot of money - after paying them all together over 2400£ I stopped as the more I paid the more I owed! They never provided me with a breakdown nor did the council help me out in this case. I got into debt for 11-12 and 12-13 , because I was to say at least confused about what is happening with my payments! However I did try to set up a payment plan for 12/13 with a new bailiff company who called me horrible names. I was devasted when I found out that I have 2 commital hearings and that I owe the council over £4000 (well now I know I only owe them max 2000£! but they do not seem to know). My partner however said something cannot be right and so we called the council so they can send us their breakdown of what I owe them and what I pay. My partner saw then that I made almost no payments according to their papers, however had proof of paying them at least 400£ in 2012/13 which did not show. So I emailed them and they said these payments were calculated in my 2010/11 payments simply because they are the oldest outstanding debts. Fair enough .But that would mean I paid £0 in 3 years! impossible! Thank God I also asked them to ask the bailiff company to send me a breakdown of their charges as they never did and was surprised to see that this time I did receive one! And what did I see there?!!! I paid MY FULL DEBT for 2010/11 and crazy charges of £400!!! So my question is: WHY DO THE COUNCIL DOES NOT KNOW THAT?!?!?! They must know because Phoenix has the breakdown as they have send it to me! Plus how can I get those charges back? They charged me stuff like: 250£ van costs and the again 50£ van costs and never picked anything up! and other crazy charges!! The biggest problem is that because of their mistakes I owe the council for 11/12 and 12/13 because at one point I stopped paying as my debt was growing the more I paid whch was ridicioulous! I was advised to write the CEO of the council - which I will do and I have attached the breakdown and evidenve of my payments. But I will be still left with a courts hearing and bailiffs on my neck for this year. So I want him to call all actions off and let me pay my debt off to the council withing 10months with monthly direct debit payments. I think I am quite reasonable here?! They made a fool out of me, messed up my finances, let me miss days of work, stress etc! DO you think he will accpet my offer and cancel my hearing and call of the bailiffs from 2012/2013? Please help me guys! I feel totally confused - but as well happy to be able to proof that I do not owe a penny for 2010/11! Cant undertsand why they still ask me for it and want me to go to court.... So I do own them 2000£ instead of 4000! Which is quite a difference....
  4. Dear All I managed to get mum to check whether she took out any loans and managed to dig out paper work for an old AA LOAN IN 2004 FOR £20000 LOAN- £20000 MASTER INSURANCE- £6891 TOTAL LOAN- £26891 TOTAL TO PAY BACK AFTER 84 MONTHS IS £33892 AT £404 PER MONTH. The loan was taken over the phone as a joint loan along with dad. mum was 64 and dad was 65 at the time and both working for nhs and royal mail. mum said ppi was added onto the agreement with out any discussion other than taking the insurance would grant them that big loan and also they would get it at a low rate of 6.6 apr. 3 days later the courier turned up and mum and dad signed for the cheque. The loan was a single premium loan and was for 7 years. at the time when taking this big loan mum and dad were working but both due to retire in the next year or so. they owned there own house, had two good pensions, savings and work benefits 6 month sick pay etc. Do you think they were mis sold? any advice please thanks:-)
  5. Hi all, I recently stumbled upon this site and was really impressed by the way people have been helping eachother. I myself need the help of these people, I will try to explain my situation and hope someone could help me in my situation. Here it goes I have worked for my boss for exactly 1 year to today, I work five nights a week and work 67.5 hours each and every week but do not get paid that as boss has put in my contract that "the law says i have to give you breaks but dont have to pay you them so i take 15 minutes every 3 hours worked". This i find unfair as i work security on construction sites at night alone and cannot leave site as would get sacked for gross misconduct and if site is robbed i can be disciplined and contracharged. Also in my contract the only hours that are mentioned is holiday pay which says "a weeks holiday pay is 35 hours". when i spoke to my boss he also said i could only have 2 weeks holiday a year. I thought this was wrong so did research mainly this site and found out i should get 5.6 weeks holiday, but confused do i only get 35 hours per week and because i worked a year does it mean i cant get that holiday? I asked ACAS what to do and they said write a letter of grievance which i did. Next thing i know my boss is on phone saying that he only has to pay me holiday at 35 hours. and he didnt' say i could only have 2 weeks that he said i could have 5.6 weeks which was a lie. He went on to say i can have a meeting and i would not be allowed to take anyone because if i did that employee would have consquences against them for going. Also that i would get either 2 weeks holiday at 60 hours or 4 weeks at 35 hours, but i would have to resign and sign document to say i wont take further action. Also he would not pay it at once he would pay it in 2 weeks payments. I really dont know what to do, is this all legal? Can he do this? What are the proper rules? I thought about getting a solicitor but they are very expensive and I got feeling he wont pay me next week either. OH and he said i have to choose by end of week. Ive phoned in sick mainly because of worry and dont know what else he might be capable of? He treats each employee different from the next and know of other gaurds who are treated the same as me and some worse, but everyone is scared of him. Please can you help me? I have tried to give as much information as i could. ADVICE WOULD BE GRATEFUL. THANKYOU
  6. hi although i have had been apparently paying ppi for over 6 years and their summary of finding were that at the time for the non advised sael they had no obligation to discuss products with consumers.they had no responsibility to help us decide on policy cover. please help there is more on the letter very long
  7. Hi guys, been battling my payday loans and im down to my final loan which is with QuickQuid. I took out £450 and the total repayable is £583. I opted for the two part loan where i pay the interest of £133 on the 1/11/12 (TOMORROW) and then the full £583 on the 29/11/12 This then somehow changed for the second instalment to the 15/11/12 which is only 2 weeks! Which wont be my payday! Is there a way i can avoid paying the £133 tomorrow as it seems like i'm literally throwing this money away! What will happen if i default this payment tomorrow. I could possibly pay them the £533 in one instead tomorrow but cant really afford to.. I will then have nothing left and wont have travel money,rent etc Whats the best way to go about paying only the £583. If i default tommorow and ask for a repayment plan? Thanks
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