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Found 9 results

  1. A rail staff member stated the expiry date on my jobcentre photocard had been altered. I stated I did not alter it. It’s not a card I keep with the train ticket, so apart from when purchasing a ticket I have no reason to view it. When I purchased the season tickets, on both occasions I handed the discount photocard to railway staff, who were happy to process the tickets. I therefore had no reason to think there was anything wrong with the photocard. I was shocked when the rail staff member took the card from me - I assumed he was just being overzealous, but I co-operated as I wanted the situation resolved. The ticket and photocard were kept . I was asked to sign at the end of some illegible notes, and advised southeastern will write to me. When I later mentioned this to my now ex, I was told an associate of his changed the date to June 2014 to enable me to buy tickets at half price. It was intended to help me out; I'd started a new job after long period of unemployment and complained I couldn't afford the train fare. I’m not happy; I’ve been travelling on 4-6 trains a day, blissfully unaware. I could now lose my job which is reliant on a clear CRB check. Only rail tickets have expiry dates, not the photocards, so I never paid much attention to the photocard, apart from presenting it when buying an annual ticket. I applied the same principle to the discount photocard, saving £850. Will I be prosecuted for fraud, or will they accept a settlement, if so how much?
  2. JSA INTERVIEW 13 WEEKS Also due to me leaving work and being unemployed it made me fell unhappy and signing on JSA you’re meant to go look for work. I on the other hand have not been filling the "Looking for work book" in but just simply righting things down; I know it wrong but the state of mind I am in does not help i.e no job after 10 years 80% cut in income every month all builds up. On top of that I thought let me do something about it, so signed up to a course costing £7000 over 3 years. That’s when I discovered ConsumerActionGroup on the net and reading the forums I discovered it was a [problem]. With some very friendly advice I managed to send a letter to cancel within 7 days. So that’s was another down fall back to square one. I am totally not ready to show the advisor anything as I haven’t applied anywhere. I need courses to better myself, training any advice what I can do because I don’t want to be investigated and time is short. What i can say to the adviser? What to put down on the book?
  3. pleaseeeee help me! i cant find information anywhere! its a bit of a life story to get the points down but please help me im so desperate!!! basically when i was 15-16 i was out with my older step sister and her mum we were in a shop and she decided to put some 99p conditioner in a hair dye box i know i was stupid but i just went along with her i regret it now, the police were called and we had to pay an £80 and fingerprints were took at the shop. and all my friends at school were starting to be the 'bad crowd' as a result i made sure i never did anything illegal again. i still hung around with them at school but i made new friends who werent into drugs and drink etc. however i had stopped speaking to a girl who was a friend because she had started seeing my best friends boyfriend behind her back (childish girls we were) and as a result she had spread rumours about me.... my old 'bad crowd' friends heard these and decided to stick up for me, knowing none were true. they rang her up one day calling her names and she rang the police and told them it was me. this was a lie i knew nothing of the event and police came to my house and questionned me i offered them my phone to prove my innocence and they dropped it and said another girl had admitted to it... the next day at school my headteacher pulled me into ihis office where he went mad at me saying he knew how i planned to happyslap this girl (once again this had been made up) and she had told him personal details (like i had lost my virginity to my boyfriend and details which frankly had nothing to do with either of them) just to be a bitch he then said he was considering expelling me. i rang my mum up crying as soon as i got out, she came straight away and went into his office where he told her the board of governors (who were this girls parents best friends) had told him in no uncertain terms he had to deal with me. my mum took me to the police station to make a complaint. we sat down with two officers and they said that this girls uncle was their superintendant and they had been told to investigate the matter fully with me as this apparently nasty threatening girl. all of it was lies and my mum demanded something be sorted. they said it would be dropped but told us off the record not to take it further as we wouldnt win due to her familys status. as a result every dinner time at school i stayed inside, most of the students in our year hated her because i was very popular and had lots of friends simply through being a nice person. and many felt guilty as they had made the phonecall that started it. i was determined not to let this get me down i passed all me exams extremely well and got a new boyfriend life was amzing.... until 2 and a half years later i found out my boyfriend (who was 4 years older) had begun to take cocaine with his friends as you can imagine i offered him an ultimatum me or the drugs. he said me he began to work to stay off them until his friends decided they liked him better on drugs, one night i had met him to say it was over where he followed me home shouting etc then he pushed me and grabbed his tshirt to stop me from falling which ripped his shirt. someone called the polcie and they stopped us and asked if everything was alright and why his shirt was ripped he asked me to not say anything as he didnt want to be arressted so i said we had jsut had an argument and basically took the blame. nothing happened we were just taken home. this was a wake up call and he promised me drugs were gone... i found out a few months later he was still strongly addicted and i told him i couldnt be with him. he hit me and assaulted me. after this i became very scared of him and what he would do but being a silly girl i was still madly in love with him however i wanted him off the drugs. one night i was out with my friends and i saw him out and i got really mad because he looked off it. i said something nasty to him and walke dout of the club, he followed. in the street we were walking off until he grabbed me and pulled me because i had had a drink i fell over but he dragged me whilst i was on the floor. i stood up and hit him with my handbag to get off me, a police man came over and arrested me. i was put in the cells all night whilst he went home. the next morning i had my photo and fingerprints taken and i was interviewed for assualt. i said thats not what had happened but i didnt want him to get in trouble i explaine dhe pulled me and i hit him back.(for the first time) he stopped the interview and i then broke down and cried how it wasnt fair, hes beaten me to im black and i hit him back once and got arrested. he then got a councillor in to me and it felt good to talk to them i opened up about the assualts he had done.... the police then said they were dropping all charges no caution nothing and that they were pressing charges agaisnt my bf instead due to a new law they didnt need me to do anything. they launcehed a new investigation etc he was arrested and a court date was set hoever i didnt want him to go to court. i begged them to drop the charges and they wouldnt but one officer said if i made a retraction statement then they would say i had lied. i did that instead. this was when i was 18. i am 20 currently and i study law at university and i want to go into a legal position however i am scared some of these will be on a crb check... the sad thing is i have worked my life trying to stop abuse and bullying being a victim of it and it doesnt seem fair that after all this i cant be allowed a job i want. pleaseeeeee help me!!! will any of this be disclosed on a crb check? an advanced one?
  4. Hi there, am a newbie so please forgive if I have posted incorrectly I would really appreciate some advice regarding my situation, which I will explain below My husband lost my job in May and immediately contacted Lloyds TSB to see if they could increase the overdraft at all as we were due to incur bank charges for going over the overdraft the previous month. They agreed to increase to around £600. We were told by the bank, this was not to help us out out, but was to cover the imminent charges and also to cover more charges that were due the following month! We felt we had no choice but to agree and the condition was the overdraft was to be reduced by £24 a month until it was back to the original £200 overdraft. Unfortunately we had trouble with JSA (another story), Husband got a new job, then was laid off again! He now have a new job as of two weeks ago but the account has not had regular income payments since May and with their reductions of the overdraft the account has incurred charges which have been unpaid, plus another reduction and more charges. It now stands that the agreed overdraft is showing as £526.00, but the account is £832.97 overdrawn. It is due to continue to be reduced, but as it is now £306.97 over the overdraft, we are incurring more charges daily. We are having his new wages paid into another account, so Lloyds don't swallow it all up. But I really would like to stop the charges to stop it spiralling out of control and we could begin paying it off. I really don't know where to start with this and any advice would be really appreciated. Can I ask for the account to be frozen and no more charges applied? Can I refuse to pay some of the amount that is their charges? Thank you in advance
  5. hey y'all, someone may have already asked..... but...... my car was caught driving in a bus lane 3 times, 2 on the same day, within a minute of each other, i was not driving at the time, when i got the notices i sent them back with details of the driver and received nothing in response, i now have court notices to pay triple the amount £270, when i phoned they said they not received anything, that they sent a notice to owner ( i did not get it) and that it was tough, as the owner of the car ...... i still had to pay whether i was driving or not, is this correct? i am a full time carer to a severely disabled child struggling to pay a mortgage and make ends meet on my meagre "carers allowance" and benefits i absolutely cannot afford 270 pence let alone £270! thanks in advance
  6. Hi all, I'd be really grateful if anyone could please explain this one to me, I don't understand it. I received a letter from Ashurst LLP dated 17th December regarding the bank charges test case, and telling me that Alliance & Leicester's business has been transferred to Santander. It goes on to the findings of the test case, and that the OFT would not continue its investigation into the fairness of the charges. It then says that many of the complaints are in template form, and are often not particularised, and goes on 'All of the complaints (which have been on hold pursuant to the FSA Waiver) are now being rejected by Alliance & Leicester and the Financial Ombudsman Service has stated that it will not generally be able to help with cases that involve "template" or "standard letter" complaints about unauthorised overdraft charges. The next part says A & L considers that claims brought on the basis that their unarranged overdraft charges are too high and/or are penalties cannot succeed in light of the Supreme Court judgement and the earlier Commercial Court Judgement on penalties. Although customers could seek to amend their claims and challenge the fairness of the unarranged overdraft charges on other grounds, A & L shares the OFT's view that such challenges have no realistic prospect of success.' I've just received this letter, and I'm afraid I don't understand it, was hoping to find some advice on here about what to do next, it goes on: IN THE (...) COUNTY COURT (the dotted bits are as it is shown on the letter, the court, claim no., claimant name are all left blank) It is ordered that: 1. Unless the Claimant files at Court and serves on the Defendant his amended Particulars of claim with a properly verified Statement of truth, which disclose reasonable grounds for continuing with the Claim, within six weeks from the date of this Order, then the claim will be struck out without further notice. 2. This Order has been made without a hearing under the Court's case management powers contained in the Civil Procedure Rules, Part 3. You may within 7 days of the service of this Order apply to the Court to set it aside or to vary the Order pursuant to Rule 3.3(5) of the Civil Procedure Rules. If you do so, you must file with the Court and serve on the other parties an application that sets out your reason for objection. Please can anybody help, what does all this mean? What 'other grounds'? It is dated 17th December, and I received it in the post last Friday, i.e. 19th January!! :?:
  7. Hi everyone, My sister works in a small school with 7 teaching staff. 2 of the staff are on fixed term contracts with an end date of 31st August 2011. The Headteacher has recently written to all teaching staff informing them that if pupil numbers do not increase then 2 members of staff will be at risk of redundancy from 31st August 2011. How can the permanent staff roles be at risk when the most obvious course of action would be to just not extend or renew the fixed term contracts? Does anyone know? If a perm was made redundant then that post would need to be filled by either extending or making permanent one of the employees on fixed term.. Surely this means that the post was never redundant in the first place? Thanks
  8. I'm looking for information regarding repayment of benefits. My mother has been the primary carer of my nephew for the past 6 years, as he was placed with her through social services due to mental illness. This meant she was entitled to certain benefits; (child benefit, child tax credit, foster carers allowance and working family tax credits) or so she was told at the time. She has been receiving these payments no problem what so ever and recently was granted special guardianship. This meant that the case had recently been reviewed, and as a result, has now been informed that she was not entitled to most of these payments and will have to pay them back. She has always declared everything on her tax forms and has never been informed that she was not entitled to these, and when she questioned the various agencies involved as to why they didn't pick up on this before, has been told that "they never checked until now". I was wondering if there was any law or previous case to say that as she never defrauded them or misrepresented any information, that she should not be required to pay the money back. The money was claimed in good faith and went a long way in covering the cost of bringing up my nephew. On a rough calculation, it looks like it will be around £20,000 mark if she is made to repay the money! If anyone knows of a similar case or has any other information it would be REALLY appreciated, thanks.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm in absolute car hell and in desperate need of some advice. I went to view my first car about a month and a half ago at a garage in Birmingham. (They shall remain nameless until i find out if they are going to change their mind and help me) I viewed the car and there were some bits that needed doing to the interior but the engine was good and aside from the little interior bits it looked like a fab car. I wasnt able to take it for a test drive but the MOT certificates were there, (2 of them) and my boss who i took with me said it was a good car, i should buy it, and the sales man was very nice, not pushy and seemed to know the crack. I left a deposit while they fixed the interior parts and they said i should pick it up in a week. I was anxious an excited, it was my first new car from what i thought was a reputable garage. I picked it up after 2 weeks as its a 40 minute drive each way. Due to the traffic i was late to collect and by this time it was getting dark. The man at the garage was flustered, said he was late getting home for his tea. He handed me the paperwork and key and got in his car ready to drive himself away. Needless to say it was rushed. I got in, he popped his head in, turned on the lights for me, and fog lights by this time it was foggy, and he said goodbye! I said "there's no ariel as promised!" and he replied "oh you can grab it next time you come through!" and drove away. My friend followed me down the road and flagged me down to pull over as two of my lights were out, one at the front, one at the back and the garage had shut. All i could do was drive home with the lights out, in the fog. At this point, the interiors that needed fixing all fell out as i was driving and the gear knob fell off!! I got home and left the garage a furious voicemail because i felt like i had been mugged off. I could also hear a clicking noise and it was pulling to the right. The next day i called again and they said "bring it over" to have it fixed! I went back to birmingham, after an hour they gaffer taped the gear knob and said if i bought it back in a few days, they would properly fix the interior. (they did fix the lights there and then, though) and the answer to the pulling was "all cars made noises and can pull sometimes!" After this, i was clearly disatisfied with their service and took the car to mazda garage as my friend worked there. They gave me a free check over and gave me a list of things that needed doing. i'd noticed a serious pulling to the left and to the right of the vehicle and they said it was suspender arm bushes needed changing. With all this info i went to the garage, again, and demanded these things were fixed (there were things like two new tyres, lights on the reg plate, suspender arm bushes etc) and i demanded some kind of refund of petrol as it shouldnt have been sold in this condition and i had been back three times now with problems. I left it for a week. When i went to collect it, the exhaust sounded louder than ever but they had ticked off all the items on the list and i felt like, finally, it was all fixed. (they even gave it the valet i asked for because it was absolutely filthy) Since that day we had really bad snow so i couldnt drive it. Now the snow has cleared the exhaust is louder than ever before, and the pulling is seriously dangerous. I pulls unexpectantly either to the right or left and its scary to drive. I took it to a local garage and apparantly i need a whole new exhaust and the pulling could be the steering wheel column. The car is a KA and the exhaust comes in three parts so they think its about £500. I was shocked that i would have to pay out this amount for a car ive had for about a month and only been able to drive for 2 weeks? (actually less!) I feel foolish. Mainly because when i was sold the car, i said "oh there isnt an advisory note with this certificate" and i was told "oh that must mean theres nothing wrong with it" but ive looked over the mot certificate and it states "advisory note.. YES" I called the garage and asked for this, they said "oh we collect those after new year, we'll send it to you" but i called the MOT garage and they said this never happens. Secondly, i called the garage today to say the car is dangerous, they need to help. And he said yeah sure he will help, no problem, take it back to them they will do it but the exhaust is MY FAULT for being a new driver, ive broken it???! apparantly im a boy racer!! and he admitted the advisory note thing that the other guy had told me was a lie. (brilliant) Upon further research ive found the mot history online for the car and its failed its MOT 3 times. On these reports it clearly says the exhuast has a hole and the advisory note for the latest MOT (the one they "forgot" to give me, clearly says "two new tyres soon, exhuast hole, suspender arm bushes need doing" etc etc So, after this absolute essay (im sorry but it has been dragging on!) i need some help. i refuse to believe im stuck with the bill of paying for all the repairs when it shouldnt have been sold in this condition anyway? I just need to know where i stand, if anywhere, with the company or with this car? I have 6 month warrenty but it hasnt covered anything gone wrong with the car so far.. (typical!) Sorry for the rant, im just absolutely gutted with the service and the car. i really dont want to be stuck witht his but dont know where i stand with regards to it. Do i have any rights? Please help! Sarah x x x x (not a boy racer)
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