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Found 139 results

  1. New one this for me...a little help required?! My Wife has a TSB credit card, has had it 17 years no CCA at all. Have nt heard from them for over 6 months. Have sent Resolve Call, Moorcrofts and 2 others letters in the past asking for CCA AND Letters and they all give up and say they have passed it back to Tsb. Today though we receive this new one "We have been instructed by our client to recover the overdue debt. We DEMAND that the sum stated be sent direct to this office IMMEDIATELY using the payment slip below. Your failure to comply could result in a DEBT COLLECTOR calling upon you for payment or a COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENT being registered against you. Yours sincerely swiggly autograph! By the way this is from the DEBT ENFORCEMENT OFFICE in Whitchurch, Bucks. I am quaking in my boots....NOT! Any help what road I go down please with this one Is it same approach as the previous four and has any one heard of this company?8)
  2. Hi all at CAG, my pals call me Beans
  3. Hi, I'm Steve I have just joined CAG and would like to introduce myself.
  4. Hi, I'm new to posting here and just trying to figure out which forum I should post in for a problem with an online learning provider; Train2game? Thanks!
  5. Hi folks, I'm new here and want to say hello to you all seeking and providing advice. Looking for some advice in resolving few matters. Thanks. Link to my thread. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?488713-Athena-ANPR-PCN-overstay-LIDL-Mablethorpe-High-Street-Mablethorpe-LN12-1EH
  6. Hello all, Thought i'd introduce myself. Long time lurker but first time poster of this fine forum
  7. Hello everybody here, Im a new member here, Nice to meet everyone and hope to receive help from people, Thanks for your time,
  8. good morning everyone, looking forward to reading and absorbing all the information here¬!
  9. Hi there, I’m having sleepless nights with worry About 2 weeks ago, I went through a self check out and bought 2 things, one of the things was under my arm as I was on the phone at the time. I forgot to pay for it (no sarcasm please) I left the store, showing how innocent I am, I was stood looking in the window of the holiday shop next door browsing at the offers, the security guard approched me and said you hadn’t paid for an item I went back in store, paid for the item, apologised about 8 times. I paid for the item then he said can you come with me, I went to the back office He asked for my name and DOB No address or ID was asked I gave my correct details but obviously there will be more than one John Smiths in London. He said you’re banned for life from all sainsburys and told me to leave. I still apologised; saying I’m sorry Then I left. I haven’t heard anything since? Should there be issue? Would rather just know, but even then it’s hard to see how he’s ever get in contact unless I went back into a store. I work in a financial services job, so was relieved he didn’t ring the police etc, even then I think with no previous criminal record I could probably explain my actions and be let go, as I’ve never been convicted of any offence or even spoken to the police in my life. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  10. Hello folks. Ive just been issued a parking fine by smartparking.com. What infuriates me, is because I paid at the ticket machine, but it didn't issue a ticket until I pressed the green button three times. Unfortunately for me, I binned my collection of parking tickets two days before I got the notice of fine. Do I have to pay this fine, or simply ignore it? Thanks for any replies and advice Dave
  11. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am very excited to be part of this community and hopefully, i'll be able to share and receive information from all of you. my main purpose here is to gather data and see what people think. Thank you!
  12. Hello all. Hoping you intelligent people may be able to answer issues of varying types over the coming years.
  13. Hello everyone im so glad I found this forum.
  14. Hi all, a very helpful site, coming up to statute barred and knee's knocking!
  15. Just to say Hello. And a very happy new year to all. I am very new to this kind of thing so please bear with me if I am a wee bit slow in replying.
  16. Hi all, New to consumer forum. Very Please to find this website. Thanks everyone for keeping the site going.
  17. Hi everyone. I'm a total newbie to posting on forums so forgive me if i inadvertantly follow any unfamiliar or unaccepted code of conduct. I don't think it will happen as politeness and common sense usually prevail over ignorance. Please feel free to correct me (gently) and point out any faux pas on my part. I'm looking forward to getting some good advice on dealing with professional credit agencies and there various methods, and sorting out the wheat from the chaff so to speak as to what I am obliged to do and what I am not. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer in any threads I post. Skinz72
  18. Hi guys, hope everyone is well. Been on this site a few times and think it is a superb tool and helps us against the bully boy company's out there who try and feed on hardship and vulnerability. Hopefully I can add some advice or help in the future. I have a question of my own if anyone can help. Today I had a doorstep visit from a company called Fidelite. They asked who I was so I asked who he was and his face was a picture. I never gave him my name and told him politely to jog on. He is chasing a loan debt that I took out in 2004 and haven't paid or acknowledged the debt since at least 2006. I am sure the debt is now stat barred. Question is did I do the right thing. Regards and thanks in advance. Staffy.
  19. hi cag, just signed up, looking for advice and offering it aswell.
  20. Hello Im new to the site and want to know where to post a problem Im having with Arrow Global (original loan with Citifinance in 2008) who are playing around regarding my requests for the original signed loan agreement. (They are saying they dont have to provide it to me?) Where would I post this please?
  21. Just to say hello and I hope im in the right place.. Just signed up and was told that this place is a wealth of help, but look forward to reading through all the information. My concern however regards a charging order, so not sure where to post.. Thanks in advance Lee
  22. Hello to one and all. I'm new to the CAG and just wanted to introduce myself and promise not to be a nuisance poster! Thank you all in advance. Here's to a happy relationship!
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