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Found 4 results

  1. Hi First I have to thanks to the users of this forums because it thanks to much of the info I got from here that I was able to claim a few PPI £!! I finally manage to claim some of the PPI that WELCOME has misold/forced me to take with a few loans I had with them over a few years, even though pre 2003 they referred me to the underwriter - AVIVA, for which now I am waiting for a reply. My question is related to a worthless healthcare insurancce that they package together with the PPI, even after I had disclosed that I suffered from several health problems, which would make impossible to ever made a claim, but again due to the desperation and urgency I took the loans anyway! On the refund WELCOME offer this premium is not included but I believe and once they accept the liability on the misselling, I should be entitled to the refund of this healthcare insurance on top of the PPI refund, and the same for any future offers from AVIVA= which was the underwriter of the PPI and healthcare ins. pre 2003. Does anyone have any advice or experiences on claiming this? Finally, I took a joint loan with directline loan back in 2004, for which my ex=partner manage to claim the PPI but I never got a cheque, and I thought the guidelines are that all parties involved should equal parts of any refunds, or am I wrong? Once again thank you all.
  2. Email received today from Betterlife Healthcare (Lloyd's Pharmacy) 'Please accept my apologies for the problems you have had with the gloves. I have processed a full refund for the gloves back to the original method of payment. This should be back on the card in 2-3 working days. Please dispose of the gloves, there is no need to return them to us. Once again please accept my and the company’s sincere apologies for the problems you have experienced. It is always our aim to provide an excellent service and it is truly a matter of regret that on this occasion we have been unable to do so.' This is the second time I've found them to be extremely helpful, definitely above and beyond what they needed to do, and so wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Posting in special needs rather than general retail as I thought it more relevant here.
  3. Hi all. My father had a cardiac operation and was under the impression that axa ppp healthcare would be paying for it as he had a policy with them. After the operation axa ppp healthcare turned around to say that it would not be covered as my father went in to the doctors once (around 4 years before) because he complained of chest discomfort due to some gas. This turned out to be utter nonsense and non related and we thought the claim would be upheld. Axa then turned around and said he would now not be covered as he may have been diabetic. We wrote to axa regarding this and they said they would refund the premium, needless to say we were not happy. We then went to the financial ombudsman for an impartial view. The FOS said we had been mis-sold the policy and had my father have known he would not have been covered he would not have had taken out the policy in the first place. The adjudicator then said that in her opinion axa should refund the premium + 8% interest due to a missell occurring. We are thinking of going to court with this, I have looked around online and axa seem to have a habbit of finding ways not to pay out, with alot of people complaining of the same thing happening to them. We have a evidence on a cd whereby 2 of the employees of axa are laughing at my fathers condition saying "thank god theres a chance he may be diabetic otherwise we might have to pay" needless to say I was not happy after hearing this. I think if all the genuine people axa healthcare have refused cover got together and took them to court we would have a good chance of winning due to the way they conduct business, a quick google search of axa healthcare reviews shows all reason this company needs to be taken to court. I'm certainly not one to back down from this, just because I believe axa healthcare has refused genuine people such as my father after taking their premiums, and if they complain axa healthcare just refund the premium, but as majority will not they will not even get this back. I genuinely believe had I not looked into this, my father would be screwed over by axa ppp which is unfair. Edit: the amount of the operation from a bill we recieved from the nhs was £4500 ish and I don't think this covers the doctors fee's either. 1. My question is can a company such as axa ppp healthcare mis-sell a insurance policy then when it comes to pay out, turn around and refund the premium even if they mis-sold it in the first place? 2. What would be the next route, i.e. We have been to the ombudsman, where do we go next i.e. Small claims court? Thank you for reading.
  4. Please could you help as I am aware that this type of company has big legal jargon that I could easily trip up on. I have been declined cover as AXA PPP deem my condition to be pre exisiting despite my GP and consultant confirming that it is is not. Furthermore AXA PPP state that previously experienced symptoms are not covered. This effectively means if any ailment symptomatically produced cold-like symptoms for example, (and many do), they can get out of paying on a subsequent claim because you went to the docs for a sore throat! Whilst researching my appeal, I attemped to glean some info from the AXA PPP website as i have never received a hard copy of their terms. Unsurprisingly, there is no information! They just encourage you to buy a policy. There appears to be no guidance on terms, diagnosis and procedure. I called them for website navigation and they couldnt find the info i needed either and redirected me to a completely different page. This feels like a deliberate form of deception. I was told to book the appointment with the consultant before they declined this claim and the consultant performed some treatments at the time. I am now left £900 lost on wasted premium with a hospital bill of £658 and now it IS an existing condition, no one else will cover me! I am about to take this to the FSA but I wondered if there was any help any of you could kindly offer. I am hoping this all makes sense! Thank you
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